Unions first, hurricane victims later. This blood-boiling report from Alabama’s WAFF 48 News will come as no surprise to those familiar with the Big Labor protection racket.

The hurricane-ravaged east coast has been receiving north Alabama help, but crews from Huntsville Utilities learned they’ll be doing work in Long Island, New York instead of in New Jersey. Crews from Huntsville, as well as Decatur Utilities and Joe Wheeler out of Trinity headed up there this week, but Derrick Moore, one of the Decatur workers, said they were told by crews in New Jersey that they can’t do any work there since they’re not union employees…The crews were told to stand down. In fact, Moore said the crew from Trinity is already headed back home.

It’s almost enough to leave you speechless. Almost:


Guess we’ll see if Obama’s “We leave nobody behind” vow has a union label sewn on it.



Kelly Kazek reports:

Representatives with Huntsville Utilities and Joe Wheeler Cooperative, two area utilities mentioned in media reports claiming their crews were not allowed to help with storm aid in New Jersey because they were non-union, said this morning the story is untrue.

The general manager of the other department mentioned, Decatur Utilities, has been unavailable for comment this morning.


The general manager of Decatur Utilities confirms the original story.

There will be a press conference this afternoon.


The IBEW has released a statement asserting that it would not have turned away help from non-union workers:

It is the policy of this union and the companies we represent to welcome assistance during major natural disasters – regardless of union status.

There have been reports that a nonunion crew was turned away from work in New Jersey.  At this stage, it is not clear who is alleged to have turned the crew away and the company that employs the affected workers has denied the claim.  IBEW local leaders in New Jersey have reiterated what has  been the long standing record of our union –in times of crisis all help is welcome and we pull together with everyone to meet the needs of the public.  We have communicated this to the office of New Jersey Governor Christie as well.

It is unfortunate that at a time when skilled line workers are working around the clock to help devastated communities, sketchy reports should cast a pall over these efforts.   The real story is that our members and others are working side by side to help people in New Jersey and all affected states get their power back and recover from the effects of the storm.

The IBEW also says that Ray Hardin, general manager of Decatur Utilities, has admitted that the dust-up was due to difficulties with communication and “agreements” as opposed to union vs. non-union issues:

WAAY 31’s Shea Allen spoke with Ray Hardin, General Manager at Decatur Utilities, this morning. Hardin says communication was difficult from the start and after their crews were stalled for more than a day, they made the decision to bring them home.

Hardin says they were never presented with an agreement asking them to join the union and that the issue is quickly being turned into something political.

Bill Yell with Huntsville Utilities says it is typical for “agreements” to be signed between power companies in disaster affected areas and the crews that come in from out of town to assist in the recovery. Yell says typically, the local power authorities use FEMA money to reimburse assisting electrical crews for the wages they pay their employees. Yell says these types of agreements are usually time consuming and arduous. He says the downed phone lines and lack of internet connection has made these agreements much more difficult.

  • Libs_R_Wrong

    Where have we heard “Stand down” before? Hmmm?

    • r_coplin2001

      I think that would be in Benghazi were 4 good Americans were getting killed.I also think the 2 Navy Seals members should get the Medal of Honor for getting people to safety despite overwhelming odds.

      • Jim Smith

        Let’s try to remember those guys were former SEALs. They wouldn’t qualify for a CMH although they certainly did enough to qualify for one if they had still been in the military(imho, that is).

        • Free2Ride

          A Congressional gold medal or Presidential national medal, a couple of the highest civilian awards would be appropriate but not the CMH!

        • Free2Ride

          A Congressional gold medal or Presidential national medal, a couple of the highest civilian awards would be appropriate but not the CMH!

    • FreelovingJ

      It is a big stand down bc they are not union. Wake up people. Vote him out.

    • Military Activist

      Americans died and our government lied

  • r_coplin2001

    Let me say that if the Alabama utility crews are willing to help i dont care if they are union or non union let them help as this is not the time for this bull shit when people want their electricity turned back on.

  • Ginny G

    I’m an IN native now living in AL. Southern hospitality is a true thing. People here will always go out of their way to help a neighbor. So sad the people needing help in NJ have to do without it because of the unions. Disgusting.

