Bobby Jindal, the popular GOP Louisiana governor and son of Indian immigrants, appeared on CNN for post-debate reaction. He came out strongly to correct the false Obama/Crowley narrative on Benghazi.

Instead of focusing on the substance of his remarks, Obama supporters took the opportunity to show their trademark tolerance by mocking Jindal’s birth name. Because assimilating is racist in the “progressive” mindset. But deriding ethnic names isn’t:

Post-racial America, R.I.P.

  • Booker T.

    Last time I checked, Jindal is on his 2nd term. Stay racist, my friends. (libs, of course)

  • carolyn thomas

    Obama tweeted a vulgar tweet about getting the one dud a job after debate, not presidential and very sexist.

  • kbielefe

    Weirdest attack ever. Especially when the leader of your party used to go by “Barry.”

    • It’s just me again

      I was typing the same thing when you posted. Apparently, they haven’t heard about the Michelle Obama anti-bullying campaign.

    • David Atherton

      Is it Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama? Either way, he has a foreign name. But these morons want to pick on Jindal’s given name? At least we know who Bobby Jindal really is, we know his parents, his history, and his records. thats alot more than I can say for Obama.

      • Brendon Carr

        Plus Piyush has a record of accomplishment.

        • Elaine

          With a name like “Barack hussein” They should shut it about anyone’s name!

      • Steve

        His first name is actually pronounced Beer-ick (Barack). Seriously, it is. Appropriate, Yes? LOL!

  • wineplz

    tolerant as always, I see. I’ll need to find the clip of Gov. Jindal…didn’t flip to CNN but would have if I had known he was going to be on there after the debate.

  • Paul Patzer

    For those of you obsessed with racial identity, people from the Indian subcontinent are Caucasians…

    • usmccp

      mmmmhmmm I know thas right

  • Shawn E. Johnson

    They don’t see this as racist, they think they are simply telling the truth. They honestly believe that all conservatives are racist and if they only knew his real name it would change their opinion of him. Dinesh would obviously be much more successful if only he had changed his name to John or David. LOL

  • Chip

    That’s GOVERNOR Piyush. And you are…?

    • AmericanRight12

      I was IN Louisiana during Katrina. Congressman Jindal was the only politician on the ground anywhere near New Orleans. The rest, including that worthless governor he replaced, ran for the hills.

      • louisiana_mom

        I live in Louisiana and Gov. Jindal has been on the ground for every natural disaster that has hit the state for years.

    • odabea

      What a great response! These people are making fun of his given name because they can’t say anything bad about his public service record or what he has done for Louisiana. That Governor Jindal graduated from Brown University and then attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar turning down both Harvard and Yale means nothing to them. Because the only thing they know about him is that he is a Repubican, and to them that is the only reason they need to hate him and to hurl obsenities.

    • Judy B

      They are…scabs on a chicken’s ass.

  • Michael Rice

    Nothing racist to see here, move along…

  • AmericanRight12

    Dr. M.K. Turner has a lot of nerve. She doesn’t even have a wikipedia page.

    • Morris65

      Dr. Morris65…there, that was easy enough. Would you agree, Dr. AmericanRight12?

  • Rod M

    You have to understand these are the products of decades of liberal hatred in this country. These people will have to be killed in the coming revolution in order to save the country.

  • louisiana_mom

    I don’t care what his birth name is… he is a great governor who I voted for twice! The only ones who seem to have a problem with his race is the Left!

  • indian guy

    First of all, all immigrants and minorities “assimilate” to some extent — that is why we speak with American accents, wear American clothes, watch football, etc. Nothing about that is “racist”. But what Bobby Jindal has done — completely turned his back on his native culture and ancestry — is just weak-minded and betrays the mentality of someone who wants to be someone he is not. If Piyush Jindal was proud of the man he saw in the mirror he wouldn’t be calling himself Bobby. He deserves sympathy for his weakness, not scorn.

    • Walt

      Since he was born in America, his native culture is American. Denying the American culture in favor of every culture that we came from is part of the problem. We are not Euro, Asian, African etc etc hyphen Americans, we are Americans. And we have our own culture that is unique in the world.

  • michael s

    yes those tweets are wrong and racist. reminds me of the white reporter that said he wasn’t born in the USA and Gov Jindal had to show his birth certificate to prove he was born here. Plus using his name as a slur and to suggest his name makes him suspicious. Sounds familiar. I defend all victims of racism,however its still my observation that most people only say racism when its someone they like.

  • John Fowler

    A lot of blacks being racist towards Indians in those tweets. That’s cool, though, right?

    • Francis Arsenic

      Can you imagine if these folks were in the majority? Holy crap. This nation would be in the toilet like yesterday.

      • americanscott

        Like most of Africa? Just pointing out the obvious.

