At the very beginning of the Hofstra University presidential debate, “moderator” Candy Crowley announced the rules of the road and noted that the “audience has agreed to be polite and attentive — no cheering, no booing, or outbursts of any sort.”

But many debate watchers on Twitter noticed that First Lady Michelle Obama — in bright pink in the bottom right-hand corner of the cutaway shown on Fox News (we’ve screen-capped it above) — clapped loudly, vigorously, and ostentatiously during the shameful Obama/Crowley tag-team against Romney over what the president said in the Rose Garden about Benghazi.

Watch it for yourselves:

As usual, there are no consequences when an Obama breaks the rules.

19 days until Election Day…



Romney right, Obama and water-carrier Crowley wrong on ‘act of terror’ claim

CNN walks it back

TPM’s Josh Marshall steps into Candy Crowley lapdog costume; vid of Crowley walk-back


  • Truth Teller

    No class, just like her husband.

    • goober grape

      Like school in the summertime.

  • Zane Henry

    Should we expect anything less? Of course she’s over-excited, she’s already booked her billion dollars worth of vacays over the next 4 years.

  • citizenrich

    The ease with which hustlers like the Obama brothers lie is breathtaking.

  • Guest

    It’s @ :59 to be precise.

  • v1cious

    Yeah, like she was the only one clapping. Sorry guys but this comes off as desperate.

    • Michael Rice

      Desperate because she broke the rules or desperate because she broke them when the moderator was tag teaming Mitt with Obama? I don’t see any footage of Mrs. ROmeny clapping.
      Desperate is lying about mammograms and Planned Parenthood. Desperate was claiming the hankie was a cheat sheet. Desperate was making a big (wrong at that) deal about freaking dishes in a soup kitchen.

      • thetawake

        Or referencing Big Bird in a presidential debate.

      • v1cious

        You can’t even stay on subject. Also Ryan was the one that set-up the photo-op. so blame him for that embarrassing display of desperation.

    • Mr. Fever Head

      You know what is really desperate? Hiding behind the skirt of a moderator who is trying to save you for hiding behind the skirt of the secretary of state. Then it turns out the moderator is wrong also.

    • Red Fred

      But we’re not.

    • goober grape

      Mooch led the applause, because she knew that was the only way to save her husband’s skinny lying rear. Create a diversion. Give credence to the lie. It’s the Obamas’ disrespect to the voters that is most galling.

      • v1cious

        “Mooch”. Everyone taking notes? This is exactly the kind of disrespect on women you guys claim doesn’t happen here. New civility indeed.

  • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

    Since when have rules meant anything to the Obamas?

    • $23782507

      Decorum, manners, facts…………………………. None of these matter to them.

      • Col

        You fprgot their lack of class!!!!

  • Baskar Guha

    Its over, foxes … get used to the applause

    • TugboatPhil

      Get used to paying for me when I go on welfare next year. The first few EBT cards I sell for cash I’ll dedicate to you.

      • David Wright

        yeah that’s really damn decent of you,thanx,now maybe you’ll get lucky and be DENIED !! one can only hope !!!!!!

    • kelly9107

      If obama gets re-elected hopefully you will get a green card. And an American name.

  • Baskar Guha

    Get used to losing, foxes. No whining please.

  • Kimberley44

    You guys are hilarious.. Romeny got beat and this is all you got…..LMAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOO

    • $102989

      Dream on dreamer . . . without Crowley, Obama would have wilted.

      • billeeblue

        My goodness. Kimberly is Biden all over again!

    • Red Fred

      Who’s Romeny?

      • diskinetic

        I believe He’s an Ayatollah.

    • TugboatPhil

      No, we also “got” that it’s less than a month from election day and you can’t spell Romney.

      • TomJB

        Crowley said “Romley” early on in the debate.

        • Edward Cropper

          I wonder if you and I are the only ones who caught that.

