Well, this would certainly be one way to get viewers and ratings. Whatever the explanation, ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer’s on-air behavior has Twitter users buzzing.

  • Eric Hutchison

    We’re losing our country to Communism, the very thing we spent almost a century fighting against, and this is the crap we’re talking about? Go to hell USSA.

    • CheekyMonkey1

      Amen ….

    • NCRelite

      My wife, a doctor, is crying right now over obamacare. Trying to console her now… I told her Canada and the UK have socialized healthcare and she said “Yeah and they both suck!”. :-

      • Ron

        @Taylor, my wife is a physician too. And she cried a lot tonight. America will soon realize this big mistake…

        • Herman LaClair

          cold comfort, indeed.

        • copakeman

          America voted for this muslim destroyer of our country. they are all the recipients of this govt handouts. they will only realize what happenes to them when all the producers of goods in our country are gone.

        • Hello Jerry (D)

          Hopefully his sheeple first! Can’t happen to a better group of losers.

        • Dee M.

          Not a doctor but cried myself to sleep on election night. Woke up yesterday feeling like there had been a death. Then I remembered that there had been – America died on November 6th.

      • http://www.facebook.com/liztrentact Liz Trent

        Yeah but this one has an Islamic twist, much worse that Europe or Canada

  • LL NotCool J

    She just called the President a baracksucker!

  • http://www.facebook.com/brooke.johnsonkuzmich Brooke Johnson Kuzmich

    She was BLASTED and holding onto the desk for dear life! It took her 3 tries to say the word “projection”and she still said “prejection”….lmao.
    ABC keeps changing the format to dodge her slurring! Ive been cracking up with my hubby and roomate. Then, we youtubed Daine Sawyer and saw her popping pills and chasing them with wine back in the 80s! bahahahahaaaaa

    • Maus

      The cover story will be that she (a.) accidentally took Ambien; (2.) had a mini-stroke but ‘pressed-on’ or (c.) drank scotch thinking it was iced tea.

      • GaryTheBrave

        I think it’s (c): she thought it was iced tea but it was a Long Island Ice Tea.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brooke.johnsonkuzmich Brooke Johnson Kuzmich

    She just called someone from from Brazil, An older black lady, Hillary Clinton!!!!! HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • https://twitter.com/Guy_Montag_OG Guy_Montag_OG

    She’s wasted. Good for her. We should all get wasted seeing that The One will drive this Nation into the pit.

  • ThomasOfKC

    as long as people keep watching liberal tv channels and giving money to liberal movie producers/movie stars we are going to continue to keep getting biased news and continue to lose elections. Do y’all not understand that ABC/CBS/NBC and their cable news affiliations hid the truth about Obama. Maybe America through the stupidity of giving money to liberals who in turn fight against good Americans deserves another four years of Obama and what that will bring.

  • Emjay Graykat

    Negative campaigning works, Mittens did it for the primaries, then he rolled over and showed his belly for the primary. My cardiologist’s practice was just acquired by a hospital system. When I asked him why he said it was the only way they were going to survive the new healthcare system in the short term was to become hospital employees. Amazing.

    The other thing, why did Mittens keep visiting conservative strongholds? I lost count of the number of times he came to Jacksonville which was a given he’d win N. Florida. Yet central and south Florida is where he needed to be trying to influence voters. I guess he did visit Ohio and Penn. but I just think he wasted time here better spent somewhere else.

  • BeeKaaay

    She’s not drunk. She’s a leftwingwacko. When one is a leftwingwacko, the brain is turned off and interesting behavior happens.

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    She was itching to strap on her kneepads.

  • CalMum

    who the hell watches Diane Sawyer or ABC?