Buckyballs, the three-year-old innovative toy company that makes magnetic desk toys for adults, is in the fight of its life. The Obama administration’s Consumer Product Safety Commission has filed a lawsuit to stop the firm from selling its products and to issue a recall of its toys. Several retailers have yanked the magnets, despite the company’s clear warning that Buckyballs and Buckycubes are for adults — not children.

Buckyballs executives have taken to social media and radio airwaves to save the company.

Buckyballs is also defending itself on YouTube. Spread the word!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6r9IWCKo4Tc&w=430&h=315]


CSPC press release announcing lawsuit.

Buckyballs CEO: “How can this happen in America?”

Buckyballs corporate statement:

CSPC: Thank you for trying to drive a $50 million New York-based consumer product company out of business.

Maxfield is the manufacturer and distributor of Buckyballs® and Buckycubes™, the number one selling brand name in high-powered magnets – recently called America’s “fave desk accessory” by the Washington Post (July 13, 2012), and named “the next big thing in cubicle fidgeting” by New York magazine (July 16-23, 2012).

Before filing the lawsuit and giving Maxfield and Oberton the opportunity to defend itself and its products, CPSC systematically began contacting its retailers giving them 48 hours to tell the government that they would stop selling Buckyballs® and Buckycubes™. Some retailers capitulated to this so-called voluntary request for fear of retribution if they did not acquiesce.

“Obviously the bureaucrats see danger everywhere, and those responsible people – like our company who have vigorously promoted safety and appropriate use of our products – gets put out of business by an unfair and arbitrary process,” said Craig Zucker, Founder and CEO of Maxfield and Oberton “I don’t understand how and why they did this without following their own rules before allowing us to make our case. It almost seems like they simply wanted to put our products and industry out of business.”

Finally, CPSC is giving Maxfield an opportunity to defend its products but only after ruining its retailer base through intimidation tactics.

“We are deeply disappointed that the CPSC has decided to go after our firm – and magnets in general. Magnets have been around for centuries and are used for all sorts of purposes. Our products are marketed to those 14 and above and out of over half a billion magnets in the market place CPSC has received reports of less than two-dozen cases of misuse. We worked with the Commission in order to do an education video less than 9 months ago, so we are shocked they are taking this action. We find it unfair, unjust and un-American,” added Zucker. “We will vigorously fight this action taken by President Obama’s hand picked agency.”

  • http://twitter.com/WingNightAlone Trill Laura Palmer

    they didn’t build that.

  • Michael E Rupp

    You know what’s really dangerous for kids? Obama lapel pins. Choking AND impaling hazards!

  • Jason_in_WA

    Wow- better take cars off the market. A kid could steal the keys and get behind the wheel. And TV’s because they may pull it off the TV stand and get squashed. Could stick a toothbrush in the eye… the list goes on. Talk about nanny-state stupidity. I’m going to buy some buckey balls. A friend of mine has them- didn’t realize the product name and LOVE THEM.


  • http://www.toprightnews.com John Urban

    $50 million, NYC-based business, and Bloomberg has NOTHING to say? PUSSY!

  • http://www.toprightnews.com John Urban

    I say BOYCOTT THINKGEEK for dropping bucky Balls and showing NO BALLS in kowtowing to the government

  • http://www.facebook.com/Lyle.Felix Lyle Felix

    I’ll bet that the REAL REASON that Obama wants Buckyballs recalled is because too many liberal voters, not kids, are swallowing them and choking to death. Could be that is also why Obama’s popularity is dropping, his supporters are dying a death by someone else’s balls (Buckyballs).

    • J. Cox

      Like dead voters are a problem for O.?

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      @Lyle Felix:
      Sorry to rain on your parade, but you are absolutely demonstratively wrong!!

      It is a fact that being dead has NEVER STOPPED a Progressive from voting!!

      This fact can be proven any election. Anywhere. Sadly the GOP rewards it the behavior by blatantly ignoring it — unless some poor schlump makes too much noise for the local MSM to paper-over. Those cases cause the GOP springs heroically into action, bringing its entire strength to the job and sparing no possible expense!

