It’s actually a levee, according to Reuters:

A levee broke in northern New Jersey on Tuesday, flooding the towns of Moonachie, Little Ferry and Carlstadt with 4 to 5 feet (1.2 to 1.5 meters) of water in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, officials told Reuters.

“We are in rescue mode,” said Geanne Baratta, chief of the Bergen County Executive. There were no reports of fatalities as of yet, she said.

It’s going to be a long and harrowing day for first responders. Keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.


Twitter users are sharing pics of the flooding in the areas impacted by the levee break.

Evacuations are still taking place this morning.

  • Love of Country

    Thank goodness no reports of fatalities in Bergen County…. still though it sounds like a lot of good people will be forced from their homes and will be in my prayers.

    This article conjures imagery harkening back to Hurricane Katrina, no less, when folks were stranded on rooftops and bridges there as well. I turned on MSNBC for awhile and it was wall to wall Chris Matthews saying things like “Look at the color of all those poor black faces …. no wonder George Bush is nowhere to be found!”. He went on and on and on about the color of the victims that week and he’s been fervently playing the race card ever since ….. that man is disgraceful.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      He’s a willful liar. Bergen county is about 70% white with about 5% black population (14% Hispanic, 14% Asian)…and the same in the three towns mentioned in this thread.

  • nc

    This story just keeps getting worse and worse. And yes, they have established a death toll.

  • DANEgerus

    Hurricane leads to Levee break in Democrat run city

    I guess Bush still hates black people… wait… Obama hates black people?

    • ICantBelieveYouPeople

      you’re an idiot.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        And you’re a loser.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Robert Plant told us years ago that if it kept on raining, the levee was gonna break.

    • ZombieStomp

      An erstwhile prophet…

  • Liberals Needhelp

    Is there mass looting? Are they letting prisoners out of jail? Is the Mayor in another state? OH wait, it is not Nagin, it is not Blanco…. Things will be run better on that alone.
    Sadly, it only points out again 1st responders are so key….city, county, state….they matter the most in an emergency immediately. The feds offer support and preparation.
    That matters a lot too, the military help is amazing. I hope Obama does keep an eye on all of this…(no trips to Vegas or Letterman, ok Mr. Prez).
    FEMA is not the one that is going to help the people on the roof or in the convention center or in their apt.’s w/o water – that is not the role of FEMA. Hello news media,
    why are you not harping on this now? Oh wait, it isn’t a political story this time around is it……
    1st responders are local – and they are doing the massive amount of the work today.
    Fed help is coming, and it’s fed assistance each of these states paid into w/ tax dollars… isn’t fed. v. state…..states are only now asking for their part of that big pie they are forced to give to.
    But, I praise Cuomo, Christie, Bloomberg, other Govs and Mayors impacted by this….they have been loud, vocal, and direct – prepare, check on each other, and get out if told to do so…. now.
    I hope the rescue teams and emergency personnel are well today also – thank you for all your hard work on the ground!

  • The Daffodil Times

    I wonder if this was one of the national structures that would have been evaluated and strengthened if Republicans had not blocked the Presidents infrastructure plans

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      No, this was one of the national structures that would have been repaired long ago except for the hundreds of millions that got pissed away down the rathole of the “Green Energy” boondoggle.

      • The Daffodil Times

        I think you mean the George W. Bush presidency

        • Pete Futz

          I think he meant that you are a first class idiot.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      You forgot to fact check. NJ got infrastructure stimulus money allocated specifically to certain projects by Corps of Engineers and NJ EPA. Back when Obama had all three branches of government, remember that? “Shovel ready jobs [insert Obama giggle here]”

      Nobody blocked anything.

      Moonachie is a tidal MARSH in Watershed Management Area 5, in the Hackensack Watershed. – The Meadowlands.

      The DEMOCRAT governor and state senate decided it would be awesome to BUILD on the marsh in 1969 and now it’s the most densely populated watershed of all. The wildlife was not thrilled, they got a hat-tip from the politicians.

      NJ used to be rural/farming except for tourism and fishing, now it’s not.

      Nothing to do with Republicans why people chose to live in flood plains then expect everyone else to pay for it. Just like New Orleans.

      Levees are an illusion of flood control. You can have luxury teacher union benefits paid by CITIZENS, birth control, or FLOOD CONTROL and electricity that will actually work during a storm. There is a FINITE amount of money available that WE are willing to be forced to pay.

      The other illusion is that “compromise” and “moderate” is anything other than creeping social engineering pulling the people willing to live accountably to the left. . It needs to stop. As you see, these people won’t even pay to prune their own trees till they fall over and kill someone. .

      Illusion of Levees: