As Twitchy has signaled all afternoon and evening, the House GOP is poised to approve the Senate fiscal cliff crap sandwich without even attempting to amend it with bigger spending cuts. Fox News congressional reporter Chad Pergram tweets that the process is moving at “supersonic speed:”

We’re spotlighting complaints from “tired” congressional members who just want to “get out of” there and go home.


  • Steve Bacher

    IF they want to go home, lets let’s vote them put next time and they can STAY home!
    They have not even tried.

  • HARP2

    Well if you are tired, by all means, sell America to the commies.

  • Bill Turner

    I’m looking for someone to support in the midterms. Looks like the GOP has joined the DNC. If this passes, we will be a 3rd world country in 4 years.

  • dunst43

    CSPAN’s choice of music is a tad eerie.

  • nc

    Done. Not really a surprise.