          • maggie

            I caught that too. Candy Crowley was obviously biased. She interrupted Romney many times, and was leading Obama to answer. She helped him a few times. Why is a moderator saying things like, “He DID call it terrorism.”? She was not supposed to enter into the debate responding to Romney to stick up for Obama. That is so unfair. I think someone should have thrown a flag. Make them get another moderator and declare this a Mis-Debate, kind of like a Mistrial.

          • LJV

            I heard that too. What a twit.

    • Norm Kostuck, Jr.

      Are you on crack? Carefully read the liberal CNN’s poll. Here are THEIR stats that will show the obvious winner on who the people want to lead our country: Who would better handle the economy: Romney 58%, Obama 40%. Who would better handle the deficit: Romney 59%, Obama 36%. Who would better handle health care: Romney 49%, Obama 46%. Did Obama offer a clear plan: Yes 38%, NO 61%. All that other crap does not matter. Come election day, people will vote for the best qualified person to “FIX” our country—that is ROMNEY.

    • Shelly Hunnaman Miller

      Actually, Romney did not get beat. He kept himself in the game regardless of what the moderator was trying to do. I give him an awful lot of credit for that. So proud that our candidate can stand on stage and not lie to try to get elected. :)

    • kelly9107

      Hey kimberly. I hear you are hoping someday to be able to add up the first three numbers on you obama phone.Good luck with that.You have a better chanc of finding your baby-daddy.

    • Anthony Phelps

      You probably thought he won the first time too. Romney has two things Obama never will……class and facts.

  • Kimberley44

    omgggggggg I just watched the video, Michelle Obama is sitting to the far right of the lady that is clapping…THAT IS NOT MICHELLE.. LOOK AGAIN TO THE FAR RIGHT OF THE LADY THAT IS CLAPPING… HAHAHAHAAA IDIOTS

    • o0Nighthawk0o

      And watch it again. This time with your bias aside and your eyes open. It is CLEARLY Ms. Obama clapping. Watch from :55 to 1:05. Happens at 1:00. Then I would expect an apology from you to everyone here.

      • Gary Holland

        She clearly can’t spell, ie; Romeney, you really expect her to be able to count as well?

    • LogicalAnswer

      Imagine that. An obamavoter being disrespectful and ignorant. There are reasons stereotypes exist.

  • Mr. Fever Head

    She should therefore be excluded from the next debate.

    • LJV


  • Carlos de Souza

    What do you expect of that shameless leech ?? She lies, she cheats, its second nature to her. No class, whatsoever.

  • Insurance Game

    Maybe Romney can make a campaign ad about the first lady clapping to see if people will want him to be president just to teach her a lesson, I really don’t think people will let him play with their lives as president just because of clapping. Now let me watch the video to see exactly what happened

  • Insurance Game

    Mitt Romney has big problems on his hands for talking about people on food stamps, there are people who work hard for the money and some of them still need food stamps, some people have also been injured in car accidents and can’t work like they used to, the insurance companies ripped them off and didn’t properly compensate them and now they’re on food stamps. Talking about clapping and breaking rules will not help Romney, there’s a big possibility that he’s broken some rules while doing business so he should be more understanding if the first lady really did clap.

    • $102989

      That’s nonsense.

    • uaintdown

      i missed the part where romney said we should eliminate food stamps.

    • Red Fred

      But it’s not a problem that Obama is raising taxes on people who pay for food stamps, further damaging the economy, so that more people lose their jobs, and there’s no money for these precious entitlements. The poor will surely suffer under 4 more years of this president, that’s why voter’s are going to protect you by putting Romney in office.

      • goober grape

        People on food stamps don’t pay income taxes. That was Romney’s argument to begin with. Those people are a Democrat client class, as Obama admits in a speech at Loyola.

        • David Wright

          hmmm,guess i will stop paying income tax now, goober,i had no idea i didn’t have to,thanx for the update!!