    • Chip

      As an Alabama native, I’d like to say Thank You on behalf of my state. We get a bad rap about so many things, nice to hear something nice.

      • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

        I worked on a movie in Mobile years ago. I have very fond memories of all the people I met while I was there. There’s nothing better than southern hospitality.

      • lonestar

        Every summer I spend a couple of weekends in Huntsville. I have to say, the people are the nicest. Every waiter, airport to hotel driver, housekeeping, and everyone at the Space and Rocket Center. Good people.

      • TomJB

        Chip, Ive lived in NYC, and I live in AL now. I can tell you that both places have their good points and bad, but overall, I much prefer AL. Now if we can just work on that driving thing :)

        • twolaneflash

          You’re in NASCAR country. They’re not driving, they’re qualifying.

          • EastValleyConservative


          • http://twitter.com/angelcandy54 candy martin


        • Chip

          LOL. I hear ya. I’ve driven the Cross Bronx at rush hour though and I think bad drivers are universal.

      • Tim

        I worked in Alabama one summer and I thought the humidity was bad here in Ohio. I don’t complain anymore.Loved your state other than that.

      • bluewaternavy

        I’d laways heard people in AL were neighborly-my experiance simply proved it.

      • EastValleyConservative

        You shouldn’t get a bad rap about anything. I have heard nothing, except for when the foaming at the mouth lefties proclaim you rednecks and racists with nothing to back it up. That’s nothing, and goes ignored. I am from Arkansas, now living in Arizona. The south is amazing.

      • dwsmokin

        Used to live in Huntsvile, and couldn’t agree more. Had the crew been allowed to stay, the contrast in “bama” boys and unions may have had folks asking a lot of questions-and maybe re-evaluating some stereotypes.

    • Old Tanker

      I used to spend a week every year in Gulf Shores, great area, great people!

    • bluewaternavy

      I’m a disabled veteran. my car broke down outside Birmingham-i’d barely stopped when it seemed half the town was pulling over to help me out. I’ve never forgotten that…turning these folks away is a disgrace

      • NovemberInMySoul

        Thank you for your service!

    • NovemberInMySoul

      Welcome to the South, my friend!

    • Kevin Farley

      i dont think these people were just “helping”. i think they were there to work.and if you read more than the headline then you’d see the union had nothing to do with it.

      • dwsmokin

        Wouldn’t say they had “nothing” to do with it. It was a “disagreement” about working “agreements”. Vague enough to be bluster for somebody who screwed up.

        • Kevin Farley

          maybe the working agreement had something to do with the non union company paying prevailing wage?so you’d rather have the owner of the non union company making a lot more of a profit by not paying his men fair wages or the state mandated per diem money than the money going to the employees?would you want non-qualified workers putting up your power lines?unions built this country

          • http://www.facebook.com/garrett.ratliff Garrett Ratliff

            Hate to tell you, but at least in the South(I can not speak for other areas of the country) you have to be certified to be an electrical lineworker, union or not.

    • Tamara

      NJ folks are total different breed than the hospitable South. God bless you!

  • Pat Loudoun

    I’m from Jersey. I had to work with an IBEW crew for years in Hackensack. (Sopranos Country). Trust me, these guys can be filth. Not all of them, but many of them don’t give a *blank* about anything but themselves and the union. Violence is always an option.

    In Jersey its just a way of life. Sorry to the good people who wasted their time driving north expecting union scum to appreciate the help.

    To all you Obama voters in the Garden State – His Union Army doesn’t give a rats ass that you are reading this on a smartphone in a McDonalds rather than on a computer in your own home. They have contracts. They have the mayors. They have the assembly. They have the Mob. And they have generators.

    Screw you.

    • BigDogJunction


    • http://twitter.com/Rotisgirl Monica Yost

      WORD! I know how those IBEW union people work.

    • twolaneflash

      60 years ago in north GA my mother sat in an isolated room in a glove factory sewing union labels on non-union made gloves to ship north, where people would only buy the union label.

      I guess Roll Tide! is just not something you can say in NJ these days.

      • twolaneflash

        Update: The utility crew from Decatur, AL was stalled in Virginia. Trying and failing to work through red tape to be permitted to work in the disaster area, they have returned home to Alabama.

