Melissa Block is described on the NPR website as “a 28-year veteran of NPR and has been hosting All Things Considered since 2003, after nearly a decade as an NPR correspondent.” Her bio lists many prestigious journalism awards.

We at Twitchy would like to bestow upon Ms. Block our own special award: The Lena Dunham Award for Most Embarrassing, Bill Clinton-Induced Public Paroxysm.

As Twitchy reported earlier tonight, Dunham almost gave herself a hernia when Clinton appeared on stage. We can’t imagine what muscles award-winning, veteran NPR journalist Melissa Block pulled when the Big Dog barked.

Your tax dollars at work!

Clinton-worshiping minds think alike

Hope award-winning NPR journalist Melissa Block is walking okay.


  • TheAmishDude


  • HARP2

    Still crying out for attention Bill ?

  • Jack Deth

    Bill Clinton: The Big Kahuna and Cherry on Top of every slobbering liberal Circle Jerk.

    Still screaming for attention after all these years.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    The Big Dog entered the HOUSE, and then someone got raped.

  • K-Dubya

    Bill Clinton is the foremost expert on stimulating the private sector.

  • Dandapani

    The term “dog” is correct.

  • overboosted

    I thought it was the Clinton rosy knob appearance, not golden globe……….


  • videosavant

    Well, he IS a dog — the world’s best-known horndog.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    Did Bill Clinton lift his leg to mark his territory?

  • Brett McMicken

    And the Big Dog is in the house.

    ….says bill clinton, as he enters his favorite brothel

  • clarioncaller

    These syncophants must be the voters who gave Bubba the ” Father of the Year” award. If you listen REAL close you can hear the “Big Dog” barking “Who’s Your Daddy”?

  • rennyangel2

    Bill Clinton–under Whitewater investigation for years, only 2nd impeached president, disgraced office with Lewinsky, gave us the dot-com colllapse of 1999-2000, and NOW the Big Dog for the Dems., because it is the best they can do.
    Whar a bunch of degenerate idjits.

  • $496051

    Feminists fawning over an accused rapist. How quaint.