Gasp! She said what?!

The facts about Kennedy’s deadly cowardice caused “contention” and “consternation” when Pavlich stated them plainly and boldly on lib lapdog Piers Morgan’s CNN show:

Of course, the bile followed:

Looks like ratings-hungry CNN was able to forgive Katie’s transgression. Morgan’s producer re-tweeted:

And later, he shrugged off the criticism:

Katie’s one tough cookie. If Piers got crap like this on a daily basis like so many conservative women fighting in the public square do, he’d wilt faster than a bouquet of pansies in a tanning bed:

Kudos to Pavlich for exposing the truly vulgar double standards (or rather, lack of standards) and warped sense of decency of the progs. Keep speaking truth to whitewashing power.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    “Nayyyyyy @ThatGirlNayo
    Fuck that bitch that just tried to call out Ted Kennedy on CNN right now. Are you serious?!?!”

    And if it had been YOU left in that car…..?

    • Howard Anderson

      We could only hope and pray these people with their hate come to understand just how wrong they are, but if not, I’ll gladly drive the car that she’s locked in, into the river.

      • anAmericanMom

        wow, really you thought that up on your own. bad people hate but YOU volunteer to drown a young women.
        Kennedy supporters are crazed fanatics.

        We spray for mosquitoes illness, why can’t we mass spray medication for mental deficiencies?

      • Lamont Scott

        Thats the point if YOU had driven that car, you would have had prison time.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        WTF are you even talking about, you lunatic? What hate? What wrong? What about “Fleeing the scene of an accident” do you not understand?

    • Itype2slow

      … but ThatGirlNayo, like Mary Jo is/was just some tissue, the product of conception… Teddy made a choice

    • nick

      class act adams, just like all of you classy libs

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        I’m not a lib… don’t know where you got that from. Apparently you missed the ” ” since I was quoting yet some other ‘classy lib’, as you call them.

  • DanielBuckner

    That which sheds an honest light on democrats is the only sin that they know of.

  • israelp

    I wonder what the Fact Check folks would say.

    • TeenBo


  • WhoMeToo

    US Senator Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy drove off a bridge into a body of water and left Mary Jo Kopechne to DROWN! Senator Kennedy pleaded guilty to fleeing the scene! Senator Kennedy should have been in prison for manslaughter!

    • Tam_from_Michigan

      Actually, it was worse. Mary Jo asphyxiated in a small pocket of air. If Kennedy had only tried a little bit to save her or get help…

      • weRbroke

        When you hear the entire story, it’s chilling that not only did Dead Ted leave her to die, others failed to act as well.

        • Orangeone

          And the Kennedy klan covered it up. But, they’ve had a lot of practice at that, haven’t they.

      • genomega

        He was to drunk to grasp what had happened.

        • J. Cox

          BS..being drunk is not an excuse.. especially when he had the ability to swim across the river,go to his motel,shower,and then take a nap before eating breakfast with his handlers.

          • Amazed

            Driving while drunk wouldn’t excuse a negligent homocide in any case!

        • Cliff Williams

          Excuse of his entire political career.

      • John

        He was too drunk!

    • $23438681

      He was a one-man war on women, though the whole Kennedy clan has a misogynist history. Democrats abuse women, but as long and they give them abortion on demand, it’s OK. Democrat social programs: blacks in the ghetto plantations and women in sex slave camps.

      • Monte Dean Fertig

        excellent comment!

      • Alexsdad

        Right on! And we all remember his and Dodd’s waitress sandwiches. A prince that Teddy was. The left’s phony outrage is nauseating.


      Forget manslaughter try negligent homicide! “Negligent homicide is the killing of another person through gross
      negligence or without malice. It often includes death that is the result
      of the negligent operation of a motor vehicle, which includes the
      operation of a boat or snowmobile. It is characterized as a death caused
      by death by conduct that grossly deviated from ordinary care. Negligent
      homicide may be charged as a lesser-included offense of manslaughter.
      It is also sometimes referred to as “involuntary manslaughter”.”

    • Askush

      Only if Obama was available to stop the rise of the water (Ocean) or lower its levels.