        • bluewaternavy

          I don’t blame them.

        • http://twitter.com/angelcandy54 candy martin

          Hmmm guess they’ll remember that next time NJ gets hit w/ a storm.

    • dwsmokin

      It’s really a shame for those in need. I guess the old saying “those who live by the sword….would be appropriate.

  • FreelovingJ

    Excuse me but this surprises anyone? Look what happened to four guys in Benghazi. Did you think NJ and NY would be any different. He didn’t even bother gracing VA or MD or DE. VA & MD are right outside the wh front door!

  • Chip

    And those union crews will be paid overtime that gets charged to the national recovery dime. How about a double slap in the face. Unions kill everything they touch.

    • dwsmokin

      Hey, all that FEMA money is FEDERAL cash-it’s a blank check. Anybody who thinks the union techs are out there to “help” people? Doubtful. That “help” will pay for somebody’s bass boat, or SUV pmts for a few months. Hate to sound cynical, but I’ve dealt with too many unions.

      • MizDi

        The union thugs just don’t want anyone cutting their hours and the FEMA they think is “rightfully theirs”!

  • Brent Guthrie

    The areas willingly accepting non-union help will most likely recover faster and at less cost than those areas controlled by unions.

    • Brent Guthrie

      10 years ago, I applied for a position with the Vineland, NJ IBEW. Three month process, aced every test. At the end of it all, I was refused the position because their parking lot only accepted vehicles made in America. They missed out on a skilled, intelligent and loyal employee because he drove the only car he could afford.

  • http://twitter.com/fooooorrest forrest

    I’m an AL native (Birmingham area), and this is horrible! If there is one thing our power crews know is restoring in wildly varying conditions. Tornadoes, snow, hurricanes, idiots with tractors, what have you.. Alabama Power has sent a convoy of trucks, though I think they are a different group than those from Huntsville. I’ve tweeted @alabamapower asking if they have had the same treatment, but have had no response yet.

    People are cold and hungry. I’m in Birmingham, but I’ll gladly slap on a few layers and catch a ride up there, if it would help. I’ll also go into my pocket and ask my friends and family to do the same, but I want to give to people that need it NOW. Being cold sucks. Being cold and hungry really sucks.

    • r_coplin2001

      forrest let me say the people in New Jersey are most likely cold and hungry as you mention and that sucks but when help is offered and the unions refuse the help then they are most likely to get angry.

      • http://twitter.com/fooooorrest forrest

        as they should.

        my question is, how can i, many states away, help? how do i get blankets and food to the people that need it? that is what i need to know.

        • lonestar

          You can’t help those who don’t want help. I suggest any donations go to Plaquemines Parish in LA, since they are still cleaning up after the massive flooding from hurricane Isaac in late August. They welcome help from anyone kind enough to offer it.

          • twolaneflash

            The people in the area of Nashville,TN flooded in 2010, the disaster Obama, his media, and FEMA complete ignored, could still use charity from loving hearts and giving hands, though they are mostly too proud to beg, too independent to not do all they can alone. Hundreds of miles of the Gulf Coast are still dealing with the effects of 200,000,000 gallons of Deep Water Horizon sludge. Political agendas have caused the damage to be worse in every disaster in my adult life since Hurricane Betsy in 1965. People struggle to recover while politicians survive and thrive.

        • redheadgrl

          Look for announcements from your local churches. The Southern Baptist convention has teams ready to travel at a moment’s notice for emergencies of this nature. They use money and in-kind donations to supply mobile hot-food kitchens, mobile showers, and clothing. That’s where I would look first if you want to donate. Often, they are the first with this type of relief to arrive on-scene.

  • CalCon10

    Don’t ask Christie about this…he’s still busy in front of the cameras, telling everyone how *totally awesome* his bestest friend ever Barack Obama is.

    • http://www.facebook.com/DvorskyL Louis Dvorsky

      I blame Governor Christie for not opening his big mouth and not ordering the unions to allow non union crews to help (free of charge, for God’s sake!)

      • CalCon10

        Right you are. Fat Chris had bigger things on his mind, and they involved knee-pads and Barack Obama. Never too early to boost your own ’16 chances by endorsing the other party’s president in ’12.

