As our late-night-owl readers know, after Twitter reinstated conservative activist Chris Loesch’s account in the wee hours of Sunday night/Monday morning, the progressive flag-spam lynch mob — a vicious group of free speech-squelching Twitter users who trigger automatic suspensions by falsely “mass reporting” conservatives as “spammers” — took him down again and again.

Hat tip to @Ed:!/stopthemadness8/status/196789497223069696

He is not alone.

And you will not be surprised to learn that at least one of the Twitter libs identified as a flag-spam ringleader also happens to be spearheading a Stop Rush Limbaugh effort online.

While Twitter executives sleep on the job, conservatives online are battling not only Loesch’s suspension, but the suspension of more than a dozen — and possibly dozens, if not hundreds more — innocent conservative social-media users who appear to have been maliciously targeted by Twitter abusers. The system is obviously broken and being exploited by vigilantes who oppose everything the engagement-enhancing ethos of Twitter stands for (or is supposed to stand for, anyway).

The targets are not big-time conservative celebs with large followings (which seems to be why Chris Loesch was targeted instead of his fellow conservative activist wife — editor/CNN contributor Dana Loesch — whose high-follower Twitter account may be more immune to flag-spam attacks).

The progressives never expect pushback. But with the back-to-back suspensions of @freemarket_us and @chrisloesch, the conservative activist community online is banding together to Flag the Flag-Spammers for Twitter to see all in one place — no, not by abusing the flag-spam system, but by naming names and showing Twitter the extent of the problem.

Shane Wright, who himself was the victim of a temporary suspension, has compiled a list of conservatives suspended at some point on Twitter.

He explained to Twitchy how he came about identifying targets (and is working with Ben Howe to spread the word):

I was suspended 20 minutes after I was done debating a few liberals. Twitter’s suspension message to me stated that I had used “Abusive Language” I never cursed, threatened or belittled anyone. I am continuing to fighting with twitter as they have yet to identify which tweet contained abusive language. This incident was the catalyst for me to spend my Sunday looking into this issue.

I stumbled upon a few tweets between the liberals I was debating, discussing getting groups together to block conservative twitter accounts in mass. I am certain that @OccupiedMuslim got her entire OWS rally in NYC to report me for spam. I wish I would have taken a screen shot because those tweets were deleted as soon as I started making noise about it. (rookie mistake I know)

I then began to google and ask my followers to see if this was an isolated incident, The list above are the accounts that I uncovered today alone. This is clearly a tactic being used by the left and Twitter is either ignorant or allowing it to occur.

In addition to Shane’s list, Twitchy is including a running list of tweets here from other users who are stepping forward with evidence and first-hand knowledge of the progressive flag-spam abusers. We hope Twitter’s alogrithm experts and engineers and Twitter’s government/news/social innovation team will use the information gathered here, investigate, and act.

And we encourage you to help us add to the list and RT it far and wide until they finally fix the problem. In case it needs to spelled out:

Solutions? Try this, for starters:

Flag-spam targets suspended at some point by Twitter because of false flag-spam attacks, per Shane Wright:



Tweets from victims who’ve been targeted in the past and reinstated (some with the flag-spam abuser identified):!/i8bugs1/status/196809975010574336

One of the Twitter users linked to flag-spam attacks by the above victims is a “StopRush” ringleader. Try to act surprised:

The wife of another suspended Twitter conservative rallies activists:

And from reader Jaime Blakely in comments below:

Since @jaimec25 is still suspended this is only way I have to communicate this. Feminists have organized Spam Reporting of conservatives. So far they are the ones I know about. Specifically after those UAWOW rallies, I got hateful messages and then was blocked. Also if you follow Sistertoldjah they will Spam/Block you. If you “invade” their hashtag they get angry and call it spam and report you. If you RT one of their tweets, they call it spam and report you. If you forward their conservative hit list, they report you. Lower profile conservatives are hardest hit because the blocks and spams hit us hardest.

The radical Left’s strategy has always been to squelch conservative dissent — from Rush Limbaugh to ALEC to Americans for Prosperity to Free Market America. And now, from ordinary Twitter conservative activists en masse.

In the past, establishment conservatives have abandoned the battlefield and sought to create conservative “alternatives” to mainstream spaces when push comes to shove. No longer.

The answer to left-wing lynch mobs isn’t to run away from them, but to expose them and beat them back.

