Two police officers in Topeka, Kan. were shot and killed last night. Kansas Highway Patrol took to Twitter to get information out.

Officer Jeff Atherly, age 29 and Cpl. David Gogian, age 50, both died; heroes killed in the line of duty.

The suspect is David Edward Tiscareno, age 22.

People on-scene tweet information as it happens.

And this morning, the suspect is still at large. Citizens are warned that he is armed and extremely dangerous.

Reporters continue to tweet from the scene.

The suspected cop-killer’s home is surrounded.

A man believed to be the suspect remains inside and the situation remains dangerous.

After the bangs reported earlier, silence.

Twitchy will continue to monitor this dangerous situation and will update with further developments.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families and loved ones of the fallen officers.


Update: Suspect in custody.

  • Guest

    ” My God are all these violent individuals being inspired by other ones; media reporting~? It is like they are recieving some type of signals to activate~ God Bless ALL the souls of victims who have lost their lives in such tragedies~”

  • Scott

    Thoughts and prayers go out to police officers, and the family and friends.
    May the suspect suffer tremendously and rot in hell for eternity.

  • Armando

    We need to stop all this gun violence.

    • tredglx

      Okay, I’ll bite: how?

  • tredglx

    *Salute* to the downed officers.
    RIP, Officer Jeff Atherly, CPL David Gogian.