No joke. One of Newark Mayor Cory Booker’s constituents tweeted him about her spoiled food.

Looks like Entitled Lady is not alone, though:

Twitter followers were left shaking their heads:

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask Cory Booker what he can do for you!

  • Brandon Goeringer

    Humans built vast empires. They migrated across the whole globe. They survived all sorts of natural disasters. They endured. What of people of today? Their chicken nuggets went bad, they’re lost without the cradle to the grave government.

    • TundraThunder

      They’re Obama’s 47%ers. Unfortunately, the rest of us get to pay for all that.

      • SusanDHarris

        agreed. But she is still in the middle of one of the worst disasters in our history. I say to all of you – if you aren’t there – don’t comment.

        • Lisa Mann LaDuke

          and from someone who grew up in a hurricane zone–when they say evacuate–evacuate–you cannot sit there knowing what is coming and then blame the gevernment

        • Jillane Kent

          We should refrain from comment simply because you say so? This disaster is bad, but I daresay others have lived through similar events and not issued such edicts.

        • Stephen K

          I was in Florida during the summer of 2004, when three hurricanes passed within 20 miles of my house in a six week period. I lost power and had food spoil. I salvaged what I could, threw the rest away, lived off canned stuff until the power came back on and then bought more food.

          I sure as hell didn’t demand that the government restock my refrigerator and pantry. And it’s funny how I don’t remember liberals telling people not in the area to just shut up. I do, however, remember you snarking away about how we should just ask God to put tarps on our roofs and fix the power lines, and sneering about how we had it coming because we’re too stupid to not live in an area where hurricanes are a fact of life.

          • EastValleyConservative

            Exactly Stephen. I was also in FL for the 2004 hurricanes and was also within a few miles of the storm passing, and it was a tough time. We also did without power for a long period of time. And correct, we didn’t ask the government to come take care of it for us. We got up, dusted off, and did what we had to. A lot of neighbors helping neighbors. As one gained power, they offered hot showers and a hot meal to others. And I too remember the snarks—we were inland and a hurricane had not passed over the area and affected it in over 30 years. As for Daffodil, she is a troll.

        • GTFOBigGovt

          Been there several times. I was a kid in the 1962 March Storm right there in Longport, NJ living ON the bay. We went about our business. There was no FEMA or sugar daddy running around the streets offering ice for votes. Then we moved to Florida and lived through several hurricanes since then.

          My current condo was completely rebuilt in 2004 after Hurricane Jeanne demolished everything except the outside concrete and some window vis a vis the roof flying off. It took several months. No government money went into it and certainly no government money paid my alternate living, food, gas etc. I had INSURANCE because I take responsibility living in Florida on WATER. The island of Manhattan is an ISLAND on WATER.

          Our HOA has a several million dollar reserve because responsible people live there. Other HOAs vote to not even fund theirs. Bunch of Democrats obvs.

          My kid held a mattress up against his front door for 8 hours during one of the MANY hurricanes he lived through in 2005 after evacuating to the Marriott every time he finally stayed home for the last one and regretted it. He took his little half assed elec generator up to Publix to charge it and 20 people made a big threatening scene verbally assaulting him for even HAVING IT and one guy tried to grab it from him.

          No preaching to the choir please. The girl is going to the mall after she washes her hair.

        • Lisa Blackwell Davis

          We’ve been through many, many, many hurricanes in Louisiana. We’re qualified to comment. When you hear of a storm coming, which they did, you get non-perishable food items and water to get you through until the elec comes back on. Except for NOLA who mostly depends on the gov to save them

      • The Daffodil Times

        So they’re veterans, seniors, college students, and the disabled?

        • rickg62

          Idiot. That’s the 47% who will vote for Obama no matter what. Stop drinking the kool-aid.

        • Luis Cabrera

          Where did you got that information from ???????

          • Jillane Kent

            Why not visit the websites and verify for yourself?

          • AZWarrior

            Obama admin files lawsuit against military absentee ballots extension: Google you lazy turd……….

        • mike_in_kosovo

          Rasmussen 10/28 – 10/30 Obama 47%

          Pew 10/24 – 10/28 Obama 47%

          NPR 10/23 – 10/25 Obama 47%

          “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”

          Alexis de Tocqueville

        • Jillane Kent

          You’re comparing able bodied students to those that are permanently disabled?