    • Owen007

      Yeah, talking about clapping or breaking the rules won’t help Romney. Talking about how Romney (according to CBS and CNN insta-polls) beat Obama on the economy, taxes, deficit, leadership and healthcare WILL help Romney.

      And the big possibility that he’s broken some rules while doing business? Uh, examples? What? You don’t have any? Yeah, saw that one coming.

      By the by, if the camera had cut to Ann Romney and simply showed her smiling, you would most likely be bitching right now.

      • lissa

        You’re right. What will help Romney is the fact that he HAS a plan to fix what Obama has destroyed. And he has outlined it. And the buck will stop with HIM because he’s a man who has integrity. Oh, and the fact that he’ll get more votes than the Whiner-In-Chief.

        • Milton Partain

          Too Much Candy Crowley did the job she was paid to do – by the DNC

    • TugboatPhil

      I like how you want government to take care of people who are mistreated by insurance companies.

      When government takes full control of health care and you get screwed, there will be NO ONE to appeal to. 8 out of 15 people will say no, and YOU get aspirin until you do your “patriotic duty” and die.

    • Kate

      “There’s a big possibility that he’s broken some rules while doing business…”

      Wow. You are REALLY reaching. When you have proof of Romney “breaking the rules” (i.e. breaking the law), please provide it and your argument will seem valid.

    • jennaz

      He wasn’t talking about those people. He was talking about the “victim class” in this country. I’m on disability, can’t work, and support everything he said. I also pay taxes on my SSI. Do you know WHY I support what he said? Because I have an honest to God disability that keeps me from holding gainful employment, and I and others like me truly resent the group of people that are completely capable of working but don’t.

  • rant stocks

    Candy C. we new ahead of time that this debate would be 2 against one. A libral from cnn why can’t we get a independent moderator for these debates…..this was a disgusting debate……still corruption in the admin. just follow’s Obama every where he go’s.

    • Cheryl Noa

      O and by the way the old man from CBS is doing the next Debate again LEFTY

  • Knightsniper

    For the first time in her life Michelle is now proud of her debate watching skills…

  • nc

    Rules are for “little people.”

  • disqus_LASIg6epmj

    Wow. The trolls have really flocked here since last night. They must be fearing that the empty suit/chair will lose.

  • $34609613

    It’s typical of the Obama’s to feel they are above the rules. From Obama care to not following the laws of balancing the budget yearly, why are we surprised that Michelle is the only one in the crowd that cannot follow the rules.

    Yes if you watch the video, you can see her from behind wearing pink and you can see her head of hair and she claps for Obama. I didn’t realize for sure it was her until after the debate I saw her in that same bright pink outfit from the front.

    You ever see that video on youtube in which the Obama’s are at a 9/11 ceremony during the flag folding? There is no sound but you can read her lips saying, “All that for a damn flag!” You can count she actually says those 6 words. As she shakes her head and rolls her eyes in disgust, Obama looks back and nods in agreement. Regardless of what she says, her expression is ugly with disrespect. The same video is on youtube but has a deaf teacher confirm it.

    See the real Obama’s?

    • $34609613

      All I say, is there are no colors but red white and blue. No matter what color we are, most of our fathers and many of our brothers fought and sacrificed parts of themselves, like I did as a vet police officer, or lost their lives so we could have a better life and to the expense so that strangers could share the freedoms we have. Those civilians on 9/11 sacrificed too, and for anyone to disrespect the symbol of that, our American flag, doesn’t deserve to exploit our taxpayer money for one more minute. We are going to fire them this November!

      Regarding our enemies that burn our flag, that’s their flag, Let them try to come over here and burn mine!

      • Emily Barnell Mixay

        Well said bearclawws! And thank you for your service as a police officer. Much appreciated by most, underappreciated by others. It is dangerous work and we need more dedicated Americans like yourself.