Social media cheerleaders, take note: The platform made famous for allowing dissident voices to organize and communicate in Arab dictatorships is now being used domestically to squelch the Right online.

It’s not just a mathematical engineering problem involving neutral algorithms.

It’s a political and public relations problem.

Fix it, Twitter. Please.


An interesting suggestion from an Instapundit reader:

UPDATE: On Facebook, Alex Pournelle has a suggestion:

Business plan! Escrow accounts for your Twitter followers. When your account gets suspended, and they blink, and reinstate you, it auto-adds your followers back.

Permissions based, and allows you to watch for slamming, spoofing, and abuse.

Michelle Malkin should get working on this ASAP.

Well, she should.


Twitter user @JoeDunn8 has been suspended tonight after actively engaging liberal followers over #freechrisloesch.

Joe emails a screenshot of his final activity online before suspension. His exchange with the liberal user gloating about Chris Loesch’s suspension is not “spam:”


The flag-spam abusers are completely open about what they are doing:


Washington Times:

Conservative Chris Loesch, music producer and husband of radio host and CNN contributor Dana Loesch, had his Twitter account suspended on Sunday. He was apparently targeted by leftist users who utilized the “Block & Report Spam” function to trigger the social media account’s automatic spam algorithm. He was notified of his suspension via an email from Twitter claiming it was due to multiple unsolicited mentions to other users. “You will need to change your behavior to continue using Twitter,” the email admonished.

“I never threatened anyone and am careful about being concise with what I write especially in public,” Mr. Loesch told The Washington Times. “They were going to make me sign this note that said one more infraction and I would be permanently banned. I wasn’t going to do that so I wrote emails to some of their people.”

…Conservatives suspect a coordinated campaign to report as spam users with whom liberal users disagree. Several users sent out tweets bragging about getting Mr. Loesch blocked, including one claiming “my life job to make conservatives lives miserable.”

  • steveegg

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Google (the ultimate “Don’t be conservative” liberal bastion) buys Twitter.

  • Shawn

    I’m using my twitter and blog followers to try and help. I’m probably making myself a target, but oh well.  Silence is not an option.

  • Shawn

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they bought Twitter.  They are the Disney of the internet world.

  • crosspatch

    Charles Johnson has been accused in comments over at Patterico’s blog of doing the same thing.

  • Shane Wright

    Thanks Twitchy! You guys rock! 

  • SideTraKd

    Add @SideTweetz to that list.  Suspended three times by spamblockers for the crime of retweeting ludicrous liberals and following the “wrong” people.  Since I was a newer account and didn’t have anyone to take up my cause, I had to contest the suspensions with support, and they have never been able to give me any sort of definitive reason why my account was suspended.  Currently active, and I hope that Twitter puts a stop to this.

    Thanks Twitchy for following through with all of this!

  • Kimberly Dykes

    the question I have is would liberal tweeters get suspended as quickly if the same methods were used on them? I get that abusing the system in the same manner doesn’t solve the problem, but it would show if it is simply a result of ” a mathematical engineering problem involving neutral algorithms” if lib posters were suspended as quickly would it not?? If they weren’t it would point to the problem being someone censoring right? I propose an experiment to answer the question, considering how many thousands of followers the more well known conservative tweeters/bloggers have, I’d think it would be easy to target a few libs and conservatives for flagging  and then compare who gets suspended and how quickly it happens….just a thought, and I’d gladly volunteer my account to be flagged to see how many flags it takes to be suspended for a comparison. I also think that although its never a good idea to stoop to the lower levels of incivility, if enough libs had to deal with suspension they would scream to high heaven to get Twitter to change its features……

    • tinker_thinker

      The kill Zimmerman acct….

    • BeeKaaay

        Stop calling them liberals.   They’re not liberals.  True liberals want more freedom.   These guy don’t.

      Call them what they really are:  Marxists, leftists, left-wingers or my favorite: leftwingwackos.

      If you yield the language, you’ve yielded the argument.

  • Kini

    I’m just now becoming aware of this reading the tweets.  Thanks Twitchy and Michelle for publicizing this!  

  • Katja

    Got followed a few days ago by account @ifollowhate.  I blocked it b/c I figured he/she was sizing me up for something.  

