As Twitchy told you late last month, President Obama’s ritual Hawaii Christmas vacation will cost taxpayers $4 million this year as America prepares to plunge off the fiscal cliff. The White House press corps traveled along with the surfer-in-chief to the island paradise. Looks like they’re having a swell time.

Beautiful scenery, but some news watchers in Hawaii wonder why there aren’t more photos of President Obama?

This is from 22 hours ago:

And this is from the Associated Press from 16 hours ago:

Taxpayers are still shaking their heads:

  • TocksNedlog

    Perhaps he is out watching the Hawaiian cliff divers.

    • SJ’s Dad

      Now that IS Golden!-)
      Well played sir!

  • kch50428

    Nero fiddled, Obama golfs…

  • Red Fred

    He made a new friend because she isn’t old enough to read or perform mathematical equations.

    • dmacleo

      its where he gets his budget advice.
      from the mouths of babes.

  • LordElrond09

    Of course! It doesn’t do well to have pictures of Nero fiddling while Rome burns. That’s why there’s no press coverage

  • Pappagiorgio

    Um, he didn’t leave DC until after the GOP house members just gave up and left on Friday. He is spending private time with his family for Christmas. Same thing all the Politicains are doing. Why is that wrong?

    • kch50428

      What’s wrong about this is the Lamestream press would be making an issue about any Repulblican president doing the same thing… and they’re making issue with House Republicans… and laying no blame on Senate Democrats for their role in all this. The media is on the Democrat side of the fence and lying their butts off.



        • Pappagiorgio

          Yes!!!! Fire house GOPs!

          • SJ’s Dad

            Hey Pappa G,
            WI 17 ring a bell?
            Tip-o-the lazylib iceburg!

          • Catchance

            Democrats in control of both houses from 2007 to 2011… still in control of the Senate. Check where our debt is, and ask yourself again who should be fired.

      • fmahoney

        Stop complaining all the time, You have Fox, and all the other extreme crack heads to send your message of hate. You have a house that has the lowest rating of all time. You have Sara Palin and her family values Lol

        • SJ’s Dad

          If by “message of hate” you mean truth, then . . . YES!
          Oh, also, if the antithetical libevil equivelent to Palin’s traditional family values include the murdering of innocent babies, and forcing others to pay for it against their will then I guess I should be ROTFF . . . .Put down the Cool Aide (Deliberate avoidance of copyright infringement intended) and step away from the MSDNC!!!!!!!

        • Catchance

          Ooooh… “message of hate”.

          Speaking of hate, I’m sure you were really pleased to see all of the tweets to George HW. They’re right down your alley. Absolutely no facts, just their own rotten souls spewing their putrescence over everyone. And most of them have the wrong George in mind.

          Not only vile, but stupid.

          • fmahoney

            What are yu talking about??? The last one drove the county into the ground, started two wars with no wy to pay for them.

            The GOP is the party of Hate and greed we all know that. We should all agree to that

            Now we are heading off the cliff because they are looking out for the 1% and the tea baggers

            I have an idea that works better then dragging the country over the cliff

            We spend $711 billion in defense every year.

            That’s more than the next ten countries (China, Russia, UK, France, Japan, S.Arabia, India, Germany, Brazil and Italy) combined.

            We could cut defense by HALF, and still spend more than China, Russia, UK, and France combined.

            We can and must cut defense spending. A lot.

            Let grandma get a little financial support and look out for the staving GOP’s in the south who lost jobs that Romney sent to China

            Help college kids get an education so we can compete in the world.

            GOP says, hell no More guns more tanks more ships. Chana has only one carrier but are pretty much set to become the new world power

            America is set to be the stupidest, sickest diabetic nation in the world. Fat overweight…

    • GTFOBigGovt

      It says “PRESS BLACKOUT: Differing from his prior trips to Hawaii”. As far as I’m concerned NO President should go anywhere for vacation but their home[state] on taxpayer dollars and no press corps either. Now as far as “giving up” goes. They should have “given up” the first 8 times they tried to work a deal with President Bait & Switch.

      • Pappagiorgio

        Our President was born and raised in Hawaii, that pretty much makes it a home state. (I have homes in three states, I call them all my home).

        Congressional rules state that this bill must originate in the house. They may be forced to bend the rules by originating it in the Senate, because the GOP can’t even agree amoungst themselves.

        • Susan G Prior

          Riiiiight!! Except for the small fact that his mother and grandparents have passed away years ago. And as far as we *know* all of his other relatives are in Kenya or in a jail cell in Boston! His wife was born and raised in Chicago. So, do you want to cover the 4 million dollar expense for this trip personally? Lots of us who are struggling to get by would surely appreciate it! 😉

          • Pappagiorgio

            If all of your blood relatives are gone, then it is pretty natural to spend time with friend you grew up with.

