As Twitchy told you earlier, NY Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan’s closing benediction was the DNC speech of the night. Predictably, mainstream media outlets didn’t want viewers to see it. Twitter users made their displeasure known:

How did ABC News do?

And the official #DNC2012 feed cut him off, too:

The full text of the prayer and video can be found here.


Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan gives pro-life shout-out at DNC

Liberals cuss out Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan

  • Piquerish

    Amusing, perhaps … but not even remotely surprising.

  • TugboatPhil

    I’m pretty sure they had him on a 30 second delay just for this cut away.

  • Hashtag_David

    Hey, Obama personally put God back in the platform. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!?

    • Jeff Mutchler

      Obama didn’t PUT god back in the platform, he thinks he IS god on the platform!

    • Keith Davidson

      Want for him to not have taken God out in the first place…?

    • Karl Strohminger

      David, Obama’s deputy campaign manager said on FOX yesterday that he knew nothing about the God or Jerusalem platform issues until it was all over. Epic fail on your part buddy.

      But what else would we suspect. BHO knows nothing about what is going on in America, why should he know his own party?

  • Kevin Alderman

    If Democrats had any brains, they’d be Republicans. h/t Ann Coulter

  • Sirius U. Guise

    Can’t help you son, cause you’re too young to vote.

  • Albo Raison

    ABC, NBC, …etc What a bunch of putz’s.

  • Darth_Slacker_

    These are Networks that are pandering to LEFTIST that “Boo’ed” God three times in a row as a Group at the Convention – what do you expect?

    • rosebud

      denying God 3 times rings a familiar bell to me, how about you. :(.

      • Ray Harbin

        Rosebud– some called NBC”S action “a joke,” but sacrilege ” is no joke.

        The Godless media will continue to abuse and sneer at American Judeo-Christian principles, until Americans solemnly reject the Marxist media
        element by ignoring their existence.

        “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” John Acton

        The leftist news gangs will continue their diabolical anti-American actions as long as we, the consumers, allow them to continue.

  • Laconicus

    The nets were probably worried the crowd would start booing when Dolan talked about babies being born alive. I am surprised they didn’t boo.

    • jerry

      Not so sure about that. How many walked?

    • neil allen

      Or Dolan talking about his “raise them to rape them” childrens plan.

      • Jеrrу Thоmрsоn

        You must be thinking of those liberal teachers and coaches again.

        • rosalie

          Don’t you know that there are two sets of rules: one for the left and one for the right. Everything the left does is fine and dandy. They’re not racist if they say “Ya’ll gonna be put back in chains” or “A couple of years ago, Obama would be carrying my bags”. If somone like Polanski rapes a child, the Hollywood nut cases actually go to court and defend him! And why are they always having vigils for pedophiles who are going to be executed?

      • allenbarr

        sure put lables on priest but not on those terrorist we call a muslim. no no no.

      • the_bat

        Being neither a catholic nor, even, in particular a church goer, I’ve still observed that while this kind of behavior has happened, it remains, nevertheless, a rare aberration in a church that does untold good helping the sick and downtrodden of the world. On the other hand, the federal government? Not so much. When government creates dependency, that isn’t helping, it’s enslavement.

      • Laconicus

        No actually that classy crowd cheers rapists, just look at the reception they gave Bill Clinton.

  • Dioptase

    Good thing there’s no war on religion, or this would look really bad! -.-

    • jb

      Just wait ,the war on freedom of religion is coming sooner than most people think!

  • disqus_FH9hR1vMT5

    Really? People are still surprised about the extreme bias of the “news” networks? Anyone who stills listens to these numbnuts to make personal decision needs a labotomy.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    “Nail in the coffin” maybe?

  • allenbarr

    that’s right those networks would have not cut off the rev al sharpton or the rev jessie jackson.

    • Keith Davidson

      Because neither of them are any more a reverend than my right tennis shoe.

      • allenbarr

        bingo Keith

  • William Clay

    and did anyone expect this not to happen?

