In response to Hofstra presidential debate participant Kerry Ladka’s question about Benghazi, President Obama claimed that he called the attack an “act of terror” during his Rose Garden appearance the day after four Americans were murdered by jihadists.

Mitt Romney immediately challenged the statement — and CNN moderator Candy Crowley jumped in on Obama’s side.

Obama urged people to look at the transcript. Water-carrying Crowley should have done so before she opened her mouth and misled millions of viewers. Read in full context:

Flashback, September 30, Commentary Magazine:

Obama said during the speech that “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation” — but at no point was it clear that he was using that term to describe the attack in Benghazi. He’d also spent the previous two paragraphs discussing the 9/11 attacks and the aftermath. “Acts of terror” could have just as easily been a reference to that. Or maybe it wasn’t a direct reference to anything, just a generic, reassuring line he’d added into a speech which did take place, after all, the day after the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Here’s the line with some additional context:

Of course, yesterday was already a painful day for our nation as we marked the solemn memory of the 9/11 attacks.  We mourned with the families who were lost on that day.  I visited the graves of troops who made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq and Afghanistan at the hallowed grounds of Arlington Cemetery, and had the opportunity to say thank you and visit some of our wounded warriors at Walter Reed.  And then last night, we learned the news of this attack in Benghazi.

As Americans, let us never, ever forget that our freedom is only sustained because there are people who are willing to fight for it, to stand up for it, and in some cases, lay down their lives for it.  Our country is only as strong as the character of our people and the service of those both civilian and military who represent us around the globe.

No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for.  Today we mourn four more Americans who represent the very best of the United States of America.  We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act.  And make no mistake, justice will be done.

If Obama wanted to call the Benghazi assault a terrorist attack in that speech, he had plenty of opportunities to do so. Instead, he described it as a “terrible act,” a “brutal” act, “senseless violence,” and called the attackers “killers,” not terrorists. It’s also important to consider the context. For a week after this speech, the White House would not call it a terrorist attack. The official position was that Libya was a spontaneous response to an anti-Islam film, not a premeditated or preplanned act.

Here’s the full transcript and here’s what Obama and Crowley didn’t acknowledge about how he characterized the jihadi attack:

We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. But there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence. None.

Who will fact-check Crowley?

On Twitter, informed viewers are doing it for themselves:


UPDATE: CNN walks it back.

UPDATE: TPM’s Josh Marshall steps into Candy Crowley lapdog costume; vid of Crowley walk-back


    so sick of the liberal media, they must be held accountable, fired and tarnished

    • Pete Futz

      I agree..but it ain’t gonna happen.

    • Brian Bennett


      • ember

        If you used yellow feathers she’d look like Big Bird.

        • breakn70

          You mean “Bigger Bird”.

        • Tequila Mockingbird

          Yeah, if Big Bird suddenly gained 200 lbs.

          • cf

            So now you republicans don’t like overweight people? Or are you just rude and childish?

          • greyfox

            Typical lefty grab a straw and start sucking. Dem trolls are outnumbered here, you must be lonesome.

          • Abra Lewis Remillard

            You mean like Eva Longoria’s repulsive retweet of Paul Ryan being Joe Biden’s “bitch” during the VP debate??

        • ItsConstitutional

          And she is one “BIG” bird! lol

    • Burt Zerker

      They can be held accountable. All it will take is one member of congress with the fortitude and conviction to prosecute the case. It can be done. Collusion is a crime.

      • Ken Watson

        Collusion at what? Conspiracy to commit a CRIME is also a crime. Conspiracy to bust a simultaneous fart, even on national television, is not.

        • The Constitution

          Yeah! Down with freedom of the press!

        • Burt Zerker

          Well Ken, how’z collusion to subvert the republic sound?

      • Rex A. Lones

        naw, odumba will just evoke executive privalege!

        • greyfox

          Not when he’s out of office.

      • mschmidt48

        In 2013 we will no longer have Holder doing the investigations. Obama’s justice Department will no longer hold sway and a true investigation of Obama’s cabinet will bring a lot of the graft and subterfuge to light.

    • bjm2009

      We have the power of the pocketbook. They are using our money against us.Stop supporting products that appear on their shows and print media. Write the advertisers and let them know. Don’t watch their networks, buy their magazines & papers, or Disney crap (ABC). Cancel your Comcast cable (NBC/MSNBC). Don’t go to the movies, starve Hollywood.


        exactly , I think we should make a website that is concentrated on just this. I think we can make them pay for lying to the American public for soooooooooo long

        • Clayton

          I am with you 100 percent! Where do We get started???

          • Joe Souza

            Count me in.

          • TEXANONLY

            I really like this idea. Think it is very important.

          • Sarah R.

            Im in too! So sick of the liberal views and lies from the media! I’m just so glad to hear other like minded people! You all Rock!! Lets make sure we all vote…and bring a homeless person to buy their vote just like the dems!

        • rivers

          Woah. I just had the same thought. Count me in!

        • Maria

          I’m not going to cancel my Cox Cable because it has Fox News on it. But I agree we shouldn’t watch CNN, PMSNBC, etc.

          Agreed, it’s time all their lies are busted wide open. I’m in!

        • greyfox

          That’s what the dems do and turn about is fair play. It’s high time the left enjoyed a bit of it’s own medicine. They tried to boycott Rush and look at how that backfired on them, they never seem to learn. The site should be called; “”, there’s a business opportunity for someone, I’d support that with a donation as I’m sure many of you would do the same. A public supported right wing site, I love it. I know we have “Free Republic ” but another site wouldn’t hurt.

          • TEXANONLY

            I love the ideas

        • Tiffinay Compiano

          I’d love to help!

          • TEXANONLY

            lets figure this out.

      • Mswogger

        I’m in.

      • Semper Fi

        I have already cancelled HBO (Bill Maher) and don’t watch the liberal stations at all any more. It’s amazing how much more I’m enjoying life…

    • Cosmic Girl

      They’re losing viewers, the viewer’s trust, and money. That’s how they’ll be destroyed.

    • cf

      Could say the same about the conservative media….liars, all of them

      • greyfox

        What conservative media? The left has had it’s day, It’s time to get out of the way and let Republicans have their say. Romney/Ryan…LANDSLIDE!!!!!

    • Vennoye

      New President, New Telecommunications Bill, and the congress to get it passed. The only way we will get this changed is to break up the monopoly Bill Clinton allowed in his 1996 Telecommunicationa Act. That’s all. It is so bad now, because most media is owned by three corporations.

    • greyfox

      The MSM must have people reading these blogs and are able to see that they don’t fool anyone with their bias. If these blogs are any indication, November election is going to be a landslide for Romney/Ryan. I sure hope so.

    • John Elliott

      If you think that the conservative media in not lying to you every bit as much (more?), you are simply being naive. You are 100% correct in your belief that there needs to be acountability but don’t belive for a minute that there is anything even remotely resembling unbiased, factual journalism on cable.


        lol, I am not brainwashed, I know when someone is lying.Just like you just did. I tell you one thing John, sit down and understand that your liberal media lost its way a long time ago.


        John have you lost your little mind. Conservative media lying, lol. Go bow down at your Katie couric alter.

  • Moue La Moue (D)

    Why, oh why, am I not surprised? She jumped down Romney’s throat like a cheeseburger does Michelle’s.

    • Pete Futz

      or her own big fat mouth

      • cf

        Now who is being rude and childish?

      • markfive

        Ah, personal, shallow insults. How lovely.

    • Johnny C

      HAHA this is so sad I’m actually laughing at these responses. You guys are so desperate it’s pathetic. And, in response to your comment Ms. Moue: Are you freaking kidding? That is honestly the dumbest joke I’ve seen in a long time. The fact that this is a top comment is a clear demonstration of just how disgusting and disrespectful you all are. Thanks for doing your part to progress the hate and ugliness that rears it’s head every 4 years.