      • CalCon10

        Right you are. Fat Chris had bigger things on his mind, and they involved knee-pads and Barack Obama. Never too early to boost your own ’16 chances by endorsing the other party’s president in ’12.

  • Jack Deth

    I’m willing to bet that the orders from on high to the lower, state tiers will find their roots sprouting from frequent visitor, Cass Sunstein and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    People are in terrible shape and it’s only going to get worse. And I think this is going to be a topic of discussion on tomorrow morning and afternoon talk radio.

    • Red Blues

      If it’s not a topic, then people should call in to the radio shows and make it one! The good people in the effected areas need to know how the labor locals and elected reps are treating them when the TV camera’s not recording

      • Jack Deth

        Tried to call in with this during Chris Plante’s show on WMAL. AM630 and 105.9FM. Too many callers stacked up ahead of me.

        Rush just talked about this fiasco and made comment on the ineffectiveness of government, its bureaucrats, bureaucracies and unions. 13:20 est.
        Carrying on his critique after the 13:30 break.

  • texan59

    And they wonder why we don’t want these jakelegs down here.

  • Guest

    I have never belonged to a union and I have never and will never hire any union contractor. My money, my choice.

  • alanwillingham

    Another example why so many of us have been perplexed that so may in N’East think Christie even remotely conservative #RollTide

  • Emile

    I’m from New Orleans & we were ECSTATIC when anyone showed up after Katrina. If the Jersey don’t revolt over this then they deserve whatever they get!

    • lonestar

      Sadly, they will only find out about it months later. But, they consistently vote for the big union party, so they should know by now what they’re getting.

  • DANEgerus

    Dear New Yorkers eating out of Dumpsters, I’m sure you support
    preventing help from non-Union volunteers, it’s… the Union Label.

  • http://twitter.com/kenecarpenter kenecarpenter

    …isn’t it time to do away with these horse shit unions….their time for usefullness has come and gone…….,

    • Cyborg0012

      unions = buggy whips

  • ThatGirlOnTheRight

    I’m so infuriated by this story I almost can’t form words. Although, it seems like that’s happening multiple times a day now with Obama’s Administration. Here in Alabama, we like to “love on people.” Terrible, unimaginable events like Sandy are often the best way to display God’s Love.
    We don’t have the most lavish lifestyle here – because we don’t want it. We enjoy our quiet towns. The “Southern Hospitality” thing is real. Very real. To see the government spit on it is offensive. Our hearts are big.
    And, my goodness, those poor Americans in Jersey! I can’t even imagine watching a utility truck drive away from my neighborhood. This story needs to spread like a California Wild Fire. Stat. God, help us.

    • drschuetz

      I lived in Houston in 2008, during Ike. We were without electricity for 3 weeks. We were fortunate enough to have a generator and access to fuel, but many, many friends and family did not. I’ll never forget the thrill that we all felt when we saw a convoy of electrical trucks coming into Houston. They came from everywhere and were parked at malls and huge parking lots. While much of Houston was without lights and gasoline, we appreciated all those who came from all over the country to help us. And help us, they did.

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        I’ve seen that on Florida’s “Space Coast” (Brevard County) after we got hit by Hurricanes, and on the news for other places that get hit bad… Too bad the unions have a monopoly on compassion too… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • rbtpowell


    • justntime2

      I’m a Huntsville native, born and breed. I’ll stack HSV Utils up against any in the nation. OK, NJ took a childish shot at our guys, but I’ve been through plenty of powerless moments and all I can say is “Good luck to the folks in NJ.” You missed out on some free quality help in your time of need. Our guys love doing this sort of thing. NJ deprived them of the wonderful feeling of giving to those in need. So, they’ll move on to NY and show NJ their tail lights. Sad and stupid in every way imaginable.

      • rbtpowell

        Culture shock, this is what happens when those who do for themselves try to help those who crave dependency…..any sympathy I had for the plight of the people of NJ is evaporated, they are getting what the voted for. Kudos to the good people of Alabama.

