Twitchy told you about the plights of @FreeMarket_US and @ChrisLoesch — both knocked off Twitter unjustly and then reinstated by Twitter after a surge of support from fellow conservatives online. The fight continues. Tonight, conservative activists publicized the suspension of @shanewright22.!/HarryLarris/status/201155524790714368!/greekkid31/status/201113268876619779!/katyabram/status/201122829515767809!/MichelleBoxx/status/201152026741190656

There are more still trapped:!/Painterman969/status/201150331428675585!/Painterman969/status/201151618044014593!/Painterman969/status/201151927659151360



Vocal conservative social-media activists helped bring the infestation of “progressive” flag-spam abusers to Twitter’s attention. Leftists scoffed at #twittergulag, but Twitter responded by reinstating many accounts.

As Dana Loesch reported — in a smackdown of ill-informed reporter Chris Wilson – the Leftists’ maliciously coordinated blocks of conservative users are real and the subject of Twitter investigation:

From Twitter, bold my emphasis:

You’ve been unsuspended, and I’ve asked the team to monitor the account […] we are still investigating the best ways to work on this …

the coordinated blocks may still trip the automated systems, but we will try to stay a step ahead

You may also refer to my note that coordinated blocks could trip the automated spam systems …

Please note your follower/following counts maybe a little screwy for an hour or so after suspension/reinstatement. Thanks for your patience.

… It was suspended and it was a coordinated effort and it seems some of those who are spinning the fastest are the ones guilty of the TOS violation themselves…

An activist has created @FreeChrisLoesch (not affiliated with Chris Loesch) to keep track on Twitter of conservatives stuck in #twittergulag. There is also a @TwitterGulag account to help publicize the plight of those targeted by progressive silencers.!/paulrevered1776/status/200728364389122048!/freechrisloesch/status/200882828928495616!/TWlTTERGULAG/status/200443527979728897!/TWlTTERGULAG/status/200440504498917376

Twitter users: You can help by tweeting this post to @gov and @support.

Eternal vigilance!


Thank you, Twitter. Shane Wright is free and the coordinated spam block was confirmed:!/ShaneWright22/status/201189378205290496!/ShaneWright22/status/201194409717530624!/ShaneWright22/status/201195226436599808

We also heard from Angie Mancuso, who is now unsuspended and got similar confirmation that she was victim of a coordinated spam block attack. She notes that prior to her suspension, she had been interacting with #stoprush liberal Twitter activists.!/AngieMancuso/status/201304878629392384!/AngieMancuso/status/201292257746366464!/TWlTTERGULAG/status/201319215762915328

We’ll keep on ’em, too.


Ken Gardner has some advice:!/kesgardner/status/201348104476303362!/kesgardner/status/201356534335275009

  • Shane Wright

    Hey Twitchy, it’s @ShaneWright22 not @FreeShaneWright

    • Michelle Malkin

      Already fixed.

      • Boon Companion

        Hi Michelle!

    • RanierWest

      Were you really involved rebutting someone? or were you in a hashtag? Curious! #FreeShaneWright22

  • Brian Cates

    Eventually this is gonna get fixed. When it does, they’ll try to find some other way to game the system.

    We’re using Twitter better than they are. They better get used to it.

  • Pat Arnold

    I am really curious as to how many of the big brave men who sent tweets calling Bristol Palin everything (and I do mean everything) but a child of God have been suspended? Don’t these creeps have wives and daughters? Imagine their horror should some low life call their child a slut, whore, C*** and more for daring to express her opinion.

    • Taxpayer1234

      Ain’t gonna happen. And that’s OK by me because they can continue displaying their bigoted idiocy for the world to see.

  • Traditional American

    There’s a new, quickly growing sock-puppet account with a “blacklist” here:!/consarenasty/conservative-black-list/members (Don’t click on their profile’s site link, or you’ll give away your IP address and possibly expose yourself to whatever nasty bugs they have waiting!)

  • Traditional American

    Add @debbiewarrick to that suspended list as well…

    • RanierWest

      we have debbie on the gulag roll call.

  • P-G Matuszak

    Look for new, blatantly progressive accounts that are creating lists of conservatives. They usually have low follower counts. They will get one person to harass a conservative, then all jump on when the conservative responds with spam-block. They usually do this from secondary accounts.

  • Blogrescue

    Any word if the restored accounts still have their friends and followers? Last week there were reports of unbanned accounts that has lost all connections.

    For this reason, I created, which backs up your friend, followers and lists. I’m also working on having it show lost connections to combat the infamous Twitter unfollow bug.


  • Scarlett_156

    My alt account finally was unsuspended. I didn’t violate the TOU or anything like that; the third time it was suspended, I hadn’t even posted anything from it.

  • soxfan4evah

    I was stuck in the gulag as well, no reason given as to why, and had several emails to support go unanswered. If that’s all they got, November is gonna be sweet.

    • RanierWest