What part of “UNDO OBAMACARE” don’t the Beltway Republican leaders understand? Yes, this is a Politico story. But 1) Republican crapweasels leak to Politico all the time; and 2) grass-roots activists on the Right have been let down and kicked down by the Beltway GOP leadership enough times to be justifiably worried.

From Politico:

If the law is partially or fully overturned they’ll draw up bills to keep the popular, consumer-friendly portions in place — like allowing adult children to remain on parents’ health care plans until age 26, and forcing insurance companies to provide coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Ripping these provisions from law is too politically risky, Republicans say.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.zielbauer Jim Zielbauer

    Time to put more RINOs out of work…

  • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

    Sounds to me like the House GOP wants to lose their jobs in the next election. Then they’ll have to abide by the same rules and ObamaCare they foisted on us! Hahahaha!

  • Richard Blaine

    They aren’t paying attention.

  • crazytrucker1987

    It’s time to get rid of all RINOS.I want my country back now.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    Don’t they know that if they leave ANY part in, the Dems will have something to take credit for (and give Obama credit for)!!?? IF this happens, Boehner has to GO! Throw it out and start all over! (or meet your Tea Party opponent for the next primary!!)

  • sablegsd

    I have pitchforks and feathers. Anybody got tar?

  • SuperstionQueen

    The establishment GOP also needs a heavy dose of pink slips. Grrrr.

  • Taxpayer1234


  • http://erickbrockway.com/ Erick Brockway

    “Too politically risky”? What the weak-kneed leaders don’t seem to ever realize is NOBODY will give them credit for caving. Not the Dems, they’ll take total credit. And certainly they’ll get no credit from us.

    Sounds like a lose-lose to me.

  • http://twitter.com/JimForbes_Pasco

    What part of “UNDO OBAMACARE” don’t the Beltway Republican leaders understand?

    All of it.

    They are LIBS. Libs love ObomneyCare. There isn’t a 2% chance it will ever be completely abolished.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/555HP3NPFJ2E7MRU4CZUN7GSEU James H

    Vote for Ron Paul – otherwise you’re all a bunch of phony conservatives.

  • http://limemediahawaii.com/ AniMatsuri

    Predictable. This is probably what Romney wants too.

  • n4cerinc

    Ha. Don’t worry, the Father of Obamacare will come in and make them feel better about this.

  • n4cerinc

    This from the people who would never have to live under that law. Their healthcare is super. So they can play games with it that will impact the rest of us serfs.

  • fivegreatkids

    While I detest Obamacare there are a couple of things in there that should be looked at. Pre existing conditions being the big one. The repubs had a chance to fix a lot of problems with our medical system and did NOTHING. grrr They GAVE the dems the opportunity to shove Obamacare down our throats. Our healthcare system needs fixing — it is the best but has some major problems — pretending it doesn’t won’t make them go away.

  • Vickie DHaene

    These people need to hear our roar. WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND YOU REPEAL OBAMACARE. All of it.