      • twolaneflash

        The Decatur, AL crews returned home, expected to arrive Friday afternoon. At least they won’t miss the AL-LSU football game tomorrow. NYC is running its Marathon on generators. The show must go on, as they say on Broadway. Dark and chilly on Staten Island, I hear.

  • lonestar

    These people are getting exactly what they vote for. About their lack of food and utilities, Frankly my dears, I don’t give a damn.

  • Jim Latham

    If Gov Chtistie lets this happen, he needs to find another job.

    • Cyborg0012

      I was going to say, if this gets enough air time, he’ll be toast. If he was smart, he’ll make a plea to the Alabama governor to send some of those utility workers his way. Unions aren’t held in high regard by the American public any more. If he’s seen siding with him while Jersey citizens are languishing… yeah… that’ll be all for him.

      • Charlotte Powell

        I bet gov Christi is warm and full.

        • Cyborg0012

          I’d say your money is safe.

    • Catchance

      Yeah… it surprises me, as he has been so outspoken about the damage that the Teachers’ Unions have done.

    • Catchance

      Yeah… it surprises me, as he has been so outspoken about the damage that the Teachers’ Unions have done.

  • Jim Latham

    The People of New Jersey should throw these union thugs out of their state, this is sick. Sorry for the Poor people that needs the help.

  • GaryTheBrave

    The AL utility should bill NJ for every hour those workers were away from home and the fuel those trucks used to go from and return to AL. Those were workers and equipment that could have been used at home.

    My hometown utility, Xcel Energy, has sent crews to NC for help in those areas affected by the blizzard. Why are we not seeing any reports of the damage by the blizzard?

    • Melissa H

      No concern for blizzard “victims”, because West Virginia voted squarely for McCain, and because we in the Mountain State don’t view ourselves as victims or whine for FEMA. Ever. After that crazy derecho last summer, most people here simply cleaned up their own yards and homes and tried to be patient until power was restored, in some cases two-plus weeks. West Virginians are a little different from most Americans. Far more self-reliant. And Obama surely detests us.

      • Red Blues

        Big Brother detests anyone who is self-reliant for it exposes the lie.

        “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” are not words of comfort to those willing and able to help themselves!

      • twolaneflash

        And coal.

  • Michael Rice

    The realy sad part?????/This does not shock me in any way.

  • Donna Jackson

    The big hug fest from Obama and Christie is starting to backfire. They don’t look very good right now. I’m so glad they both had their love fest before the people started to cry out for help. It gave us all a chance to see true colors. Gov. Christie is probably still running around crying about the Seaside Heights roller coaster in the ocean. I’m surprised he’s not trying to find a company to fish it out.

  • RanierWest

    C’mon… everyone knows non-unionistas know nothing about electricity – I’m wriing this post and sending it by power of wood-stove… Put another log on Earl the puters going slow!

  • Guest

    Understanding mentality of tolitarianism~ Let them die it curves population~ The Light

  • SDN

    Anyone from NJ who wants my help is going to have to bring in a union official’s head as evidence they deserve any. Let New Jersey die. Stupidity should be fatal.

  • Paul C.

    Does this surprise you? Obummer has dissected us into groups and prioritized them according to him.
    R&R 2012

  • medicinewomantwo

    well, those who live there should make a point to thank their union ran utilities companies………..sorry, we tried.

  • Scott

    I’ve lived on the South all my life, I cant recall ever seeing a union outfit come down here andtry to help after a catastrophic event. I may be wrong (it has happened before) but I do know as much as we tease each other about how backward,dumb etc the other is, when something bad happens you dont have to ASK for help. You give it a few minutes and you will have all the help you need. I feel for the real victims of Sandy, the ones suffering because of stuff like this. Maybe one day the will see that a union is another chain that binds them and weighs them down. Most of the people up there that will scream the loudest probably belong to another union of some sort and would do the same dang thing so whenYA’LL GIT UP OF UH THAT THAR HIGH HORSE AND FIGER YA MITE WANNA HELPIN HAND, GIVE US A CALL. WE’LL BE RITE THAR, NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Although youay wanna find someone to make some grits and sweet tea (our favorites). Hope everyone comes through this ok,and we will keep on praying for ya

    • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

      I know crews from Maine have gone down south, and we are not ( YET ) a right to work state so our line workers are union.
      but most workers up here tend to not be rabid.

