And the saga continues. This afternoon, we told you about R&B girl-beater Chris Brown’s latest Twitter feud with TV humor writer Jenny Johnson, who has been a longtime critic of the celebrity girlfriend abuser. Brown declared himself done with Johnson. But now, on-again gal pal Rihanna has jumped into the fray.

On her violent boyfriend’s side, of course.

Rihanna dissed Johnson with this tweet screen-capping the comedienne’s many tweets aimed at Brown:

But Rihanna wasn’t done. She found time of her own to re-tweet nasty, sexualized messages from some of her fans aimed at degrading Johnson even further.

Not everyone approved of Rihanna’s snitty remarks about proper time management:

What’s next? A misogynist tweet attack on Johnson from Brown’s mother? Stay tuned.

Update: Chris Brown’s account disappears.

  • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

    She’s as sick as he is. They both need therapy.

  • Josephine (D)

    This is disgusting. Now we have to just let men be pigs as they wish? Thanks, feminists!

    • $21367552

      ummmm, what gave you the idea that it is feminists believe Rihanna should have stayed with Chris Brown? Do you even think?

      • Rulz

        …..maybe the liberal women who said that “Chris Brown can beat me anytime?”

  • $129448

    She has zero class

  • rachooo

    “We gotta do better than this!”

    Says the girl whose boyfriend just tweeted “jokes” about defecating on a woman…

  • Catchance

    So what am I missing? Isn’t he the one who beat her up before?

    • LC


    • Harley Diva

      Looks like she didn’t get enough the first time.

  • Steve_J

    Rihianna deserves everything she gets from Brown and deserves no sympathy from anyone else.

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    The 21st century Ike and Tina Turner.

    • Steve_J

      Except Ike and Tina have talent, IMO.

      • Trish

        Everyone has their own take on what talent is. Clearly their are millions that feel that these two have talent.

      • Lisa Dean

        And Tina finally realized enough was enough and left Ike for good.

    • Emme!!

      I doubt RiHanna is anything like Tina Turner. She’s more like Halle Berry.

  • Brent Guthrie

    She’s turning the other cheek, hoping he doesn’t smash that also? Ok.

  • Trish

    Here is the problem with this whole thing, the man committed a crime, he is doing his punishment and she forgive him, everyone else should move on, it is not like he did it before or have done it since, sometimes people make mistakes. I don’t see anyone screaming for Charlie Sheen to be jailed or some of these other celebs that do horrible things. I don’t condone his past acitons, but I also DO NOT condone bullying and that is exactly what this woman has done under the cover of being a comedian, if ANYONE was to do to our children, what she has done to him over the past two years, we would be crying foul all over the place. We cannot teach our children to be tolerant and not be bullies and turn around and applaud people like her for what she did, she provoked him, he was wrong for responding, but like most people that are bullied, eventually they get tired and they fire back. She is a Bully and he was wrong for responding in the manner that he did, but we cannot keep labeling people, we need to at least give people a chance to change and grow, if we don’t then there is no need for rehabilitation and that is not the America that I know. I don’t feel like this woman is a victim at all, and neither is he, but you cannot just blame him and let her think that what she is doing and has done is ok. IT IS NOT!!!!

    • Stephanie Warren

      That still doesn’t give him the right to say the things he said to her.

  • LC

    She crazy.

  • $30423294

    If you are a mother of girls, your heart just sunk, didn’t it?

    You can send your girl to private schools, you can influence who she chooses as friends.

    But you can’t stop this filth from influencing your daughter.

    We have unplugged cable. We will not pay for our children to see the filth that is spewed over these wires to our daughters.

    Why do you pay for this, America?


    • Lisa Dean

      I have a young son and my heart sunk into my stomach. It’s not just girls that need protecting, we need to teach our boys that this type of behavior isn’t acceptable. It makes me want to hurl cookies at the amount of “men” (again want to hurl cookies) that think this is normal behavior towards women.

    • Penmar

      My daughters listened to rap and hip-hop growing up, they are both conservatives, it’s a parent’s job to instill good morals, teach them right from wrong in spite of what they are inundated with from the outside world.


    hope he hurts you real bad next time Rihanna. Trash and you cant take the ghetto out of these people.

  • Beth Larsen

    She is such a freaking idiot. A guy breaks your face, you press charges and move on. So glad my daughter and I don’t listen to her crap.

  • kelly

    Rihanna has no class,this is just the beginning for these to.Chris was better off with Karrueche.

  • Lynelle Hullsiek

    She’s a trashy no good skank and so is he. They deserve eachother.

