Er, Josh, perhaps you need to get up to date on CNN’s most up-to-date admission that President Obama’s “act of terror”/Rose Garden claim wasn’t — to use Anderson Cooper’s words — as “cut and dry” as the spinner-in-chief and his media wing lady made it out to be.

Video via Free Beacon:

Newsbusters adds:

“It was one of those moments and I could even feel that here, you know, when you say something you’re not expecting,” Crowley insisted, admitting she simply couldn’t help herself from unprofessionally inserting herself into a heated dispute that Obama and Romney were having on Libya.

This is an almost literal confession of knee-jerk liberal media bias.

Bitter clinger:


Oh, look. Another Candy Crowley costume-stealer:

Poor dear:

Even Politico’s Mike Allen points to Obama calling Benghazi “senseless acts” in the Rose Garden statement and notes that “act of terror” referred to 9/11:

  • Dio Heerai

    THIS IS A WINNER for ROMNEY now they have to talk LIBYA for the next few days until the next debate on FOREIGN POLICY.
    PLUS the MSM LYING to save Obama will anger and fire up republicans AND independents more than ever

    • CerpherJoe

      You’re right!

  • Debra McGuire

    It was completely unprofessional of her to comment period, whether she was incorrect or not. She was not in the debate, she was the moderator. She even drew the only applause of the night. Her comment made it seem like a final line; the damage was done. She failed in her job.

  • Jim Galley

    Sheesh, all the weak minded bought in to the lickspittle line written at the White House that the question is whether Obama called it terror. It is not. The question is whether the Administration line that it was a protest over a Youtube video that suddenly got out of hand (with RPG’s and mortars, and 100 people in SUV’s). The Administration is trying to claim it was unpredictable even though we now know intel agencies picked up chatter on the coming attack and that the leader of Libya told Obama personally on Sept. 8, 2012 that an attack was coming. Obama did nothing because his lie about al Qaeda’s weakening would be more obviously proven untrue if they knew al Qaeda et al. were stronger than they’ve been since shortly after we killed about 1/4 of them in 2001-2, and then most of the rest in the Iraq war and other attacks around the same time.

    Killing bin Laden, BTW, sped up and made more intelligent the operations of the terrorist group he used to be the key decision-maker of.

    • Stacy

      Thanks for pointing this out. You couldn’t be more on target. People need to know the truth.

  • Mister Selmo

    Obama Crowley 2012

    • Charlie Rich

      What about Joey B?!?

  • Dale Merchant

    obama was dead wrong and Romney was 100% correct. obama never used the words terror in the way it would be ment. Obama stated the words terror about the crowds and the vidio. Never did he once say it was an attack against the USA not due to a vidio. obama also states that Clinton does a great job, Only if she does such a great job then why in the hell did she not relay any form of a message to the white house that they needed help in Libya. Those 4 Americans died on your watch Obama. And it was not due to the fact this is the danger of working in the middle east. IT’S COUSE YOU FAILED. You are reponsable for those deaths You and Clinton are full of crap. Stand up and be the camander as you say you are and grow a pair. Nixon was thrown out of office for a lie so why not you. Bill clinton gets a blow job in the oval office and lies to the american public and nothing happens there ither. Must be a Democrat thing. Lets not forget Carter and his drunk brother and all that crap. Democrats suck end of story.