      • Moue La Moue (D)

        Sarcasm is the right along with opinion. It would be perfectly alright for others to poke fun at Romney’s “binder of women” or Gov. Jindals legal name but no one can crack wise about Michelle? Good to know.

        • Abra Lewis Remillard

          Be careful, you could be censored and arrested just for those comments. Lol…There seems to be no real freedom of speech anymore…

          • Moue La Moue (D)

            I am just one of those “knuckleheads,” anyways. Why take me or my lady parts seriously?


    I can’t wait to see how the liberals spin this.

    • Basset_Hound

      You already know the answer to that. They will declare Obummer as the Hands Down Winner and sing the praises of the Comeback Kid.

      • ember

        It will be another argument of what your definition of ‘is’ is.

  • grais

    I wondered why she did that. He “blamed” nothing but that video.
    Just dumb?

  • cfcscott1905

    Candy-bar Crowley is about to be lionized by the left…they may even throw some ropes around her and put her in the Macy’s day parade

  • tessaprn

    Candy Crowley just another piece of MSM lack of ethics. Unbias? I think not!

    • bjm2009

      Why don’t the campaigns choose the questions? They could divvie it up evenly…at least it would be a level playing field (yeah, I know Liberals are sooo irony challenged).

  • oldenough2remember

    He did NOT specifically refer to Benghazi as a terrorist attack. People with half a brain will read the transcript for themselves and not swallow the lies.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      If he seriously considered it a terrorist attack, besides the Susan Rice circus, he should have clarified that on Univision, when asked that very specific question. I’m not a huge fan of Bush, but I at least know what he would have said, regarding the matter. Dick Cheney as well.

    • Dennis

      You’re talking about liberals. If the press doesn’t tell them she is wrong, they will NEVER believe it!

    • Clayton

      The sad part is that most people will not bother to check the factsx they will simply go right along with what candy bar said

    • gladys whipple hurtis

      So many of Obama’s supporters can’t read. Sad, but true.

  • Robert Varner

    Crowley showed her professionalism…NOT!! Shame you can’t get a moderator to at the very least, be impartial for ONE hour. Guess not.

  • casprd

    Omg You have to be kidding. if you think playing semantical games to try to support Romney’s flat out lie then you’ll be sadly surprised that the American people aren’t that stupid.

    • John Kerry’s Forehead

      So you are saying that the “video” Obama blamed for the next 2 weeks was a terrorist video?

      • YERMOM182


    • Red Blues

      No, you’ll be surprised that many heard President Obama say that and knew the statement was a bald-faced lie. And knew that Ms. Crowley was acting as co-conspirator to that lie. She had to have gotten her marching orders before hand.

      I wonder how long they had to look before they could find this ‘less than credible’ portion of a speech in the rose garden to claim “that they did not say what we thought they had said and that those who were saying otherwise were not clearly hearing what they had though that had said because as they had really not said what was commonly thought that they had said because they has said all along that what was said then was what they are now saying instead of what we had thought we all not heard…”
      (or “yada, yada, yada”…)

      Good grief!! Does the MSM have no shame anymore? They feel the need to defend the indefensible on live TV and expect the public to roll over? No longer!

    • Rex A. Lones

      move to spain!!!!!

    • Tony0920

      As i unknowingly (call me naive until now) stated above, the official transcript did not use that word. Of course not, terrorism is on it’s heels. Methinks that edit actually bites them in the ass now.

  • JAS64

    Just once, I’d love to see Michelle, or Hannity or any other conservative moderate on of these!!!

    • Derrick M Rowland

      Obama has only done 2 interviews for Fox in 4 years, and the questions were pre approved. What makes you think Obama would have the balls to step into a real debate with either of them as a moderator :)

      • Peggy Kempf Willoughby

        He is a wuss.

    • Dave Owens

      That would be so AWESOME!! I say-why not?????? They’ve had 3 liberals-where is our opportunity? Would love to see Michelle tell Obama, you’re wrong obama. you may continue talking Mr Romney!

      • Peggy Kempf Willoughby

        She even told Romney to “sit down”!!

        • greyfox

          To Romney’s credit he put Obama in his place when Obama tried to interrupt him. He wouldn’t let him interrupt, real balls, real in charge guy.

    • greyfox

      I’d like to see Rush moderate one, that would send the left into maniacal fits.

  • Tanker74

    The video about Mohammed caused Crowley to lie.

    • TugboatPhil

      Well, Obama did tell her that the future does not belong to those who slander the prophet.

    • Vernelle Massey

      It was also a convenient lie for Hillary, Obama, Biden, Rice, and all the rest of the guilty of doing nothing to protect our embassy. Was he lying to the UN also?

  • snit3

    “Your honor…I insist that the Crowley comment be stricken from the record and that the American public advised to disregard it. Sustained. Americans. You will disregard Crowley’s statement.” There! That’s fixed.

  • Freedom

    Thats why the Jackass represents the liberal!

  • Lynn Fisher Richter

    Blatantly slimy how Candy maneuvered the debate so that Obama could drop the 47% comment at the last minute when Romney couldn’t rebut. Between that and Crowley and Obama having private grins, nods, and all out conversations while Romney spoke, it was a typical night on CNN.

    • samspad


      • Bob Lasprogato

        Sam – I’m with you. I understood what was mean’t by the 47%. Those of who are on Social Security,(I’m 71), but still need 4, count em 4, part time jobs to keep my head above water. Didn’t need to do that four years ago. And no, I’m definitely not better off…

      • otbricki

        “Professional Welfare People” are not anywhere near 47% of the US population.

        Romney was referring to everyone who does not pay a net Federal Income tax. That includes most of the military, retired people, anyone with a family making less than 50,000 and so on.

        Who knows if he believes it or not. He was just telling the room full of rich people he was talking to what they wanted to hear.

        He does that a lot. His campaign manager even talked about it in the Etch-A-Sketch speech.

        • Phil_J

          You are wrong, it does not include any of the military, retired people on social security,anyone on a pension or anyone on disability.

          • Joe Souza

            Tell ’em, Phil.

          • tool_mann2

            Correct Phil! I am a retired/disabled Vietnam veteran. My younger bride is gainfully employed and we file jointly. Believe me, we pay taxes. I pay taxes on a portion of my SS as well as my annuity. I had no doubt that Mitt Romney wasn’t referring to me in that statement. Which by the way I think was a correct statement.

          • Sarah R.

            @Phil Jackson…what a dumb ass! But this is the idiotic thinking from people who are on the obama train. He just doesn’t understand taxes cause he has never paid them! I’m sick of my hard.earned dollars goingto pay for some lazy asses phones, cable tv, and anything else they have that I cant afford!

          • Brother Bo

            I live on a Military pension and disability. I still file and pay my taxes on what I get.

        • Bryan

          I’m in the military and I pay a federal income tax. Get your facts straight first.

        • Maria

          Oh how naive. I’ve never made $50,000 in a year in my life and I paid income taxes! Everyone I worked with and know pays them..and most of them are no where near $50,000 a year! My husband was in the Military, so was my Father, and his Father..they all paid income taxes. Get your facts straight. Romney meant the professional moochers only. The ones who will vote for Obama because he lets them leech off the government. See the Obamaphone woman.

          • greyfox

            Reading these posts gives me heart that there are a lot of thinking people out there that don’t buy the democrats party line. The dems
            knew what he meant but they wanted a gotcha no matter how weak.


          You are evidently one of the 47. Welfare, and not SS. or military. He meant the ones getting the freebies without ever paying in any $$$

        • greyfox

          It seems that once your mind is made up no amount of facts will change it, just because you believe it does not make it right or true.

        • Tiffinay Compiano

          47% are in Obama’s camp and Romney can’t care about GETTING THEIR VOTE.
          And all politicians tailor what they say according to who they are talking to and how they will best understand it. I dare say every human does that.Obama did it when he was talking to a room full of libs when he said that all Republicans cling to their guns and their religion.

