Now, that’s a spine of steel.

Catholic Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan of New York, an outspoken critic of President Obama’s abortion mandate and war on Catholic health care providers, was given the closing benediction slot at the DNC. After agreeing to deliver the closing prayer at the RNC, Dolan revealed that he had extended his services to the Democrats, but was blown off. 

The matter was quietly smoothed over and Dolan appeared tonight.

He tweeted before the prayer:

Dolan didn’t hold back:

Dolan also summoned prayers for those “persecuted for their religious convictions” — a clear shot at the Obama administration’s campaign against the religious freedom of Catholic and other religious health care providers opposed to the Obamacare abortion mandate.

Democrats for Life was iced out of spots on the stage; their petition to change the platform to reflect the views of 21 million pro-life Democrats was rejected.

But Cardinal Dolan amplified and represented the silenced on stage:

Hands down, Dolan was the most memorable and newsworthy speaker of the night. Too bad most networks didn’t air it.

The full text of the prayer and video can be found here.

Note: An earlier version of this post mistakenly included video of Dolan’s prayer at the RNC (that is, last week).  We have removed that video.


NBC, others cut off Archbishop Dolan’s pro-life prayer; viewers revolt

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  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    Thank God there was at least one sane person there. I may not agree totally with Catholic doctrine, but thank God that man was there to call upon God. And with conviction.

  • govprof

    This is an ad the church developed. It is quietly powerful:

    • jeanbean14

      Oh my gosh!!! I love it! I’m not used to hearing this from the Catholic church–I know so many Catholics that are life-long Democrats and I never thought that would be challenged. I’m a Christian, but Protestant. This video is amazing! The irons in the fire, the words chosen, and most powerfully the scripture quote from Psalms about building the house in vain – SO FANTASTIC! I’m forwarding this to my family and friends, regardless of denomination. This blew me away! I have been so outraged that ANY of our lawmakers think they can force people to violate their own conscience. It makes me sick! And what is warned of in the video is exactly true to life. If they will violate our freedom of religion, and we let them do it, they will never stop. It’s a frightening future ahead of us if we don’t stand up to the tyranny that is scrambling to overpower us. It is still up to us right now. When I heard about some Catholic bishops denouncing the contraceptive mandate, I wanted to shout, “I am with you!!!” Nobody in this country should be forced to violate their conscience or their religious beliefs like that. I will never be Catholic, but I am a Christian, and we need to stick together on this. Can’t wait to share the video. Awesome!!!!!!! Thank you so much for posting the link, TJ!!!

      • Evelyn Lowe

        There are many things we need to stick together on in our different religions. We are all more alike than we are different. It is time that we unite and face this Goliath as though we are many Davids. Always remember, there is strength in numbers.
        I have been Catholic all my life and proud to be so. I had 12 years of Catholic schooling, and not once did I ever hear a nun or a priest put down another religion. We were taught to have the utmost respect for the beliefs and values of others. We were also taught to love everybody. And I do, but I especially love my Christian brothers and sisters of all faiths.
        Let’s keep the faith together.

  • TL

    This video is from the RNC not the DNC.

    • nonyabus


    • Frustrated Teacher

      The posted video is from the RNC, but the text is from tonight’s DNC.

  • Dio Heerai

    They voted no! to God THREE times , now remember THIS
    Luke 22:34 …Jesus answered, “I tell you, Peter, before the rooster crows today, you will deny three times that you know me.”

    Democrats or Demon-crats

    • bboysteady

      Peter? First Pope Peter? Leader of the early Christian church Peter? “Upon this rock (the understanding the Jesus was the Christ) I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it” Peter? Walked on water Peter? Yes, that Peter rejected Jesus three times and then went on to lead the early church in its nascent years. Your Demon-crats comment falls flat. The democratic leadership needs to do more to embrace evangelical Christians, but cheap, inflammatory attacks do NOTHING to bring glory to the father. And, just from a strategic view point, conflating the left with such an important biblical figure doesn’t really illustrate the point it SEEMS you were attempting to make. Just saying…

      • Dio Heerai

        If my comment fell flat why did write this long rambling lunacy of a post . It hit home and soon will among millions of god faring democrats an almost ALL independents . So keep your alinsky crap to yourself DEMON-CRAT

  • Denny Sehmer

    The video shown is from the Republican convention, however. I don’t know if the prayer at the DNC was the same or similar, but it wasn’t the one shown above…

  • sthguard

    Since when are there 21 million pro-life Democrats? Every Democrat I’ve ever known is either vehemently pro-abortion or, at best, claims that abortion is a “private matter” and that we shouldn’t “enforce our morality.”