  • ScreaminMime

    It’s kind of a badge of honor to be targeted in such a way, I’m sure there are a lot of Conservatives on Twitter that would LOVE to be added to the list of temporary suspended accounts…

    • SideTraKd

      Meh.  I don’t know.  I was new to Twitter when it first happened to me, and I thought I had broken some rule.  I was pretty upset, and didn’t know what I had supposedly done wrong.  When it happened the second time, I nearly just wrote it all off.  I asked the support team to tell me what I had done wrong, but they just reinstated my account with no explaination. 

      But the THIRD time, I got mad, and demanded to know what I did wrong, with no results except for my account being reactivated again.  It was only after that when I started learning about liberals targetting newer conservative accounts to get them suspended, and a short time later when @ChrisLoesch got suspended.

      The liberal goon squad overplayed it’s hand this time by targetting such a high profile account, and I hope that it backfires on them in SPADES.

  • DeafRanger

    I’m using my blogs and Facebook account to let people know about this situation.  We have to stand up to these cyber bullies.  The left, the FROGS, or is it progs (smile)  always use unethical tactics and then yell if anybody does anything criticizing them for their views.

  • BobHTX

    Wondering if blocking these spammers (as we find them) would prevent this?
    Anyone know?

    • Jaime Blakley

       No, I tried that after the first time and they still got me.  They can still see you in hashtags and I think that’s how they target us.

  • Rob Stevely

    He is suspended again.  

    • The Monster

       Here’s an idea:  Once an actual human has overruled the “algorithm” and reinstated an account, don’t let the algorithm re-suspend that account again.

  • The Monster

    What does “multiple unsolicited mentions to other users” even mean?  We aren’t even allowed to TALK ABOUT people w/o their permission?  On what planet is that “spam”?

    • TooOldToBeCool

       Hey, remember the new law that says you can’t criticize Obama about anything if the Secret Service are around? Same shit, different day.

  • Darth Odie

    This has been going on forever. I’ve lost adsense. Youtube channels. Facebook…  G+ etc etc.  Glad ya’ll notice.

    Here’s a clue “John Hlinko”

    There you go.


    what is the best way to protect oneself against this kinda nonsense?? #occupystupidity BTW_ I dread the day Google buys twitter… ya know what, don’t get me started on them…

  • tinker_thinker

    I was suspended too. But the message twitter gave me was that it was a mistake, all I had to do was sign back in. I joined for Rush, was tweeting there.

  • Lola_at_Large

    FYI: They are organizing via gmail and the doc feature. Here’s a list of names they are tracking:

    Also, via VileTweets:

    @feminazislut’s account has been suspended, ftr. #UnintendedConsequences

  • tinker_thinker

    Twitter has a way to fix this. They should have a TOS that any user who flags someone unfairly will be suspended instead.

  • ironked

    It was mentioned that conservatives usually give up and try to come up with an alternative. The only alternative I’ve seen is the awkward Freedom Connector. I think you are all correct. Fight to make these so-called free speech, free thinkers put up or shut up.  I’m glad to see that Twitter is at least being pragmatic. They’ve had hard enough time coming up with a profit plan to risk losing a whole users segment of eyeballs.

  • Fr. Paul Lemmen

    I got suspended and never got an email from Twitter for two weeks, only got a response after sending them hourly emails and was told basically the same thing, that I was suspended for sending unwelcomed replies. WTF??? Suspension came with-in hours of my article “Takes One To Know  One” about Obama as a con-artist (I am a former career con-man) and the organization behind him. (available here:

    • The Monster

      “sending unwelcomed replies”?  WTF indeed.

      So if someone tweets something I don’t like and mentions my handle, that’s “spam”?

      If you don’t want to see tweets from someone, you block them. You don’t follow them. Problem solved.

    • Fr. Paul Lemmen

       Of course, now I’ve apparently reached my “Limit of tweets” and must “wait several hours before tweeting again”. WTF?

      • BeeKaaay

         Tsk, Tsk, you’ve been talking too much, you know leftists hate it when people talk (especially if they disagree with leftists!) :) 

  • Pat Bateman

    The crucial part you left out is that Dana Loesch cries RAPE every time she gets beat in an argument, and then Chris stalks and harasses the people who humiliated her. Dana seriously hurts real victims of rape in a pathetic attempt to save face.

    • Therese Z

      No, she gets threatened with rape and all other kinds of assault. The ugliness of response to female bloggers/tweeters is amazing.