      • Mswogger

        I think most people with a brain got that, but with BO the spin starts here!

      • Joe Souza

        S did I.

      • Joe Souza

        So did I. It was supposed t read, “So did I.”

      • Jamie Wheeles

        youre exactly right sam…that’s why he said ” I’ll never get that vote “…They love being on entitlement..They dont want to work…they want to sit on their butts and wait on that check

      • gladys whipple hurtis

        I understood perfectly too, and I am retired, on Social Security, and pay no income taxes now. I did, however, pay them for 52 years. I understood exactly what he meant.

      • Maria

        Liberals love to be offended over everything. And their beloved CNN and PMSNBC didn’t go in depth with Romney’s true comment full of truth. If it isn’t on their Lame Stream Media, it didn’t happen..even if it did.



      • Sheila Hunt

        Romney is referring to people on welfare that DOES NOT WANT TO WORK…..he is referring to people on welfare that SUCK THE SYSTEM FOR EVERYTHING THEY CAN GET

      • Helen Moore

        My 15 yr. old after hearing that commercial over and over again finally asked me why Obama kept saying Romney said 47% of the American people when what he said was 47% of the people who will vote for Obama. Yet no one bothers to point it out. He was offended by Obama, the media and was upset because I am terminally ill and receive Soc. Sec.; I still pay income taxes and I would love to go back to work.

    • Vernelle Massey

      These debates are the leftest pulpit to preach to their base because they know so many are not going to vote. They are afraid that they can’t win even with the cheating of the dead voters and double voters. Let them laugh and conspire. It’s all they have! Now I think I’ll send another donation in for Romney & Ryan!

    • Peggy Kempf Willoughby

      I agree. She probably gave him the questions to study ahead of time. I find it interesting the questions were mostly to put Romney’s feet to the fire and the black man pretending he was disappointed in the past 4 years to make it ‘look’ like a tough question. What a joke. Why do they agree to debate when the ‘moderator’ is/are clearly tag teaming the Republicans.

      • tool_mann2

        The next debate moderator should be Meaghan Kelly from FOX News. Level the playing field some.

        • 7575radar

          Better yet, Andrea Tantaros! Brilliant, witty, and beautiful beyond belief!

        • Lula Edmonds

          Meagan Kelly- Andrea Santores- Greta Von Sustern or Bill O’Rielly a real NO SPIN debate.

    • Joe Souza

      Everyone. Raise your hand if this shocks you.

    • Joe glasgow

      Right on, Lynn. Crowley was in Obama’s camp by making such a remark.
      Shame on Crowley! She and Obama were wrong…

  • FFlintstone

    I’m so sick of these moderators coming from liberal news outlets. CNN and ABC are VERY liberal. How about Neil Cavuto as a moderator?

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Or Judge Napolitano.

      • brianmouland

        Or Judge Judy

        • Peggy Kempf Willoughby

          Pretty sure she’s a liberal.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    Just watched the vid from rose garden. He did NOT call the Benghazi attack an act of terrorism. Late in the speech he said ‘No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation”. That is a general reference, not specific to this attack. He said NOTHING about the attack being terrorism for 14 days after that. He gabbed at the U.N. about the video.

    • Frustrated Teacher

      And Crowley should have stayed the hell out of it. Her bias showed big time with her statement in defense of the Prez.

    • TwpMom

      Exactly! That’s what I yelled at the T.V. when he was lying.

      • Frustrated Teacher

        It was SO blatant, my spouse didn’t even give me a dirty look when I yelled at the TV!

        • Vernelle Massey

          I had just tuned in when Obama and Crowley had pulled that shameful stunt! I realized that It was a waste of hope to think that the American people would experience an honest debate. I am sending another donation to Romey and Ryan to show my non-support of the current lying administration and the propaganda of our media!

    • gladys whipple hurtis


    • $17347308

      Plus it was the anniversary of 9/11 so he was more talking about that.

      • greyfox

        How is it possible in any universe that an attack on an American embassy in Libya on the anniversary of 911 and the murder of four Americans could possibly be blamed on an old video. The sad part is that there are enough
        naive Obama supporters that can be made to believe this fabrication. A spontaneous attack? OK kool aid drinkers, all together now. “We believe him”

    • greyfox

      “Acts of Terror” and “terrorist attacks” are two totally different animals. Only in the
      mind of a left wing liberal could the difference not be recognized. We all know what a terrorist is and an “act of terror” does not a “terrorist” make. There have been many “acts of terror” performed in America but 911 was a “terrorist attack” If you cannot tell the difference you shouldn’t be on this blog.

  • Doug Brown

    I just do not know why Republicans continue to allow themselves to be lured into a debate, using liberal media as the mediators! Republicans should FORCE Democrats to debate on FOX, or no debate!!!

    • Earl Johnson

      Doug, I believe it is a good strategy. It makes the President and the Media look bad at the same time. e.g Crawley’s saving his butt on the Libya question.

  • BruceMichaelGrant

    One conservative is worth half-a-dozen MSM hacks any day.

    • Red Blues

      you forgot to factor in inflation… current rate is now 1 conservative for 7 MSM hacks



  • nc

    But but but the VIDEO!!!!!!

  • Burt Zerker

    Obama lied right to our faces and Candy Crowley swore to it.
    Have you had enough America?

    • Joe Souza


    • Mswogger

      oh yes! couldn’t believe she did that. i couldn’t stop yelling at the tv during most of the debate.

    • Maria

      The Zombies will still vote for him as they reject fact and proof on a regular basis.

    • Leandro P Viloria II

      I have enough at #CNN and #Obama

  • orrineldredii

    I knew this would happen at some point.

  • Catherine Lyon

    How do the Liberals ALWAYS get to moderate and save the president, and how does the paid for media ALWAYS get to vet the questioneers? So TIRED OF ONE SIDED politics!!!!

    • Red Blues

      So are the American’s who watched this saw it for what it was.

      Only those in the “self-delusional camp” (AKA “progressives”) will try to argue that this was “fair” in any way shape or form.

      • Frank Garza

        So true. The “self-delusional camp” (AKA “progressives”) will relect a President on November 6th. The rest of you can just watch us party!

        • Vernelle Massey

          Only if they remain deluded! Some have opened their hearts to the truth and if enough of us wake up, Obama will not be President in spite of cheating with dead voters and illegal voting efforts of the Democratic Party!

        • Red Blues

          Thanks for proving my point and FWIW…have fun with being on the wrong side of history when that date has passed.

  • Chip

    Romney needed a game changer in 1st debate and got it. Obama needed one in 2d and didn’t get it. Advantage, Romney.

  • Marie62

    Crowley owes Romney an apology for she was wrong and she should have to do it before all of os, does she want a job with Obama after he leaves office in November!,

  • Lynn Dawson Gaston

    Seems as though Obummer already knew the questions!!! Funny how different he was tonight than the first debate! Hmmmmm?!?!

    • cf

      Could say the same about Romney in the first debate.

  • Gary Cummings

    Obama did refer to the attack in Libya as an “act of terror” the very next day in the Rose Garden. Again Romney is lying. Obama knew what he said and so did Candy Crowley.

    • Randy Kelderman

      you my friend are without a clue

    • Shawn Sizemore

      within 5 minutes the transcript was all over the web. Nowhere does he call it a terrorist attack

      • LIBERTY 4 ALL

        here it is: “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation” but never used the term to describe the attack. #debate

  • Sharon

    The interesting thing is that Romney was scoring big points on Obama (kind of like Ryan on Biden) when she jumped in and shut him down with a blatant lie.

  • hwy505

    She was way wrong and Maddow plays the rose garden video and tries to say, even though Obama never called the attack a terrorist attack – as a gotcha moment. What a putz!

  • Ken Watson

    Meh. It’s not as cut and dried as everyone is making out. I would have rather seen Romney make a bigger deal out of the dude in the Elephant Man outfit who is still, apparently, in jail for making a damn vid.