        • cophater

          Spare me, Cops are not “heroes”..the Supreme Court already ruled that
          cops have NO OBLIGATION to help individuals..Cops only enforce the
          laws,protect the STATE and collect revenue….interesting are
          8x more likely to murdered by a cop than a terrorist..and 3x as likely
          to be raped by one..

          To Serve and Protect — the State

          cops are the bottom feeders that support big government

        • Rusty Shackelford

          Cops are never your friend unless you are five years old and lost.

      • Col

        I agree with you. I would also like to thank you for your service. I am a registered Rep but what’s more important, I am an American. I’m not an Italian American or a Native American American, or a Japanese American. I am plain and simply and American. My husband is a retired military man with more than 25 yrs in the Navy. We were married for 21 of thoses years. I have always been proud of my country. However, because of my experiences and all that I was exposed to as a military wife at the age 18 yrs old, my love and pride for my country grew to be much stronger. Because of all those years in the military, I know about sacrifices. Everytime I see someone disrespect our flag or our national anthem, especially the president and first lady of this great country, it makes my blood boil. Obama hates this country. He has no respect for anything about the USA. Our flag, the national anthem, the Constitution, the Congress, our laws, our military or the leaders of our allies. The only thing Obama cares about is himself. It is long past time for him to be moved out of the White House and for someone who will care about the country and it’s people to move in.

        • Cheryl Noa

          Col you are so right on every aspect and I thank you and your Husband for his services I am a mother of a former Marine.

    • Emily Barnell Mixay

      Thank you for sharing that video. I shared it on my facebook page. This is disgusting! Yes, all of that for a flag. It is a symbol of our freedom and if she and her idiot, unpatriotic husband don’t like it then they can go back to Kenya. Just sayin. Those people make me sick and I feel so bad for their daughters.

    • redheadgrl

      wow. just wow.

    • Rusty Shackelford

      The president is not responsible for the budget. He does not sign it into law. Michelle never said anything about “that damn flag”. Another republican meme that has been proven wrong.

      • $34609613

        We are smart enough to know better

  • People Corporation

    Aren’t there some fat kids needing bullied somewhere?

    • goober grape

      Get your licks in before they become CNN debate moderators. It’s the closest they’ll come to humility in their sycophantic lives.

  • TXGumbo

    This is even worse upon second viewing. Not only does Crowley interject herself with a lie, not only does Patrick Ewing in a dress (Michelle) begin clapping loudly, but then Crowley quickly moves off of the topic to stop Obama from being caught lying even more.
    Times like these, I wish I was democrat, so I could vote several times and get my deceased relatives to vote as well.

    • Rusty Shackelford

      Romney was proven a liar, and everyone in the audience clapped.

  • Owen007

    Michelle behaved like an unthinking clod in public? Ah, situation normal then.

  • jvwalker60

    I hope to God that Romney wins in a landslide. I WILL go to the inauguration and will be clapping furiously when that affirmative action parasite and his crooked wife (has anyone ever found out why she had to surrender her law license?) are finally thrown out. Since he is so concerned about the poor maybe he’ll take his ill-gotten millions and go to Africa (Fat Chance).

    • dginga

      Nah, his “supporters” from Chicago have already purchased a $35MM mansion for him in Hawaii. Rumor in Chicago has it that Moochelle and her mother cannot WAIT to move there. I hope they start the move on November 7th.

    • Cheryl Noa

      Right where he comes from…Sh not supposed to say that anymore… cause he showed his FAKE birth cert. and we are supposed to believe this… WHY?

  • Rod

    Chicago politicians don’t have any rules except one, do whatever it takes to win.

  • Love of Country

    She’s not too bright, honest or classy ….. this doesn’t surprise me.

  • lissa

    Candy also gave Obama the opportunity to interrupt and get his point across. She moderated Mitt. She enabled Barry.

  • Laura LJ Moussakhani-Spivey

    Disgusting that the rules don’t apply to them!

  • Susan A Davis

    your fired

  • Joms Jimenez

    Class is something you don’t expect from Barrack and Moochelle. As for breaking the rules, this couple are used to it.