      • jnora

        GOOD ONE!

    • Orangeone

      Absolutely correct!

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    For crying out loud… ’empathy/empathize’ must not appear in the Democrat dictionary… unless it’s someone doing it to them.

    • Elizabeth

      The Dems have no inherent values, as they are both morally bereft & intellectually challenged; all that matters to Dems is what will promote their ideology & serve their agenda.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        What sucks is I have to call them ‘my fellow human being’…. I can’t prove otherwise, at this time.

      • mark thomas

        And get their food stamps and welfare checks

  • Elizabeth

    So, for the entire Dem party, there are absolutely no troubling issues that arise when one leaves a pregnant young woman to slowly drown in a car their “heroic icon”, Teddy Kennedy crashed into a pond (while drunk), but (Gasp!) to air that information out loud . . . Boldly stating the unvarnished truth is a “sin” more reprehensible than the fact that Teddy swam to safety & did not notify authorities until the following day! While we’re on the subject, this is the same party who claims the Republicans are waging a “War on Women”, while they harbor the likes of: Jon Edwards, Gary Hart, William Kennedy Smith, The Skakel Brothers, Gary Condit, John Kerry & Bill (Bubba) Clinton, who at the very least propositioned a newly bereaved widow who approached him for a job, desperate to feed her children. No, there’s no hypocrisy there!

    • Carl Brown

      what about Elliot Spitzer and Anthony Prick… I mean Weiner?

      • jnora

        Don’t forget Barney Frank being caught running a male prostitution ring out of his house (this was before he ruined the housing industry).

    • Shelly Porter

      100% CORRECT-AMUNDO!!!

    • Orangeone

      She was pregnant? I didn’t know that piece. That gives new meaning to the Dems position on abortion.

  • LN_Smithee

    For all the people who thought Chappaquiddick was “slanderous” talk about Kennedy, they need some education — education that they won’t get from the usual educrats, since Ted, the runt of the vaunted Kennedy litter, was their patron saint. You might want to start rehabilitation on my blog, where I recount how I was temporarily banned from Mediaite after responding to a post wishing death on Rush Limbaugh with a rejoinder that ricocheted the barb at Teddy. SPOILER: The day of his death, a good friend said in an NPR interview that Kennedy regularly solicited jokes about Chappaquiddick. I am NOT making that up.

    P.S. All you young’uns who watched the AMC drama “The Killing,” you probably have no idea that the entire concept of the series is based on the real-life death of Mary Jo Kopechne in Ted Kennedy’s submerged vehicle. You know all that revulsion you felt for the mayoral candidate suspected of murdering Rosie Larsen? Now, you know how I feel about Ted.

  • tjp77

    To be fair, most of these comments likely came from people too ignorant to even know that Chappaquiddick ever happened.

    Although how would they, considering that Ted got off scott free and the media gave him a pass on it for the rest of his life. You think their history teachers ever mentioned it? Yeah right.

    They probably just thought this was some crazy right-winger making things up out of thin air. Because that’s what they’ve been trained to believe anyway, and it’s not like anyone else is going to clear things up for them on CNN.

    • Darth_Slacker_

      I gotta admit – as a young person in the 90’s I heard about “Teddy” via jokes from Howard Stern & later Denis Leary. In “No Cure for Cancer” I remember the audience laughter at the line “Teddy Kennedy, great Senator…rotten Date – you know what I’m saying”.

      The Media & Public Schools have done an EXCELLENT job of brainwashing & re-writing history for the last 20 years. Hopefully Romney will enforce SCHOOL Vouchers! maybe ‘save some young minds’ before they get brainwashed into hating America like this lost Generation of Entitlement Leeches

      • jnora

        My granddaughter learned in about the first grade (IN SCHOOL) that no matter what sex you are when you are born, you can change it when you grow up.

    • Michael Zvi

      More so – who has heard of Juanita Broadrick, the woman Clinton raped? Or the physical evidence backing Ketherine Willey’s claim?

    • Dara

      I was so angry that the DNC would have the utter STONES to hold that monster up as a Saint.