    • Discontentwliars

      I didn’t. I would not have thought that any of the MSM would disrespect the church, in public eye in any case. It’s too bad that NBC & ABC have gone the way of “Tokyo Rose”. It’s no wonder so many people don’t know what’s going on. I truely believed that the reporters would revolt before they let this happen.

  • NYCGunner

    Lots of BS from the tweets above and the comments below. The same was done y’day and you never commented.

  • Rashied

    Any wonder why Fox News is #1?

  • Emil J Milano

    Fear (respect) of God is the beginning of understanding. I gather they don’t respect God enough to want to understand things. I pity them for what they sow is also what they shall reap.

  • Cheryl Young-Reinhart

    if you want the return of God in our country we as a nation need to repent, and ask God for forgiveness. Please for every God fearing person in America, please pray and talk to your children about God. If we don’t God is on His way out. It is our choice to invite Him back in or let Him go. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

    • gator

      Thanks Cheryl.

    • Robert W Brooks


    • Melloney White Connor


    • Robert W Brooks


  • Allen Wood

    How can the DNC ask a Cardinal to pronounce God’s blessing, when they threw Him out of the party? What hypocrisy!

    • Rhonda Wallace

      Actually, I don’t think they did ask. Since he was offering the benediction to the Republicans, he offered it to the Dems as well. They said no at first, but changed their minds (they do that a lot) and allowed it.

  • gator

    What did you expect? Soon they will dragging clergy in the streets and think its ok to do so.

  • stev38rs3

    Shame on NBC who was well aware that BOOOOs were equal or lourder when DNC changed their GOD(less) platform. Question: Are Devils inside the DNC?

    • Ken H.

      I saw someone refer to the DNC as the Demonic National Convention…

  • Vicki Rounsaville Reyna

    NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, etc….etc…I would like to know why you did not have the courage to show Archbishop Dolan’s complete prayer?? You can’t even show respect to a pastor at a Democratic Convention? Or is it that you knew you would not like what he had to say??? FYI….your decision tonight….that is one of the reasons Fox News is number one ……you do NOT know the majority of the American people or you would not make such foolish decisions!

    • Kathleen Bell


    • Robert W Brooks

      Exactly…They have a total Left agenda….Kick our Lord out…..No absolute Truth allowed….John 14:6.

  • stev38rs3

    Mind boggling why CNN don’t invite FOX News journalists contributor in their programing, unlike Bill O’Reily and Hannity who invite Allen Colmes, and Bob Beckle. Juan Williams, a Fox News contributor is allowed to talk for the Democrats or Republicans.

    • rosalie

      CNN has Dana Loesch and, I believe, several other conservatives working for them. From what I’ve read, Breitbart was also hired by them. I think he would have increased their ratings tremendously. I don’t watch CNN or even Fox News but a lot of commenters are getting tired of Beckel and Williams because they’re so obnoxious – especially Beckel. But, then, that’s par for the course with liberals.

  • Hugnlibs

    SO tolerant…judge a man not by what he says but by what he DOES….the Radical Left OWNS the Dem Party….Last chance “moderate” Dems to jump off the sinking ship…they will come for you FIRST because you will go willingly into the night…and I wont be there to help you…You’ve BEEN WARNED TOO MANY TIMES!

  • FrontRowNews

    is anyone really surprised at how LIBERAL MEDIA treats religious figures, that believe in the sanctity of LIFE for the unborn. LIBERALS have no manners or decency anymore. LIBERALS are vindictive liars. How many examples do you want?

  • Keith Davidson

    Truly with their own words and deeds do they condemn themselves.

  • EastValleyConservative

    Not understanding the ridiculous outrage of liberals. I read the speech in its entirety. The only thing they can be angry about is if they are against life, against freedom for the citizens of the U.S., against a government working for you instead of the other way around. Oh..but wait. These ignorant people honestly ARE against these things. As much hate as they spew at those they demand be enslaved to keep them with their smartphones, flat screen tvs, and Ipads, you’d think they would be a little…..nicer. These aren’t people who believe basic needs must be met, because they believe basic needs means they should live as well as someone who worked all of their life for it to achieve it. Sad….

