The conservative Twitter community remains ever-vigilant against the online Left’s Coordinated Spam-Block Bloc. We’ve tracked it for a month now since the unjust suspension of @Freemarket_US in April, then through the confirmed coordinated attack on @ChrisLoesch less than week after that, and then the suspension and release of @ShaneWright22 (also confirmed as a Coordinated Spam-Block bloc attack) and many others earlier this month.

Tonight, conservative Twitter activists sent word that an editor from Misfit Politics, @gopfirecracker, had her account suspended.

Another Twitter user suspended tonight: @orwellforce!/HoagTim/status/204770276347625473

We’ve let some Twitter powers-that-be know and hope that they’ll be sprung soon.

But we agree with the exasperation expressed here:

Some steps to remember if you get Twitter Gulag’ed.

1. File a ticket. Twitter can’t help unless you do this.

2. Take screenshots if possible. Make a list of the Twitter users you were tweeting with before your suspension and note the subjects you were discussing.

3. Give Twitter a little time — at least 24-48 hours.

4. Notify @FreeChrisLoesch and @TWlTTERGULAG, two accounts that keep running tallies of users trapped in #twittergulag.

5. Make noise! Keep making noise!!/Mike__Head/status/204421978587795457

Those who want to support their friends and colleagues: Remember to tweet @gov and @support, along with spreading word through #free hashtags.

Update: @gopfirecracker is back!!/gopfirecracker/status/204790181432266753

She says, “Twitter confirmed that I was targeted.”!/gopfirecracker/status/204791852858216448!/gopfirecracker/status/204793701178949632

Others are still trapped:!/gopfirecracker/status/204902100352774144!/gopfirecracker/status/204902306184044544!/gopfirecracker/status/204797580914335744

  • BO_stinks

    liberals and Democrats -they cannot stand freedom of expression.

  • Brian Cates

    There’s too many of us. They’ll never get us all.

    This’ll get fixed eventually. And I’m pretty sure Twitter knows by now it’s the same handful of people abusing the spam report feature.

    • RanierWest

      I wouldn’t fall to easy into that 1st part but I agree Twitter knows the functionality of the monster and I’d even put it at higher than a handful (much higher)

  • $1718659

    Forgive me for being behind the times, but knowing how this Twitter nonsense works, why does anyone on the Right USE IT? Leave it to the leftist drones and move on!

    • Infinite_Indeterminism

      Allow me to paraphrase your comment: “knowing how this newspaper nonsense works, why does anyone on the Right USE IT ? Leave it to the leftist drones and move on!”

      By now, it ought to be glaringly obvious that all forums are potential battlefields, and that leaving any of them to the enemy means we are surrendering to their highly elevated … content. NO ******* WAY!

    • SideTraKd

      Liberals work to silence conservatives. Conservatives work to EXPOSE liberals. Using their lame tactics would make me feel too slimy.

      • Infinite_Indeterminism

        SideTraKd (apt name, BTW), in case you were commenting my submission: I did specifically not discuss tactics or strategy, only that conservatives need to be present and fighting in every local battlefield! We should never yield as much as an inch to the enemy!

    • Lefty

      We occupy “their” territory. We own twitter.

      You need to get a copy of Sun Tzu “Art of War” and look at some of the tactics laid out there.

      It is a battleground that the Lefties are unprepared for battle. They can’t fight effectively there, other than the weak “SpamHammer” that is responsible for so many of us in TwitterGulag ( @KettleMeetsPot is a victim! FREE KMP!)

      We OWN them and they are running scared. They try to open a front and we take ’em down (figuratively: #ObamaMovies as an example)

      THAT’S why we use Twitter. We take away a channel they used to be able to use for communication among their self-satisfied selves. We deprive the enemy of a resource, and more importantly, are able to utilize that asset for ourselves.

  • Sven_Hunkstrom

    I applaud the effort, but this will *never* stop if the only reaction is griping. There’s only one way to end this–short of starting a competing platform–and that’s to start using the same juvenile mechanism against the lefties. Sad but true.

  • Cigarette, Old Man?