      I figured that many, including my own children, were too young to remember Mary Jo Kopekne, so I posted EVERYTHING I could find on FB last night.

      I haven’t checked in yet to see what my lib ‘friends’ have had to say about it.

    • jnora

      One of the saddest things is that it probably is not in the history books nowadays.

    • $25702305

      These people use the Internet to badmouth Katie Pavlich but can’t use it to look up “Chappaquiddick” or “Mary Jo Kopechne”? They are obviously not critical thinkers. Just trained to clap like seals when a Democrat opens his yawp to lie.

  • Darth_Slacker_

    what these ignorant liberal kool-aid drinking dopes don’t realize – Katie wrote the book about the scandal that is currently chipping away at Obama’s White House & Attorney General (“Fast & Furious”) – and she’s catching heat for Kennedy’s over 30 year murder – that even Kennedy himself admitted to??

    Join Us tomorrow when Leftist Twits go batsh*t over Clinton & his harem of Infidelity & sex accusations – bring your cigars & DNA covered dress, it’s gonna be a trip down Memory Lane – NOT if you’r under 25 probably though

  • Chip

    Teddy’s “empty chair” is now filled by a Republican!!!

  • Michael Zvi

    She understated the cae, if anything.
    And again, if we point out that Bill Clinton raped a woman, thinaks to the MSM, people will thoguht we made it up.
    We still need to hammer them on both.

  • sherlock1234

    And Michael Skakel had many years of freedom for the killing of Martha Moxely. Thank Ted Kennedy for that.

    Even in later life there was the Kennedy-Dodd waitress sandwich.

    Never heard of those? Thank the media.

    • jnora

      The womanizing goes way back to Joe Sr. and Gloria Swanson, the movie star. All those wives just put up with it!

  • Joe Berry

    Katie didn’t do to well with democrats when she told the truth about scumbag kennedy, they never could handle the truth about one of their own.

    • jnora

      You cannot show rationale to the irrational…

  • BurtMichaels

    One historical point of contention: My understanding is that Miss Kopechne did not drown, she died from asphyxiation. The automobile was nose down and a bubble of air remained in the rear seat/window area. She had made her way to this bubble and was able to breathe for a short time. Who knows? She might have even been able to see Teddy swimming away from her in the shallow water, knowing in her heart that her hero would be coming right back with help, as one would expect from any decent person. Guess again, Mary Jo.

    • John

      Whats the fkkn difference!! Lack of O2 in air or water

  • Paul C.

    Clinton was another women abuser, what a bunch of two face liars.

  • Randall Stokes

    I saw this not long ago on Yahoo news,that when you catscan a libral brain and a right brain there is a stark differents in the way it developed….no joke.

  • Carolyn J Sirrico

    Let’s face it he did get away with murder. HE was a good politican, but a terrible person for what her let happen with Mary Jo, Think if it was your child, or sister,,,,He should have helped her

    • Cozyrn

      Good politicians don’t get drunk, cheat on their wives, impregnate another woman,drive drunk, run car off bridge with woman inside, flee the scene, run home to mama, sober up, concoct bs story about what happened then call police.

      • Ten31

        The diehard left idolizes Ted, his clan and many others of their ilk. Evidently, for the left anyway, those qualities do make good politicians. It has to be, their party is rife with them and they keep electing them.

  • Wulfheard

    I keep saying it, these are Obama’s peeps; his ardent supporters. Just look at the ignorant street talk they use to express themselves. Just by the shear number of “bitches” and “hoes” used in their comments I’d have to say most of them have listened to waaaay too much hip-hop and rap. They are the kind of people that give the American people that vapid uniformed image that make us all look stupid. Their unabashed ignorance diminishes us all. These are Obama’s “peeps”.

    • Cozyrn

      I am amazed at their ignorance. I’ll bet these young, angry people have no idea who Mary Jo Kopechne was. I’ll bet they have no idea how racist the democratic party actually is. They are not learning history in school.

    • nick

      unfortunately Wulfheard your lookin’ at the new America, “Obama-nation”

    • Shelly Porter

      Could not have been said any better. Ignorant hate is the worst kind and runs rampant in the DNC.