  • G.K. Sexton

    MSNBC & CNN help #DNC smother God-talk at their cabal. Shame!

  • neil allen

    Did Dolan talk about convicted pedophile protector Bishop FInn?
    Or recently convicted pedophile protector Msgr Lynn?
    Did Dolan mention that he paid known pedophiles a $20,000 severance package?

  • s.f.canyon

    Epic fail on the part of the National Bolshevik Club #NBC Cutting off Dolan’s closing benediction was not only rude as h3ll but was sacrilegious to boot! Take note, they did not censor Siraj Wahhaj’s prayers opening this treasonous little soiree (note to the uninformed this a$$hat is a “potential unindicted co-conspirator” in the first World Trade Center bombing) and people wonder why I consider them part of the treason lobby…

    • Caroline Strasser

      That needs to be in ALL CAPS.

  • tingle007

    they seem scared of pro life catholics disagreeing with fearless leader

  • AlmaAlma

    OK Christians and people of Faith. Need any more proof?? Lefty’s will always be SUCKERS. They believe that man is infallible and the font of all wisdom and will NEVER EVER take advantage, lust for Power, ram that Boot onto the little suckers necks. Noooooo. They promise the world and they will deliver it!!! Come hell or high water (which it will btw).

  • Caroline Strasser
  • Paul C.

    The proof is in the actions not the words, the choice is very simple in November.

  • James Curtis

    When freedom attacks freedom we have become to free. When God is removed from schools, when attempts are made to remove “In God we trust” from money and “One nation under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. When we hold DEAR the ability to kill Babies at will, when Crosses and the Nativity Scene can not be displayed on Public Property When all love is removed from our society we will only have ha
    te left and Freedom will be lost FOREVER. If you stand for any of these things I do not stand with you. I am one Man Under God Who Kneels Before the Cross and begs Mercy from my Savior and I believe that to Murder a Baby is the most heinous act that a Human can commit against another Human Being

    • Brian Berryman

      Public property? You’re a bit behind…they’ve been pushing to remove these and more from PRIVATE property for a while now as well.

    • Melloney White Connor

      You said it best.

  • nail44

    Every one should know already that Dems are not Christian at all. If you support Abortion and Homosexual marriage you are not a friend of God, or support paying slothful people to sit home and not work while you Steal from the working class to pay them …. Someone needs a Bible .

  • mkreider

    That is why people stay with Fox.

  • iowatomcat

    What do you expect from the godless party and there godless minions in the media. And a political party that promotes baby killing and sodomy is godless.

  • Gerard Neumann

    Nell is going to Hell.

  • Shelby is a Patriot

    …And not one conservative was surprised.

  • Melissa Mattox

    Is anyone really surprised by this? Really!!?? The msm can’t allow themselves to be seen as supporting God with their viewers. How would that look to “THE ONE”??? P-BO might cut them off again…. lol A few of the major “heads” were having withdrawals last time he cut them off. lol

  • Hadenoughalread

    God bless Archbishop Dolan…they should call this speech Dolan in the Lion’s Den…way to go Bish!!!!

  • billeeblue

    We never thought we’d see our news outlets morph into a communistic, oppressing, medium. That’s what is happening. Glenn Beck had to go underground and Fox News is putting themselves in a dicey position if Supreme Commander Obama is re-elected. I am re-reading the whole Left Behind Series and talk about a parallel!

  • TitzyFritzensimmons

    Beautiful prayer, but he was casting pearls before swine.

  • Marvin Rose

    nbc stand for national broadcasting for communism, of course these networks that are shills for obama are going to censor anything that would change the country. The networks nbc, cbs, abc , cnn, msnbc. All are part of the problem. Why do people watch them.

  • Walker Bennett

    I’m not religious but I do understand that the vast majority of the country follows one faith or another. Cutting short a prayer given by a respected member of the clergy sort of lets you know what the media thinks about the beliefs of the American public. He just better be glad he isn’t muslim, he would have been shot as a “suspected militant” as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.

    • Dave Wadsworth

      Sorry Walker, that’s just an utterly ridicules and irresponsible thing to say.