    • Maria

      They’ve been silenced by their mouthy peers.


    the wrong link is posted above….it was the RNC one…..

    • Daisytoo

      He said essentially the same thing at both …

    • allenbarr

      i think you are right

  • Diane Stephan

    God bless you Cardinal Dolan.

  • Laurie Harrison

    Life and God, in the same building with the DNC. He said GOD, in a good and prayerful way….Amazing!

  • TugboatPhil

    Hands down, the bravest speaker at that convention.

    • Tom Bannigan

      Bravery isn’t needed when you walk with God. Your back is already covered.

    • Michael Hampton

      How is that brave? We all know that he is for protecting and paying off priests who rape children. We all know that he hates gay people and women. What’s brave about that?

      • Maria

        Seems if anyone is filled with hate here, it’s you. You’re very vile.

  • republican

    wow!… talk about walking into the lion’s den!!!

  • Daisytoo

    Cardinal Dolan placated Obama and Company by appearing at the DNC – if the Left gives any thought at all to religious freedom and right to life – Dolan’s appearance will be seen as an endorsement of Obama – and this despite the fact that Obama has not only declared war on the unborn, but on the only religion that raises even its (weak) voice to oppose him. One would hope that Cardinal Dolan understand that appeasement of evil never works. But he doesn’t seem to get it.

    • Vicki Rounsaville Reyna

      Cardinal Dolan said that he went to both the RNC and the DNC as a pastor not as a political person…He is far from appeasing evil…did you listen to his prayer? He boldly proclaimed not the Catholic doctrine or a Democratic or Republican view…no…He proclaimed the Word of God and spoke God’s views on abortion and other issues….I am not Catholic but I know that Father God used this precious man of God not to “appease” but to witness to and remind those there of the Truth in God’s Word! He was bold and loving and used to minister the truth in his prayer to those in the room….when Caroline Kennedy spoke…she proclaimed she was Catholic but then dismissed one of their most important beliefs and went on to give her view on “women’s issues”…Cardinal Dolan gave the truth of God’s Word and he took that convention by storm! They won’t forget his prayer or his presence there any time soon!

      • Daisytoo

        You credit the anti-God, pro-abortion/Obama crowd w/skills of discernment they simply don’t possess. Cardinal Dolan should not have appeared at the DNC. Far better to pray for the collective souls of the Democrats at the freedom of religious expression, right to life RNC. He can say all he wants that his appearance isn’t political, but he cannot be that naive. Catholics, like Jews, traditionally – unthinkingly – vote en masse as Democrats. Dolan could have used his clout to stand against that tradition. My guess? He’ll also vote for Obama. No matter what.

        • Vicki Rounsaville Reyna

          He prayed at both conventions…how could they take him praying at the Democratic convention as a political statement? I think that my God is well able to use a prayer to reach a cold heart…no matter how little discernment they have…how many of us had true discernment prior to our salvation? I believe the power of Holy Spirit to touch a life with His Love and the message of salvation isn’t diminished because it is a room full of Democrats…He can reach anyone in either party who needs Jesus….He gets the credit…not me or you or even the Cardinal…but I know it pleased the Father’s Heart when he was obedient and prayed that prayer.. I personally think he will vote differently…

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            God is well able to use ANY man. Don’t forget.

          • Daisytoo

            Wait ’til you get to work and hear what kind of impression Cardinal Dolan made … then remember what I’ve said. Of course, I don’t dispute that God moves in mysterious ways. But I don’t get the impression that Dolan was moving in sync w/God. He was making nice w/Obama.

        • Maria

          Maybe partly he wanted to show how Godless those people were by the backlash of him being there. Hmm.

      • Evelyn Lowe

        Right on!

  • republican

    I pray for the democrat’s souls every day!!!!