    • redheadgrl

      Romney also should have jumped on Big Bird and how he can get enough ad dollars to pay for all of PBS.

  • Mary Leonesio

    Here’s the way I see it: even if Obama did call it an act of terror (he didn’t), then why afterwards did he blame that stupid video that no one saw? And if he didn’t call it an act of terror (again, he didn’t), then his blaming the video for the attack is consistent w/his original lie. He became very nervous when the subject was raised and he when Candy said they would move on to another subject he said something like “That’s ok w/me, too”. (paraphrasing) But, of course, b/c he was so aggressive, the left will say he won the debate. I see it as a draw. Romney pushed right back. Candy Crowley is a water carrier for Obama and a HACK.

  • Tony0920

    Does the official transcript count? I’m confused. Was that edited?…

    • Tony0920

      I get it now. He used the word, but the official consensus was that it was not an appropriate word to use. It may have offended a terrorist, and we all know they are on their heels. Makes sense now why the official transcript was indeed edited.

  • jiaprost

    “Obama said during the speech that ‘No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation’ — but at no point was it clear that he was using that term to describe the attack in Benghazi.”

    The ENTIRE SPEECH was about Benghazi. Has that fact somehow escaped your notice?

  • hwy505

    If Obama says he knew about security threats. How come he didn’t act on it?

    • Peggy Kempf Willoughby

      Now they are blaming Republicans for cutting funding for embassy security, BUT they are not the ones who got news of the possible threat, Obama’s administration did, own it you babies!! Wah, wah, wah Mr. Oblame a.

  • tingle007

    i see a vague reference to terror in general. Crowley was not only wrong she faied as an impartial moderator.

    • Elaina Marie

      Agreed. Shame on me because in the beginning I said to my husband that I thought she was being unbiased. Eating my words now.

    • YERMOM182

      she has failed at life

    • greyfox

      She doesn’t know the difference between “terrorist” and an “act of terrorism” and I submit that most democrats don’t know the difference.

  • stewart

    As another man once said ” it depends on what the defination of “is” is.”


    world’s smallest violin playing for Candy Crowley tonight. boo. hoo.

  • Cliff Brown

    Someone needs to fat check candy…good lord what are they feeding that cow? lol

    • cf

      Talk about rude! That is why your opinion holds no meaning…

    • Eliza

      Naughty, naughty Cliff. Don’t you know they will call you a woman hater or racist for making a fat comment. Anyway, what are they feeding her???

      • Maria


  • Christopher Kirk Ellis

    Is it common practice for the moderator to have transcripts of certain speeches on hand?

    • cf

      Shes a journalist and news reporter. She knows more about whats going on than you will ever know…..

      • Red Blues

        A reasonable question from someone who may not be privy to how a debate should be conducted and one that did not deserve the response you have given.

        Furthermore, how does having having the position of “journalist and news reporter” makes her more (or less) credible than anyone else on this board? So you are saying the press should get a pass on ethical behavior where liberals are concerned?

        When the truth gets spun for *or* against any candidate by a “journalist and news reporter” then people *should* speak up, ask questions and expose their bias for what it is. Sad and shameful that the ‘bulldogs’ and ‘watchdogs’ meant to guard the nation have become paid shills and lapdogs – with posters like yourself willing to slam anyone who simply asks a question.

    • TugboatPhil

      Yes. All moderators are liberals, so they have the transcripts sent over from the DNC.

  • Jeremy Paul Smith

    it said attack not Terrorist attack….and only an attack. No mention of terrorism. But does not mention a video being the reason…i know how some of these threads go.

  • ddg

    so pathetic== She broke the agreed to rules of the debate. And she backed up Obama’s LIE.

  • MR. Mikey

    The best story tonight Obama talking about the lady he had meet a couple of weeks – a month ago that he had visited a young man that was shot in the head, and they said a prayer and a Couple Months later he was walking again. Fuzzy Math
    2 week + 1 month – 2 months = 6 weeks that has not happened yet.

  • Momo

    This is outrageous, but typical…someone needs to put together a greatest hits video of Obama on the view, David letterman, etc…everywhere where when asked directly if it was a terrorist attack and he refused to say yes, it was terror…Candy Crowley should be embarrassed. The President never said that the attack in Benghazi was a terror attack and they both know it. He uttered the word terror in a general way, but refused over and over again to tie the attack to terrorists for 2 weeks, yet he has happy to tie the attacks to ” the YouTube video” They must think we are all stupid…

  • Dorakin Warhammer

    agreed – he did not specify that this attack was an act of terror. He spoke in general terms. Crowley should be ashamed

  • samspad


  • Giant Bryan

    Biggest lie in my opinion…When my father fought in WW2…Barry your father didn’t serve in WW2…And Candy you are wrong for two reasons…You are a moderator and supposed to be non-partison and Barry didn’t call it an act of terror in the rose garden

    • redheadgrl

      Yeah, I was thinking, which father was that? Obama? Sorato? Malcolm X?

  • Aestro

    Obama has good debate, conservatives whining about moderator. Big surprise.

    • J. Cox

      By good mean he showed up this time,but still said nothing?Then yes,you are right..keep sucking down that kool-aide by the gallon.

    • Maria

      Your lot whined about Jim Lehrer and Romney’s good debate.. lol

  • Steve Sykes

    First of all Crowley is wrong…. That’s the facts. Just read the transcript of the Rose Garden 9/11 message. However this is irrelevant, the ‘Moderator’ is not supposed to defend either candidate during the debate. She (whether right or wrong) should be fired.

    • cf

      Fired from what ???

      • Red Blues

        Her job for starters. She’s shown that she does not have the ethics demanded from her chosen profession.

  • Betty Ross

    Obama = 0 danced around w/o answering questions Crowley = 0 wrong about the rose garden statement Romney = 1 clear winner, stuck with the facts

  • cf

    what do you not understand about acts of terror….come on people give credit where credit is due….stop the bull and own up to it… all talk about how both sides pick and you all do the same……how childish. No wonder this country is divided. Instead of trying to work together you all keep tearing apart each other. It’s okay to disagree. I think you all are just brave because you don’t have to stand up in front of actual people and say this crap… behind the computer.

    • Red Blues

      “what do you not understand about acts of terror….come on people give
      credit where credit is due….stop the bull and own up to it… all
      talk about how both sides pick and you all do the same……how
      childish. No wonder this country is divided. Instead of trying to work
      together you all keep tearing apart each other. It’s okay to disagree.
      I think you all are just brave because you don’t have to stand up in
      front of actual people and say this crap… behind the computer.”

      ATTENTION: to anyone interested in how this works… the above is a classic case of what is known as “projection bias” – or making a comment that describes your own actions and claim that it was someone else who had done it. Please see this posters other comments in this thread to further illustrate the concept.

      Please be more careful in the future, the internet is watching…

  • spkntruth

    Crowley..Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!!! BO covered up with lecturing Americans re the video!!! He also, as mentioned by Bret Baer tonight, blamed the video six times at the U.N.! Romney K.O’s despite Crowley’s coddling and diaper-changing and coaching Obama, helping him with defending himself. And, Candy interrupted Romney everytime he was on a “roll” re his expert area of the economy!

  • cf

    How is it that when the republicans don’t do well on the debates it is always the moderators fault…..can’t you just own up to you just did not do well. Candy has always been upfront and questions ALL politicians. As usual the republicans are crying AGAIN. Get over it !!!

  • otbricki

    Are you kidding me? Do you understand the English language or not? “No acts of terror” CLEARLY refers to the current event as well as others in the past.

    If you don’t believe me call up your high school English teacher.


    • Dorothy Kettle

      Then why did he allow his Ambassador to the UN to go on several different talk shows five days later stating as fact that it was the result of a local protest over a video shown on a computer site dissing Islam?