  • azjazzlady

    You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig!

    • Emily Barnell Mixay

      hahaha I remember that from the 2008 election. LOL

  • $129448

    She also breaks the rules & eats too many french fries & fried chicken

    • Cheryl Noa

      After the Debate Michelle went over and told Candy what she should and shouldn’t be eating,,,not really,,,, but I can see her doing that…She think she can tell everybody what to eat.

  • Carl Smith

    It was a set up, why would Candy have the transcript???

  • julius irving

    at :56 obama’s wife is clapping after Crowley tells Romney that he is correct. She was clapping at the wrong time then. She probably clapped the first time when Crowley incorrectly told Romney that obama was right.

    • Mother124

      They showed the audience just as the applause died down. So she was clapping for probably 10 or 15 seconds before that.

  • David maley

    Notice how Obama like in the last debate asks the moderator to move on when he is cornered, enjoy your life as full time celebrity in a few months, Pr. Obama

  • Erv Prince

    Any surprise here? It’s just another example of how we have a “first lady” who has NO CLASS. Oh, how I miss Laura Bush, and look so forward to Ann Romney! Please, God, deliver us from these people.

  • wanda rigdon


    • metoo

      Too bad we have to wait until January to finally get this trailer trash family out of the White House.

  • Michael Gayer

    Nice to have transcripts provided to you of a speech never said. Obama thinks we all have Alzheimer’s disease. He called it as a random attack of violent terror caused by some stupid YouTube Movie.

  • Alicia Thomas

    Everyone know the rules don’t apply to Obama or his wife!

  • Michael Gayer

    How many of you where caught by the ‘I have proposed Legislation’ claims BHO made!
    What Legislation, when, to whom and how come no one knew of it or reported on it!

    • SineWaveII

      Well I was laughing at Obama’s claims…does that count?

  • Johnny Dangerously

    Romney clearly won the debate, Crowley seemed flat and spent most of the time looking at her notes and listening to the producers in her ear.


    Ladies, Ann Romney does what she’s told. Michelle Obama challenges her husband. Of the two, how do you need to be treated? Vote accordingly

    Romney’s plan for American women…keep ’em barefoot and pregnant, don’t support equal pay for women, and if they do work allow them to skip their lunch so they can leave work early and hurry home to cook their husbands dinner.

    • SineWaveII


  • TexasBirdGirl

    I do not know how anyone can support the blatant liars in the White House! You really have to have a serious disdain for our country to support Obama.

  • JanN

    She is simply put … DISGUSTING.

  • Lynn Dawson Gaston

    I got called out on an issue earlier that I had posted. I was wrong to have posted it, I shouldn’t have posted it without first checking its reliability. I apologize! Now, if a “nobody”, according to this administration, like myself can own up to a mistake, I’m thinking that a “somebody”, according to this adminstration, like Obama, can stand up and claim his responsibility on his mistakes!

    • SineWaveII

      “responsibility” isn’t the issue. His incompetence is. Look at the mess we have in the middle east now. I think that Obama just tipped the international scales enough that we are now headed into World War III

  • disqus_Nj5QdIaU1N

    OH…..We all know that the Obamas think the rules only apply to everyone else….MICHELLE YOU NEED TO START PACKING…..WE THE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO TAKE OUR WH BACK….

  • Craig A. Conrad

    Doesn’t surprise!!! Bias audience and moderator begets bias outcome. Moderators should be respected independents not one for either side Or purposely have one bias one way and another the other but we know that would never happen because Romney struggles with the bias questions – if it were flipped Obama would completely fall appart!!!

    • SineWaveII

      She shouldn’t have been allowed to choose the questions, it’s clear now that she’s a complete incompetent, like Obama.