  • Ann Cartwright Argila

    Umm, did anyone notice that the video up top was Dolan at the RNC? I saw the Gingrichs. Where’s the video from tonight’s slapdown??


    god bless Cardinal Dolan!

  • adriaperez

    Cardinal Dolan hit out the park tonight. Hopefully God will bless this great country and it’s people.

  • nc

    I was so excited to see him, I was jumping up and down, cheering! Go to for a full text of his speech. Yay!

  • StanChaz

    Let’s face it: Cardinal Dolan is a Prince of the Church who wants to be King-maker.

    But as the good Cardinal parades under the spotlights of the political conventions,

    I’d like to humbly remind him that there is room for only ONE real super-star in his religion. And that is the one who started it.

    For as the Cardinal last week addressed and blessed the Republicans and their billionaire buddies,

    as he smiled upon those who would destroy Social Security & voucher Medicare to death,

    and as he struted on the stage with those who readily admit they “don’t care about the very poor”

    ……it would have been good for Cardinal Dolan to stop, to remember, and to take to heart the words of his boss, who once said “Whatsoever you do for the least of these – you do for me”.

    Unless perhaps, …just perhaps, the Cardinal is working for someone else these days? Just asking.

    The Republicans REAL god is MONEY, and THEIR saints

    are those who have LOTS of it….but want it ALL.

    Our Founding Fathers wisely realized that politics, secular power, and religion do not mix.That they bring out the worst in each other , and that ultimately they would destroy each other, and us, in the process
    pastor should stick to his pulpit, not political conventions. Period.

    • nonyabus

      And who are you? SATAN?

      • LochGates44

        He’s worse. He’s a socialist.

        • John W. Kerr

          Intragovernmental debt is money the government has borrowed from past surpluses in government trust funds such as those for Social Security and Medicare and that the government owes on paper to itself. They just “churned” over $10,000,000,000,000. this yr.!!! The federal government needs to churn through trillions of dollars each year above the level of current annual federal spending in order to maintain its $16 trillion debt—much of which is held in Treasury notes that mature in anywhere from 2 to 10 years and Treasury bills that mature in anywhere from a few days to less than a year. Grandma called this borrowing from Peter to pay Paul! Guess what, the FOOLS of the Demonrat party sheeple are too stupid to figure that out!

          • Maria

            Math has never been their strong suit. That is why it’s always fallen on the Right Wing to correct the finances.

      • John W. Kerr

        Naw…he’s just a guy who lets hate, envy, ignorance of facts in evidence, and self-righteousness rule his life blindly in service of his masters and their evil master! People like that ignore facts like the richest and the majority of millionaires in congress are Demonrats….doesn’t know Demonrats pilfered Soc. Sec. and replaced your S.S. money with IOU’s several congresses ago…. robbed Medicare of 700 billion to fund Obamacare’s bureaucracy which is a ludicrus negativity as medicare is already running billions in deficit spending all adding to national debt…..and to top it off can’t even read the 1st. amendment of the U.S. Constitution legally or historically only activistly…but there are millions of such fools whom facts elude entirely settling for deceptive infactual retoric as political thought!

    • Daisytoo

      And he should be instructing the priests to speak against abortion and Obama’s abortion policies – from the pulpit. They are silent. And so, complicit.

    • Linda

      “don’t care about the very poor”, you quoted this as being spoken and admitted to by Republicans. please give me a reference as to the name of the person who said these words, when they were spoken and the occasion as to why they were spoken. i want indisputable proof because i’m sick of the lies that are coming from the Left. i read and watch and listen to just about everything political by both the Democrats and the Republicans and can find no reputable proof of this admission by Republicans. thank you! just asking!

    • allenbarr

      stan you are like all liberals. you hate rich white people. you want all goverment aid to go to anyone but a white person in need. the only time they show a white in need is to make a political point. in your mind do you think of us as evil? don’t even lie don’t even answer. sure you do. i’ll be praying for you and the rest of those ungodly souls.

    • Shari Rhodes

      I’m hitting my imaginary ‘boo’ button at that one.

    • Maria

      Your post is full of fallacies and Democratic rhetoric. Not surprising. May you find God and the Right way.