      “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation” but never used the term to describe the attack. #debate NO MENTION of “TERRORIST ATTACK”

    • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

      It certainly doesn’t. Are you in high school?

    • J. Cox

      So what you are trying to tell the world is..He used that term for Benghazi,but then sent his minions and himself on a whirlwind tour to blame the video and make it about a spontaneous protest?That makes him look even more inept…either way,he screwed the pooch,and you kool-aide band members keep marching along to that tune.And you have the nerve to call us stupid?ROFL

  • JDClampett

    I noticed that the President had no comment on the “Fast & Furious” allegations.

  • HS013

    Why are people happy about Obama “admitting” it was a terrorist attack? If anything it makes the fact that he campaigned the next day even worse. There is a terrorist attack? Lets to to Vegas!! Yeah that’s exactly what I want my president to do.

  • stuckinIL4now

    If Crowley turns out to have been wrong about Obama calling it an “act
    of terror” within a day, her journalistic credibility is shot.—
    Glen Asbury (@glenasbury) October 17, 2012

    The Crow’s credibility was shot a long time ago. Tonight she deep-sixed it.

  • JDClampett

    All-in-all, i thought both men held their own for the most part. Although, Romney did get in some really good burns based upon the POTUS’s record to date.

  • Rex A. Lones

    OMG!!! obama just said that on illegal immigration, he wanted those who will pledge allegiance to OUR flag to be able to come here!! What a HYPICRITE!!!! This is a man who wouldnt wear the flag pin, wouldnt place his handover his heart AND his wife mooshel during a flag ceremony said” geesh, all this over a damn flag!!!”

  • Georgine Kratzer

    the woman asking question about GW was a blatane plant….it was so biased it was disgusting

    • Peggy Kempf Willoughby

      Or the one young girl asking about equity between men and women’s pay and the fake one by the black man saying he was disappointed…

  • Jane Rucker

    Candy Crowley proved herself to be a Liberal hack. Simple really. How dare she.

  • AUBraves

    Obama didn’t seem to respond to Fast and Furious when Romney brought it up. Wonder why? It was part of a question from the audience.

    • redheadgrl

      sealed documents, sealed lips.

  • Dorothy Kettle

    You could see by Obama’s facial expression when Romney asked him to state it for the record that HE KNEW HE WAS LYING.
    However, Romney could have followed up better by asking WHY his (OBAMA’S) Ambassador to the UN went on several different Sunday news broadcasts five days later stating ‘for a fact’ that it was the result of a protest movement spawned by the there-to unheard of video on a social computer site dissing Islam.

  • TwpMom

    Has anyone mentioned how B.O. didn’t answer the questions?

  • brownsfan32

    Croley was on CNN post debate trying to cover her a ss ; that is a BIG cover

  • Theodore W. Almeida

    yep she’s wrong shes trying too get in da white house

  • $34609613

    When I first heard Crowley was commentary I was aggravated. But then I thought I should just give her a chance. Then, I thought she was doing good at the debate, until she wouldn’t let Romney respond to Obama’s lies, 3 times in a row. But what topped it off for me is that she backed up Obama on the rose garden transcript statement. Now I am so aggravated at her, because there are millions of viewers out there that were mislead by her support, when she thought she new the facts. Then many people praised how she and Obama both thwarted Romney on the subject, when in actuality she and Obama were wrong. She should have kept her mouth shut, like both candidates had first attempted to contract for her to do. But no, she had to have her way. My original feelings of her leaning more liberal has been confirmed at a great sacrifice. This needs to be at the top of the news to get the word out that Romney was right.Obama and Crowley were wrong:

  • Eliza

    He lied and she confirmed that lie. What a joke

  • spkntruth

    Crowley..Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!!! BO covered up with lecturing Americans re the video!!! He also, as mentioned by Bret Baer tonight, blamed the video six times at the U.N.! Romney K.O’s despite Crowley’s coddling and diaper-changing and coaching Obama, helping him with defending himself. And, Candy interrupted Romney everytime he was on a “roll” re his expert area of the economy!

  • AUBraves

    Obama seems to be afraid of something. When he is talking to the audience he has confidence but when he has to look Romney in the eyes he seems a little queasy.

    • Peggy Kempf Willoughby

      He looked like he was going to nod off a few times. He looks anorexic. Michelle must be watching his calorie intake closely.

  • Aldrin Cave

    sorry Crowley you were so wrong about OweBumAss calling the Benghazi attack an act of terror…. unluckily, you just became another prop to uphold the stinking lies of this idiot currently occupying the white house… turns out people were right in saying it’s so hard to debate when you have liberal moderators trying to help OweBumAss when he gets called out like this…. but for me, it’s all good, people know that however eloquently you present lies, it can never surpass the simplicity of truth… 😛

  • Ginnie

    Romney’s has to debate Obama AND. the moderators…it’s ridiculous

  • ECM_Chaff

    This explains it all:

    • Maria

      Ohhhhh love it!

  • stuckinIL4now

    Crowley has apparently admitted now that Romney was right about Obamuh’s Libya remarks.

    • SideshowJon36

      Well, isn’t that special

    • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

      Oh, and she just realized it now?

  • ItsConstitutional

    Candy Crowley – CNN Chief Political Correspondent, intentionally and
    willfully LIED to all Americans when she stated Oblamer call the Benghazi,
    Libya attack an “act of terrorism”.
    After thoroughly transcribing his entire five minute and twenty-seven second
    speech, he at no time said, “this attack on our diplomatic post was an act of

    What he did say on eight separate occasions is as follows:

    01:59 – “an attack on our diplomatic post in Benghazi”

    02:30 – “this outrageous and shocking attack”

    03:05 – “but there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless

    03:13 – “unequivocally reject these brutal acts”

    03:20 – “this attack will not break the bonds between the United States
    and Libya”

    04:41 – “the loss of these four Americans in Benghazi”,

    05:27 – “we learned the news of this attack in Benghazi”

    06:12 – “we will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is
    done for this terrible act”

    So what’s in her “candy”? Left wing, Liberal hack!

    • rmm

      that was hilarious…

  • fosho

    Sooo, you’re calling him a liar over semantics? Give me a break.

    • Hank DeCat

      Also, look up what semantics means — ’cause you’ve got no idea.
      And, um, Candy Crowley admitted she made a mistake.

    • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

      It’s not semantics. It’s a far reach to say he was talking about Benghazi. And, for days and days after, he blamed it on a You-Tube video. So, if he originally called it a terrorist attack, why did he then change the story to a protest about a video that became violent?

  • Dawn Johnston

    When will this mud slinging ever stop! Not matter who said what and when, Our President deserves respect in matters of these Acts of TERROR or wrong doing by anyone.

    • Peggy Kempf Willoughby

      Why? Because he is respectful to Romney or many Americans? I don’t respect liars or someone who is perpetuating stigma about the mentally ill population, special olympians and any group he feels can further his cause. He is arrogant and on permanent vacation on America’s dime and he has NO worries about it. He thinks he’s entitled as do half the people or our nation-give me those food stamps, give me that, give me this.

    • Hank DeCat

      He isn’t the king, he’s the president — and DISSENT IS PATRIOTIC!!! (I learned that during the GWB years).

    • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

      It’s about lying to the people, to congress and to the world. It matters. And then to cover it up and try to blame someone for a stupid You-Tube video…again, it matters. All because you’ve lost your narrative on Libya and al queda isn’t going away. Our President doesn’t deserve respect when he’s trying to blame the administrations mistakes on something or someone else and especially blaming it on freedom of speech. It matters.

  • James Lynch

    “Our country is only as strong as the character of our people and the service of those both civilian and military who represent us around the globe.”

    “Service of those both CIVILIAN and military who represent us”? That’s interesting, I didn’t know civilian’s serviced… And I also thought American Soldiers are getting their voting rights taken away from them because they work for the government requested by Barack Obama.