  • Roberta Sides Burkert

    since when did the rules mean anything to romney, who cares whether she clapped or not, picky, petty, people

    • Shannon Piper

      Who cares? Well there’s only one rule for spectators of the debate, that they remain silent throughout, and the first lady can’t manage to follow it. I would expect the families of the candidates to follow the debate etiquette even if the entire auditorium erupts in chaos. It was very un-classy.

  • Keith Sirak

    It appeared that Romney was so floored by the outrageous aspect of the Obama statement that he had difficulty attacking. Obama making that statement and then having the moderator back him up in the lie is just a shameful act and pure violation of journalistic ethics but most journalist today lack the ethics that they were taught in school.

    • kimmyincali

      I did like his “your going to hell for that one” stare after he gave him the option to come clean…Priceless!

  • Anthony Phelps

    Well no matter what Obama or Candy says, the American people who watched knew when Obama said it that it was a lie. To me it is so condescending that Obama thinks we are too stupid to know when he is lying to us. That is what i dislike him the most.

  • Marie62

    I think Romney was going to go on and give the facts about the time line and what Obama actually said, Candy inserted her opinion and totally shut Romney down, that was the moderators fault. She is not the reporter I thought she was.

  • News Reporter

    She was swatting flies?

  • wanda1959

    Who could use some cheese with the wine? Sometimes it hard to understand why so called Adults act like Children. I would like it if closet (fill in the blanks) would really say why they don’t want our President to be serve a second term. This is not the country I grew up in.

    • J. Cox

      Awww..race baiting..please be original.If you are so stupid to think that policy doesn’t matter,and that it is about the color of his skin..that says more about your racist attitude.Now go put on your clown shoes and get walking to relevancy.

    • SineWaveII

      You mean cheese with that “whine” doofus. You want to know why we don’t want to give him a second term? Go read all the articles about Obama on,,, and you can start with to keep up with the everything that’s going on. You should also check out to see how the news media has been lying to you.. If you are a smart person with an open mind, you’ll give these sites a chance and approach it with an open mind. However if you are just a left-wing hater who loves Obama because he’s a democrat then don’t even bother. I forgot

  • religionandhistory

    Disrespectful Michelle ….one person clapping like a seal to distract , anger or embarrass Romney …Deliberate escape at uncomfortable moment Obama was having trying not to be too clear in his obfuscations . Distraction by Michelle, cornered and flabbergasted grateful Obama, assisted with blatant false assertion and abrupt subject change by Crowley . This was a designed gotcha moment ….but the three liberals gotcha caught themselves. Add her name to ” unbiased objective ” reporters setting up falsehoods in the final weeks of presidential campaigns .The left is not done , they will try again …their objective was not accomplished.

  • Pat

    Michelle is a classless, arrogant, narcissistic freak…..just like her partner. All they know is Chicago politics. The rest of us in this country want our freedoms and way of life back. If we don’t get rid of these rude, low-lifes, out country is gone forever!!

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    That was no ordinary clap from the low class Mooch either. She made damned sure it was loud enough for everyone to hear it throughout the building.

  • Ol’greySurfDude

    It was so kind of them to provide a moderator for Obama, how about one for Romney as well?


    “Rules are for the little people” – Michelle Antionette Obama

  • orringtonmom (D)

    not surprising, but this is a non issue. the fact is that Mitt was right, not Obama and Crowley. sadly that isn’t going to matter who just like the fact that Mitt was essentially told to step off. the debates are a joke. i know how i’m voting so i just don’t even bother.

  • CelebrityThink

    This is who these people are. Not surprising at all.

  • Donna Hildebrandt

    Why would you think they would follow the rules of the debate when Obama doesn’t even follow the Constitution?

