The Facebook IPO was not a universally celebrated event in the Twittersphere. Many users marked the occasion tonight by spreading word of how the social network outrageously yanked a mother’s Facebook account for paying tribute to her baby son Grayson Walker with photos.

Grayson lived 8 hours before succumbing to complications from anencephaly. She was told her photos were “offensive.”!/MegzUnedited/status/203636425424510976!/cprater/status/203694176582381569!/dezgyrl12208/status/203318416390631425!/hoperaburn/status/203648468525395968!/UrSthrnChrm/status/203565246126891009

Watch Grayson Walker’s life story:

Grayson’s family has a tribute blog about his life here.

Here’s the local news story from WMC in Memphis on the Facebook ban:

A Mid-South mother has been banned from Facebook for the photos she posted of her newborn son.

Grayson James Walker was born on February 15, 2012. He was born with Anencephaly, a rare neural tube birth defect in which a baby is born without parts of the brain and skull. Action News 5 shared the Walker’s story about their sons eight hours of life shortly after he died.

Heather Walker recently posted pictures of Grayson without his hat on.

“Not long after, Facebook deleted them because of the content” she said. “They allow people to post almost nude pictures of themselves, profanity, and so many other things but I’m not allowed to share a picture of God’s beautiful creation.”

Exactly. What kind of warped Facebook speech policing system allows every last filthy photo and epithet to be posted, but bans a family’s loving tribute to their son — and in honor of the sanctity of all human life? And just where do the Walker family’s photos fall among these categories of content deemed “offensive” by Facebook?

Violence and Threats
Bullying and Harassment
Hate Speech
Graphic Violence
Nudity and Pornography
Identity and Privacy
Intellectual Property
Phishing and Spam

Walker and her Facebook friends decided to re-post baby Grayon’s photos in protest, and the mother is now on a 24-hour ban from the social networking website.!/TeamGrayson215/status/203669330083323904

Help keep #remembergrayson and #teamgrayson alive.

  • Ellie

    So here’s my only question, were any of the photos postmortem?

    • Taxpayer1234

      And that matters exactly why?

  • TracyJean

    My youngest brother died due to anancephaly – he would have been 30 this year. like Heather Walker, my mom only saw the beauty in her little boy. There is nothing offensive about Grayson Walker.

  • Patricia DeFina

    So sorry for your loss.. So touching to see such strong loving people

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    Ellie-Does it matter that any of the photos were post mortem? If you watched that video and thats all you came up with, you have no soul, i.e. typical brain dead lib.

    Facebook- With decisions like this, your stock will be worth a plug nickel two years from now. Under my administration, you woud be “Too cruel to thrive” and I’d do everything I could to help you fail.

    • Christine Craft

      and so through which bodily orifice did you determine that “libs” don’t have emotions?

      • kelly

        you might want to check a dictionary, christine… or maybe learn to read…

        • Donna Algeri

          what are you even rambling about? christine’s post made perfect sense and contained nothing she would have to consult a dictionary over. good lord.

    • Donna Algeri

      sad that you had to use the death of an infant to say something nasty about liberals. this isn’t political. it’s in REALLY poor taste and completely insensitive to post your opinion with “brain dead” on a story about an infant born with this type of ailment.

    • Ellie

      1st The video that was directly linked was quite touching. I saw nothing wrong with any of that content.

      Is that the post that fb had a problem with? Really? I find it hard to believe that they would have.

      There are a number of other videos of infants with the same disorder that appear to be poised postmortem and those vids (I don’t know if it is the same child or family) appear more disrespectful of the dead rather then touching tribute of a child’s short life. IF one of those vids were on fb then I could see why they might have an issue with them.

      2nd This is the first time someone has thought I was a “lib” considering my “I am Breitbart” Avatar.

  • Frogfans

    Well, it IS offensive. But America has way too much censorship as it is, everybody needs to lighten up. And just because someone is offensive to some people doesn’t mean it should be censored.

    • Frustrated Teacher

      Interesting to know just why you find her posts offensive? It is a heartbreaking thing to lose a newborn or any child. The pictures maybe difficult to look at but just how does this rise to ‘offensive’ unless a person is among the uber sensitive and easily offended….

  • Jerry Frey

    At least his soul had love for a few hours.

    • Vickie DHaene

      and prayers for his journey forward. I hope they know his very short life touched a whole lot of people. May God bless them with Peace in knowing Grayson is Home.

  • aPLWBinAK

    So Facebook decided that was ‘offensive’, but they’ve recently been shown (at WND) to have a large community of users who are pedophiles and child porn traders….well it’s good to know where their priorities are…hope their stock does a Faceplant.

  • Lillian Geiger Smith

    life and all its splendor should be displayed. unconditional love and respect for this little 1 should be universal. that child should be honored
    as an example.

    • Taxpayer1234

      Exactly. I would bet my bippy that the parents knew little Grayson’s condition was fatal long before he was born. They get major kudos for giving him his full measure of life, short though it was.