    • Silver Goal

      Just how they roll

  • Jack Kates III

    What do you expect from a bunch of “Bottom Feeders?”

  • Discontentwliars

    I’ve met Mr. Jindal. I don’t know his personal thoughts about being white, but It appears to me that he’s done just fine as an American. He’s a fine man that is passionate about our country. I don’t understand why these folks thinks him being white would be better. He hasn’t let his background hold him back. I was very happy to meet him, and enjoyed our conversation. I’m not as successful as he is, and I’m really glad that his is! We need more Americans just like him!

    • David Atherton

      Bobby Jindal isn’t an immigrant. His parents are, but he is a natural born citizen.

      • Discontentwliars

        Sorry – I’ll correct!

    • Morris65

      I, for one (and probably of many), would have no problem whatsoever with a Jindal presidency at some point in the future. And considering he’s barely forty-two, there’s ample time for that.

  • Tanker74

    Obama’s hardcore supporters are Afriklansmen.

  • NCRelite

    White folks voted for a guy named Barack Hussein Obama, ya big dummy

  • Tim Holleran

    The intolerant Left can not stand the TRUTH comes out, like little children they cry,scream,kick,and throw there toys all over the floor !

  • LSN

    So much for the Anti-Bullying campaign … maybe all these ignoramuses should be cuaght in their own net and arrested for hate speech …

    • Walt

      Actually I think Michelle O referred to them as knuckheads. Gotta watch those bullying type names you know.

  • Green Energy

    I met with the Governor after the 2010 oil spill. Great leader. Knowledgeable, involved, compassionate.

  • CalCon10

    Gracious. Empty attacks much?

    A man’s name is what he wants it to be. Right, Barry Soetero?

  • Francis Arsenic


  • watchano

    I know Mr. Jindals track record as a La. resident and as a previous state employee. He is a Headhunter. As Secretary .of DHH in La. he reduced it down to nothing. Reduced number of employees led to worse service for those in need of these services. As Governor of this state he has done the same thing. The budget cuts and prevention of hiring made it impossible for state employees to do their jobs adequately. No office supplies, reduced # of employees on the front line resulted in poor client service. He cares for nothing but the numbers. I didn’t vote for him b4 and would never do so.

  • John Hanover

    I at least know Jindal was born in this country. He also has great patience waiting for Obama to follow Romney into his state. All the people sadly ripping on him are sad and I do feel sorry for them, I wish my governor had the record and leadership of Jindal.

  • rivers

    Why do you think they push the race card so hard? Projection.

  • Amie Galle

    Uh that’s pretty common knowledge here in Louisiana ya morons … we know lots more about Bobby than we do that foreign sounding name dude we got in the white house posing as a American… so touche ya libtards.

  • Chass

    So it’s wrong to “publish” his real name? And for the record, many on both sides of the “political fence” in Louisiana are EXTREMELY frustrated with Governor Jindal. Concerns about his budget cuts, shutting down the remaining mental health hospitals in the state, education, lack of funding for LSU hospitals leading to closures in some parishes…. a myriad of things.

    It’s also interesting to see that accounts from people appearing to be black were used in this “write-up” when MANY of all races tweeted to Jindal’s account, but I guess it had to fit your agenda huh?

    • Lisa

      The only people frustrated with his “budget cuts” are the special interest groups who rely on that money for there own BULLSHIT agendas! And as for the teacher, GET OVER IT, if your not doing your job you should be FIRED! If LSU can afford to pay a football coach a six figure salary then maybe they should rethink their own budget!!! Barak “HUSAIN” Obama, needs to go back to whatever country he’s ACTUALLY from!

      • Chass

        You clearly can’t comprehend or just choose to ignore facts and issues AND don’t already understand that “Barack Hussein Obama (the ACTUAL spelling) was born in America. Apparently that’s all you guys still have right? That and claiming he’s Muslim. Got it.

  • Guest

    If Gov. Jindal was a dem, their would be outcries of racism at these attacks, but it is all to apparent that only conservatives can be racist

  • Kim Price

    tacky tacky posts…wow classy folks here!

  • Silver Goal

    NONE of them will ever regrett or apologize for any of these comments….It’s just how those lefties roll

  • Monterey22

    I’ll take Piyush over a communist any day! From—a hispanic girl

  • AngryConservativeAsianDude

    No wonder the Left consider themselves the rainbow coalition. They just have to pick on people of different shades of skin color.

  • Matt Robinson

    you can tell none of these people even knew who he was before last night. they obviously all jumped on wikipedia to do some opposition research while he was still talking. how else would they ALL know all of a sudden his name is Piyush. the last flacid, flailing strokes of a drowning administration and failed ideology.

  • BeeKaaay

    Remember, leftwingwackos started and ran the Nazi Party and the KKK. Racism is nothing new to them.