Twitter lit up late tonight with buzz that veteran war correspondent Richard Engel of NBC News and his producer have gone missing in Syria. Details are sketchy and foreign reports are notoriously unreliable:

Here are Engel’s last tweets,  with the most recent dated Dec. 6:

On Dec. 13, NBC Nightly News tweeted a video of Engel inside war-torn Aleppo, Syria:

Many have Engel in their thoughts and prayers around the world. Let’s hope he’s found safe and sound:


Update: Twitter journos and writers are reporting that NBC can’t reach Engel this morning.


Update: Jeremy Scahill, who writes for the Nation, appears to be talking about Engel here:

There are reports that NBC News has asked media not to report on the story. With thousands of people tweeting about this (“Richard Engel” is a Twitter trending topic in the United States), it’s going to be impossible to put this genie back in the bottle.

Update: Richard Engel and his crew have been freed after five days of captivity, according to NBC News.

  • TocksNedlog

    Not a word from NBC on his status.

  • seriouslysickntired

    well, has anyone heard anything? Maybe he was getting too close to the gun running story in Bengahzi?? I pray he is safe. Has NBC commented on it yet?

  • Burt Zerker

    Not to worry, 0bama will make sure that an NBC employee will get rescued. Engel is just lucky that he’s not a US Ambassador.

    • BlueGood

      O’Blamo will send over a Gross of Condoms to NBC to to make sure no Sandra Flakes are left unprotected….

  • Joe W.

    Spontaneous reaction to a video??

    • Jillane Kent

      What else?

  • TiLiNi

    What is a blackout?

    • Ten31

      Blackout, hey that sounds Raaaaaacist!!!!!

    • Ann Recchie

      When news is considered “sensitive in nature” or that the person(s) involved may be harmed if something is reported, then a news outlet can order a news “blackout” to protect the source or person(s) or situation in question. Say nothing and report nothing until further notice>

      • TiLiNi

        Thank you.


    apparently there is a news black-out for his safety – tried to post a story about it but was told to remove it … or rather I was asked, strongly. I think his safety is the only reason I would have removed a story

  • mdtljt

    Prayers for the safety of Mr. Engel….and all Americans in foreign lands….may they return safely….

  • stellatruman

    This is not a laughing or mocking matter. He is a good reporter who often times reports from dangerous locations. I respect him and hope for the best. Remember, no matter what you feel about the network he works for , he is an American . Let’s wish him well .

  • C. Dias

    looks like they found him

  • C. Dias

    looks like they found him