Chris Cuomo is the ABC law correspondent and 20/20 anchor who comes from the prominent New York Democratic family. He has been tweeting his thought about the Newton, Conn. school horror all weekend:

He appeared on The View this morning to discuss the massacre and endorsed armed school security guards:

While celebrities Jackee Harris and Rosie O’Donnell led outraged objections to his perspective, many viewers (notably many non-celeb females outside the NY/DC/Hollywood echo chamber) appreciated Cuomo’s thoughts:

Are the women in the Senate and the man in the White House listening?

  • TheAnthillGoddess

    Sorry…I totally lost it laughing at “ass rifles”

    • Aaron

      Same here, but I assumed I’d get attacked for pointing it out.

      • TheAnthillGoddess

        I’ve learned it’s pretty safe here to point out things like this. It *is* funny!

    • NRPax

      I’ve heard that their buttstock is a registered weapon.

      • LibLieExposer

        Rosie O’Donnell’s buttstock is a double-wide weapon.

    • Raven

      That describes the inhabitants of govt, et al, not rifles.

  • dkhilly

    I would love for an armed guard to be at my kid’s school.

  • $7610427

    My son’s upper school has a Resource Officer…but he is only armed with a baton and a taser??? He is a police officer! His weapon is kept in his car! That makes absolutely NO sense to me…

    • Scott

      He is a fool if he is a real cop and leaves his gun in the car. His bosses are twice the fool if they tell him to.

      • $7610427

        No…he’s a real police officer and ex military. He’s an adjunct member of the faculty. We live in a small town and our school is not dangerous. I don’t know why he doesn’t carry… But I’m going to find out!

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Your modern Democrat. They have a rare moment of sense, and then they feel a moral obligation to follow it up with a stupid-ass red herring. Yet another silver-spoon liberal yapping about rifles. Who cares what gun he used? Vtech shooter didn’t have a rifle. Guns are guns. YOu can kill a bunch of people with a six-gun same as a AR.. Protection and people are issues.

    • LibLieExposer

      A CUBAN REFUGEE murdered 87 with gasoline (Happyland Social Club). A bunch of ISLAMISTS murdered 3000 using KORANS, boxcutters & jumbo jets. Libtards won’t regulate access to gasoline or korans or boxcutters with background checks & waiting periods. An gun-grabber Carolyn McCarthy NEVER mentions that her family members were shot by a RACIST BLACK ILLEGAL ALIEN and has yet to push Obama for Illegal Alien control.

  • Jack Deth

    Armed security guard?

    First target for a shooter to catch in an ambush.

    Better to train and license teachers to have Uzis in the well of their desks in front of the class. Sounds like a logical, larger budgeted extension of the NRA’s ‘Eddie Eagle’ program to me.

    • bluewaternavy

      How about both? I was taught situational awareness in the navy, you don’t hire some pinheaded jackass, you hire former military. And you SHOULD arm the teachers mine were many years ago…

    • Lady 12

      What if the armed security guard were undercover? That would be pretty cool.

    • Lady 12

      What if the armed security guard were undercover? That would be pretty cool.

  • TheTweetest

    Let’s put God back in our schools first.

  • Scott

    Very good.
    Now let it be known that most all of the federal funding for school safety has lapsed with one of the main ones got cut last year by obama and the rest of our government let it go, so it isn’t JUST him that should catch hell about it but every last government official that puts bullshit spending in front of real needs, just like they are tacking on billions of $ to the Sandy relief for non Sandy spending.

  • Josephine (D)

    Maybe we should let the teachers either carry concealed weapons, or have guns at the school which can be accessed when the time comes?

    • Raven

      Yes let teachers carry, and they need to have Bibles at school also. We had Bibles in school, and used them!

    • Michael Morris

      Things would have gone a lot better if the principle had been able to shoot the bastard instead of trying to tackle him.

    • Emily B

      EXACTLY what I was going to say!! Train and arm the TEACHERS! That makes the most sense to me.

