That’s the very latest. House GOP leaders are whipping right now:

Conservatives on Twitter are whipped up:

  • nc

    Krauthhammer said they should send it back. Then on Thursday, when the new Congress is sworn in, the House should immediately pass their first bill, HR1, which would include ONLY the agreed new “tax cuts” – the new rates for 400-450+, the estate rates, etc. But none of the extras that were stuffed in. This way GOP can’t be accused of “raising taxes on the middle class.”

    Not perfect, but it’s an interesting idea. Thoughts?

    • detroit19

      Sounds better than the ‘crap sandwich’ the Senate passed.

  • savage24

    Well Boehner along with 81 Republicans and the Democrats gave Obama another victory over common sense. All these fools in the House and Senate have done is kicked the can down the road for two months. Raising the debt limit comes up then, Raising the taxes and raising the debt limit, while increasing the spending will be another attack on common sense and produce a recipe for disaster. Where the hell is the leadership in this sad sack government?