          • The Daffodil Times


        • elijahzabmom

          You know Romney was not talking about veterans. The military LOVES Romney. Might be why Obama is suppressing military voters overseas.

    • bicentennialguy

      You are so right….some times I think about the pioneers who risked everything, packed up their families, everything they owned and began the westward trek and then I am snapped back to reality by stuff like this and just shake my head.

      • Brandon Goeringer

        Check out the show Frontier House which came on PBS, if you haven’t already. Its educational, entertaining and inspiring about what we take for granted.

    • For My Liberty

      That’s alright….The hurricane was just a “teaser” of what is coming…Have no fear, when the SHTF, These people will be digging in dumpsters for rats to eat…then they will starve, and we won’t be hearing anymore of that crap.

  • MaryannKay

    Come on Booker – ask your Messiah who will stop the oceans from rising for HELP, CHRISTIE IN NJ DID @limbaugh

  • Hausding, Sid

    Not lost Brandon, just have the lack of thought process to get off their own lazy as_es and do something for themselves and or others. the Obummer world of Entitlements……

    • Brandon Goeringer

      Very true. They aren’t lost. They lack the will of survival and the foresight of hardships in life, knowing that in their “world” they are “entitled” to things that they simply aren’t.

  • Azheet Madrors

    it truly must suck to be helpless.

  • sears2012

    Hey Cory! I need my ass wiped.

  • Debra Barron Bradley

    Stupid biotch……go buy yourself some more food….

  • Don Stegemoller

    None of these people are republicans, that for sure!

    • William Prieto

      Yep, they are all the 47% ‘ers that rely on “entitlements” in order to survive. Foodstamps (EBT cards) section 8 housing, free cell phones and other items given to them at taxpayer’s expense.

  • JPT

    How stupid. They can afford to have internet or a smart phone but they cannot afford their own food. Unbelievable. Hey…Did they not see the Red Cross out there to hel. They have food!

    • Bob Szabo

      Its easy when obama gives it to them,from the tax payers

    • SusanDHarris

      Repub. Senator from New York on Fox News was saying things are badly organized, utility companies can’t get their act together – crews just arrived from Calif. but no trucks to give them. Sen. said he is personally handing out dry ice and they don’t have enuf. I am Chrisitan Conservative, unemployed and keep internet for many reasons including caring for my parents and applying for jobs online. Be careful how you are judging people. This is a HISTORIC disaster. And Red Cross trucks are NOT in every neighborhood yet.

      • bonnieblue2A

        This informaton has been out since 9/11/2001. The people of this country have had more than a decade to make being prepared the normal status of their daily lives. So, why did so many in the affected areas fail to take this warning of the Frankenstorm seriously?

      • Lisa Blackwell Davis

        Been there and done that Susan! Lived through Katrina, which was also an HISTORIC disaster. We had no dry ice, dear. That’s why people need to prepare ahead of time. You know, non-perishable foods and gallon jugs of water. Those things need no dry ice

      • Lisa Blackwell Davis

        True enough, the elderly and disabled need someone to help them. The tweets I just read are from able bodied moochers who are crying because the gov teat was taken from their mouth for the time being

    • Rage Shroud

      I have been laughing to my self reading all these posts thinking the exact same thing, i was about to post on it. Yes this is such a good question how can you possibly complain when your useing a smart phone and tweeting about how you have no food. I spent my whole life in florida not once did i ever worry about a storm i just got my shit together. Honestly i found the clean up fun becuase it alwasy brought the neighborhood together and reminded us were not alone.

  • Kevin M

    Have you read that Quan_ladyy’s Twitter page? She seems like exactly the type of person who expects the government to pay for her food.. spoiled or not. She also doesn’t seem to of taken advantage of the educational system the government offered.

    • ceemack

      Maybe she posted that tweet from her Obama phone.

  • lonestar

    Are these people relocated Katrina residents?

    • Brandon Goeringer

      During Katrina I saw on live TV a woman scream “We haven’t had ICE in 3 days!” I was dumb struck. I thought, wow I’m sure there are millions of people that haven’t had ice in years, or maybe ever.

      • JGMZ

        It shows once again that the poor in this country have no idea what it truly means to be poor

      • Jillane Kent

        One “down voter” obviously believes we should all be entitled to daily ice cream 😉

        • TugboatPhil

          Wait a minute! Is free ice cream on the ballot this year, because I’m all in for that! (do we get to choose our own flavors?)