  • rmm

    uhm I hate to say it but he did say “act of terror” and about fighting to defend our freedoms..seemed pretty standard stuff to me…move on..blaming the ref never works anyway

  • Gmama

    What a partisan hack Crowley was. Like the other DNC moderators the Democrat got more time and the moderator interrupted the Republican and didn’t allow a response. However, only Crowley provided cover. What a disgrace she is.

  • averii

    “And then last night, we learned the news of this *A*T*T*A*C*K* in Benghazi.” You read?

  • Robert Patrick Dalton

    Crowley’s clearly biased interjection was incorrect. Even if Mitt Romney hadn’t won the debate it is his, due to Crowley’s bias.

  • gladys whipple hurtis

    And, Obama evaded the Libya question as well. I listened to the video from the Rose Garden, three times, to be sure I wasn’t rushing to judgement. When Obama was talking about the act on 9/11/12, he called it several other things. The act of terror comment was an add on much later, saying we (the People) would not tolerate acts of terror. It was almost like he put it in there so he would have a way out. Weak, weak, point. The moderator was definitely biased. She cut off Romney, but let Obama continue. Who’s moderating the next debate? It’s past time for a Republican moderator.

    • gladys whipple hurtis

      And for two weeks (including the U.N. speech) Obama and his cronies lied to the American people about 9/11/12 being caused by the movie trailer. Either directly, or indirectly, they all LIED, AND CONTINUE.

      • $17347308

        And where is that filmmaker now. Has anybody heard a peep about him since?

  • kbielefe

    It’s a subtle distinction and Romney made a mistake focusing specifically on the rose garden address instead of other more egregious statements by the administration blaming the video, not to mention the actual failure to provide adequate security. He won’t make the same mistake in next Monday’s debate.

  • VK

    Obama CLEARLY said “NO ACT OF TERROR….”, why are you guys trying to spin what he said, its pitiful when people are soooo blinded by their politics that they cannot even acknowledge emperical facts. Shameful

    • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

      If Obama’s “No act of terror” was intended for Benghazi, why then, days afterward, he only referred to the attact as a protest about a video that turned violent. Because Obama lied. And continues to lie and cover it up. You’re wrong and you no your wrong, just like Obama knows he’s wrong,, and lied once again.

  • Wolfmots

    Will anyone in the media touch this? So tired of the games, wish we could fire or boycott every single news agency that omits not only the truth but skews it in such a way that it becomes false.

  • B0BAL00

    Worst moderator I’ve ever seen. She doesn’t belong on national TV. Pitiful!

    • Francis Arsenic

      Crowley was a shi’ite moderator for the incorrect correction, but I think Raddatz as 100x worse on multiple levels.

  • $34609613

    Previous contract to moderate was suppose to prevent Crowley from making a mistake like she did tonight. Both candidates didn’t want her 2 cents. But she was too stubborn and refused to honor it, so in the last minute they changed the rules to let her have a little more voice in the debate. A mistake like this is exactly why she wasn’t trusted in the first place. But to a large degree, the main point is again Obama lied. It’s not like we have a choice in moderators, as they last 3 debates have had somewhat left wing moderators. This needs to be covered heavily by the news.

  • Ronald Hinton

    Crowley was designated Moron handler this time

  • MrsWindy

    Nothing like more SPIN from the right. The President was making a direct statement concerning the incident in Benghazi. His comments were in regards TO Benghazi. So it stands to reason his comment as to “No acts of terror” will ever shake the resolve of this great nation…” WAS indeed in reference to this incident. The right is attempting to “nitpick” and twist as usual!

    • Francis Arsenic

      As if…

    • tgimacb

      and that’s precisely why he said to behar, univision, UN, looserman that he didn’t know? Really, You are revealing total betrayal of reality and ignoring the very words from the potus mouth in public. All his pronouncements are in the public domain. Add to this the declarations from the UN Ambassador, Susan Rice

    • Maria

      The Left nitpicks everything. Hell at that time he thought it was a lame video on YouTube. And how do you know it was in response to what happened? Not to mention–the Libya terrorist attack could have been avoided if the Preezy actually did his job. Those 4 Americans would still be alive.

  • Kathy Hudgins

    All the questions sounded like they were read right from a hollywood a script. Come on people, common sense, common sense! Didn’t none of this debate look fair to me. I do not like this format.

  • MrsWindy

    One last comment? Various factchecking sites have VERIFIED that the President’s comments were in regard to the Benghazi incident.

    • Maria

      You could have Edited your other comment y’know. Just helping. And by factchecking sites you mean MSM sites, right? 😉

  • MrsWindy

    Poor right-wingers can’t seem to handle the fact that President Obama won this debate hands down! So now they want to cry “foul”. SMH……….

    • J. Cox

      You watched a debate from 4 years ago apparently.Keep chuggin that kool-aide,come Nov 6…you will want whiskey to replace it.

    • Maria

      I didn’t see a win for him. lol All he did was lie and talk over Romney.

  • Francis Arsenic

    IMO, Mr Romney had a golden opportunity to tell so-called undecideds how he has been falsely characterized by his opponent and how that diverges from reality. He should have taken advantage of that question. I think he missed a lot of opportunities, as did Mr Ryan. I’m done armchair QBing now.

  • tgimacb

    biden says “we didn’t know” and potus says “I nailed it” which is the outright liar? And what about behar reply? Really. Help us understand what you would have us understand!

  • EntityComputerSystems

    Obama said “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve… We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act.” Do you see how the paragraph opened and closed with the same words, basically? Look up the definition of terror. Now look up the definition for terrible. I have a feeling your observations will surprise you.

    Let’s try that again.
    “No terrible car should have shiny rims on it. I put shiny rims on this terrible car, which is mine.”

    You see what I did there? I did not say that my car was terrible and Obama, in one paragraph, in complete context, did not say that the terrible act was an act of terror

    • $34609613

      I like your explanation

  • $34609613

    The fact Obama admin is trying to kill “video protesters” in Benghazi before election, is only a race for the hope of swaying votes. #debate

  • Jan Page

    The Libya question was about the extra security that was asked for and refused. I can’t remember if the questioner asked who refused it or why was it refused or both. Obama only talked about what happened after the attack and how, after campaigning for a few days, he made it to the airport in time to watch the caskets unloaded as if that makes up for everything he didn’t do. He never answered the original question and, of course, Crowley didn’t remind him what the original question was!

  • Alan Foster Brown

    A song for the moderator! “Darling, don’t give me Sh*t ,’Cause I know that you’re full of it, You’re full of Sh*t, You’re full of Sh*t!”…. then again could be the obama song too.. LOL

  • Andrew B

    Lamestream media is already circling the wagons around Crowley, claiming Romney said Obama didn’t *refer* to acts of terror in Rose Garden speech. Romney actually said Obama didn’t call Benghazi attack an “act of terror.” The lamestream media is so pathetically dishonest and partisan.

  • Tom Dibble

    Umm … did you read the transcript? He mentions that yesterday was 9/11, then says what they were doing, then ends that paragraph talking about learning of the attack on the embassy. It is clear to anyone who is not intentionally reading it wrong that he is speaking about the Benghazi attack when he says “acts of terror” since that is what he is talking about both before and after that phrase.

    Is it important? No, not at all. It’s a word in a speech. If you really have nothing better to criticize the President’s handling of Libya about then feel free to keep beating this dead horse.

    • Maria

      The whole Libya terrorist attack could have been avoided if Preezy would have attended his Intell briefings. He would have then known that the Consulate was requesting reinforcements. Knowing that he should have pulled them all out. But you know, priorities. Campaigning is important!! Oh and speaking with “Pimp with a Limp”.

      • Tom Dibble

        The Embassy was most vocally requesting reinforcements for Tripoli, not Benghazi. There were requests for additional security personnel in Benghazi, but such requests were at the same level as literally all around the world. Those requests went up the chain to middle management of the State Department, so far as all the evidence we have now shows. It stopped there, because there just was not the ability to do anything more about it.