  • PatriotOne

    Doesn’t surprise me at all she would break the rules, she could care less about being fair or abiding by the rules. I’m sure she’s more worried about losing that tax-payer funded credit card she’s become accustomed to using to buy all her perks. She’s no better than a ghetto crackhead; only concerned about where that next “high” is going to come from. This unpatriotic, angry, mean black woman needs to be thrown out of the country along with her illegal-resident husband. (And no, I’m not a “birther”)

    It is obvious she doesn’t care about this country and it’s citizens and would do anything or walk on anyone to get what she wants. They have brought disgrace to this country and especially to the office of the POTUS. The biggest shame of it all is the perception she and her husband have given the black race. It’s only brought more incentive to the racist pigs that would use this as fodder to feed their misguided flock for promoting their evil agenda.
    All the lying, deception, unpatriotic comments, disregard of important issues; just where has she been anyway as a first lady? I’ve certainly not seen or heard of her “championing” anything that greatly benefits this country or it’s citizens as a whole.

    • Deez Nuts

      “Let’s Move!” … Try being a student in public schools. The provided lunches are 1/4th of what they were when I was in HS circa 1997-2000.

      • SineWaveII

        Let’s Move! …Michelle back to Chicago….vote R&R

  • George Smith

    nothing surprises me with these people, if the Constitution means nothing to him then the rules of the debate really dont matter

  • PrincessofSnark

    I thought everyone knew that Michelle Obama was above the rules that the rest of peons have to follow. She’s “special” ’cause she’s the First Lady. But her clapping explains why it was a contained area where the applause seemed to come from. So, cheering for cheating just shows she has no more character than her husband, and that they both think they’re above any rules.

  • spencerjones43

    People fail to realize – Obama used the term “terrorism” loosely in his statement – he was NOT saying it was an organized terrorist attack by a terrorist organization as he is trying to get people to believe. That came a couple weeks later after spending time apologizing to the terrorists.

    • SineWaveII

      Don’t forget his apology-video and he apologized at the UN. He blamed the whole thing on the YouTube video and claimed there was a protest in Benghazi when there wasn’t one. Don’t forget he created the whole entire mess to start with., He removed Qaddafi from power and let the country turn into a chaotic free-for-all and then sent an ambassador in with no security, He’s completely incompetent.

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    Anybody want to post the over-under on how many Twitter users would have posted “Bitch, kill yo’self” if that was Ann Romney…

  • Lynda

    @Carl Smith I agree with you, why would Candy have the transscript?

    • TheGrimCreeper

      Candy Crowley to David Axelrod: Obama Never Said Benghazi Attack Was ‘Act of Terror’

      • SineWaveII

        The closest he came was “acts of terror such as these” While he was talking about the history of terrorist attacks on the US What matters more is what he kept saying AFTER the rose garden speech. And more importantly at the UN.

  • TheGrimCreeper

    Silly, Michelle Malkin. Rules are for the people — not the Obamas

  • CalCon10

    Rules are for the masses. They don’t apply to dictators (or their wives).

  • Col

    Did anyone but me notice that at the end of the debate when the families went to debate area Ann Romney and sons and Michelle Obama totally ignored each other? After the first debate they were all very friendly but not so last night. If Michelle’s looks could kill the Romney’s would be dead. Guess she’s afraid she’s going to be booted out of the big white house and her million dollar vacations will be a thing of the past.

  • SineWaveII

    Oh come one you know rules don’t apply to the Obamas.

  • YULZ

    libs just can’t help but stand up if their guy is beaten up…

  • Diane Moreno

    moderator admits she and Obama(tag team) were wrong.

  • rob

    watching it a second time, she is having a problem speaking, she gave obomass a way out and wanted the next question asked, and Romney never got a chance to explain it more, cnn is bias against the right

  • Seer1165

    I hope that it doesn’t turn out like the 2000 election, where they were counting the hanging chads. All liberals are the same From Al Gore to Obama they would lie and cheat to win, We need Rommy to win this fight for the presidenice

  • Guest

    Desperate are we…. Yes They Are!