            I paid over $4m in taxes this year, so done, and I don’t mind a bit. You are welcome. When your family buys products made by my company, some of that money goes to my business trips around the world including stays at luxury hotels, wonderful food, unlimited alcohol, and the occational trip to the gentlemen’s club. That’s life in the big city – deal with it, and thanks for your support!

          • Lady_Clare

            You paid $4 million in taxes this year, and you sound like an angry little boy? As they say, money isn’t everything…….

          • Pappagiorgio

            Hey, personal and corporate taxes need to be paid, that’s just life. I actually wouldn’t mind if the close some loopholes so the myself and my corp pay the same percentage of total income as as the middle class. I’m actually very happy though, thank you! ;). It shouldn’t matter that I’m relatively young. #livinthedream

          • Catchance

            We certainly don’t begrudge you your wealth… you earned it, and you’re welcome to it. What we do begrudge is our president’s many many vacations, as it’s we the taxpayers (and yes, I pay taxes, too, albeit certainly not as much as you) who are funding them. The Senate hasn’t submitted a budget in 4 years, so don’t start pointing the finger at the (barely) Republican house. The problem isn’t that we don’t have enough revenue, it’s that we spend too much.

          • Pappagiorgio

            Your comment is actually pretty civil, and kinda factual. I agree with most of it. You failed to mention that Bush jr. Took the most presidential vacations in US history at 1020 days over 8 years, #2 goes to Regean. As of the election, Obama has taken 126.

            Lets hope that the entire congress can comprise and work together to stop obstructing progress and get something done! (Sorry Grover!)

          • Jay Stevens

            Bush and Regean mostly went either home to their ranches or to Camp David, the “official” get-away-from-it-all place. And neither ever used Air Force 1.5 to carry a family pet.

          • Pappagiorgio

            54 of Obamas vaca days were at Camp David, including when he had the G8 summit there.

            The dog did go on Air Force 1.5 with the First Family, staff, vehicles, equipment, etc. which is standard.

            At least he didn’t put the dog on the roof!

          • TugboatPhil

            Have you actually SEEN Bo lately? Obama eats dogs.

          • Sistervative

            Couldn’t get him on the roof before Obama ate it. Get the facts straight.

          • Superinfidel

            Yeah, but Barry sucks at being President and is a sketchy person at best

          • FunRunnerGirl

            You come on here spewing crap and cry when it’s spewed back. You want to “puke” on “Mittens,” remember? What an immature brat. For future reference: if you want civility, practice civility you hypocrite!!!!!!!!

          • Susan G Prior

            Caliane, in a few more years under his boy Obama and he will no longer be “livinthedream”! He apparently doesn’t understand the “fundamental changes” the socialist he voted for intends to inflict on this country. We will see in a year or two if he is so “happy”! Remember Pappagiorgio your President will be expecting you to pay your fair share!!

          • 1IreneFlick3

            No one believes that a person who has a business that needs to pay four million in taxes has enough time to spend irritating conservative bloggers with paid trolling. Trolls don’t make more than $10 per hour with no benefits.

            That said, Texas and California were where Bush and Reagan had their homes. Chicago is where the Obamas have a home. Why don’t they go home instead of wasting our money on expensive trips to Hawaii? Meanwhile they keep Hawaii businesses from making money in the busiest season because of all the increased security measures.

          • Pappagiorgio

            I’m on a plane, and I’m bored, so sorry to waste my time with you, but you are 100% factually wrong about me. Between property, income and corporate taxes, I did pay over $4m this year. Sorry but you are flat out wrong. Paid trolling – are you accusing me of being paid to be on here? Hahaha you are more paranoid than I thought!

            Watching Arizona beat SDSU on 1 ipad while I F with y’all on the other. But we are landing soon, so I will enjoy more healthy debate against you guys later!

            How dare UofA and SDSU travel to Hawaii to pay BBall? Those bastards! With my alum donations!

          • 1IreneFlick3

            Gee, great life, flying around on Christmas. Must be a new episode of Trains, Planes and Automobiles. No one believes you.

          • fmahoney

            It’s sooo much fun, like shooting fish in a fish tank

          • Superinfidel

            So write the government a check. You can do that, you know.

          • Susan G Prior

            Mitt Romney is not President so stop with the attacks on him! It really is a stupid retort! You might as well blame Bush!! Besides I do not resent Mitt’s wealth, he EARNED it! You know, making money in the private sector via good old capitalism! It seems you enjoy the fruits of capitalism as well! Good for you! I don’t begrudge you either! Unlike the idiot who you support, I believe people can “build that” on their own and should not be penalized for success!

