The $185 Air Jordan Bred 11 athletic shoes go on sale tomorrow. Lines and encampments are forming at stores across the country. Young people on Twitter are buzzing about the footwear. Many are concerned about another possible outbreak of violence reminiscent of last year’s mass riots. Things are already heating up in some retail areas. Do we need sneaker control?!

Riot!!! #jordans #bred11s

One teenage boy was reportedly shot to death over his Air Jordans last week.

And in Huntsville, Ala.:

Huntsville Police and HEMSI responded to the scene of a disturbance at Madison Square Mall.

According to witnesses, around 100 people were waiting in line to get the new Air Jordan Bred 11 shoes which retail for about $185.

Police said the shoes were not being released today; people were waiting in line to receive one of 36 bands to get the shoes at a later date.

Some people were waiting in line since the mall closed Wednesday.

Most people were waiting patiently until the mall doors opened, at which point, the crowd got unruly and police had to use pepper spray.

Perhaps it is time for a National Conversation About Jordans.

  • mike_in_kosovo

    I’m sure streetybird will be the first to call for sneaker control.

    • TugboatPhil

      Exactly! Why does anyone need these assault shoes with high capacity laces?

  • Hiraghm

    Good Lord, I wouldn’t pay $185 for a pair of custom made leather Florsheim’s, let alone *tennis shoes*.

    • agrclemsonfarmn

      Are you and I the only rational thinkers left +tax =$200 working at mickeyD’s it would take ?? weeks pay after bho taxes to buy 1 probaly not 2 Maybe this is what Nike should do seel shoes 1 at a time
      sort of —-layaway until you pay

  • Tea express

    If I was serious about buying shoes or clothes I’d go shop a day after thanksgiving screw the madness over the latest trends, items or products I have much better things to do.

  • TugboatPhil

    I always wanted a pair of PF Flyers, but Dad was so old fashioned, he didn’t know he was supposed to give me everything I wanted.

    • agrclemsonfarmn

      excellent point, let’s survey standinliners as to job holders, who is paying for these overthetop tennis shoes; these are tennis shoes I can’t grasp this fanaticism over foreign made footwear that does not fit the season of the eyar cold, rain, snow..

      • TugboatPhil

        I believe that the majority of the shoes are bought with cash money, made by selling EBT and other welfare benefits.

  • drew

    you guys all sound really old