  • Back 4 More

    They seem to be a perfect match. One of them is a talentless hack that likes using women as a punching bag and the other one is a talentless hack that likes being a punching bag. Funny how Brown seems to have uncontrollable anger issues around female pop stars and talk show hosts but manages to keep his temper in check when he’s around dudes that would whip his ass. He’s probably never been in a fight with a man in his life.

    • Emme!!

      Well he did get into a twitter fight with this guy called Raz B, ans also with Drake and another dude called Meek Mill. Given his temper, he is capable of getting into bust0ups with ANYONE, not just women.

  • riddler1620

    The first time he beat her, that was on Him. The next time he beats her, and he will, that’s on her.

  • Lisa Dean

    Isn’t this the same Chris Brown who stood before a judge and said he was remorseful for his behavior towards Rihanna, didn’t ever want to do that again and felt he let his Mother down because he grew up in an abusive family.

    • medicinewomantwo

      Amazing how that works, all abusers are usually good actors in court.

      • Rulz

        thumbs up cause it sounds right. It’d be interesting to see a scientific study on that matter though.

        • medicinewomantwo

          When I took a criminal justice court we were required to sit in court for one week. Man, they clean up good and look so contrite….With that “I am sooooo sorry look.

  • Joe W.

    And these ghetto gangsters are the idols of our youth. Is it any wonder we have lost America to the degenerates of the “progressive” left?

  • Marie Mickens

    Where was all the outrage when Charlie sheen beat and threatened to kill his wife???

    • ImTheNana

      Charlie who?

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      That was pre-Twitchy. Doofus.

      Oh, wait! Check out Marie’s Facebook page! Its a creeptastic homage to everyone’s favorite woman beater, Chris Brown!

    • JustLikeAnimals


    • TocksNedlog

      Today’s new racist dog-whistle: “woman beater”.

    • Lisa Dean

      Charlie Sheen has also threatened and beat his girlfriends and more than one wife too. There was outrage, which is why he spent a lot of time in court trying to keep visitation rights to his kids.

    • Kenna Neel

      It was there, you just weren’t paying any attention.

  • RowdyRepublican

    You can take the scum out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the scum!

  • radicallyalyssa

    Rihanna is the gum on my shoe. She’s unimportant and eventually goes away, anyway. Chris Brown is like a liberal I argue with on Twitter; he’s stupid, unintelligent, completely illiterate, and while he thinks he’s being clever and hilarious, people just feel sorry for him.

  • Penny

    He said he was sorry so many time and we have people who caint move on past it. I lot of people that making comments is jelous of this young people talent. Chris and Rihanna both are rich and if they where coming to town a crowd would follow. How many of you broke non talented people could draw a crowd. Talk about Charlie Sheen ,Trailor trash MF

    • GTFOBigGovt

      Nope, what we have is people who couldn’t care less about their pop cultural “talent” (that ~talent being autotune and being connected to the hip hop radio world where CHR plays the same people over and over again). We despise their negative impact on this generation. Hearing RiRi ~singing “can you get it up, is you big enough” is nothing I’d let my kid listen to, just like I didn’t allow him to listen to losers whining about depressing grunge and suicide crap in the 90’s. Or misogynistic scummy rappers for that matter.

      And I say this as a RiRi dance music fan, actually, just like I’m a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race but I’m smart enough to know that having him say “your pussy is on fire” to a drag queen on TV is not exactly helpful to society OR my kids, too young to even comprehend the shtick.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      Oh look, Chris Brown deleted his Twitter account. So he’s a felon AND a punk, too. eyeroll.

    • TocksNedlog

      Dats sum good parody dere!

    • Michelle

      Please stay in school and double-up on some English classes.

    • Guest

      They ALL say they are sorry. They ALL say they won’t do it again. They ALL say it. Jealous of young people’s talent? HE IS STILL BEATING UP ON WOMEN! LOTS of talented young people out there that don’t beat women. I should respect them, or admire them just because they have a talent and it’s made them rich? It is admirable that they’ve been able to use their talent to get a life and draw a crowd. They should realize that their talent can be rendered irrelevant by disgusting behavior. Ask Chris how much $$ he flushed down the toilet with that incident? Millions? Oh, but he’s rich and can draw a crowd so that makes it ok. He might be able to regain his lost credibility if he stopped abusing women. Physically AND verbally. But when he’s broke and back living in Mommy’s garage because his hideous mouth and behavior finally got him what he had coming he’ll just blame the women in his life for what they “made” him do.