  • Lindsay Bishop Clark

    This women has the right to be proud of her baby. Anyone that thinks different has never had a baby that they have cared for. The thought of someone I dont even know going through this and being told that there only time with there baby is offensive because the baby doesnt look like you want it to is unthinkable. I would of done the same thing and enjoyed the only 8 hours with my baby and been happy that I got that. Grayson is the way he is suppose to be dont take this moment from this family. She is and should be proud of her little grayson!

  • Vickie DHaene

    As soon as I read the story on The Blaze I tweeted and reposted to Facebook. I have faithful followers on Facebook that we spread this story everywhere. SHAME ON FACEBOOK !!!

  • Michael O’Brien

    God Bless the family and little Grayson!!!!

  • Christine Craft

    does an infant without significant brain matter suffer pain?

    • Taxpayer1234

      Why in the hell does that even matter?

  • Flower

    That baby is beautiful. His parents had every right to bring him into the world, and he had every right to be born.

  • vicky

    God bless the Walkers, sorry for your loss of your beautiful precious baby-Grayson

  • Flower

    That baby is adorable. I watched the video. I am so glad that he was allowed to be born with dignity. All human life is precious.

  • Cannon72

    To have spent those 9 months preparing as best as anyone can for a baby: dreaming of watching the baby grow up & who the baby will grow to be, who the baby will look like, picking names, having strangers touch your stomach, buying diapers & other baby items to only share 8 hours of a lifetime. I commend the Walkers for celebrating their baby’s life. I cannot imagine how hard it was for them to get through that day after those 9 months. Children are the very best of us, regardless of how they enter this world. Children are the people we should invest the most hope in & for Facebook, a global community, to decide that this baby’s pictures were offensive… huh??? There are far worse things on Facebook: predators trolling, bullying, posts of filthy language discussing sex, hatred, offensive images that ridicule race, religion, gender, alcoholism, etc. Maybe the Walkers felt that this was the best way they could convey the range of emotions that were packed into those days, hours, minutes, moments. My heart goes out to the Walkers & my deep appreciation to them for giving Greyson the dignity, compassion & love that he deserved as their baby, a human being, MADE in God’s image.

  • Michael

    answer is simple NEVER EVER click on an ad that appears on Facebook make it very unprofitable for advertisers to use Facebook

  • wrighty

    some children are too special to stay on this earth. many just need to be here for long enough to obtain a body then our heavenly father calls them back home. what a very special angle <3

  • Beauty41

    Wow it touched my heart! What a sad story and beautiful at the same time! I have tears in my eyes!

  • casey

    While my heart goes out to this family, the tribute page is a joke. Because if people were truly irate they would stop using facebook. But it’s their crack. They’ll post on a tribute page but will keep using.

  • cajunspawn9

    I copied the link address to this page and posted it on my fb. I have told everyone I know about baby Grayson and how fb wouldn’t allow his pic’s.

  • twall10107

    Mrs. Walker and supporters of Mr. and Mrs. Walker are sadly posting many untruths here. They are dishonest in their descriptions of the action taken by Facebook, and dishonest also in their descriptions of other, allowed content. All of us are sorry for their tragic loss, and all of us support the continued efforts of science to reduce the incidence of birth defects, as well as to meliorate the suffering of victims. Most of us support the right of mothers like Mrs. Walker to make their own decisions about whether to bring defective fetuses to term, although some posters seem to be opposed to mothers’ rights in this very serious matter. Do they believe they can use the Walker’s experience to promote such an agenda? If so, shame on them. The family’s joy, their sadness, their many emotions are understandable and not begrudged. They have a right to interpret their tragedy in their own way, but they have a responsibility to be truthful in any statements they make about the actions of third parties. So do all of us. Grayson Walker, RIP.

    • emjem24

      Defective fetuses? How revealing. I had a miscarriage… I never got to meet my baby. Was my baby also a “defective fetus?” Dear God, you have no soul or heart. Have you ever lost a child? Do you know someone who has? The incredible amount of pain that comes with that loss and how, sometimes, it stays with you?
      I don’t think that the Walkers are misprespresenting what FB did. We no longer care for the most vulnerable and young amongst us. Oh, to have your cold, scientific truth disguised as empathy, Mr. Wall.
      We need more people like the Walkers. We need less people like you, Mr. Wall, to remind us of the ugly vagaries of life.

  • BeeKaaay

    Facebook is pro-abortion, they are happy the baby is dead. Freaking scumbags.


    FB = Freaking Bumms.

  • suzie

    this family now has a page dedicated to the loss of this baby…an dont get me wrong..i feel for anyones loss..but i u look at the seems like a way to get money..there doesnt seem to be any info on where the money is going…just that they have a fund in his name..i hate to think this is some ploy…did they donate any part of this baby so others may live..again ., sure this makes me sound cold..but im truely not..i just know that people will take some thing so horrible an turn it in to away to take advantage of people ..even using god to do it…

  • OBKB

    Please forgive my ignorance, but, I don’t understand how such a tiny baby could ever be deemed “offensive” to society. All I saw were images of a proud mother and father giving their son a short lifetime of love. I see nothing offensive about that. I’m so glad that Grayson graced the world with his presence. I only wish he could’ve stayed longer… Fly high, little Grayson.