  • Mackie72

    I saw @allenbrauer attack Dana Loesch and then PM’d Chris with some info. Within minutes Chris was suspended. This was a coordinated attack by Brauer — not a coincidence at all. He came on to illicit a negative response and got what he wanted. He’s a douchebag who’s having a rough menstrual bout.
    Don’t think it has NOTHING to do with our outrage over Dan Savage’s attack on Christians.
    Obama has divided us by class, race, religion, gender and now he’s working on division by sexual preference.
    BET ON IT.

  • Jaime Blakley

    Okay @jaimec25:twitter here, still suspended. I wanted to report that when I was 1st suspended last week, I received the exact same message as Chris Loesch mentioned above – “notified of his suspension via an email from Twitter claiming it was due to multiple unsolicited mentions to other users. “You will need to
    change your behavior to continue using Twitter,” the email admonished.”

    I didn’t get it as an e-mail just on my Twitter page and it didn’t give you a chance to fight it, just sign here or you can’t have your account back so even though I knew I didn’t do anything wrong, I had to sign. I know who it was because it happened immediately after I forwarded a tweet by Sistertoldjah stating the truth that @feminazislut, @subculturestuff, & @ShitSexistsSay2 were silencing conservatives. I then started a Twitter campaign trying to raise awareness including RT their document of hate against conservatives which Sistertoldjah cited.

    I noticed a tweet by @IndieObama mentioning 2 conservatives being suspended & cited @feminazislut & @subculturestuff so I RT it 1 TIME to raise awareness. I then received a crazed tweet from @IndieObama copying the FBI and said I was harassing her for her support of Obama even though I never said anything about Obama just the suspension planning.  When I replied to her attack on me she said I was spamming her and to get out of her timeline, also said I was harassing her and copied the FBI again.  I submitted a harassment ticket on her via Twitter but never received a response.  Her account is still up.

    I also actively participated in tweeting on Sunday during the #UAWOW and was attacked by feminists (who I just ignored).  I’m not sure whether it was #UAWOW or my mention again of @feminazislut & @subculturestuff (or combination) that got me suspended again. Twitter will not respond to my e-mails or support contact via their website so I appreciate the extra attention you are giving this matter.

  • MomsUnite


  • Ind711

    Dana Loesch was just on CNN. She barely got the hashtag in, so I’m not sure it will do much good on that front.

    But this is insanity. I realize that Twitter is a private business and they have the right to do what they please, but this is a different situation. When you sign up on Twitter and agree to their Terms & Conditions, you are essentially signing a two-party contract with them: “I agree to follow your rules if you uphold them and punish offenders equally.” This is clearly not the case here, as disgusting punks [email protected]:[email protected]:twitter –among many, many others–are allowed to spew their hatred without issue.

    See [email protected]:twitter blog post on this issue here:

    • BeeKaaay

      This is done on purpose.  

      Think about it.  If we start arguing that Twitter is a public accommodation, that opens the door for government regulation of internet sites.   Then you know Marxists will take them over quicker.

      So Marxists just take over them using private means.  Then they use conservatives as tools to push for declaring twitter a public accommodation.

  • Me

    More liberal Fascists. These people are anti-First Amendment creeps who can’t win arguments so they simply try to silence the opposition. However, the problem would be resolved if Twitter would add a human element to the equation and require someone to actually look at accounts before the system locks them. Also, Twitter should shut down the accounts of those who abuse the flag-spam feature. One warning shut down. The second permanent.

    • BeeKaaay

       Stop calling them liberals.   They’re not liberals.  True liberals want more freedom.   These guy don’t.

      Call them what they really are:  Marxists, leftists, left-wingers or my favorite: leftwingwackos.

      If you yield the language, you’ve yielded the argument.

  • Judith Sears

    I’m very new to Twitter. I don’t have a blog. If I wanted to add my voice complaining to Twitter – what’s the best way to do it?

  • Jaime Blakley

    FYI, Michelle Malkin and Twitchy, there appears to be a “conservative” who actually may have been harassing someone and if that is so I don’t want that to stain the fact that real abuse is happening to conservative accounts.

  • mackette52

    they cant argue the point, so libs shut us down, just like their leader #Obama #OWS GO #TEA #BREITBART

  • Expose Prochoice™

    I was the one who originally outted the hitlist compiled by Twitler aka @subculturestuff, have been suspended once already. She has been pushing her band of ethugs to get my blog shut down-it’s more than just abuse on Twitter. She slandered several Jewish friends by naming them as ‘NeoNazis’ and is now busily playing the victim.