  • John Hanover

    We keep hearing about ” Iran Contra ” and the asinine ” 9/11 ” conspiracy theories, when they have been a waste of time and money and nothing was proven conclusive yet on this Ted was and is will always be guilty. Apart from negligence, there is also the charges of DUI, reckless endangerment, murder in the first degree, and leaving the scene of the ” accident “. A lot of people cut him slack because his brothers had been killed in public office. His lifetime was defined by playing lip service to the feminists as they looked away when he continually used and abused women. When he finally decided not to run for president anymore in 1984 his wife divorced him. The fat scumbag should have gone to jail, but then he is a Kennedy and we can’t spoil ” The Camelot Years “.

  • bengat

    the dems wanted to use a dead kennedy to run for Obama since his own record thy use a chickenshit ted kennedy then gt mad whn a true statement of ted is made. but its ok to blame mitt for killing a women who died of cancer.

  • Evan

    Kennedy murdered a woman through negligence by driving her into a lake. Years later, he bought a dog whom he named “Splash.”

    That’s a special kind of evil you don’t often see.

    • jnora

      I heard that when he married, he registered at Scuba World. Sorry Dumbocrats…


    Ted was in a long line of disgraceful Kennedy’s. Look at the mentality we are dealing with. They love Clinton, an adulterer who had sex in the White House and then lied directly to every American. Case closed…

    • nick

      how can so many forget Bubba wagging his finger at you on TV, ” I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms.Lewinski ” – and this is a feature DNC speaker ??? wait,-what ? -gop war on who ??? holy crap

      • sb36695

        I thought it was disgraceful when he used the phrase “that woman”. In the real world, he would have been fired for what he did. But I’m sure he’ll get along with the “sluts vote” gals! Looks like D stands for Degenerate.

      • jnora

        Yep, about as far as the Conservative vocabulary goes in the way of cussing is holy crap. Man, am I proud of our party!! We are taking the high road. Ryan will decimate Biden. Oh, I forgot, “Bidenopolus.”

      • WhoMeToo

        The minute he said that he could barely contain the smirk on his face.

    • Orangeone

      And not just sex, he had sex with a Jew.

      • $8266073

        Excuse me?!!

        • Orangeone

          Monica Lewinsky’s rabbi said the closing prayer after Clinton.  How ironic given Hillary’s love for Muslims.


    One of my favorite radio guests: Katie Pavlich; smart and tough!

  • anAmericanMom

    She was nice I would bring up the Florida family compound rape. The unwavering support of the murderer of the young Connecticut girl. .

  • mkreider

    She was right. It is disgusting. Unfortunately people forget or weren’t even born. He literally got away with murder because of the Kennedy name. When he wanted to run for President the chants of Chappaqwuidic and Mary Jo Kopechne put an end to that. He walked away and let her drown and this is the man the DNC honored. A man that was a fat, pompous murderer. Someone once asked me why I despised Ted Kennedy – one answer – Mary Jo Kopechne.

    • nick

      so why did we in Mass. have to put up with him for the next fourty ef’in years ?

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Beatsa shht outta me. I dislike to say Good Riddance, but . . .

      • Dave Wadsworth

        Because of whitewashing in the first degree. This is why the ridicules
        liberals and lame stream-press double standard are the top stories on
        this site and many others. People have just had enough and are speaking
        out. If you’re young and have most of your life in front of you, and
        have never heard of this. then you owe it to yourself to do a simple
        search and learn what many teachers and professors have willfully withheld from you. If you seek the truth about Chappaquiddick and Mary Jo Kopechne, you’ll find it at reliable and/or fact check sources. Not kook fringe sources. Unless of course…’re looking for whitewash.

      • jnora


    • jnora

      He will have to account for that before the Lord. That should ease the pain of Mary Jo’s family somewhat!

  • BeeKaaay

    Teddy lied, Mary Jo died.

    That’s the truth and the leftwingwackos and go pound sand.