        Providing extra security costs money, which the Republicans in Congress blocked for petty partisan reasons despite specific warnings that the funding shortfalls would put American lives in danger.

        In any case, had all extra security requests been granted, there is virtually no chance they would have successfully thwarted the routing of the consulate against the heavily manned and gunned attack; the level of forces needed to combat the estimated attack force in Benghazi is far more than we deploy in embassies anywhere. I suppose that almost excuses the partisan failure of the Republican House, because even if they hadn’t been so focused on forcing a failure for Obama they still wouldn’t have saved lives in Benghazi.
        Yes, he could have pulled them all out had the urgent requests for support in Tripoli made it to his desk instead of stopping at a mid-level State Department desk, but that is not how we as a country react to threats; the slain ambassador was himself quite vehement that we must remain not just in Libya but specifically in Benghazi, even after the forces which ultimately killed him had run off all other international forces and the Red Cross.

        • Maria

          Using Republicans as the fallboys for Obama’s mistake. Classic. Sorry, but if he would have been at his meetings, he would have known. Stop drinking the LibKool-Aid.

        • Maria

          Using Republicans as the fallboys for Obama’s mistake. Classic. Sorry, but if he would have been at his meetings, he would have known. Stop drinking the LibKool-Aid.

  • $34609613

    Obama/Candy Tag-team Strategy: Obama +3.54 attack time, Cut off Romney, Block Romney’s Defense, Tag Romney liar, give Obama last jab.

    • $34609613

      Romney did very well considering the odds against him.

  • digitalPimple

    Do people know Romney receives the security/intel briefing too? He sees the intel and has. Think about it.

  • markfive

    Is this pathetic article THAT desperate? He was speaking in the Rose Garden ABOUT THE ATTACK ON THE CONSULATE. WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK HE MEANT WHEN HE REFERRED TO ACTS OF TERROR NOT BEING TOLERATED? HE WAS OBVIOUSLY INCLUDING – HELLO – WHAT HE WAS IN THE ROSE GARDEN ABOUT. Good LORD, you righties are reaching for straws THAT much to save Romney from having one of his lies called out? SERIOUSLY? LOL Your DEFENSE of this is making you look even WORSE! LOL

    • Guest

      Act of Terror? Biden says “we didn’t know” Obama says “I new it” who is the liar? Help us understand what you would have us understand!

    • $34609613

      “If Obama wanted to call the Benghazi assault a terrorist attack in that speech, he had plenty of opportunities to do so. Instead, he described it as a “terrible act,” a “brutal” act, “senseless violence,” and called the attackers “killers,” not terrorists. It’s also important to consider the context. For a week after this speech, the White House would not call it a terrorist attack. The official position was that Libya was a spontaneous response to an anti-Islam film, not a premeditated or preplanned act.”

  • Honky Tonk

    Read in context? The very next sentence continues to talk about the four Americans killed in Libya. Sounds pretty in context to me.

  • billeeblue

    At first we thought Sally Struthers was moderating. I have to give credit for that quote to a liberal friend.

  • J. Randolph Carroll

    Whether Crowley was right or wrong in her interpretation is secondary to the way she jumped in to defend Obama who was sitting there silent, knowing it was a problem and he actually mumbled let’s move on

  • tenndoug911

    Liberal liars telling lies. It’s a way of life for them and the reason they got into ,what they describe as journalism. Overt and covert advocacy.

  • michael s

    Melissa McCarthy went from Emmy winner to Oscar nominee to Pres debate moderator all in 1 yr.

  • Maria

    Truth is poisonous to Liberals. See debate for more.

  • BeeKaaay

    “But there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence. None.”

    Except when leftwingwackos do violence, then any justification is fine.

  • Mitt Romney Zingers

    “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. Today we mourn four more Americans who represent the very best of the United States of America.”

    That is the quote from the Rose garden, not sure what the right is getting their panties all in a wad about. Maybe it has to do with the fact that they get called out for making up their own “facts”.

    • Maria

      Oooo another Media Matters troll!!

  • Mel

    I don’t know…if he calls a press conference in the rose garden in response to the attacks and in his remarks he says “no acts of terror…” then what in the world is he referring to? If he did not intend to label it an act of terror why would he use the words at all? Come on lets get serious it doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

    • Paul C.

      You would be right IF Obama didn’t come our a half dozen after that and blame the TAPE.

  • ZULU13

    So out of 80 people who wrote questions, we got 1 on taxes, 2 on women, 1 on Benghazi, 1 on education, 1 on “I voted for you last time, so why should I vote foryou this time?”, 1 on why you are different from George Bush, 1 from what people dont know about you…..are we looking for a date or a President? These questions were selected by a left moderator who wanted to put Romney immediately on the defensive. I cant wait when Rush Limbaugh moderates next week’s debate about Foreign Policy….THAT would give the left a taste of their own medicine. Bring your anti-dizzy medicine, because the left will be spinning all night regarding foreign policy!!! Also, look for a new twist on Benghazi before Monday…I think it will be Bill Clinton’s fault by then!

  • greyfox

    Candy did her best and that’s what I was afraid of. Is there a neutral “journalist” in this entire country who might be chosen to moderate a Presidential debate? Someone without a political axe to grind? Certainly the MSM would be hard pressed to provide such an individual. “An act of terror” and an act committed by terrorists are two entirely different things. The shooting at the theater some time ago could be considered an act of terror but not an act committed by a terrorist as we have come to accept the term “terrorist”. Again the dems are so good at using the language to fog up the landscape.

  • Paul C.

    Who is the next left leaning moderator on Monday.


    Annnnnnnnnnnnnd cue the GOP whining about the moderator and format.
    Oh how dare the moderator fact check Romney on his lies. Boo hoo that lies were called out..Whaa Whaa
    Romney: ‘Who let Crowley out of her binder?’

  • Tralbry

    This is moronic. This rose garden conference was specifically BECAUSE of Libya. Of course he was referring to that and terrorism. I don’t really care how Crowley adjusted her remarks to the criticism after with “in the main”. No, Candy, he called it terror the next day and other admin officials talking or not talking about later doesn’t undo that.

  • Bam_Pow

    I gotta vote for that Mitt guy, he lies so much he’s perfect! The way he bankrupts businesses and outsources jobs to china is just what we all need, and maybe one day I’ll get rich too so I hope he keeps them taxes on the 1% low. Oh and I need a set of those magic mormon undies to protect me from bullets, and maybe if I vote for Mitt his God on planet Kolab will bless me and send golden Jesus to the US again…lol

  • Tera Blair Kirk

    This is kinda splitting hairs. He recongnized the attacks as “terrible attacks” whilst he was talking about the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I think he was just inferring that they are regarded the same. No matter the loss of life, how great or how few. I really don’t separate planned attacks as opposed to spontaneous attacks if the net result is terror and senseless violence. A mob spontaneously turning murderous is just as terrifying to me as a group with a plan.
    I am saying this from a non Obama supporter’s perspective. I didn’t vote for him. I want him out. But “when and why” he called this a terrorist act is irrelevant to me, only what he’s going to do about it matters. This country has made it into a political dog-and-pony-show concerning who gets to be thrown under the bus. Why don’t we go get the guys who actually did this and execute them? There’s a thought.

  • edwahzj_one

    There is no better view of nonsense when you argue about what was or wasn’t said, when the fact is, they murdered an ambassador and others and their is now a precedence set. Now you can murder ambassadors under Obama care/watch and set the plausible of denial as being from terrorist. How stupid your demon arguments are about using one word or not when the worst crime is set as precedence REALLY STUPID PEOPLE

  • edwahzj_one

    Gee he didn’t say terrorist; but lets just ignore the precedence this present president is setting; WE WON’T RETALIATE “have at it” terrorist he’s with you, he’s got you covered. We (the dems and their happy go lucky fellow riding on a red pony have created the greatest plausible that will hold US citizens from wanting any retaliatory action, yawhoooooooooooooooooo

  • Arthur Rico

    remember she picked the question’s, Let fox do the next debate

  • Arthur Rico

    she did what she had to, to defend Obama at all cost, she, and all the mainstream media are all part of his (Obama’s) team. Whatever happened to truth in news?