    • redheadgrl

      Thank you, Scott. I also have never seen crews from the Northern states come to assist in times of crisis in the South when we have had devastating hurricanes, tornadoes, or ice storms.

  • nc

    The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire happened in NYC just over 100 years ago, but the unions would have you think that no safety regulations have been implemented since then, and without them, workers would be “exploited.”

    The time of the union is OVER. And this story puts the cap on it.

    Gov Christie should speak up about this in his famous “style” or lose all credibility.

  • Back 4 More

    Nothing new here. Unions are just another socialist tool to keep power in the hands of the powerful. It was never about people, it’s always been about control.

  • Charlotte Powell

    What say the people with out power? Will they even know that they could have had power days or even a week sooner, but the union power guys ran off the help that came 900 miles to work for them? Unbelievable that they are so selfish, and have a mindset that union is above EVERYTHING else, including the cold and hungry people suffering after this storm. After Hugo hit here in SC, we were without electric for 2 Weeks! No news, so we missed coverage, but wait until the people of new Jersey find out that people who came to help them were turned away-only because of a union power grab!!

  • http://twitter.com/polarbear319 Carolina DeShaw

    It all comes down to money. Aparantly unions do not have to redistribute theirs.

  • Steve_J

    Apparently the problem isn’t as critical as the media made it out to be. At least according to the unions.

  • Penmar

    If this is true, all non NJ utility crews should head for NY and let the NJ unions fix it themselves. Wonder how long it would take them, what with their union breaks and union hours and how much it will cost in union overtime?

  • Shane

    This happens to us non union line workers all the time until they get a job to big, then they are happy to let us handle it

  • scubaski00

    Reason #842 why I despise being FORCED to join the teacher’s union in PA! I’ve been told if I hate it so much I should quit being a teacher…as if that solves anything! Besides, why would I leave die hard union teachers solely responsible for teaching our future…there has to be some balance!! LOL

  • scubaski00

    This is the kind of example that needs to get out far and wide in the next 4 days!! Does NJ seriously expect ANY fundraising help from right to work states (non-union) after this kind of story gets out?!

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.hanover.35 John Hanover

    Wake up New Jersey! This is no time to play politics. Accept any and all help in getting your state up and running let alone save some lives. If anyone should die from the negligence of big union bosses from this then maybe the families should file a class action lawsuit against them for blocking relief help.

  • BeeKaaay

    This is leftwingwackoism. Hurt more people. That’s how they roll.

  • sleazyrider

    Maybe Snooky and crew will volunteer…lol..NJ has always been the armpit..whats new?

  • http://twitter.com/Kramerica3 Cosmo

    Is it really a union thing or is Obama just in the habit of telling good people to ‘stand down’ in time of crisis?

  • sb36695

    What a mistake! As an Alabamian who has been through many hurricanes, these guys are the best! You might have learned something.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.moseley.10 Joe Moseley

    I’m a Huntsville, AL native and it makes me sick to hear about this. As many people have said utility crews from AL are highly experienced with disasters. Google “tornadoes in alabama” and see what we have to deal with every year…then ask yourself why NJ would turn these guys away.

  • $30423294

    Conservatives view the end goal as human flourishing.

    The hard-leftist goal is takeover.

    Anything that brings them closer to that goal is cause for celebration.

    These are revealing slips on their part, and not a moment too soon.

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    Can anyone tie these crapbags specifically to the Obama campaign? Please!

  • Marcy Cook

    My heartfelt thanks to the Alabama crew who spent their precious time and money coming up here and trying the help. I’m sorry the pigs in NJ turned you away. But karma is a bitch and I hope it comes back with a vengeance against the unions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.dean.564 Lisa Dean

    This is very sad to me. I live in Huntsville, AL and when we were hit by the tornadoes of April 27, 2011, we received help from many states and were extremely grateful for it. We didn’t ask if they were union employees or any other ridiculous questions for that matter. When there’s devastation in another state, the first reaction should be to help, no matter who you are, where you’re from or if you pay union dues. SMH

  • http://yeehee.com/ Yeeheecom

    #NewJersey I was going 2 donate money 2#RedCross but since i am not union U might not want my money so i chose not 2. #tcot #p2 #tlot— Greg Parsons (@yeeheecom) November 2, 2012

  • rbtpowell

    This stupidity well elaborates the absurdity of liberal policy…..analogous to a pan handler “will work for food, so long as I don’t have to leave my corner…..will take cash though”

  • TocksNedlog

    Bloody SCAB do-gooders!!!