      Obama wishes this to be a socialist nation, not one of freedom where a person can realize their dream and strive to achieve it. He wants everyone except him and his buddies to be poor, so that can be even more overwhelmingly rich and control the masses, the citizens of the U.S., like puppets. Also, he wants the citizens of the U.S. to be totally reliant on the government and not on themselves like in the past (our Forefathers didn’t want us to be dependent on the government for everything). Sorry, but that is NOT the America I want to live in. I want to live in a FREE country where I’m dependent on myself not the government. And not to mention Liberals want to take away any right to pursue Judeo-Christian religions, or maybe any religions at all.

      Republicans don’t pray to money as your leaders would have you brainwashed to believe, we just believe in FREEDOM to pursue happiness. Also, why is it that Republicans are more than likely to give to charity than the Left, believe in God more than the Left, and succeed in life more than the Left? Hmm.

      • Michael Hampton

        Unless you are gay. Right? Freedom for everyone except gay people.

        • Maria

          Silly, Michael, everyone has the same rights. Yes they do! *pinches your cheek* Everyone can marry someone of the opposite sex. :) Moving on!

  • Alicia Kardell

    What better place to bring God and Prayer then into a den of confused people who don’t seem to know up from down. Thank God somebody prayed and asked Him to intervine.

    Interesting how the DNC denied God (and Israel) three times before the cocky crowed.

  • Smart Grunt

    The Democrats believe in abortion because they haven’t figured out how to get them to vote on election day.

  • kthorn

    A wonderful prayer Cardinal. God Bless you as well.

  • daveachicagoareajamerican

    The only thing that would’ve topped off the evening for me would have been for Cardinal Dolan to give Sandra Fluke a great big hug on stage! And then maybe a group hug with Sandra, Bill Clinton, and President Obama. But then Bill might have gotten carried away and not let go of Sandra…

  • NathanMBickel

    I’m very gratified that Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan stood for life at the DNC!
    At least there was one sensible person in that crowd that shamlessly had to go and ask Obama to continue his pillage of America. Please Google further of my thoughts, if you will, from my moralmattersdotorg posted commentary of last night:

    Democratic National Convention nominates serial liar, sex offender and extortion expert

  • allenbarr

    best speach at the DNC even though it is a prayer.

    • gladys whipple hurtis

      I would go one further. Best speech at the DNC because it was a prayer.

  • Elizabeth

    It wasn’t Obama or Biden or any Movie Star that had the BEST Speech at the DNC… was CARDINAL DOLAN…..!!!! He hit it out of the park just like David when he slew Goliath!!!! Be BRAVE, BE BOLD, BE CATHOLIC!!! (Biden could learn something here!)

    • Michael Hampton

      That’s right. Way to protect child rapists in order to save your own reputation Mr. Dolan. Good for you.

  • oldtxcowboy

    I did not watch the DNC tonight or any night, however I think it needs to be made known that the video above got uploaded accidently most likely.
    The video above was the Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan giving the benediction at the end of the RNC – Republican National Convention. Notice Boener standing off to his right? The blue background on the screens, etc. I watched that evening’s close at the RNC and also went back and looked at it on DVR a minute ago. Again, perhaps Cardinal Dolan DID give a benediction to the DNC tonight but that video above is NOT it.
    Would love to see the one from tonight though if anyone has it.

    • nc

      Oh, he gave it, alright. I saw it live. He was tremendous. They didn’t know what hit ’em.

      • oldtxcowboy

        Oh yea. I went back and followed your link to tonight’s video. AWESOME job by Cardinal Dolan. I was glad to see that no one booed him. Not too happy about seeing men wearing hats while he gave the prayer though. But that is just my Texas upbringing.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    That is one brave man. I have always respected his opinions and ideas. He did a wonderful thing in that benediction. He refused to give up his personal convictions and beliefs for political correctness. Truly a man of God. I am not a Catholic, but I am a Cardinal Dolan fan as of tonight!

    • NCRelite

      We’re all Christians in the end. God bless :-)

      • Carl Dennis

        That’s not true,, many people go to hell everyday!

        • Rasmus

          I’m thinking Taylor was referring to the different denominations. We have differences, but are all Christians.

