Yep. That’s how unreality-based President Obama referred to the bloody mess in Libya and the American casualties of this administration’s deadly dereliction of duty on 60 Minutes last night. Here’s the video:

And here’s more of the swift and sharp reaction:

The one road sign that sums up this corrupt and incompetent White House?


  • rightofcntr

    I watched that horror show. You could see the disinterest for those lives lost and cold ice in his heart. That 60 minutes was a 30 minute TV spot for his campaign blessed by CBS. Horrible and horrifying to watch.

    • Bill

      CBS – stands for cut Barack slack. Shameful that this passes for journalism.

  • TundraThunder

    Obama’s the “bump in the road” for us all, and unfortunately that bump is more like a mountain we may never climb over!

  • M & M’s BFF

    narcissistic personality disorder; the man is devoid of any feelings except for himself.

    • grais

      Exactly. The only bumps he sees are the ones in HIS road.
      The only road he sees is HIS road.
      This man is frightening.

  • mhojai

    He sleeps while the Ambassador is being sodomized and murdered, campaigns in Vegas and attacks free speech, apologizes to the murderers before the bodies are cold, and sees the whole episode as a “bump in the road” — I’m sure those 4 murdered Americans felt the “bump” more than he did!
    Disgraceful! He is BEYOND disgusting! He MUST go!!!

    • Bill

      What happens in Vegas – stays in Vegas, but what happens in Benghazi must see the light of day! For BHO to describe these PREVENTABLE deaths as bumps in the road exposes him for who he is – the biggest mistake this country has ever made. The next bump in the road will HRC, as she is tossed under the OBAMA bus. November 6th cannot come soon enough. I hope the Chief Usher of the White House tells him not to let the door hit him in his ass as he leaves.

  • Owen007

    So, if we go with this analogy, does that make the terrorist killers the Chevy Volt? Both do have a habit of blowing up, after all.

    • pragmatic

      and are both supported by the US government thanks to the obama administration.

  • R0nin

    He’s delusional! He thinks we’re on the road to a more peaceful Middle East/North Africa? Kinda how we’re on the road to stopping the rise of the ocean and healing the planet, I suppose.

    Thing is, he hasn’t actually _done_ anything to move us down that road. Instead, he’s turned the wheel over to the Islamic states and let them decide where they want to drive the bus to.

    But gosh, he’s the President– he doesn’t have to actually _do_ anything; just the fact that he’s in the White House means things automagically get better.

    • Michele Brewster

      Have you watched 2016?? There is a disturbing “future” visual on the world map of the Middle East united as *The United States of Islam* and a bigger power than the USA! That is the road he is on! A gravel road that he is paving very quickly…

  • Discontentwliars

    And the answer to the question is: People have to particiapte in their own governance, and there will be bumps in the road. We will have strong disagreements. Mr. President- Our American people were killed! At that point it is “a little worse” then a bump in the road or a strong disagreement. “As the World Turns” was a SOAP on tv, not a foreign policy. I’m glad your influence with these New regimes has made us all feel good about your path. It was only 4 people, just a bump in the road on your way to a 2nd turn. I’m sure you’ll have more latitude after the election.

  • IN_RadioGuy

    Well, when you’ve spent the past few years covering your @$$ by throwing people under the bus, the road might appear to be a little bumpy.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    “Bumps in the road” There’s a lot of noisy traffic @Obama’s ‘Highway To Hell’.

  • mkreider

    I guess Obama is waiting to think something is significant if half the country does down a sinkhole. He really is pretty disgusting.

  • Beiletti

    Here is one of the reasons why by his own words.—-
    From Audacity of Hope:

    “I will stand with the Muslims should
    the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

  • Edward Reyes

    THE ALINSKY METHOD OF TAKING OVER A COUNTRY: Demoralize the people; Take away their Belief system; Wreck their economy; Gut their Military; Ruin any sense of NATIONAL PRIDE; turn people against each other; Take over the major decisions in o
    ur lives; Frustrate, castrate, remove all moral restrictions and you end up with a huge number of useless idiots, beaten to the core.

    Then you Communists/Marxists/Socialist/Islamic nuts can just waltz in and there will be NO resistance. Whores like Soros can come in and scoop up properties for 10 c on the dollar; conglomerates can gobble up the little guys (think Bank of America, Walmart) THIS IS WHERE WE ARE PATRIOTS. NO matter where you live in the USA, this is where we are. From Detroit that looks like a “Movie Set” for a “disaster or horror” movie to NEW YORK where you can’t put salt on your food, even into TEXAS where you don’t dare carry a religious banner to a football game. THIS IS WHERE we are.

    VOTE. Get 3 others to vote. Make sure they know the facts that you know. FIRST WE HAVE TO STOP THE BLEEDING. WE can do it. There are 75% of us out here, not organized, not held together by UNION thugs… we are the AMERICANS. We are the PATRIOTS. THIS is THE FIGHT.
    for our Generation. IF you think it’s bad now, you don’t want to know what an Unleashed OBAMA would be like. VOTE or this will be our LAST ELECTION.


    • Emily Teague

      I absolutely agree 100% with you and everyone from my place of work to church feel the same way. If Obama gets four more years, America as we have known is over.

  • Adam Cooper

    This guy is a total psisopath.

  • mutnodjmet

    That these clips were the BEST of the Obama material had for the CBS interview makes me wonder — WHAT WAS LEFT ON THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR!

  • maineman65

    Par for the course. American lives are a “bump”, the Constitution was a “bump” as well

  • tbonpc

    Arrogant Bastard in the Whitehouse.

  • Al Christiano

    Let’s hope that after November, we’ll remember the Obama administration as a bump in the road of American greatness and prosperity.

  • David Miller

    If only we could make him a bump in the road

  • Debbie Burkett

    It saddens me to see the small-minded, backward thinking people posting on this page. As an American I heard the man say that we (America) remain committed to democracy and we need to let democracy emerge in these hostile countries. Naturally there will be situations where things go awry (aka bumps in the road) but we must remember that is why we much remain committed to doing the right thing to encourage democracy. I don’t know what you guys prefer? Is it another war, drop another bomb, kill another one of our sons and daughters because we prefer diplomacy and resolve over ignorance and haste?

    • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

      Obama is ignorant, you’ve got that right. These countries will never succumb to democracy. Keep right on apoligizing.

  • Carl Lum Deal

    I hope that was just a poor choice of words. Those deaths were a heck of a lot more than “bumps in the road”.

  • lainer51

    and his water carrier Geraldo called the dead ambassador – “dead dude”… What a class act!!! NOT…
    The last 4 years of this presidency has been MY bump in the road, trust me!!