  • SameJerkDifferentName

    Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that all assault weapons were banned, and all weapons with high capacity mags were banned. How many of you think that would keep those types of weapons out of the hands of criminals? Guns don’t shoot people. PEOPLE with guns shoot people. And people with knives stab people and people with clubs bludgeon people and people with poison, poison people. The fact is, if someone wants to kill, he/she WILL. The problem isn’t with the guns, it’s with keeping them out of the hands of nutjobs, OR ensuring there is someone else there, on the side of good, with, and trained to properly use a gun. As a vet, I intend to keep mine. Home invasions are not uncommon and if someone breaks in my home, I’m gonna blow their freakin’ head off. I have no intentions of harming anyone but if a situation arises where it’s them or me, IT’S THEM!

    • Raven


    • ann

      and how exactly do you propose to keep them out of the hands of ‘nutjobs’ ??? Are you going to find out where all the nutjobs live and put an armed guard at their doorstep?????? If assault weapons and other high capacity mag weapons were OUT OF REACH (i.e. not in closets or underneath beds or in basements or gun cabinets AT ALL)… THEY WOULDN’T BE AVAILABLE to the nutjobs~!!

      • Lady 12

        How hard can it possibly be to smuggle guns into the wrong hands?

      • Frustrated Teacher

        You act like the only weapon ‘nutjobs’ use are ‘assault weapons’ (which you probably couldn’t define…as most media can’t). These bans are nothing but knee-jerk reactions by politicians wanting to look like they are taking action. They don’t stop anything…ever….never…

      • SameJerkDifferentName

        OK ann, say we’ve just banned all “assault weapons” and high capacity mags, how does THAT prevent further shootings? GUN CONTROL LAWS ONLY AFFECT THOSE THAT OBEY THE LAW. The sooner you people realize THAT FACT, the sooner you may realize that guns save and protect lives more than they take them like in the horrific events such as those of Newtown, CT. Disarm the public and you have a bunch of unarmed targets like everyone in a ‘Gun Free Zone’ and THAT’S THE TRUTH!

  • JLThorpe

    Don’t forget Rosie was the same person who went after Tom Selleck on her talk show after Columbine happened, and then it came out she had armed security guards and that K-Mart (which she did ads for at the time) was a gun seller. Hypocrite (but we knew that)!


    let teachers carry! if only 1 tecaher had a gun, mighta been differant?? Am I the only one who has wondered why MILITARY folks in CO shooting were NOT armed??

    • walterc

      The mall is a gun free zone. Law abiding citizens follow the law.


    let teachers carry! if only 1 tecaher had a gun, mighta been differant?? Am I the only one who has wondered why MILITARY folks in CO shooting were NOT armed??

  • WVS

    Far and away, the deadliest mass killing in American history was committed without a firearm. We then expanded the government’s powers at the cost of our own liberties to “prevent” it from ever happening again. It hasn’t happened again. Because of the TSA? The Patriot Act? Most definitely not! It hasn’t happened again because the jihadis recruited some genius whose best effort at martyrdom culminated in a slow burn in his tightie-whities.

    In 2012 America, marijuana is illegal outside of a few particular circumstances. But it is very easy to obtain. Everyone knows where to get it. Many, many Americans have used it, and a significant number use it regularly. Those who are even a little conscientious about its possession and use are unlikely to ever be caught. Dealers who sell it make large profits. On our southern border, people are killed daily in outright wars over its transportation and sale. Clearly, the answer to our violence problem is to replace ‘marijuana’ in this conversation with ‘guns,’ right?

  • mwill

    don’t think this can’t happen. how many of us thought obamacare wouldn’t pass
    and even if it did the supreme court would overturn it…how did that work out
    for us? we also thought there was no way in hell obama would get re-elected…well
    he did. they will find a way to take our guns away, i say “our” even tho i don’t
    own one.

    here’s what’s going to happen. before any gun law goes into effect millions of
    honest law abiding citizens will buy up every gun they can and they will become
    criminals in the eye of the government and the government will come after
    honest peoples guns…meanwhile the real criminals will keep their guns.