    Why is it that @Twitter and @Support end up reinstating accounts,after a whiner takes it down? Take down, then investigate?

  • MaddMedic

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word… and commented:
    Isn’t Free Speech great? As long as it is the liberals saying it!!!

  • Marty Luther

    if you say anything bad about twitter you can be arrested.

  • SideTraKd

    Glad to see Leah out! I can’t believe OrwellForce is in now. Mine @SideTweetz has been in for 6 days now. =(

  • Lefty

    My account got suspended! I’m the #TwitterGulag!!

    Justin BeFair [email protected]

    Thanks for anyone’s assistance!

    • RanierWest

      You’re on that #twittergulag list. come back and post here what e-mails you’ve swapped with Twitter. Have you even received one email from them after submtting your ticket?

  • Psycho Sock Puppet

    Imagine what would happen if everyone started flagging @OFA_TT for #SPAM? Would @Twitter @Support send THEM to #TwitterGulag? #FreeGOPFireCracker #Resist44

    • RanierWest

      What side are you on? Clearly @OFA_TT is a parody mocking everything Obama does and says… What’s wrong with you? Are you not getting the attention you think you deserve on Twitter as you troll conservatives, so you come on here… You are a #LGF #Loozard aren’t you? – (pregnant pause) So, either you’re not thinking clearly or have a screw loose!

  • LauraE

    I”m fairly new to Twitter, loved the hashtags, and got suspended tweeting on the #DescribeObamaInThreeWords. Suspended Twitter account is LooneyLaura2, I’m now LooneyLaura22, at least for now

  • GrandmaNaw

    Also @LadyDi0723 and @TwitmoLadyDi have been sent to Twitter gulag 6 days ago

  • Jeremy

    I was suspended from Twitter tonight for sharing my Anti-Orrin Hatch video with Dan Liljenquist fans. My twitter account suspended is @twyrch. Twitter told me that I needed to apologize to become reactivated. I have done so twice now and they will not reinstate my account. I am a Teaparty Conservative.

  • JJumpJoy+JJumpJoyII

    This is a copy of an email that I sent to Twitter support. Who knows? It could help.

    I know that the support people are probably getting as frustrated as users with accounts getting suspended accidentally, and having to go and manually reinstate the accounts. I’d like to make a suggestion. If someone’s account is suspended, give them a message to go to a certain link, either after you checked the account or after a certain period of time, or immediately. The link can have a link token that is determined randomly and you can use to verify that only the person is using it that is supposed to use it. On that link there can be a form like this:

    [span id=”jstest” class=”errorMessage”]• You have Javascript disabled in your browser, which can lead to malfunctioning pages or poor protection. Please enable Javascript in your browser then refresh the page.[/span][br /]
    [span class=”errorMessage”]• Submitting the form by pressing the return key has been disabled for this page. Please click the button to submit your log in information.[/span][br /]

    [span class=”errorMessage”]• Please enter all of the following information.[/span][br /]

    [form action=”process.php” method=”post” name=”frmLogin” id=”frmLogin”]
    [table border=”0″ cellpadding=”5″ cellspacing=”1″ class=”table” width=”100%” onMouseover=”document.frmLogin.mouseUsed.value=’yes’;”]
    [tr][td colspan=”2″] [/td][/tr]
    [td class=”label”]User Name[/td]
    [td class=”content”][input name=”txtUserName” type=”text” class=”box” id=”txtUserName” size=”30″ maxlength=”30″ onkeyup=”ctKeyPress();”][/td]
    [td class=”label”]Password[/td]
    [td class=”content”][input name=”pswPassword” type=”password” class=”box” id=”pswPassword” size=”30″ maxlength=”30″ onkeyup=”ctKeyPress();”][/td]

