Question: How much money in forced Michigan teachers’ union dues subsidized the errant sign attacking the state’s GOP governor, Rick Snyder?

In other news…

Only 7% of Detroit 8th Graders Proficient in Reading



New tone? Mich. Democrat threatens violence over right-to-work vote; ‘There will be blood’; Update: Mich. Dems proudly tweet violence threat; Update: Thugs follow-through with violence, AFP tent stormed

Pics, reports: Union goons protest right-to-work vote in Lansing, Mich.; Riot police on scene; Update: ‘There will be blood’; : Mich. Dems proudly tweet quote; Update: Michael Moore thinks it’s awesome teachers failed to do their jobs

  • Richard J Sunkle

    On the bright side, at least some children won’t be miseducated by this idiot for 1 day.

    • Lord Foggybottom

      Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she gives the kids extra credit for showing up at the protest. “This is democracy children. Now grab your pipes and HIT ‘EM IN THE SHINS!”

  • PistolsForPandas

    Please, please, please tell me they had also signs condemning the governor of Oiho…

    • marine72

      Is that a BOHICA “Behind_You1”?

  • Red Fred

    Wow. Pretty much tells why they need unions to keep their jobs. Can’t spell your governor’s name,and didn’t notice…geez. Synder. (Snyder)

    • stuckinIL4now

      Yeah, proofreading is a lost art. Then again the union probably charges more to teach that.

      • 1CatEye

        When proofreading, you always miss the REALLY BIG letters that are misspelled. Once helped put out a corporate yearly report that misspelled “public”. Oops. Right smack on the cover in HUGE letters.

        • Ken Alan Draper

          Did they forget the L? LOL!!!! yikes.

    • Michael Moon

      She simply said OK to the pic after reading the sign. I almost felt bad..then reality kicked in.

    • Ken Alan Draper

      the worst part of it is, she probably teaches spelling in some detroit school. anytime large groups of liberals congregate (that means to gather for you michigan teachers) it’s like a “Idiocracy” live show.

  • HopeHeFails

    How long until Holder shows up to sue the State? I must be a matter of hours…

  • disqus_IYMEYKiRUR

    If the spelling on the sign is a representation of the kind of teachers the union is protecting then the students are in trouble and the union i think needs to re-evaluate how it retains teachers to represent why the union is good for the students.

    • mdtljt

      You’re correct, unfortunately you’d have a better chance of buying a mansion with a jar full of unicorn poots than seeing ANY union re-evaluating anything that would put them in a negative light…

    • Michael Moon


  • Marcy Cook

    And that was a professionally produced sign. They paid for it.

    • stuckinIL4now

      If the signmaker was a union shop, the workers were probably taught by MI teachers.

      • marine72

        Some of the 93% who couldn’t read.

  • PJ

    I am a retired, MEA union teacher who is outraged at this display of thuggery!!!! No wonder tax payers are fed up (myself included). My respect for MEA has waned over the years since seeing how the lack of union support goes for probationary teachers who were awesome teachers, yet targeted by admin. because they were on a power trip (these peope were recruited from other districts). Yet, these prob. teachers paid the exact same amt. of dues as tenured teachers wo any union support (union stated their hands were tied/couldn’t do anything for them). From that day forward until I retired, I paid my dues and paid no attention to the MEA. The MEA (in my opinion) has gotten worse then better. FYI to all you union thugs, I guess it’s ok to shove Obamacare down our throats by prezBO and his ilk hey??? You think you don’t have $$$ now, wait until 2014 and prezBO care is in high gear…

    • diannathomas

      It is good to read one MEA union teacher with ethics.

  • videosavant

    We need to cut these teachers some slack, show some kindness.

    Look at the civility and professional courtesy they are demonstrating — they spelled ‘rat’ correctly.

  • Keith

    It would be great if the teachers union idiots ALL took turns having their photos taken in front of that sign. They’d show the world what a pack of ignats they really are.

    • marine72

      Not even the union could get them all there. It would be like herding kittens.

