Not good news for fiscal conservatives hoping that House Republicans will amend and send back the massive tax hike/puny spending cut Senate bill.

Yes, we need to name names:

We want this member’s name. So voters can get him/her “out of there”…permanently:

More from the Washington editor at Bloomberg News:

And GOP Rep. Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina confirms the cave:

Update: The House officially went into recess at 7:15pm Eastern time. They may be back and up until 2am. Or not.

Update: Yet more word from another GOP congressman that the House will swallow the crap sandwich without amendments:

…and another GOP source signals defeat on the amendment effort:


Awww. They’re “tired.”

Put a fork in it:

  • Garth Haycock

    Wusses, all of them. Never say die.

  • Christian Heiens

    This is news? We already knew the GOP was going to cave :/

  • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

    Let’s have all their names, so they can be voted out next time they’re up for reelection. This is ridiculous, when we can’t even depend on Republicans to keep taxes down.

    • detroit19

      Lindsey Graham, SC, for one.

  • Dave

    Please will everyone finally give up on the Republican party and find a viable alternative? This Republican party is so badly corrupted and afraid I really don’t think there is any saving it. Let start working now on an alternative.

    • RanierWest

      good mean and women – anti establishment.

    • $18912735

      We HAVE given up on the GOP, effective, well, since November. Problem is, where is the alternative?

    • dennylee60

      As much as I love an alternative, there isn’t one. As long as Democrats are united behind their candidate and the Conservatives and Republicans are split, the Dem will always win. We seen this over and over again in the last few elections. The real and only alternative is for Conservative to take over the Republican party en mass.

      • Hiraghm

        And what’s to keep the progressive Republicans from going over to the party wherein they belong, and still keeping Democrats in power (just more legitimately)?

    • John Hunt

      There is no alternative. It would take 8 years to have an altermative in power or more. The country would be in the trash can by then. Read my posts and start to think strategically. This Obama tactical win is a strategic defeat. It will weaken the economy and gues what happens to the Dems in 2014. It will be funny to see the reason of the Obama zombies when Obamacare takes effect! LOL

      • Hiraghm

        yeah yeah the same crap I hear about oil; it’ll take 10 years for new oil to get online. So don’t bother drilling now. BS.

        The country will be in the trash can in 8 years regardless. If we don’t start supporting another party now, in 8 years we’ll still have our thumbs up our butts, The Republicans will continue to capitulate, and in 2014 we’ll have a Republican sweep of both houses… and even fewer conservatives to represent us.

  • $27197450

    Re: Rep John Fleming (La) said sentiment in GOP mtg now is to pass senate bill as is, maybe with mostly Dem votes. Realize they’re beat

    That’s B.S. @dnewhauser They’re in the chamber voting, how does he @RepFleming f’ing know?

  • navywings

    1. Raises taxes on incomes over $400k/$450k for households (Increased taxes)
    2. Raises taxes on investment income for those taxpayers as well (Increased taxes)
    3. Limits tax deductions for incomes over $250,000 (Increased taxes)
    4. Increases the death tax rate for estates over $5 million (Increased taxes)
    5. Extends long-term unemployment benefits for one year (No cuts)
    6. Postpones automatic spending cuts by two months (No cuts)

    So as it stands right now, all tax increases and zero spending cuts. Nice “compromise” GOP. You’ve sold us out again.

    • Dave

      It’s actually worse than that. The extension of unemployment benefits is new spending. So we get higher taxes AND more spending. Tell me again why conservatives still consider themselves Republicans?

      • RanierWest

        Tell me why again Republicans consider themselves conservative… you had it in reverse!

  • aeroguy48

    This congress is over in 2 days, they ought to sit on the bill and let it die, letting the new congress deal with it

  • detroit19

    Done with Republicans/Democrat Lite. Way past time to push a 3rd party alternative…like the Tea Party!

  • navywings

    Pretty bad when a cliff is looking a lot better than the raft your rescuers are pushing towards you.

  • Mackie72

    That’s it…. Buh-bye GOP! The only GOP member with any sack is Bachmann — the rest of ’em are castrated.

  • John Hunt

    Republican’s should abstain on passage! Let the Democrats own it!

  • dennylee60

    It really is time to get rid of the Speaker.

  • Just Another Guy

    If you are going to get the blame anyway, you might as well earn it.

    Yeesh. No way to look out for our interests.

  • John Hunt

    The key to victory isn’t a suicidal stand. This tax increase on the rich will slow the economy and is not a Bush thing. It is an Obama thing. In order to get on to cutting spending we need to get the tax rates behind us. One this is over the issue will be debt ceiling and spending. This is the place to make a stand. Obama would love to raise the taxes on everyone and be able to blame the Republicans.
    This way he can’t and we saved the 250,000 to 450,000 people from a tax increase. We totally fixed the annual AMT issue. We shoud denouce the deal and let it pass. We should proclaim that the reason we did it was that he held the middle class hostage.
    Remember that when people get their first paycheck this year about it will be about 3% less (2% of gross pay). How will they see Obama’s win. Let Obama win and gloat.

    • Hiraghm

      we will have done so at the price of principle. Remember principles? The GOP are conceding to the despicable idea that some citizens are more equal than others; that we are ruled by leftist bigotry and hatred.

  • Lady 12

    I struggle to believe that the GOP is screwed while the Democrats aren’t. The worst thing the GOP can do right now is to lose hope.

  • Hiraghm

    I don’t know what your problem is… who gives a crap if they vote for an amendment or not? vote AGAINST the blasted bill!

  • John Hunt

    To the Tea Party or Conservatives: I don’t think my goal are different than yours. My methods my be a little different. We are the minority controlling one house of Congress. We also are going into this fight we a very poor strategic set up. So the thing to do is to get out of the current beat down and maneuver to a better fighting position. Obama is holding the whole middle class hostage by threatening a tax increase on everyone. The solution isn’t to let he actually do that while he claim he is on their side. That is a loser. This “defeat’ will get us into a position that should give us more leverage. We need to go back next year and actually cut spending in the FY 2014 appropriations.

    • Hiraghm

      So let everyone GET a tax increase! Why the heck not, when nearly half the population pays NO taxes?? The left already established that the “Boosh tax cuts” are not the normal tax rates, that these “increased” rates are normal. So let the peasants experience them!

      I don’t see the need to leverage the REPUBLICANS to get back in power! They’ll just continue doing what both parties have been doing, the same kabuki theater. In 2014, we’ll try to primary them, and fail. And the march to communism will continue.

  • directorblue

    Boehner is a disaster.

    How hard is it to do the right thing and explain it?

    Spending needs to be cut. The “one-time, emergency” stimulus is still built into the baseline budget. Explain that the stimulus must go, cut taxes for middle class, and let Democrats explain why they need to have more stimulus after four years of failure.

  • Mark James

    Gop = Party of cowards. You control the house. USE your power. They are all afraid of the communists in the media. When those wimps in the house pass that bill, that is the day I stop voting. What good is it to vote for a Repub when all he cares about is his media image. It’s over for me.