      • Walker Bennett

        Why? Just because the guy is catholic doesn’t mean he’s not respected.

        • Dave Wadsworth

          Hehh….you say something extreme at the end of your post and then respond with a short vague reply about the beginning of it. I’m not taking the bait. Bye

          • Walker Bennett

            Well played sir. 90% of people would have went on a angry tirade and called me all sorts of unsavory names. It was only a joke. I knew what your original reply was about, and that was a joke too. Common sense prevails once again.

  • Melody Canterberry

    The entirety of the LSM are cowards, every single one of them. I didn’t see the benediction but just now read the text, and it was beautiful. I’ll bet a few heads exploded last night.

  • delta4ce

    This is just one of the ways propaganda works to brainwash people. It suppresses what it does not want you to hear so you won’t think that what it says isn’t true.

  • Mr. Fever Head

    Complete and utter bias. You know if the tables were turned the media would be moist on the joist to show America.

  • Naplesjim

    That’s why their ratings are slipping. If I want unbiased news I watch FOX. All the rest are just hype. The Liberals are going DOWN in November.

  • Mike Michaels

    thats why you should be watching FOX instead of any of the other left wing channels.

  • Thomas Baranowski

    Just think what 4 more years will be like!! Everyone needs to get 1 person to change their mind

  • Netmilsmom

    CBS cut it too.

  • Tom

    Why is anyone wondering why the main stream media cut off Cardinal Dolan? They and half the Liberals and Dems do not believe in GOD. They do not want YOU to believe in GOD. They only love the great ANTI Christ BHO.

  • Stephen

    Here is how I sum Democratic Party Platform: Anti-God, Anti-Life, Anti-Free Market

    • Joe W.

      And Anti-American

  • brianmouland

    Dont dictatorships do the same thing

  • Nadine Faber

    People better wake up. This attempt to keep God out of everything should be raising red flags, the hair stand up on the back of your neck and the need more than ever to stand up for our rights and freedoms. Those who are bowing at obama’s feet better hope and pray he doesn’t get back into office because they too will wish with all their hearts that they had never put him back. They will pay the ultimate price like the rest of us and end up with rationed health care, unemployment, tons of new taxes and those making $200,000 up with the millionaires and billionaires will see government take their money and spread it around to those who don’t have any (either from lazy, can’t find work, disabled, etc.) so we can all live like the peasants in the past. I don’t know how obama says forward when everything he is doing is going backwards. He rambled on and on last night and used “God” his speech, but his heart and actions say other wise. When you have the word “Jesus covered up in a building” before you speak, leave the word “God” out of your speeches, push gay marriage, abortion and other like policies, it says about his real thoughts and where his values line: not in Christianity. Just like in the bible, God talks about either you are for him or against him. You can’t be both and that doesn’t matter if you are a president of the US or cook in a school. He will be judged accordingly so we don’t have to judge him because if I was obama, well he will have his day of judgement. In another reply on something like this, a woman talked about that God is stronger and will over come and don’t worry. I reminded her that we are to do our part in speaking out, demonstrating, voting against anti-God and anti-American policies, etc. God talks about going out and spreading the word in truth and love. This is a time we need to be doing exactly that and fighting against a government who chooses to restrict and quiet down our freedoms of religion and our rights as a human being. God help us if they retain his position. Truth in love and pointing out the illogical reasoning behind their policies and affects on the economy, the people and our nations security is critical. First pray so you have God’s words to use and not your own to speak to others hearts. We need to pray for the media so that they will also speak the truth and change their evil ways.

  • John Mullins

    Cardinal Dolan also referenced gay “marriage” with this comment: “Empower us with your grace so that we might resist the temptation to replace the moral law with idols of our own making, or to remake those institutions you have given us for the nurturing of life and community.” Thank you, God, for giving us Cardinal Dolan.

  • Randall Stokes

    NOW YOU KNOW is nbc a fair news channel no.

  • Randall Stokes

    We are moving in hyperspeed to destruction of america or the world as we no it.