  • lana ward

    It’s to bad more people didn’t watch CNN just that one night. Probably 10 people got to see it. Don’t think these communists liked it when the Dalai Lama said he loved GEORGE W BUSH either. HILARIOUS!!!

  • TocksNedlog

    She ‘slandered’ Ted Kennedy by telling the truth about him?
    Oy vey!

  • $29520529

    Ouch! Truth hurts doesn’t it! Dems are so far off the truth that it shocks them to hear it, of course the way they handle it is to throw cussing fit!

  • Mr. Fever Head

    “Slandered” by known and accepted facts. How does that work?

  • Clancie

    Are these people nasty vile stupid Democrats or just believers in the the propaganda — since they’re Liberals, they must be both. The Kennedy family has always been a moral and ethical disgrace – just like Clinton and a host of other immoral skanks they parade around. Democrats do seem to love anything immoral and ungodly.

  • Mr. Fever Head

    Maybe leaving a woman in a car to drown was just Ted’s way of pushing the boundaries of abortion. A post birth water procedure. Democrats always love a social progressive.

    • WingedBishop

      Just like how the family pushed the boundaries with his sister Rosemary – no more promiscuous than any of her brothers but lobotomized to spare the family any embarrassment.

    • sb36695

      That’s it! And we’re not smart enough to understand it.

  • stuckinIL4now

    I remember when that little car accident happened and it still creeps me out today to read about it. At the time, all the slimy media really cared about was the fact that it ruined Teddy’s chances of ever running for president, except that he tried anyway and failed so thank God for small favors, and it shows you how akin to royalty the media always treated the Kennedys, and oh, what, yeah I haven’t even mentioned the other endless disgusting stories of Teddy’s womanizing that the Dooms just gloss over then have the gall to claim they’re the party of women–more like the party of womanizing. That one alone must’ve shattered at least a million hypocrisy meters last night.

  • doom

    Democrat logic: Killing a woman is okay, as long as you are a rich liberal from a powerful family. But refusing to pay for Sandra Fluke’s birth control is pure misogynistic hate.

    • Mary Leonesio

      Wow, good one, doom. W/your permission, I must use that.

  • Ricky Vines

    Ted Kennedy: The only politician with a confirmed kill (CK) in the war on women.

  • MikeR

    I guess the truth hurts

  • SunnyJS

    Slander is only such if its not true. Selective memory. I thought the whole reason they are so focused on contraception and abortion is to cover for Teddy, slick Willie, and Johnnie.

  • Bui van vat

    In the War on Women, Ted Kennedy was the only pol. with a confirmed kill.

    (H/T Frank J Fleming)

  • edward cropper

    The Dems as well as others refuse to face facts. Ted Kennedy was a total dirt bag, by any standard! check my blog for details.

  • videosavant

    See, I think what the Left is saying here is that if Kennedy had been “gay” and his Oldsmobile “passenger” male, he would have left the gay guy to die, too.

    So, you see, it’s not really about women — it’s about cowardice and selfishness. And, as we know well by now, the Democrat Party is perfectly OK with that.

    • Itype2slow

      Thank You, I had misunderstood. I thought they were saying: at least Ted did not “give” a women cancer and then push her wheelchair over a cliff

  • Gene Turlington

    I love Katie so much right now.

  • PIPPatriot

    Sad thing is the people who responded to her, probably don’t know what happened. It’s been down played. They probably think he was in an accident and someone died. I do believe in forgiveness but how can you just pretend like it doesn’t count, just because he’s supposed to be some Lib hero? If he wasn’t a Kennedy he would’ve died in prison.


    Old joke recycled for 2012:

    Q: How many Kennedys does it take to screw in a CFL?
    A: Five. One to hold the energy efficient device and feel all fuzzy warm inside about his low carbon footprint and four to go to the corners of the room and drink until it spins.

  • James Neal

    Who is Piers Morgan — some British dude?

  • Joe Hilger

    @ExJon ~ The Dems/Progs/Libs have lionized Ted Kennedy and teach how they want to see more people like him in their Party. This the same individual being looked up to, that did not spend a minute in jail for “Murdering a woman”

  • G Anderson

    DNC, D&C, see the similarity? (D&C is an abortive medical procedure.)