      To ridicule and destroy the schlump who insists on honest elections.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Lyle.Felix Lyle Felix

    Obama may just be jealous because he has no balls, Bucky or otherwise.

    • rinodino

      He can’t find his balls because you right wingers are always on them

      • http://www.facebook.com/phil.hanner Philip Hanner

        A wookie ate them.

      • tdpwells

        Perhaps he should check in Valerie Jarrett’s mouth.

      • ozconservative

        No, Chrissies chin is on them……

      • ozconservative

        No, Chrissies chin is on them……

  • AlanABQ

    That’s our government: trying to save us from ourselves.
    Government always has the answer to a question no one asked…

  • MaddMedic

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word… and commented:
    This is enough to make one wonder if there is any parenting done anywhere anymore!!

  • foramerica

    It’s a lost cause. Obama is against businesses, especially if they make money. He might as well wait till Obama is out of office.

  • dcnj

    we are so doomed….I am so sick of this govt… both sides…

  • Justin Levesque

    The nanny-state strikes again!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001585285718 Donald Yost

    I think part of the problem is liberal have to put everything in their mouth

    • kajunman

      But not all cigars.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001585285718 Donald Yost

    Children run with pencils and scissors, take them off the market! Its FOR THE CHILDREN!!!!!!!!. Seeing what the left is up to and you don’t think they want to eliminate all gun ownership?

  • http://twitter.com/dedrick427 Derek Webb

    — I’m pretty sure somewhere somebody caught an employees of Buckyballs eating at a Chick-Fil-A.

  • LouisianaPatriot

    I have these & they are awesome. My husband loves to play with them. This is another stupid attempt to kill another small business. These guys literally started this company in their apartment. An American success story

  • Hiraghm

    Technically, they are guilty of false advertising.
    Their product is not, in fact, made of Buckminster Fullerium*. More’s the pity :(

    *aka round fullerenes.

    Someone tell the EPA that this company’s product is not actually made of carbon…

  • http://twitter.com/TeresaNelson5 Teresa Nelson

    Let me guess, the CEO of Buckyballs donated to Romney? I’m gonna buy a bunch and give ’em to my customers!

    • http://quadgmoto.myopenid.com/ QuadGMoto

      My thought exactly. They must donate money to Republicans.

      Follow the money! Watch for a big Obama supporter to start (or expand) marketing of the exact same product.

  • Monsieur Oblong

    Meaghin Jordan’s 2 year old son Braylon swallowed Buckyballs and required surgery. She’s relieved the CPSC is suing Maxfield. I think this just proves people too stupid to have proper names are too stupid to raise kids.

  • sixpackdan

    My guess is someone found out they donated money to the gop so now the obama administration is out to kill them

  • thetawake

    Make no mistake, this is a Trojan Horse for the WH. Select a seemingly mundane target and say were doing it “for the kids”. When the fight’s over, if they’ve won, there’s no limit to what they cannot ban. As stupid as it seems (even if you have children around), you can buy a gun and keep it on your desk, right?

  • http://www.facebook.com/dianne.merchant.5 Dianne Merchant

    There is a toy magnetic toy out there called Geomags marketed for children. Much smaller balls and pieces. Who is trying to put that company out of business?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Waffuru-Yaki/100003297298011 Waffuru Yaki

    I’m amused by all the comments insinuating that Obama, personally, has some problem with Buckyballs. I somehow doubt this is the case.

    That being said… heaven forbid should adults be responsible when their dumb kids are putting crap in their mouth that doesn’t belong there. If these are so dangerous, how is it we haven’t banned legos or chemistry sets yet? When will it be enough? Kids already can’t play outside without fear of some neighbor reporting their parents for not watching them. Now they have to ban everything that could possibly pose any sort of threat? We’re raising a generation of what will soon be very bored, inactive kids who won’t be able to do anything but sit on the computer or in front of their tv all day because everything else is too dangerous and their parents can’t be counted on to protect them. Pathetic.