  • Emjay Graykat

    Yea, but what about all the fans who willingly and eagerly spend their money on their “music” that have made them multimillionaires and pop culture icons? Unfortunately there are too many parents (or poor excuses for parents) who’ll learn of the tweets he made about defecating on a women’s face and blow it off as unimportant, or laugh about it.

  • Gaz Matic

    Man. You guys are so racist. Need I mention all of the quote on quote “not black” people who’ve done worse? Jeez. Cant go a day without blaming liberals, feminists or obama huh? Obviously chris brown and rhianna are the poster couple for liberals and the feminist movement right? /derp. I bet you guys think obama beats michelle too right? You would also be the same ones to say that she deserved it. Gosh. A piece of shit is a piece of shit regardless of race

    • medicinewomantwo

      Actually, I’d place bets on she can take him!

    • Lisa Dean

      You’re right, a POS is a POS, no argument there. However, since she’s defending him and acting like his behavior is ok, that’s typical victim behavior. Being in an abusive relationship doesn’t make one a liberal or a feminist because abuse doesn’t see color or political affiliation. No one deserves to be abused, either physically, verbal or emotional, but we all know it happens everyday. What I do find sad is that Chris Brown is still being encouraged to act like an abuser and it’s all ok and Rihanna is still by his side.

      • Emme!!

        How is defending his behaviour necessarily ‘victim’ behaviour??!! As far as i’m concerned, she’s NO victim whatsoever. You know she’s a sucker for bad boys and given the fact that it was SHE who instigated the abuse, her own hsitory of violence towards members of her family and relatives, and the way she’s carried herself since the incident it’s clear that she’s very deviant and a total douchebag herself! People need to stop acting like she’s just a naive and innocent girl who has bad judgement or is blinded by love, or manipulated by him. In fact she’s a lot smarter than he is, and she’s one clanderstine bitch. They are perfect for one another.

        • Lisa Dean

          You do realize there are different types of “victim behavior”. They both exhibit signs of victim behavior towards each other: elation, hate, vengeance, jealousy, destructive etc. What Chris Brown has done is another sign of bullying or abusive behavior towards another woman and Rihanna defended his actions. I didn’t state in my opinion that she was nieve, suffers from bad judgement or is blinded by love. I do think they both manipulate each other and I think they get off on it as well. And my response was to @twitter-611033182:disqus pertaining to their statement about racism and liberalism.

        • Matt Robinson

          i stopped feeling bad for her the second she went back to him. nobody deserves that, but going back to him makes him think its ok, and is asking for it to happen again. guys like that dont change, and apparantly the women that are attracted them dont either. whats that old “definition” of insanity again?

        • Matt Robinson

          i stopped feeling bad for her the second she went back to him. nobody deserves that, but going back to him makes him think its ok, and is asking for it to happen again. guys like that dont change, and apparantly the women that are attracted them dont either. whats that old “definition” of insanity again?

    • Kenna Neel

      “A piece of shit is a piece of shit regardless of race.” You said it, No one else here did. #The Poster Couple for Hit Me Baby One More Time. You brought that idiotic racist stupidity in here. And don’t come at me with all that others have done worse. Yes, they have, and it starts with yelling, & shoving, It progresses to hitting, and beating. And it ends in the morgue. Race doesn’t even enter into it. Wonder how many came before Miss Ri, how long it went on before it exploded into full view, and how long it will continue before he once again erupts, and how long she will fool herself into taking his crap before she realizes that, oh dear, he WILL do it again? Chris Brown, sorry? Not when he says the things he was saying to Jenny Johnson. Those were verbal fists he was using. He’s a woman beating COWARD. He’ll talk to a woman like that, do you think he’d talk to a man like that? He’d be spending some time in surgery with HIS bruised, and broken, bloody body spread all over the front page. And his enabling Mommy would be right there making excuses for him. Talk to me like tha to my face, not over the ozone where I can’t get my hands on you. COWARD. Would I get violent? This time I would, and I’d do it with everything I could get my hands on. HARD,

    • Matt Robinson

      nobody brought up race other than you. you should go fishing with that bait

    • Matt Robinson

      nobody brought up race other than you. you should go fishing with that bait

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Typical dysfunctional relationship. Abuser needs the enabler and the enabler needs to be abused. Brown didn’t get enough love as a kid. Rihanna was abused or molested as a kid. They deserve each other.

    Rihanna will wake up dead in a bathtub from a alcohol/drug overdose. Big news.

  • crazy betty

    nobody will care when rihanna gets her dumb ass beat down again…what a fool this girl is.