            My question for you is how Barack Obama has become a multi-millionaire? As far as he has told us in his many novels about himself, he has only worked as a “community organizer” and then as a politician. So can you explain to me how this public servant has gotten so wealthy?? Cause I have a feeling HE DIDN’T BUILD THAT!!

          • Pappagiorgio

            I’m not attacking mitten for be a bad wannabe pres, I’m attacking him for being an annouying neighbor!

            Our President made most of his money from writing books. You can make a lot of $ doing that! I realized that while living next to Danielle Steale in the Pac Heights hood of SF (same hood as Sen. Feinstein). Now that lady has some cash!

            I was not born rich, but I have done very well at a young age through hard work and capitalism.

          • soccer mom

            It’s Steele. But you and your ilk like to steal, so I understand how you prefer that spelling. No way you make millions per year, sir. Or should I say youngster. Mama’s basement must be getting pretty stuffy this time of year. Maybe your troll dollar$ earn you some air freshener.

            I don’t see Donald Trump on the internet trolling. He’s cuddling with his hot mama in Mar-a-lago. If you had the cash, that’s what you’d be doing, not monitoring this thread to contradict conservatives.

          • SJ’s Dad

            Game set & Match Soccer Mom!

          • Sistervative

            Hard work and capitalism? Sure you aren’t a closet Republican?

          • walterc

            Congratulations on your success from hard work. It’s what we all strive for. Feel free to pay as much in taxes as you feel is “fair”. The IRS would be happy to take it from you. File a short form and pay the max, and if that’s not enough, pay more. The great thing about America, is you’re free to do with you money what you wish. If you want to give it to the government, good for you. I prefer to keep my money and spend it as I see fit.

          • FunRunnerGirl

            “Mittens”, you want to puke on him, remember? People like you remind me why I DESPISE libs. UGH!!!!

          • Agent_Zeero

            If it was true you lived next to Danielle “Steale”, you would know how to spell her name.

          • Rightturn

            You just answered your own question- “As far as he has told us IN HIS MANY NOVELS…” which actually aren’t novels, but that about sums it up.

          • TugboatPhil

            Right, all that cash and you’re posting on a website on Christmas.

            I guess all that money does buy happiness.

          • RightThinking1


            Okay. I accept the fact that you actually paid $4 million in taxes, but why should I thank you? All $4 million went to pay for O’s Hawaiian vacation, which is to say, it aided the financially beleaguered not at all.

            I suppose we can expect a “Let them eat cake” message from you next…., oh, wait…, we already got it.

          • Agent_Zeero

            $4m in taxes this year? Sure you did. If that’s true, you need a much better accountant. That can’t possibly be true.
            Wait! Don’t tell me! You’re also 6′ 5 and you look damn good. You drive a Maserati, have a black belt in karate, and love a good glass of wine. You’re out in Malibu. Posed for Calvin Klein and been in GQ. You’re single and you’re rich, and have set of six pack abs that will blow our minds.
            Because you’re so much cooler online

          • Catchance

            Ahahahahahaha. Good one.

            “I don’t always post slimy comments on Twitchy, but when I do, they’re full of errors and lies.”

          • Pappagiorgio

            Riiight! Just like your boy mittens, who claims he lives in Mass or Utah and/or NH, but he doesn’t, ever since his huge election loss, he has been living in MY neighborhood, in La Jolla CA. If I see him one more time in the Village, I’m going to puke on him. I say we start a petition to deport him back to Utah!

          • Island Girl

            You are truly dillusional..Merry Christmas!

          • Lori Rodriguez

            At least Romney goes there on hi OWN dime, not ours!

          • FunRunnerGirl

            Weren’t you just claiming Fox’s message of hate. What a HYPOCRITE you are!!!! Have you read your own words, are they love-filled? Look in the mirror. You’re the hateful liberal that calls any other point of view “hate” like a big baby. By the way, what kind of an adult still uses third-grade name calling, “mittens” Go back to the playground and leave the discussion to the grownups.

          • fmahoney

            Just pay up and shut up, stupid argument for an obviously stupid person that can get over the fact that KArl Rove lied and Obama is back in office for another 4 years.

          • fmahoney

            Your hate is overwhelming and your racism shows. I assume you guys would have him ride the grey hound bus to chicago

          • fmahoney

            You should have jumped on a trailer in Iraq when Chaney’s company black water or Halliburton was ripping off the country by the millions daily and at the same time putting american lives as risk.

            Stop playing around on the internet and get to work before you get fired!

        • TugboatPhil

          He wasn’t raised in just Hawaii. He spent several years in Indonesia eating dogs.