  • Jam Mag

    Desperate are we…. Yes They Are! #debate

  • Jam Mag

    Was it rude for Obama not greeting the audience and desperately jump to the first question? #debate

  • Cheryl Noa

    The rules don’t apply to them they are above any rules…So not surprised by HER actions,, the whole thing was a set up all the way…

  • muman613

    Obama was obviously taking advantage of the bias of the ‘moderator’. But he lied over and over again about what he did concerning Benghazi. Truth be known the so-called president was in Las Vegas the night of the attack. The president of America is supposed to act as the ‘Commander in Chief’ ensuring the safety of Americans around the world. Obama fumbled the ball, but then had the CHUTZPAH to go out to the UN and lie about it. This man really should be impeached. The Obamas took the cue from the Clintons who lied, cheated, and stole their way into the white house.

  • hotcocco

    Those were BO’S Hoooo’ s !!!!!!

  • KayKay

    I heard the clapping and wondered why that person wasn’t asked to leave, now I know!!! That really was low!!! No class!!!!

  • William R Nicholson

    Candy Crowley Knows In Her Mind And Heart That What She Did Was Wrong When She Entered Herself And Her Personal Viewpoints Into The Debate. She Should’ve Stayed Out Of It As The Moderator Is Supposed To Do . Why On Earth They Still Have Cheerleaders For The Administration Running Debates I’ll Never Know . Ordinary Citizens Are Repelled By Their Obvious Bias And Trying To Cover the naked emperors exposed posterior ! Let’s Have Debates Run By Regular Citizens Whom Know Basic Rules Of Etiquitte , Manners And Grace ! This Would Keep Heathens That Clap Like Drunkards From Having Any Participation !

  • J Po

    I thought it was Ray Lewis clapping when I saw the video.

  • Melody Fox

    Crowley actually ‘dismissed’ the President and sent him back into his corner several times.. probably because she knew if he kept speaking things would get worse.

  • Melody Fox

    is Crowley John Candy’s sister?? They look alike. don’t u think?

  • AUBraves

    She knew her hubby was in trouble and she grabbed the first straw she could find… she is a very desperate woman that does not want to give up the credit cards paid for by the US public. That was very weak of her to attempt that diversion. Amazing that a mixed audience seemed to have a lot of clappers. Were they all dems in there?

  • LibertyBillN

    Michelle couldn’t help it, it’s the second time in her adult lifetime that she’s really proud of her country.
    A 2nd rate 1st lady.

  • tarandfeatherthecrooks

    Why change horses in the middle of the stream?

  • Jack Levitt

    It really is funny that anyone would agree to a town hall style debate with a bunch of ‘undecided voters’ AKA totally ignorant losers asking the questions. I guess we are to believe that they have been sleeping for the last four years and haven’t had the time to form an opinion yet….

    What we witnessed was a bunch of Gallop hand picked liberals from New York, moderated by a flaming liberal from CNN. The cheers really said it all.

    I predict a 46 state landslide defeat for President Barack Hussein Obama. I’ll bet he doesn’t even get California.

  • Robert Prokupets

    I can’t stand her face or her muslim husbands, Obama go away. Romney Looks like he belongs in the white house.

  • Maurizme

    Yup, distinct lack of class or tact, and a total disregard for decorum – that’s the Obama way.

  • twashkewicz

    Michelle was asked in an interview RIGHT BEFORE the 2nd debate (I
    believe it was CNN), what she thinks of during the debates, and if she
    re-watches them. She specifically said that she is “so busy paying
    attention to the rules, when to clap and not to clap, that she has to
    really focus on the debates” in order to follow along. (She also said she
    doesn’t re-watch them). NOW in the second debate she claps out of
    line??? And not only claps.. but you can specifically hear her because it’s so loud on the tape!!! TOTAL HYPOCRITE and classless. This is another example that the
    Obama’s think they are above the law. Rules are Rules for a reason!!
    Please find that [CNN] interview and show it… then it will make sense why
    people are upset.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    Everyone cheers because Romney got caught telling a flat out lie. He was proven a liar by the moderator and the crowd, not just Michelle, but the whole place applauded, and with good reason.