  • SusanDHarris

    One lady asks about spoiled food, we dont’ know her situation, but it’s probably pretty bad right now. But everyone has to make fun of her? For what? For being dumb? Want to start making fun of the mentally impaired or handicapped too? I think everyone needs to just shutup while people are suffering.~ A Conservative and a Christian.

    • parker nielson

      Susan, you are correct in the fact that we shouldn’t be making fun of people. HOWEVER, these folks were warned and warned and warned to be prepared. The toilet I can understand complaining about but the food? Really??? They didn’t have a 72 hr kit? It’s their thought process that we are so upset about I think.

    • William Prieto

      Being mentally impaired or handicapped is TOTALLY different from being lazy and not having a job to support one’s self. I work, I save money and have emergency water and dry goods (along with a propane grill) to cook food if electricity was not available. These people don’t plan ahead at all and that is what we are upset about. No survival skills nor anticipation of this catastrophe at all.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      Yes we DO know her situation. She has a Twitter account with a history. 5 hrs ago she was going to the mall with her friend to Forever 21. She’s washing her hair at the moment.

      Oct 3 tweet: RIP Stan ! :( [email protected]_ladyy
      People that get food stamps y’all better vote for Obama!

      Sept 21:

      RIP Stan ! :( [email protected]_ladyy
      Getting the IPhone 4s next Friday 😉

      I will stipulate that she seems like a teenager in school, tho.

  • [email protected]

    My God…..people stop being so damn stupid, and for the rest of us we need to stop letting them get away with it…..

  • $129448

    We are a nation of entitled ignorant people that need the government to help them at every step in life. How do these leeches get out of bed in the morning without help from someone?

    • Nelson Davis

      They really don’t have to get out of bed. Their govt. entitlement checks will be direct deposited into their bank accounts….if they have gotten off their ass long enough to go open one up and sign up for direct deposit.

  • Jen Zordan

    This is so last year. Our esteemed governor in CT made the utility companies hand out vouchers to replace the food in peoples’ refrigerators after that snow storm last year. It was disgusting.

    • NybbleMe

      If it was a snow storm and they lost power…why not use the snow to keep the food cold? Are people in CT that retarded?

      • sandylynn

        Living in Wisconsin, we sometimes get hit with quite a snowstorm. If you live out in the sticks, power can go out for a few days. I’d learned from when I was a kid that if you put snow in your cooler, you can keep cold things cold (like milk & such). Problem nowadays is that parents haven’t taught their kids how to survive in certain situations. They take it for granted that the utilities will always work & utopia will reign supreme…until a house falls on them (see Wizard of Oz). I leave these whiners with a famous quote, “We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto”. The time to prepare for this has past…now it’s time to get through it with dignity & control. This will definitely be a learning experience for many of the whiners. Next time, they’ll make sure that their cupboards are better stocked with canned goods & bottled water. As for the plugged toilet…well, they just might have to do like the pioneers did & deal with their waste personally. What a novel concept…taking care of your own needs. <

  • Albert Dailey

    catch a few strays and have a feast, PUH LEEZ, man up, the government can’t babysit you every day

  • Bob Szabo

    She must be voting for obama, what a dumb inconsiderate speck of dirt ,there is such things as acting like a human being.

  • jswwrites

    Good Lord. Let’s see… A) insurance will reimburse you for lost food, if you were smart enough to get insurance like most of us have. B) You knew the storm was coming, so why didn’t you prepare with nonperishable food? C) The govt isn’t responsible for your food or your toilet. D) The only thing going down the toilet is the country, apparently.

    • tvlgds

      insurance will not necessarily pay for lost food unless there is other damage that exceeds the hurricane deduction. My sister’s family lost 2 freezers and a refrigerator full of food in Isaac and got nothing for it. But they’re working taxpayers who take care of themselves rather than sucking the goobermint teat!

  • LisaG

    OMG!!! How did people ever survive life post-hurricane before we had Twitter?? I bet thousands starved for lack of a quick way to contact the mayor personally to place their orders for fresh food (for free, natcherly). [end sarc] This “hand-out” mentality is totally out of control. Personally, I am sick of reading about people who demand goods and services as if they deserve them, rather than humbly asking for guidance or help out of genuine need. When in doubt, people, get up off your bums and figure it out, just like all the storm survivors who have gone before you. Laziness doesn’t deserve a government program.