    [td class=”label”]Any Phone Number on Record[/td]
    [td class=”content”][input name=”txtPhone” type=”text” class=”box” id=”txtPhone” size=”30″ maxlength=”30″ onkeyup=”ctKeyPress();”][/td]
    [td class=”label”]Email Address[/td]
    [td class=”content”][input name=”txtEmail” type=”text” class=”box” id=”txtEmail” size=”30″ maxlength=”30″ onkeyup=”ctKeyPress();”][/td]
    [td class=”label”]Country[/td]
    [td class=”content”][select name=”cboCountryCode” id=”cboCountryCode”][option value=””]–[/option][option value=”US”]US[/option][option value=”others”]put other countries too[/option][/select][/td]

    [td class=”label”]Which is the highest number?[/td]
    [td class=”content”]

    [input type=”radio” name=”rdoAnswer” value=”7″ /] 7[br /]
    [input type=”radio” name=”rdoAnswer” value=”8″ /] 8[br /]
    [input type=”radio” name=”rdoAnswer” value=”9″ /] 9[br /]
    [input type=”radio” name=”rdoAnswer” value=”6″ /] 6
    [input type=”hidden” name=”questionId” id=”questionId” value=”14″]

    [td colspan=”2″]
    [span class=”hidden”]Location[input name=”location” type=”text” id=”location” size=”30″ maxlength=”30″][/span]
    [input type=”hidden” name=”ft” id=”ft” value=”83c0c1a8a05bd9851c44e2fc65206d39″]
    [input type=”hidden” name=”qando” id=”qando” value=”yes”]
    [input type=”hidden” name=”action” id=”action” value=”login”]
    [input type=”hidden” name=”jsOn” id=”jsOn” value=”no”]
    [input type=”hidden” name=”mouseUsed” id=”mouseUsed” value=”no”]
    [input type=”hidden” name=”presses” id=”presses” value=”0″]
    [input type=”hidden” name=”speed” id=”speed” value=”0″]
    [input name=”btnLogin” type=”submit” class=”button” id=”btnLogin” value=”Log In”]

    [script language=”JavaScript” type=”text/javascript”]
    /*—REMOVE JS WARNING—*/ document.getElementById(“jstest”).innerHTML = ”;
    /*—MEASURE TIME SPENT ON PAGE—*/ var ms = 0; var state = 0;if (state == 0) {state = 1; then = new Date(); then.setTime(then.getTime() – ms);}function display(){setTimeout(‘display();’, 50); if (state == 1) {now = new Date(); ms = now.getTime() – then.getTime(); document.frmLogin.speed.value = ms;}}display();
    /*—GET USER TO ENABLE JS—*/ var someForm=document.getElementById(‘frmLogin’); if(someForm) {someForm.jsOn.value=’yes’;} else {document.frmLogin.jsOn.value=’yes’;}
    /*—COUNT KEY PRESSES—*/ var qtyKeyPresses = 0; document.frmLogin.presses.value = qtyKeyPresses; function ctKeyPress() {qtyKeyPresses = qtyKeyPresses + 1; document.frmLogin.presses.value=qtyKeyPresses;}
    /*—BLOCK RETURN KEY SUBMITTAL—*/ function stopRKey(evt){var evt = (evt) ? evt : ((event) ? event : null);var node = ( ? : ((evt.srcElement) ? evt.srcElement : null);if ((evt.keyCode == 13) && (node.type==”text”||node.type==”password”||node.type==”select”||node.type==”radio”||node.type==”checkbox”))
    {return false;}}document.onkeypress = stopRKey;setCookie(‘stock’, ”);

    This form has a number of bot-detectors:
    -it checks the # of key presses
    -it checks the length of time it takes to fill out a form
    -it determines whether or not the mouse is moved
    -it has a hidden form field that only a bot would be able to fill in
    -it has a question (determined at random) that only a person could answer
    -it has a link token that you can randomly generate and use to verify that the form is not spoofed

    If all these show that a human is using the account, then it can be reinstated immediately.

    Other checks can be added, such as:
    -verifying that the monitor width is larger than a set value
    -verify that the browser is valid
    -a CAPTCHA

    NOTE: Replace all the “[” and “]” with “”

    Just a suggestion 😀 Thanks for listening!

  • LauraE

    Well, I’ve been suspended again. I have no idea why either, none what’s so ever, except there are those who don’t like my tweets in political hashtags