  • Mangus Coloradus

    No one hates the 1st amendment more than Democrats.

    • BeeKaaay

       Not just democrats, but leftists in general (regardless of their political party)

  • Shane Wright

    Please keep sending me info on blocked accounts and their stories @shanewright22 I’m still on this issue. Posting the list and thoughts this afternoon.

    • littlebytes

      Twitter is plagued w/liberal abusers of the spam/block button [email protected]:disqus but also hashtag/search censorship

  • Jaime Blakley

    The problem I have with Twitter is they left their Spam definition very vague:

    What is Spam?

    Here are some common tactics that spam accounts often use:

    Posting harmful links (including links to phishing or malware sites)Aggressive following behavior (mass following and mass un-following for attention)Abusing the @reply or @mention function to post unwanted messages to usersCreating multiple accounts (either manually or using automated tools)Spamming trending topics to try to grab attentionRepeatedly posting duplicate updatesPosting links with unrelated tweets

    First of all, it says “common tactics that spam accounts often use”.  They shouldn’t be able to classify a live, regular tweeter as a spam account then simply for RTing, mentioning or posting on a liberal hashtag.  We obviously aren’t a spam account because we are authoring real tweets.

    Second, how does Twitter decide what constitutes ABUSING the reply or mention function?  Liberals say hateful derogatory things to conservatives mentioning our @ accounts on a daily basis so that should mean these unwanted messages could cause their accounts to be classified as spam accounts as well.  Conservatives don’t do that but perhaps there is a way to show @Safety
    @Support whoever that this definition is bogus and being abused to silence political dissent.

    • BeeKaaay

       The #KillZimmerman account definitely counts as a spam account according to those terms, but Twitter refuses to suspend it.

  • $6903134

    Things stopthemadness say’s: Menkauhor Akauhor







    today a prince was born and he becomes king i given a bday shoutout to myself for 25 years i lived. thank u God, dad, mom,

  • rrpjr

    The Left was losing the Twitter wars. They have one historical response to such setbacks and realities: censorship and brute suppression to whatever degree will be tolerated within the system. Totally predictable.

  • $6903134

    Aww-read his past tweets- he is mad at Obama.  He loves Olbermann!  He loves Weiner! He’s ready for anarchy!  And he just might gauge his eyes out!  Menkauhor Akauhor







    I will never never ever ever vote for a #republican as long im breathing. I rather gauge my eyes out


    Where is it written Twitter – or any other social media site for that
    matter – can’t filter tweets and/or accounts based on ANY criteria THEY

  • TAMjeanee

    Add @TAMjeanee to that list too Michelle!!!! suspended 2x in the past 2 weeks!

  • Melissa Ortiz

    I was also suspended last night and into this morning. As a conservative activist who happens to have a disability, I brace myself for stuff like this to happen b/c most PWD choose to live on the plantation instead of being free. Therefore, they come after me a lot. I guess they want me to go back on the plantation. Fat chance of THAT ever happening! 

    • BeeKaaay

       Leftists believe those with disabilities should have no rights.    Especially if they disagree with leftists.

  • littlebytes

    Twitter is plagued w/liberal abusers of the spam/block button but many conservatives are also filtered from search&hashtags.

  • Ronald Kushner

    I have been suspended too. [email protected] is gone

    • Ronald Kushner

      Ok, looks like I’m back on. Didn’t lose followers or who I’m following either

  • BeeKaaay

    And here we go.

    The internet was the LAST bastion of free speech.  The place where ANYONE could speak their mind and have a chance at a good public debate.

    Now Marxists are taking it over to silence any dissent.   They have taken over Twitter.  Will facebook be next?   Or will we have to start a new tweeting service?  

  • cscape

    “my life job to make conservatives lives miserable.” – are THESE the jobs that OBAMA promised???

  • cscape

    On FACEBOOK i automatically block all LIBS whenever they identify themselves….. I stopped trying to have “dialogue” with them a LONG LONG time ago

  • FredipusRex

    Talk about deja vu. Daniel Barber/Hotnuke sure gets around – he spent a big chunk of last year posting anti-Derrick Rose “analysis” articles on Yahoo’s sport blogs. Somehow he managed to get syndicated thru Yahoo. The dude was seriously despised by most of the readers – his comment sections always devolved into shout fests.