    • TugboatPhil

      Lisa, in all fairness I don’t think that Ellen, Maury and Dr Phil told them that a hurricane was coming and what to do beforehand. However, they do know all about this season of Glee and who the baby daddy is.

    • sandylynn

      Exactly. How in the world did humans ever survive before their government wiped their backsides & told them what to do? Oh my…look…we’ve got no electric…I can’t download stuff from the internet…I’ll miss Survivor ’cause my TiVo won’t record it…I can’t run the microwave & have my TV dinner…whine, whine, whine. Those who are having real issues aren’t Tweeting their complaints. They’re out helping others who are having bigger issues, like looking for lost loved ones & trying to clean up their messes. People need to get over themselves & think about what’s more important. You can live without food much longer than water. I’d suggest to those who are whining about their stinky toilets & spoiling food to consider that their situation could be much worse. If they can still “Twitter”, life can’t be that bad for them. Often, when you help others, you get back much more than you’ve had before…like dignity, respect, pride, integrity, and an appreciation for life. <

  • Chad S

    Someday, when our society is nearly at it’s end, Twitter may just be the official gauge by which they choose whom to shoot in the street for being criminally stupid.

    • P Dub

      I just spit out my drink through my nose, laughing. That was genious, thanks. LOL.

  • afvet4america

    So the givemedats still want more! That’s how they are to heck with the people that are in danger! Just Givemedat!!

    • sandylynn

      HAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! You’ve coined a new phrase! The Givemedats. A sub-party of the liberal party. Down in da hood, they’d be called Da Gimmedats. <

  • Kathleen Meyers

    People living on the Gulf Coast are often criticized after a hurricane as stupid for living where we do. But we do know how to survive a storm and being without power for days and weeks. It’s called preparation. They had plenty of time to do this and did not heed warnings.

    • The Daffodil Times

      That’s because conservatives don’t believe in power outages

      • mike_in_kosovo

        But we do know how to survive a storm and being without power for days and weeks

        Reading comprehension isn’t your best subject, is it?

      • Grumpa Grumpus

        @The Daffodil Times:

        That’s funny! “…don’t believe in power outages!”— HaHaHa!

        How many dimwits bought frozen food incase of power failure, hmmmm?

        Oh, come on! I bet you did, too!

        Or as one Obama-sticker lady I watched loading her car w/all sorts of perishables answered he daughter’s question “why are we buying a hotplate mommy?” “in case the power goes out dear”… the box was for an electric hot plate.

        Oh, I know of a few conservatives who also contributed to clearing the shelfs in the Frozen Food isle. But far fewer!

        And, an attached freezer— if kepr unopened until power returns, will keep food eatable for 72hrs. Chest freezers, depending on size, a little over a week.

        Canned foods. That’s what’s easiest, b/c even if all your water’s contaminated, you still have food.

        And if you have “no dilute” soups in your gear it’ll extend your need for water indefinitely.

        And, if those precautions are unpalatable, spend $150 & get one of those honda generators they’re advertising on TV to keep your fridge cold? It’ll still cost less than the effort to replace it all in your time.

        Why can’t these people think for themselves? Why can’t they minimally plan ahead— that one of the major traits that separate adults from children, after all.

      • Jillane Kent

        No, just self reliance in he face of adversity.

  • tjp77


  • GTFOBigGovt

    $60,000 per household “in poverty” spent so wisely.

  • Lynne Zimmermann

    What the heck? Silly me just stocked up on tuna and peanut butter and figured if we loose power and food spoils, that’s on me and not up to any gov to replace. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY folks!!!

  • JGMZ

    Have these people never had a power outage before? The entitlement mentality is beyond disgusting.

  • $21590057

    I ran out of toilet paper this morning! I’ve got some extra, but I need Cory Booker to come change it for me. I’m not sure how to recycle this empty cardboard roll or what to do with the plastic wrapper. Help!

  • Butch Knouse

    I’m a 47%, but one with more than half a brain. I would have ate as much as possible then invited the neighbors over. The food doesn’t spoil the instant you lose power.

