The left-wing fashionistas and fangirls/boys who follow top Obama fundraiser Beyonce heaped praise on her garish campaign season earrings, which made a repeat appearance at the Nets basketball game season opener Saturday night.

Question: Why is it “patriotic” for Beyonce to wear her politics on her sleeve (and ears), but an act of race traitorism for actress Stacey Dash to show her pride in supporting Romney/Ryan?

Double standards: Tres chic!


Will Beyonce join her deep-pocketed rapper hubby and the celebrity-in-chief for the  final campaign rally in Columbus, Ohio? Rumors are swirling:

Power to the People!

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  • jkdvsass

    Pretty pitiful, Beyonce. Earrings more appropriate for a Bieber fan. Do you have Obama poster on your bedroom wall as well?

  • disappearing moderate

    What a perfect indicator of the hubris of this president. After all the Jay Z, Bey criticism surrounding Benghazi and our tenuous relationship with Israel, this is what the O team thinks is a winning strategy.

  • yahneverknow

    (Note: I’m trying to be fair. I’m trying to be objective. I watch all channels and as much of both candidates’ speeches as I can.)

    It is *so* quiet at Obama rallies when he is speaking. The people there are not engaged at all. The only time the noise level goes up is when the celebrities or Bill Clinton show up and before/after Obama’s speech.

  • lonestar

    Do they give those out with the obama phones?

    • yahneverknow

      Only if you show your “voted for obama” poll receipt.

  • Kate

    Her earrings could “win him the election?” REALLY? I know TMZ is low-brow, but come ON.

    • Maria

      I guess we need to start pumping out Romney earrings and bellyrings, stat!

  • Silenttype78

    You know….the Nazi’s had pieces of flair….

    • Guest

      Yeah, made out of the skins of the Jews…sickening!

  • gracepmc

    During the time of the French Revolution guillotine earrings were all the rage.

  • vino veritas

    Just look at the vain & superficial nature of these people. All any of them care about is the aesthetic ‘quality’ of their president, not quality of his policies. These idiot celebs
    think they can win over the country to their ’cause’ by one upping each other over who’s sporting the biggest ‘bling’ for obama. Many of them claim to be religious, even Christian, but act like a bunch of craven idolators creating their own golden idols for their new god. It seems they believe he will grant them their own special place in his new
    ‘heaven on earth’. I suppose, when they were cherry picking their favorite passages from their Bible’s to rationalize their heresy in supporting someone like obama they just never bothered to pay attention to the end result of all that idolatry. That’s fine, let them have their idols, false prophets & gods. I don’t need to be prescient to know where they are headed & what their reward will be when they get there.

  • keyboard jockey

    That’s tacky, but I have come to expect tacky from the democrat party.

  • Mary

    Oh well then!!! Beyonce the great political mind !!! LOL NO THANKs, only fools fall for this drivel.

  • Maria

    I would love those earrings if you get rid of the ‘bama’ part, that is. NOW if you added a small ‘R’ at the top where the post goes into the ear and dangled ‘mney’ in the hoop instead of ‘bama’, that would be hot.

    Come on Bey, I used to have more respect for you! But since you never urged the Sleazy Preezy to do his job instead of hang out with you, you lost some respect points, girlfriend! I’m probably only going to buy any albums you make in the future off of eBay so you won’t get my money. 😛

  • Hello Jerry (D)


  • bicentennialguy

    Are these two “patriots” going to bring a wall of tres chere champagne with them to this event as well? Because, that’s what important, you know.

  • NurseSnow

    She seems to be proud to be an ‘obysmal’ groupie and openly brag about her 1%edness with monster gold earrings.

  • Bea


  • JRu4Life

    Our “Diversity” director wore an Obama shirt to work – anyone like to wager on how loud the uproar would be if I wore my Romney shirt? Would my diversity be respected?

  • kaecie_berry

    i knew there’s a reason why i never liked her (or jayz)… mga laos!!! (it means “has-beens”) #FAIL

  • Ruth

    Am I the only one who thinks her talent is highly overrated?

    • Al Sharptons Hair

      No, much more talent out there than mindless crap

      • Guest

        I can take anyone, put them in my recording studio, and make them sound good, even if they have no talent…trust me Ruth…you’re NOT the only one who thinks her talent is highly overrated! You were kind enough to even say she had talent! That’s a lot more than I would say!


    Does anyone else find this disturbing? Wearing a politician’s name as fashion? His supporters really are cult-like.

  • Vivian Perez

    She needs Obama’s ears to carry the earrings.