Tea Party fave Mia Love, the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, mounted a tough challenge to incumbent Democrat Rep. Jim Matheson. She captured the grass-roots conservative movement’s hearts and minds in her first outing for federal public office. She’ll be back:


Liberal misogynists and bigots wasted no time heaping on the hate. Sore, nasty winners:

Lib logic:

Hear, hear:

  • ImTheNana

    Charming. Sorry she lost. I hope she’ll throw in again next time.

  • tomtom1983

    That’s how libs are, they’re racists and it won’t change. They have stolen yet another election. Libs have broken so many laws yesterday but it won’t even matter. They’re never held accountable.

    Americas destruction is on its way. Thanks racist libs. The only good thing is I can’t wait to point at libs after Obama collapses the US and say we told you so.

    Obama didn’t win, he stole this election.

    • nc

      It’s cold comfort to be dead right. But that’s where we are.

    • michael s

      If Pres Obama stole the election .How did he win every group but white men? Blame it on your saboteur Chris Christie.

      • Bookin Weasel

        I don’t think you could have given a more nonsensical response. Also, some remedial grammar and syntax might hide your ignorance as well….

    • rawhide

      Dude, they’re not racists necessarily, but they are idiots. Indeed, they rejected a person of color in this election. But, how exactly did Obama “steal the election.” You can’t “steal” that many votes. I think he is a demagogue and disingenuous and a panderer, but I don’t think anything was stolen. A majority of Americans chose his policies of statism and moral laxity and dependence over freedom and self-responsibility.

      • Bookin Weasel

        Excellent summary…..

    • Michelle Blackwell

      Absolutely, because there is no way Obama could have just appealed to more people and just beat Romney in a fair contest. No way, what so ever. So he must have cheated, lied, stolen or defrauded the election in some way.

  • justlisa

    Sad… I was really pulling for her… :(

  • nc

    Mia Love, your story is yet to come. Thank you for your fight. Rest now and look to tomorrow. We need you.

  • michael s

    Lets hope Mia Love wins in 2014. She didn’t attack Pres Obama so I give her that. No need for the insults. .

  • my preciousss!!

    she’s young. hope she’ll run again

  • Rick

    What a bunch of racist idiots! You’re tearing down a black woman because she’s not “black enough?” Brilliant. If more intelligent black women like Mia were in charge, you wouldn’t need your welfare and food stamps.

    • Bookin Weasel

      Didn’t the black unemployment rate go up to ~14.5% last month? Yet, they voted for PresiDEBT Zero at around a 95% clip……

  • Bookin Weasel

    Wow….such hate, anger, and self loathing from the libs…I really pity them. What a sad bunch of people..