        • IslandHawk

          Yes, they are called liberals.
          And you claim to be the “party of tolerance”…
          child, please

    • Michael Hampton

      So you are a fan of how he hid over $350,000 of church money away from the kids that were proven in court to be raped by priests? He didn’t want them to get their supple young hands on that money so he committed a crime by hiding it. You like that?

  • NCRelite

    I was moved by his words, but I think the Church needs to wake up to who the Democrats really are. They are 4 times less likely to believe in God than the Republicans.

  • Glynn Finley

    As being adopted, has it occurred that if an un-born child could vote during a politician’s tenure, they might view their stance differently?



    • brianmouland

      For stating his opinion!

    • Maria

      Why? For doing God’s work?

  • David Powell
  • William Clay

    and did anyone expect the DNC or the MSM to actually listen … I didn’t

    • Maria

      Trying to bring the gospel to the unwashed is better than not trying at all.

  • Karey

    So proud of Cardinal Dolan. What a brave and beautiful prayer. Thank you and may you be blessed for your courage.

  • whatistruth

    When I saw Cardinal Dolan in the Devil’s Den, I shut off my TV. I was aghast he would pray with pagans. the 20 million + Democrats who are pro-life should be ashamed by their silence.

    • Conservative First

      He wasn’t praying with pagans, he was praying for pagans, just as Jesus did.

    • Shari Rhodes

      Oh I don’t see it that way at all! Preaching to pagans is exactly what God would want him to do….they are the ones who need to hear the word of God the most. He was indeed brave to go out there and face that Godless crowd. I appreciate what Cardinal Dolan did tonight!

    • nc

      No, this was the opposite of “preaching to the choir.”

    • Maria

      He was trying to bring the truth to them. To let them see the light. It may not work, but at least he tried, and maybe with some succeed.

      • Michael Hampton

        By showing us how great he looks in his robe while he is hiding money from kids who were raped by priests?

        • Maria

          You are a misguided person, I will pray for you. :)

  • Sr_Lisa

    Cardinal Dolan reminded me of Daniel in the Lions’ den; or Saint Paul …

  • brianmouland

    Like Clint last week simply verbalized what many are thinking

  • Sheryl Baker

    Shame on the DNC – they made a huge error yesterday with the platform debacle and then “doubled down” by openly insulting the Cardinal. Caroline Kennedy of all people to include the disgraceful attitude in her speech when she discussed “women’s rights”.

    • Michael Hampton

      How dare women want their health care covered the way that Viagra is covered for men. It’s a downright shame. Remember the good old days when you could punch a woman in the mouth in public in people would just assume she was asking for it? Now they will probably give you a dirty look.

      • Georgie Porgie

        Viagra is not birth control for men, or did you not know that? Viagra is a sex enhancer, the pill is birth control. Catholics don’t believe in any form of birth control and that is why they oppose paying for it. You are comparing apples to oranges. If you want to make a good argument you should make the case for men getting vasectomies, then your argument might make some sense. FYI – some Catholic based companies don’t pay for those either so it’s not just a “war on women.”

        • Michael Hampton

          It is not apples to oranges, it is sexual health care. Period. And if they don’t wan to pay for birth control for their employees, then why not only employ catholics? OH! That’s right, it’s discrimination to only hire catholics. So why wouldn’t it be discrimination to not pay for the health care of your employees when everyone else has to? How does paying for the birth control of your employees stop you from worshipping God? How does it interfere with your ability to pray?

          • Georgie Porgie

            It doesn’t, I don’t pray because I’m an Atheist.

            The reason you can’t discriminate against someone in the workforce based on their religious beliefs is because in this country we have laws to protect you against that. We have the right to work. As far as healthcare goes, that is a benefit. You do not have a right to it. Not all employers offer health insurance just like a 401k.

            And yes, apples to oranges. Viagra is to help with ED and sexual performance that is why it is covered. They are not against procreation in the Catholic religion, they are against birth control which is why birth control and most vasectomies are not covered. It goes against their faith and what they believe, that is why it is not covered. If they are devout, they don’t turn it off to appease others. While I am not a believer, I also can respect the church’s view. Everyone in the country has the freedom of religion. They can believe whatever they wish. That is what makes this country great.