  • jnstrawn

    So, Obama is a liar. And Crowley is a liar. This is news to whom? No new news here; moveon.

  • peekaboo777

    Funny how no one noticed that the man that asked the question about Lybia (Carey) never got an answer to his question. It was asked of Obama and he NEVER answered the question. Carey wanted to know who it was that denied extra security to the ambassador and why it was denied. Obama said everything else except that it was denied and by who and why it was denied. Talk about skirtting the issue. This needs to be addressed. I hope Romney picks up on this and brings it up in the next debate.

  • Yononan

    Really? The day after the attacks, Mr. Obama talks about “acts of terror” and you think he’s NOT talking about Bengazi?

    Wow. I have some snake oil to sell you guys as well.

  • Walter Todd

    If a moderator (Candy Crowley) takes the side of a debater (Obama), has she not surrendered the role of moderator to take on the role of a supporter for that speaker? Seems like a poor status for a moderator to take as a neutral in a national debate!

  • $18575921

    You people are SO DESPERATE! He was CLEARLY discussing the attack in Benghazi IN THE CONTEXT OF TERROR.

  • EEKman

    I keep coming back to a moment I think was the most important of the debate, and in some ways, Obama’s whole presidency. When he called Romney’s accusations of politicizing Libya “offensive,” I pumped my fist in the air, thrilled. Then, when I found myself going back to that moment again and again, I wondered why it was so powerful.
    Yes, the language was probably planned and practiced, yes it was partly political theater, but it reinforced something about this leader that I think many of us feel, even if we’re not always aware of it. For all the complaints we have about Obama, especially in the conduct of domestic policy, one thing he demonstrates to me, and it’s the reason I revere him more than Bill Clinton, is that he makes careful, patient, principled — and practical — decisions, waits patiently for them to bear fruit, and when they do, he trusts the public to analyze and understand what he’s accomplished on their own. Libya, tellingly, happens to be high on the list.
    There was no crowing about the delicately coordinated bombing campaign (and the covert actions on the ground which helped it succeed) that brought down a tyrant. No “Mission Accomplished” banners, no bold predictions about the future of a remade Middle East thanks to our military efforts. But Obama got results. For less than a thousandth of the cost of Iraq, and with no lives lost until September 11th, Obama gave us a democratically elected Arab ally, an ally whose people — not their leaders, their people — are so grateful for what America did and how we did it, that after the death of our Ambassador they poured into the streets in outrage, and attacked the Islamic militias responsible.
    No the story’s not over. But name another Arab country where you’ve seen anything remotely similar. What political hay does Obama make out of all this? Very little. Then or since. (To my great frustration, frankly.) After the ambassador dies, Obama’s language is full of firmness, but also restraint and moderation, and zero politics. Mitt Romney’s language? The opposite. Obama trusts us to use our eyes and give credit where it’s due.
    His anger in that moment, theatrical or not, was about something deeper. At least it was for me. There must be something horribly galling to our president about being called out for an absurdly minor offense (if it even was one) in the context of a huge foreign policy triumph. It should be galling to us too. We fail to appreciate this president’s exceptional character at our own peril.

  • Shannon Piper

    To me the most interesting thing is that Obama DID say this. Like a slip of the tongue, where he momentarily forgot that he was supposed to be out selling the “spontaneous protest in response to a You-Tube video” story. Because after this, that was the message from the President, Jay Carney, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton. I can imagine the president’s debate prep team poring over the transcripts of all his speeches on the Libya mess, and coming across this gem. “Oh yeah! Remember when you said that? We’re saved!” The most remarkable thing, though, is that Candy Crowley just happened to remember this isolated comment which was totally incongruous with the message from the administration for the next two weeks.

  • F M

    Here are the first statements President Obama made regarding the
    nature and cause of the attack in his Rose Garden press conference: “Since
    our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths. We
    reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. But there is
    absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence.” So, right
    from the beginning, he was already putting out the falsehood that the attack
    was due “efforts to denigrate” Islam — i.e., the Youtube video.

    In the debate, the president claimed, “The day after the
    attack…I stood in the Rose Garden and I told the American people…That this
    was an act of terror.”

    This is also false. The president did not label the specific
    attack in Benghazi “an act of terror.” Earlier in his speech he
    repeatedly referred to it in generic terms — a “terrible act,” a “brutal” act,
    “senseless violence.” He avoided labeling it as terrorism. He also called the
    attackers “killers,” *not terrorists*. It strains credibility to suggest that
    this was not intentional. Later, in a more ambiguous context that also included
    a reference to 9-11, he referred more broadly to “acts of terror.”
    But he never referred specifically to Benghazi as “an act of terror.”
    His statement during the debate was false.

    So, why does the president seem to be playing word games with
    us? Here’s one answer that seems reasonable:

    Quote: “This is much more than an issue of semantics.
    Calling it a terrorist attack [as opposed to generic acts of terror] would have
    given Obama powers under the Authorization for the Use of Military Force
    Against Terrorists (AUMF) to use military action, including drone warfare,
    against the perpetrators. If he were serious about ‘bring[ing] to justice the
    killers,’ which he vowed to do in the speech, then labeling this incident a
    terrorist attack (if he believed that’s what it was) would have been critical.
    Instead, we now have the FBI sitting with its hands bound in Tripoli, unable to
    move forward with a serious investigation.”

    Here’s a transcript of the full speech as well as an analysis of
    the legal term “act of terrorism” and why it’s important:

    And here’s a discussion of the legal term “terrorism”,
    how the Obama administration has avoided using it and why.

  • F M

    Candy Crowley gave the
    following explanation on CNN with Soledad O’Brien as to why she stepped in
    during the controversial Benghazi segment of the presidential debate: “There
    was this point where they both kind of looked at me, you know, and then, you know,
    Romney’s looking at me, the president’s looking at me, and what I wanted to do
    was move this along.”

    Her claim is false and that is
    easily verifiable on the tape. They did not “both” look at her for help before
    she stepped in. There was only **one** debater who was looking at her at all
    when she stepped in: President Obama. Governor Romney only looked at her
    **after** she began to support President Obama – and understandably so. She’s
    supposed to be a moderator, not another debater.

    Additionally, on CNN with
    Anderson Cooper, Candy gave the following rationale for her “correction” of
    Governor Romney: “Romney was right in the main, I just think he picked the
    wrong word.”

    First, that certainly sounds a
    lot more uncertain than what she said on national television during the debate,
    doesn’t it? She made no equivocation on national television. But now, she says,
    “I think.” Interesting.

    Second, if her correction of
    Romney was about precision in language, then she and president Obama are the
    ones who are incorrect, not Romney. In fact, President Obama **did not** say
    during his Rose Garden press conference “that this was an act of terror.”
    He studiously avoided labeling the Benghazi attack as an act of terrorism and
    the perpetrators as terrorists and instead used several other phrases at the
    beginning of his Rose Garden press conference. And then, at the end of the
    conference, in a more ambiguous context that included a reference to the 9-11
    attacks, President Obama spoke more broadly about, “acts of terror”.

    And as the person who asked the
    question at the debate pointed out, Obama didn’t answer the question. Why
    didn’t Candy ask a follow up and direct Obama to actually answer the question
    as she did at other times?

  • Justin Carlson

    So in a speech that is specifically about addressing the death of an ambassador the line: “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation” is somehow confusing? When Obama says that the line included the attack what more are you looking for?

    Romney was wrong to make a talking point out of this case. It doesn’t change the fact the event was handled in a less than perfect manner, just that the Romney political handlers screwed up his talking point.