  • Steve Abdelkoui

    Catholic church ??? Is this election about religion now??? Please give me a break. The catholic church does not need anymore attention than it already has.

  • radhat

    This thread is perfect example of how the left works.
    It moves the discussion from something that makes them uncomfortable (Lack of God in the Democrat party, MSM cutting off prayer etc) to something that think they have the higher ground on, or where they have more sure footing.
    These tactics serve only to increase their loss of credibility.
    True God fearing Americans should be running from the Democrat Party like their hair was on fire.

  • Thomas Tilley

    The only thing media outlets understand is advertising revenue. What people should do is makes lists of every advertiser on these channels and make every attempt to not spend money with them. Make it known to these advertisers of these media outlets that this is the reason. As long as the networks act in this manner the mass majority will spend their money elsewhere. Hopefully with these advertisers’ competitors.But Sadly, I don’t see this happening anytime soon. People get upset, voice their opinions but still funding these stations with the money they spend

  • JTLiuzza

    What’s amazing to me is why anyone actually watches NBC in the first place. What did you expect?

  • Hal Fast

    The real question, why are people still watching CNN, CBS, and NBC? Really?

  • Gail Conner

    Keep it up NBC and other liberal news outlets….. this is why your news ratings are so low! FoxNews is the news that is fair and balanced!!!!

  • Donna #TeamUSA

    Dems did remove GOD from their platform, this explains why. Obama only had it put back in because he knew he crossed the line & needs the Christian vote. If any one who considers themselves a Christian, votes for Obama, they are a liar.

  • Glenna Bradshaw

    NBC = Pravda

  • Hep

    This thread has gotten all garbled up with side arguments. Back to the subject: The DNC invited Archbishop Dolan to give the Benediction. Most networks cut him off mid-prayer. No matter what your beliefs are, this was rude. It doesn’t matter if it was a member of the clergy giving a prayer or Ryan Seacrest reciting The Jabberwocky, it should have been shown in its entirety.

  • stuckinIL4now

    It went beyond NothingButCrap’s two hours of coverage.

  • michael

    Proof that the inclusion of God is just Pandering, with no real belief.

  • James Schneider

    While I disagree with neil’s exaggerated figures, he is correct in stating that this isn’t about sexual orientation. As with any rape whether the victim be msle, female, or child, the rapist wants power. He or she is obssessed with the power he or she derives from the weak.

    Is anyone really surprised the Bisop’s prayer was cut? If you were, I have Al Sharpton’s bridge to sell you.

  • Hal Hart

    So typical of the Lib talking heads. But is anyone really surprised? After all, BO puts his feet up on the Presidential desk and elsewhere around the WH. No respect for the office, and certainly no respect for the unborn (and those who would try to save them) and Almighty God.

  • vasiliki kaiser

    Why is everyone surprised!

  • Batreader

    They cut out part of the Olympic opening ceremony cos it had a hymn in it

  • Nancy Rice

    It is sad that we have shunned GOD from schools, public meetings, media coverage, and so many areas of our lives and then when tradegy strikes…He’s the 1st one we blast and say,”Where is He? Why did HE let this happen?!” We are a society of humanists and go by way we think to be right! Pitfall…it’s so evident, but I have an answer! He’s where He’s ALWAYS BEEN….standing and waiting in the wings. When we turn up our noses at His ways and principles for living chaos reigns. His blueprint for living is much better that ours. The scripture says,” Man’s (collective, so as not to provoke the feminists) heart is wicked and full of no good thing. Out of the heart the mouth speaks.” N.

  • BeeKaaay

    MSM are anti-Catholic bigots, they are just like the KKK.

  • mzk1_1

    Give this to the delegates – they were respectful, and even cheered.
    I get the following messages –
    He spoke out –
    For welfare
    Against abortion
    Against the mandates
    Against homosexual marriage
    For immigration
    For the troops
    Against partisanship
    Against taking God out of the platform
    That’s how I read it.

  • Bryan Valverde

    NBC NightlyBullCrap

  • Blue Dilly

    Hmm. Any ideas as to why my comments have been deleted?