            I don’t really see why this is such a big deal, Walmart offers birth control for $9 a month.

  • Joe Hilger

    Barack Hussein Obama II was born possessing dual-citizenship. Therefore, Obama can not be seen as being a ‘natural born citizen.’
    Tonight Obama will be accepting the Democratic Party’s nomination. Tonight or tomorrow the DNC will be sending notifications that they certify Obama as their candidate to the Secretaries of State for all 50 states. These notifications will either explicitly state that Obama is constitutionally eligible to serve as president, or they will imply it. Either way, the certifications will be fraudulent.

    • Maria

      They did it four years ago with their lies and false documents too.

    • Brian McDevitt

      Again, you’re idiots. Why are they false, because Donald Trump and some backwoods redneck sheriff said so? Oh, right, I forgot you sitting at your computer with your barely legal boy porn in one window, your ticket to Bangkok on your desk and your bible right next to you, you genius sir were the one who was able to determine if he was born in the United States. I bow down to you for your keen detective skills.

      • thegentlemanpunk

        There is a legal argument to be made concerning the possibility of dual citizenship making him ineligible for the presidency, most legal scholars dismiss it, but it is still an argument. You sir only seem to care about making personal attacks though.

  • Ned Sweeney

    Into the pit of hell, the holy man named Cardinal Dolan faced many hatefilled demons who called themselves Democrats but what they are is intellectually lacking, foulmouthed embarrassments to their Creator, nation and party. Of course, they reflect the true feelings of their leaders who shouldoffer them a well done.

  • tjp77

    Literally the best speech of the entire convention. Dolan is a wonderful speaker and a great man.

  • Maria

    Cardinal Dolan is a true man of God! God protected him even in the nest of evil. God Bless him!

    • Michael Hampton

      i know! The same way that Dolan protected those child rapists! Right?

      • Maria

        Awww you can make things up without proof! How cute! Bless your heart little guy!

      • IslandHawk

        Classy response from a typical Obama groupie…

  • Susan McKay

    Michelle….I thought the same thing!!! I thought the DNC was gonna boo him! He WAS the best speaker of the night!!

    • Michael Hampton

      We aren’t like the republicans. We don’t boo or interrupt people.

      • shimauma

        Actually, the left wing folks are more inclined to poop on cop cars, trash public parks and rape women at their “Occupy” events.

  • MarkStolzoff
  • Brian McDevitt

    You all are idiots. You talk about his defense of people who were persecuted because of religion yet as you sit here and chastise people for what you believe is a lack of faith (I’m guessing that because they are Democrats you are assuming they are Godless heathens) that is exactly what you are doing. Freedom of religion is exactly that so why should an employer have the right to limit someone’s healthcare coverage due to religion? When you say that forcing a Catholic employer to cover birth control for women (which, news flash, isn’t used just for birth control) that’s an attack on religion but when you attack a person because you think they don’t have religion in their lives it’s helping the wicked. You all need to get off of your hypocrisy high horse.
    By the way, thanks to the religious Right gay people cannot get married. What’s your view on bestiality? Because how is it we live in a country where there are more states where it is legal to have sex with a horse than it is for two gay people to marry. Or adopt a child in need (which by the way studies show those children adopted by gay couples lead happier and more prosperous lives than those adopted by straight couples). I say again, idiots.

    • thegentlemanpunk

      Actually studies on gay adoption are, at best, inconclusive, on some measures of happiness they measure higher, but they often seem to have trouble forming long term relationships. not all of the data is in of course.
      As to gay marriage? I don’t know anyone who opposes civil unions, but marriage while traditionally holding certain privileges is actually a religious sacrament. Healthcare? No one is saying that you can’t get coverage that covers abortion if you are a woman, simply that someone should not to be forced to breach their faith in providing healthcare coverage. You seem to believe that something is owed to you the minute you take a job (or go to a school, universities are also being made to change the coverage they provide students) and I’m sorry to tell you that beyond the terms agreed to by both parties, no, nothing is owed. An employee does work and receives the payment and benefits agreed to. Nothing more and nothing less.