    • twolaneflash

      For two things, it’s the Bibles & guns those AL guys were clinging to that NJ wouldn’t let cross their borders; Snooky and NJ’s Islam-loving governor wouldn’t allow it. Plus, they brought no Dreamland BBQ to feed Christie. Also, there was no bribe offered to the union, no receipt from their Obama donation, no pledge to vote straight Democrat, and no AL football players to be transferred to Rutgers. It’s complicated.

  • $92510698

    Wish you guys would get your facts before you post this stuff.

  • Terry

    wow… just… wow.. Whether it’s true or not, fact is, it is totally believable.

  • disappearing moderate

    Just heard on Fox that the governor’s office said the Ala crews were turned away because they weren’t needed in those particular areas. When asked if they were re-directed to areas of greater need, the answer was that they’d “get back to them.” Isn’t Christie supposed to be the straight shooting guy? Did some O rub off during their tour?

  • disappearing moderate

    Just heard on Fox that the governor’s office said the Ala crews were turned away because they weren’t needed in those particular areas. When asked if they were re-directed to areas of greater need, the answer was that they’d “get back to them.” Isn’t Christie supposed to be the straight shooting guy? Did some O rub off during their tour?

  • http://twitter.com/bluevelvis Colonel Doctor

    The union officials are trying to save a face by saying all are welcome to help, which may or may not be true. But either way its the actual union workers on the ground that probably told them to go home. Had they stayed they would have been called rats, have their tools and equipment stolen or damaged. Union workers feel non-union workers are trying to take food from their mouths. That’s just brainwashed nonsense. Lets see how the people of New Jersey feel with having the power outages last longer.

  • Donna Jackson

    I wish I kept the story I read this morning or even remembered what paper I read it on. The manager from Decatur Utilities said…The crews went as far as Virginia. When they apparently called to see where to meet the utility workers in NJ, they were told about the union contract. The workers got in touch with their home office, in Alabama, and the utility officers in Alabama said no. They turned to go home from Virginia. Now, there are tapes of workers calling out of state utility workers SCABS and Scumbag, and all sorts of other things. They must be calling another state’s workers those names. Also, there are trucks on their way from Canada. I sure hope we don’t get in fights with workers from other countries now….what a mess

  • Rob M

    my dad was in ibew. ibew USED to be a honorable union. now theyre political & arm pit deep in the obama thug machine!

  • tomtom1983

    Are we really surprised that Union thugs believe themselves to be 1st class citizens who are valued greater than private citizens? No.

    Only the lefts dumbed down base actually believes everything they are told and they were told unions are the righteous and everyone else is greedy capitalist.

  • redheadgrl

    Each time there is a natural disaster on the way, this gagrl sees convoys of our utility trucks making their way towards the storm areas to assist. Many times they are in transit before the storm actually hits (with hurricanes where we have notice), and immediately in the case of tornadoes. The fact that they were called “scabs” and told to “go back where you came from” is shameful considering there are so many in the NE area without power and a cold spell coming through.

  • dwsmokin

    With all the cash the unions have at their disposal for campaign contributions, they should really consider using a bit of it to hire a good P.R. firm-they could really use one about now.

  • stellatruman

    Well maybe some of NJ sent them packing , but in Cape May County, Alabama utility trucks were working , as were plenty of other companies from tree removal to independent electricians.. and we appreciate ALL the help we are getting

  • http://pennyrobinsonfanclub.net/ Penny Robinson Fan Club

    They’re a big deal up in Boston too. I just love the t-shirt they wear, a logo of a coiled cobra with the motto, “Will strike when provoked.” Mmm-hmm, feel the love.

  • bluewaternavy

    Just saw the documents-it’s union affiliation pure and simple. Kiss my ass IBEW!

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    F the IBEW!