Yikes! The return of Bill Clinton is bringing back all sorts of 1990s flashbacks. Twitter erupted tonight in oral sex talk as word spread of President Obama’s possibly prurient joke tonight at a Los Angeles gay/lesbian fundraiser involving poor Mrs. Obama, Ellen Degeneres, push-ups, and, um, not going “all the way down.”

Stay classy, White House!

Buzzfeed rushed out with a “Did President Obama Just Make a Blowjob Joke?” post. But the transcript included in the piece makes the more probable innuendo a little clearer:



So, it wasn’t a blowjob joke, per se.

More like a composite off-color gag.

Not that it’s gonna make Mrs. Obama any happier…

  • Tim

    BJ joke or muff diving joke, either way, he’s a shameless, classless hack who doesn’t deserve the 15 minutes he’s getting.

  • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

    Forget singing, forget standup; POTUS should stick to what he does best — playing golf, which he will have plenty of time for after next January 20.

  • mommasaurus009

    UGH! I just threw up in a mouth a lil bit

  • Carl Brown

    It’s hard to find good interns at the White House these days.

  • Armando

    At least he didn’t joke about the Barack-oli again…

  • stuckinIL4now

    I think the pressure of the campaign and imminent failure is getting to him–so he’s just losing it.

  • Terika

    “Show me what Dem-MOCKERY looks like!”
    “THIS is what Dem-MOCKERY looks like!”

    Stay classy, O.

  • Tilini

    Yeah. At least Romney would NEVER make perverted jokes like that especially about his wife.

  • marine37

    What do you expect from a “hood,” from the “hood?”