  • Guest

    Bunch of conservative whiners

  • Earl Edwards

    People’s home’s are floating in the ocean or burnt to the ground and this bitch wants her food replaced. This is the danger of Obama staying in office. These people are sick in the head. It started at home when her mama told her to have 10 kids and not have the fathers in their lives so the Gov. will pay for everything. Unfreakinbeleavable!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Hersh

    I live in Arizona, can I get a voucher so I can get my lawn cut? I would try it myself, but I might hurt myself. Also Oprah is commin on.

  • Robert Hersh

    Wait, I forgot. I need another voucher so I could get my hair cut and grab a 6 pack or some thunderbird?

  • Tracy McCain

    Celia hit the city of Corpus Christi, TX in August of 1970. Our roof came all the way off our house. We went for weeks without electricity, water, and of course, our food spoiled. But we ate canned goods, helped our parents clean up, and went without air conditioning (in Texas in August!) and lived to tell about it. And no one bailed us out. They didn’t swoop in with food and/or water. Our water was what my parents stored in the bathtub and in buckets before the storm. We boiled it before drinking it. And we were all stronger for having gone through it.

  • Mark Gamblin

    I wasn’t there but ,… have been there done that because I live in Florida. When you see a storm coming like that … GO BUY ICE, LOTS OF IT! When power goes out put it in the cooler with your food and leave town!!! Or better yet, get a generator like I did.

  • Robert Hersh

    Obama loves this crap. He wants people to be dependent on him so they’ll vote for him…….Absoluteli SICK!

  • Tracy McCain

    Isn’t that the point of hurricane preparedness? Before the storm, you go buy water, canned goods, batteries, and other supplies, because the food in your fridge is going to spoil!!!!

  • infogrl

    Have they ever heard of disaster preparedness? That doesn’t mean to sit on your porch and wait for FEMA either.

  • RegConserative

    OT Has anyone else not been able to log on to ? I have not been able to all day !
    All I get is unable to connect to server . Sent E-Mail have not got a reply !

    • mike_in_kosovo

      I’m on it right now… (2115 GMT)

      • RegConserative

        Thanks Mike, I can’t figure it out 2 different machines and IE & Fire Fox all say can’t connect to server . I will keep trying , and Thank you !

        • mike_in_kosovo

          Could be local to you. Open a command prompt (click Windows orb, type ‘cmd’ into the ‘search programs and files’ box and press enter), then type ‘traceroute’ and hit enter (minus the quotes for both).

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Spoiled Food Lady can look in the phonebook for the nearest Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints meetinghouse, go tell the Bishop she hasn’t any food, and he’ll arraign for Elders to drop some food off, to tide her over until the city’s running again.

    Of course, she’d have to do several things for the food: look up a ph#, make a phonecall, answer a door, check off what kinds & amounts she needs on a form, open the door so the Elders can bring it in— she might hsve to put the food away if the Elders are pressed for time…

    I realize that it’s callous to ask so much of her. We Mormons are not a very empathetic people.
    ( Do I really need to put a “/sarc” here? )

    • sandylynn

      And that’s not the only organization who will help. There are LOTS of churches who will open their doors, homes & pantry’s to help. I’m sure they’re there already. These are the organizations that used to help neighborhoods in times of need…until the government decided to tax us to do the very same thing. <

  • Luis Cabrera

    Mitt Wasn’t joking when he mention the 47% of people that think the Govt. supposed to provide for everything

    • sandylynn

      You betcha he wasn’t kidding! I live in a very depressed part of my state & I see it first-hand, all the people living on the government dole & thinking they deserve even more. They call me up, asking for “loans” & I’ve suggested getting a job, or going to the bank. They always have an excuse & whine about how things are so bad for them…which they brought on by their own stupidity. I’m really tired of people who continually hit on others to prop up their sorry lifestyles. I can’t count how many times my husband has been accosted outside of a gas station for cigarette money. They all say the same thing…”I’ll pay you back on___”. But when ___ comes, they’re nowhere to be found. These are the people who would stand in line for freebies at a tornado disaster site, and they’re not even from the area. They’ll stand in a food line for hours, yet won’t stand in line for a job. And they always have cigarettes, even when begging for other stuff. My advice for people like this…it’s time to quit when you can’t afford the things you’ve got your hand out for, as it will put a lot of money back into the pockets of those you’ve “borrowed” from. <

  • kbielefe

    I live in tornado country. Average warning time 13 minutes. How anyone can have days of warning and still not be ready is beyond me.