    • shimauma

      Actually, they all kind of declared themselves godless heathens, but really it’s not true; they worship at the altar of self idolatry and government. They get so involved and focused with their own wants and pleasures that they blind themselves the stark Truth of the Creator and His plan for their lives, but hey, they only have to live with the consequences of their actions for all eternity….

    • NCMountainGirl

      I don’t know what you call those who scream F— You during a prayer but Godless heathen sounds about right to me.

      Spare us the pro homosexual propaganda of the heavily politicized APA. and similar groups of modern day witch doctors pretending to be learned men of science. They aslo hold there are no negative long term psychological effects to having an abortion, I can introiduce you to numerous women who can tell you that’s a lie.

  • Steve Roberts

    Dear Democratic Party: Godless is what you DO, not what you say! 54Million Dead American babies, yet Dems not only fight to kill more, under Obama you have forced the American public to pay for mass infanticide? At least Hitler didn’t make others pay for the extermination of the Jews! Yet you call the GOP “evil” for wanting to save the lives of Babies? “Woe to those who call good evil, and evil good” -Jesus.

    • Georgie Porgie

      Um, you don’t have to believe in God to be pro-life. I’m “Godless” doesn’t mean I am pro-abortion. :/

      • Michael Hampton

        And because I believe that a woman has the right to choose when and if she has a baby, I am not pro-abortion. I am for women having control of their own bodies.
        What do you want the punishment to be for a 16 year old girl who has an abortion after you make it illegal? 25 to life?

  • Krysia Bailey


  • Moue La Moue (D)

    I am not a Catholic. Far from it in fact, but I can say that such words are moving no matter your religion. Life should be protected, especially those who can not protect themselves. I can understand the mental and emotional anguish of those who have been abused, but why shouldn’t something beautiful come from something so ugly? Life is SO precious, and it’s sad when humans can only realize such a fact while on the battlefield, at the end of our lives or when our lives are mortally threatened. Those of you who have kids — hug them SO tight today. Make today just as precious, as uplifting, as joyous and memorable as the day they were born.

  • Michael Hampton

    Abortion has to become illegal. I mean, without those delicious young children, who will Dolan pay priests to molest? The big question is what do you want to happen to women who get abortions after it’s illegal. Should they get 25 to life? It’s “murder” according to you so I guess that a 16 year old girl who gets one should spend the rest of her life in jail. Right?

    • shimauma

      I detect a bit of infantile saracasm in your statement. Don’t you have some murdering terrorists to protect from waterboarding?

      • Michael Hampton

        Why won’t you answer my simple question? What should the punishment be for getting an abortion after you make it illegal?

        • shimauma

          it doesn’t matter what laws we make for abortion here on Earth, now does it? the secular man will never be satisfied until he can make himself a god over who lives and who dies and for what reasons, a very prominent trait of the demoncraps running our government right now wouldn’t you say?

  • tdhurst

    What’s wrong with me not believing in the invisible man in the sky that others do and subsequently not wanting to blindly follow the teachings made up by other humans?

    • shimauma

      If you’re thinking you’re cool and new age-y because you don’t believe in God, you’re fooling yourself. If you are asking honestly what is wrong with you, then let me direct you to Psalm 14:1.
      If you want to know how to fix that, let me direct you to John 3:16-21.

      • tdhurst

        It’s neither cool nor new age-y to not believe in god.

        And the bible is proof of nothing. Your argument is circular at best.

        • shimauma

          I realize Faith is hard for a hopeless person to understand, and I’m sad for you that you feel that there is nothing to hope for but the end of existance. It is MY hope that you will choose to come to an understanding and relationship with the Creator of the Universe, but if you decide not to risk it, the only thing you lose is your soul for all eternity. Yeah I know you believe in oblivion and I don’t, but one of us is right and I have Faith that it’s me.

          • tdhurst

            Wow, will having faith make me a condescending dick to everyone else, too?

          • shimauma

            Well we can all see that *not* having Faith certainly makes *you* choose to be one. 😉 God Bless!

  • BeeKaaay

    “Does this priest know where he is?”

    Yes, he knows he is in the DNC which hates babies and want them dead (death penalty for them!), while rooting for terrorists to be alive (no death penalty for them!)

  • gladys whipple hurtis

    I pray that some of the Christian Democrats actually listened to the prayer. It could change their hearts. Amen.