  • James Neal

    I was of the Kennedy generation and actually admired JFK until I found out what a womanizer he was. When did that come out? After his cowardly, drunken brother left a girl to die. Then I had to live through a guy my own age from Arkansas (my home state) who brought dishonor to our state and the whole country because he couldn’t keep his trousers up in the Oval office. When these guys get a pass, the next generations just get more evil and they can’t even see their own hypocrisy. Now we have a non-God platform, a Muslim lover running for re-election and our own Bubba-crit (who just loves women, but in the wrong way) giving the nomination speech. Come on November — landslide against the hypocrites….

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Poor babies.

  • marcellucci

    Kennedys and Women….like oil and water….
    Let’s not forget William Kennedy Smith….

  • jnora

    I think the Jon G. has the Kennedy’s mixed up. Must not have learned proper history in our wonderful school systems nowadays!

  • dio heerai

    Dem mantra, Say no to GOD… worship IDIOTS instead

  • Controse

    Massachusetts is shorthand for moral depravity. If murdering Teddy’s long senate career doesn’t convince you take a look at Barney Frank if you dare.

  • Divineconnection7

    The war on women is coming from the dems, they even kill baby-girls in the mothers womb.

  • StanO360

    It all means nothing to the Democrats. They’ve got the adulterous, Oval Office fornicating, disbarred, liar, Clinton speaking to night to add credibility to the campaign. What a low point for Democrat, and American politics.

  • captaingrumpy

    Just a party of haters these Dems are.

  • stillinthe60s

    C’mon..Teddy was just ahead of his time. He was all about choice. Chose to abort his career or end MJK’s life. Seemed his choice worked out for him. Not so much for MJK but omelette/break egg etc.

  • Mickey Byrd

    Kennedy with Kopechne and B. Clinton with Lewinsky. Pretty abusive towards women… especially the one that had such a horrific passing.

    The trend seems to continue.

  • Mickey Byrd

    There is no where for Republicans to watch the convention. It’s amazing how the media has become totally irresponsible as a functioning part of the American community. They are no longer unbiased… they have cross the line into being Un-America. This is an important election that deserves truth in reporting. We all know that is not happening. During a One station actually calls the DNC the “choice of America”. Fact Checks are not being done on any… ANY Democrats. I am truly ashamed of what America has become. I had hope for Perv Morgan but he has no morals either.

  • Reggie1971

    Katie didn’t slander anyone. She told the absolute truth. Teddy let a woman die. He walked right past a firehouse on his way back to the party but said nothing.
    Dems are just crying because the truth hurts.

  • Orangeone

    Love Katie Pavlich! She is a 21st Century heroine. Her book Fast & Furious is remarkable and I hope she will pen a sequel when the rest of the facts surface.
    Thank you Katie for calling Kennedy what he is, a lady killer. As were/are many other Kennedy men. John and Bobby with Marilyn, others that are listed by several bloggers on another Twitchy thread. Time to try Kennedy for murder.

  • Walker Bennett

    I always thought slander meant intentionally telling a lie to harm someones reputation. Darn I gotta get me one of those liberal dictionaries so I can stop being so confused.

  • HWGood

    Truth to power is a good thing only when insulting conservatives, eh?

  • Sheerie Knoll

    “Who’s this crazy chick on cnn that just slandered Ted Kennedy #cnn wow, low blow” ~ Sorry Honey it ain’t “slander” if it’s true.

  • Renee Johnson

    teddy and bill both cheaters– tells you a lot about their party

  • Mackie72

    Having lived on MV for many years, I heard many insider stories from the locals about Teddy’s dive into Poucha Pond off the Dike Bridge. It’s worse than you know.
    Kopechne suffered for a very long time before her air pocket was depleted.

    But to Libturds, Teddy’s the saint and Katie’s the bitch?
    Moonbat, godless LIBIOTS.

  • Halo9x

    Well, this is a real contrast to the RNC last week. It, however, shows Democrats for who and what they really are, foul, godless, false and hateful.

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.