  • TocksNedlog

    She’s probably an English teacher.

  • I Am Breitbart

    Johnny sure are learing too read good! Thank a Michigan teacher!

    • Michael Moon

      I didn’t set her up either. I asked her to read it first. Then she said ” I have no problem taking my pic with this message.

  • MoxieLouise

    I used to be a graphic artist/typesetter. It would take all of 3 seconds to proofread a sign with five words in a huge point size. And if you missed it, you would be the laughingstock of the pressmen before they sent if back to re-do. And if they missed it, the manager would chew some tail when he checked the outgoing jobs. And if he missed it, the customer…well, teachers’ unions have some ‘splainin’ to do. This country is a stupid, stupid place.

    • Worship Dancer

      i used to have to proofread 100-200 page operating manuals and personnel guides. then i’d run it through spell check THEN i’d re-proof it THEN I’d have TWO co-workers review it BEFORE it went to print. how can you POSSIBLY MISS A 5 WORD SIGN?????

  • rporth

    Don’t these folks like freedom? oy

    • Worship Dancer

      ah ONLY if it happens to coincide with THEIR definition of freedom.

  • marine72

    Please Lord, let her continue to protest outside the classroom. One less day of educational malfeasance.

  • NY loves MITT

    I thunk that me old englush techer

  • walterc

    Your chillins will lern to read gooder with Union Teachers.

    Idiots all.

    • MoxieLouise

      Speshully in Lanzing an Deetroyt Mishegun…wher u git pork reewards for elektin the rite prezadent.

  • ember


  • snapper451

    Only the best Jerry!

  • Everybodys All American

    Now that says it all.

  • lvscats63

    unions need to be disbared…they do nothing for the teachers who really want to teach and everything for the teacher who want to act like a high schooler sitting in a position of authority!!!

  • Deborah Barton-Schulz

    Michigan, ….With teachers like her, no wonder so many are out of work there!!!!!!!!!

  • postiveiamnegative

    Unions breed a lazy, stupid, overpaid workforce.

  • ratizbad

    Are we sure they are protesting the right to work or the possible dumbing down of our new generation of misinformed computer or social freaks.

    We need higher standards starting now for all teachers,government,and federal employees.Is that possible! I will not count my chickens on that one.

  • ratizbad

    The teachers get a F and no video games for a whole semester.

  • Liberals Needhelp

    Why wood u point out a sigh-en that iz spelt inn-core ectkly?
    Teachers are only people, they work tiredlesslee to teach the
    children ov uncratefool people 4 no money. Other than lifetime
    benefits, great pensions, 2-3 months off a year, above average pay,
    and near to impossibly to be fired assurances.
    Twitchy iz just being mean & jealous to point out such minor
    things like poor grammar and lousy aaron spelling…………

  • aspenguy

    You can’t make this stuff up!

    • Michael Moon

      I asked her flat out if she read the sign first. She said yes

  • Ron Stokes

    Thankfully, that fifty thousand dollar education was not wasted on a photo opportunity gone painfully wrong!

    • Hello Jerry (D)

      Did the teacher go to Haaa-vaaad?

  • BeeKaaay

    Leftwingwackos do not know how to learn from their mistakes.

  • Carlos Molina

    These people make it waaaay too easy. Or should I write wey to aesy???

  • Carlos Molina

    These people make it waaaay too easy. Or should I write wey to aesy???

  • Herman LaClair

    dyslexia is a terribel thnig.

  • Herman LaClair

    dyslexia is a terribel thnig.

  • Michael Moon

    Simply asked her if she read the sign she was posing in front of which she replied…YES!!! OK then. I was born and raised in Michigan I blame this woman for my bad punctuation ; )

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Union Fail.

  • dukem1

    That sign says everything there is to say about the state of public education in the US today.

  • sue

    That’s not as bad as having your retired military dad’s name being engraved “Geogre” on his grave marker. His name was George. How could that happen? It practically took an act of Congress to get it corrected. There’s NO EXCUSE for anything to be misspelled if the correct spelling can be checked before it is made public.