  • Milehimo

    Well, bless ya’lls hearts! Prayers to the people that had enough sense to get out of harm’s way, and enough sense to plan ahead and take advantage of the programs that are FREELY offered to help in really bad times like this. However, for the IDIOTS that stayed behind…..YOU’RE AN IDIOT!!!! We the people who have lived all our lives on the Gulf of Mexico, and have endured many hurricanes all our lives, have enough sense to LEAVE! If you have no food, you didn’t plan ahead well enough to pack your ice chests with food and ice, and catch water in jugs. The wonderful people of New Orleans did the same thing, then went all over the news talking about how no one give them any help. When help did arrive, they were shot at. Welcome to the wonderful world of reality, grow up, and deal with it! Pull up your big boy pants, and do what has to be done to survive, and get off the PHONE! It’s called life! Again……bad situation, horrible mess, and will be for a long time. But we the people didn’t do this to you, nature did. Prayers to the people facing this, I’ve been there. It truly sucks!

  • Nelly Chabanais

    As a veteran of many a hurricane…man up and handle things. You get to the store when you can and if you have canned goes eat those. Give me a break. Everyone wants someone to hand them everything.

  • Carlos de la Fuente

    In Florida after a hurricane spoiled food goes to the wild critters, I’m sure you guys got some of those left running around from the Occupy Wall Street Movement

  • BobM001

    Maybe you should hook up you “Obamaphone” to your refrigerator for a “power supply”. OH GOD!! What’s gonna happen when they can’t charge their OBAMAPHONES???? Mon Deiu! Catastrophe! Maybe instead of getting that last tattoo or piece for the “Mr. Tee starter set” you should have bought a GENERATOR?

  • VAMOM2

    Funny, I NEVER even thought to demand government replace the food in my two refrigerators when the derecho(land hurricane) hit here in Southwest Va, in late June. Our power was out for 5 days…what was I thinking?!! I feel like a fool:)

  • littleones

    Out here in WI it got a little bit windy but when I went and grabbed a new bottle of Thousand Island dressing from the pantry it was expired for months, and it wasn’t even open yet so I had to throw the whole bottle away, just sayin.

    • TexSizzle

      That’s why you should rotate your stock.

      • littleones

        I thought my ‘partner’ was supposed to use her ‘lady parts’ to do that…

  • bonnieblue2A

    Good heavens, these people had DAYS of forewarning. If there is a near certainty that you will lose power cook up the meat in the freezer and can it! Freeze up bottles of water in advance to keep the refrigerator colder longer.
    The only people who should be a priority without refrigeration are those who are dependent upon medications requiring refigeration. Spoiled food, meh….most people can live 3 weeks without food and it is day 3.

    Grasshoppers are a plague upon the system and ants are demonized by DHS; go figure.

  • Shawn E. Johnson

    I live in Florida and when the hurricanes came through in 2004 I not only lost my refrigerated food but when power was restored my refrigerator had died. My poor ass went and bought a new one and more food. Push come to shove i could hunt and gather food but city folks aren’t able to do that. They will just murder each other over a loaf of bread.

  • Jeremy Daniels

    Used to work for a large Power Company in customer service … man I hated people asking us for reimbursement on food. It’s called Home Owners Insurance people…

  • Rage Shroud

    Why is it people always blow natural disasters out of proportion? They act as if the one that just hit them was the worst thing to ever happen in history. I get it people died, others are suffering, so then now is the time that local people who are able to help to get back to the reality of it all. Pull them self out of their everyday life, and make a difference. I am 30 years old and spent my whole life in Orlando Florida; I have been there and done that. Each time a hurricane hit us I was out there helping neighbors and clearing roads. In fact I remember the smiles from all the local people as we cleaned up and felt proud of our selves, for handling the situation. Once again these are Natural Disasters not a man made problem, so bitching and complaining instead of getting active is not helping the situation. If you never learned to live without, now is the time because one day it will happen again.

    On another note I am in the military and have donated a little to add to the support of those who really need it. Seeing someone ask for their spoiled food to be replaced by their government does not make me want to donate more to support the needy. I already fight for your freedoms and give more then I have to because I love this country,please put in some effort to take better care of your self as well i dont want to give hand outs to lazzy people.

  • keyboard jockey

    These are the folks on assistance they can’t help it if the government trained them to expect all their problems to be solved by government. I doubt he’s getting tweets from people who have jobs, and are not dependent on the government for their food supply – food stamps.