The pop world’s infamously bad romance went full frontal today. Rihanna and her domestic violence partner Chris Brown showed up at the Christmas day L.A. Lakers game.

The pair immediately went viral on social media as sports fans and music lovers expressed their dismay and disapproval:

And straight from the beater’s Twitter mouth:

  • Steve_J

    Maybe she’s a masochist.

  • Pete Futz

    Maybe she’s an idiot.

    • mickeyco

      No maybe to it.

  • kayakingfatso

    if she wants to continue to date him, be friends with him, bang him, it’s not our business. personally, i think he’s a tool and this is probably all for publicity to try to repair his reputation.

  • sleazyrider

    Whats love got to do with it..

  • James Hansen

    using liberal/pretzel logic, chris is teaching us that we must be tolerant of his life-style choice to beat on her. It is his personal choice after all.