          • Catchance


        • fmahoney

          Please turn up the amplifier on this message so they can hear it all around this site

      • fmahoney

        They were not trying to work any deals before the election. Don’t you remember their Number one priority was to get Obama out no negotiation. Do nothing to make him look good, simple say No to everything. Then the American people spoke! They are working for those making a million or more

        • TugboatPhil

          You do know that Harry Reid has not allowed a Senate vote on a budget since 2009, except for twice, when Obama submitted them. Both of those budgets were voted down with ZERO yes votes.

          So who is blocking whom?

          • Catchance

            Oh, gosh, Phil. Don’t confuse him with some, you know, facts.

    • Brtgrl

      4 million reasons

    • fivebyfive

      You’re a FOOL that has been FOOLED again(or maybe a complete IDIOT)

      • Pappagiorgio

        Really intelligent! And what do you do for a living?

        • SJ’s Dad

          Work, unlike most of your ilk!!!!!!!

  • Ron Morisseau

    They both have something in common, she craps in her diaper and he craps on us

    • fmahoney

      Ok now I understand how you guys became so full of Shi… Your eating the stuff by the pound. You would be able to by some stake or chicken if you stop wasting all your money on guns and bullets

      • SJ’s Dad

        “Stake”? . . . not familiar
        (Oh wait a minute, I remember a PBS special about the Rare aboriginal Stake Beast, that can only be killed by a steak to the heart!-)
        Good times, good times!

      • Agent_Zeero

        Lern ta spel, you moron

      • Chris Kovarovic

        Buy and steak are pretty common words. My bullets will get me an Elk….how many ‘stakes’ can i get out of that?



  • Insubordinate

    Funny that on Christmas Eve 2009 Obama & Co. had plenty of time to stick around Washington DC to pass Obamacare. But it’s “aloha” when the country goes cliff diving. Priorities.

    • $27789750

      Ithink it’s peaceful that he’s gone. Kinda of restful to turn on TV and not have to see or hear him.

      • Catchance

        Oh, that’s true! A silver lining, after all. Thanks!!!

      • Island Girl

        Depends where you live…ugggg:)

    • EEKman

      Obama and Reid are in Washington. Boehner is in Ohio..back at ya

  • fmahoney

    Oh and congress is working around the clock even on Christmas Day. He is spending time with his family and attending a state funeral. Maybe if the leader of the house had some balls and could lead his own party everyone could relax on a beach someplace. Romney is relaxing also and feels real good knowing that the house will send us all over the cliff for millionaires and billionaire. What a beautiful christmas story.

    • TheOriginalDonald

      Meanwhile Harry Reid has YET to pass a budget.


    • Sandy Parker

      fmahoney–how pathetic that you grasp at straws by throwing Romney into your comment!!! Last I heard Romney was not the President and I can guarantee you that he uses his own money (which HE earned) to take his family wherever HE WANTS TO!!! He’s not using $4million of taxpayer money to do that!!! But then again people like you, fmahoney, tend to BLAME EVERYONE EXCEPT obummer for the dismal shape that our once great country has become….

      • fmahoney

        We had a World Recession, not just a USA recession idiot! We deregulated the Banks and Wall Street, We started two wars one a big fat lie which we still have not paid for

        He is the president of the United States of America. He attended a State Funeral. Did your stupid behind expect him to ride on a bus to CA and catch a banana boat you racist pig. Is he suppose to catch Value jet!

        Romney made his money putting people like you out of work while dodging taxes. Real Stand up guy old Romney calls for a vietnam war when he was in college then runs off to France.

        Your hate will consume you, Hillary is the next president of the united states. Start counting down to another GOP blow out. PLease send KArl Rove as much of your money as possible.

        Sorry but I have to head to work and pay my fair share of taxes

        • Catchance

          He had his vacation planned long before Daniel Inouye died.

          If you’re going to spew your bile, at least get your facts straight. Unlike Harry Reid, Romney’s taxes were overpaid. He made his money by putting people TO work.

          And you might as well head to work while you’ve still got a job… in Obama’s economy it probably won’t be there next year… or if it is, it’ll be cut down to 20 hours a week so they don’t have to pay the exorbitant insurance due to ObamaCare.

          When we go off this cliff I hope you’ll be really satisfied, because it’s due to the fact that the DEMOCRAT SENATE couldn’t be bothered to submit a budget for 4 years, and they’re so determined to get their way that they’ll allow Bush’s tax cuts ON EVERYONE to expire, as well as cutting the military budget. Meanwhile, all of the welfare queens keep on getting their entitlements.

  • fmahoney

    He is in the back room getting the senate to do what the house could not before the end of the year. However, as you can see some are out getting wasted drinking (DWI)

  • $18912735

    Wonder where Ambassador Stevens’ family is spending the holidays?

  • Libertyship46

    Where’s Obama? Why he’s trying to dig up a new birth certificate! Now I know why he was spending so much time at the City Hall in Honolulu!