    Weird seeing him in the middle of something in such a different context. Guess he’s an wide-ranging jackass…

  • BeeKaaay

    I think it is time for the Conservative movement to use a few pages from Alinksy’s book.

    Find the top manager contacts in Twitter.   Then hold their feet to the fire.  Find the CEO’s contact.   And start a campaign to target and freeze the CEO.   Then hold the CEO’s feet to the fire.

  • Daniel Sullenberger

    Is anyone surprised Jazzy the Amazing Ponytail Man -of Little Green Goofballs fame- the same slimeball who encourages his readers to post racist comments on conservative blogs, is part of this?

  • Sharon W.

    I’m sure some people do abuse the system, however, there are those of us who simply wish not to see tweets from certain people in our timeline. That is what the BLOCK button is for, NOT block and report spam button. However, if enough people get tired of watching the nonsense, it will get picked up by the software as spam reports. 

    The initial tweet that touched off the firestorm, while in bad taste, was nothing more than an extension of a conspiracy theory cross posted from World News Daily to Balloon Juice. That posting from WND advanced the theory that Breitbart and a coroner’s technician were poisoned. The tweet suggested that under the circumstances, Dana needed to hire a food taster. The conspiracy theory was created by a CONSERVATIVE but…hey…libruls.

    I blocked both Dana and her husband at the point where Dana answered someone who was trying to explain where the original paragraph came from, by insinuating he was a pedophile. Conservative are oh so classy and above inflammatory rhetoric, aren’t they? Oh yes, and as this post proves, they are never guilty of half baked conspiracy theories are they?

    • Daniel Sullenberger

      What are you blathering about?
      Dana Loesch didn’t try to spread a conspiracy regarding Andrew Breitbart. In fact, she went out of her way to DEBUNK any would-be conspiracists by posting links to the actual coroner’s report.

      Also, the liberal Twitter users who falsely reported people ADMITTED IT. They bragged about it, too. How is it a ‘half-baked conspiracy theory’ if the people who did it openly admit they did?

  • Furrystoat

    My Twitter account was suspended for nearly a month….one day after I made a very mild but less-than-fawning tweet about Islam.  Coincidence?

    I was never given any reason for the suspension and never offered an apology.  I violated no Terms Of Service. Those of us who don’t have a giant worldwide celebrity social media “push” behind them to get reinstated have to work our way through the Twitter “help” system which WILL take a huge amount of time.  I’ve heard that other legitimate tweeters who have been similarly suspended have simply given up and left twitter or have created new accounts due to the glacial pace of Twitter’s “help” system.  This undoubtedly delights Leftists….and any other groups who don’t like particular types of speech and can think of nothing better to do than to forcibly silence it.

    My suspension was different from Chris Loesch’s in that all that happened was that access to my account was denied.  My followers / followed , Lists I had made and other attributes were not deleted or molested in any way as Chris’ apparently were, so for that I’m grateful.   

    I’m not a celebrity of any kind, I simply love America and am opposed to those forces that are aligned against it.  If this Twitter suspension can happen to me it can happen to anyone…..and it will take you a LONG time to get your account back, if you’re able to.

  • Lafango

    Liberals are shameless bunch.

    Exposing then will not resolve the issue on hand.

    Twitter is a private business and probably looking forward to an IPO in the near future.

    Stop patronizing them and see how fast they come up with a solution to these bogus spam complaints.

    Alternately, Conservatives should start a Fair & Balanced version of Twitter.

    I am sure the Twitter owners are fully aware of now defunct MY SPACE. 
    My Space was not abusive; they just didn’t have faster innovations/improvements that Facebook offered.

    Loss of revenue and competition generally do wonders in a capitalist Nation.

    Hope Twitter gets this bitter medicine, and soon.

  • Ind711

    My Twitter [email protected]:twitter for my blog ( was banned this afternoon. I just started this blog a few days ago and have been trying to get people to come to the website by joining the rest of the Twitter warriors in the fight for individual liberty. It was going great until they targeted me. I had around 40-50 followers, but they’re all gone now.

    Twitchy people: Can you help? My personal account [email protected]:twitter  .

  • greenmr

    I am not currently a Twitter user, so perhaps I shouldn’t be commenting here, but I am a professional software developer with 30+ years experience, so I DO know what is possible technologically. How about this…

    When a user is reinstated because SPAM/abuse reports are successfully refuted, all tweeters who falsely reported the suspended user are dinged with “-1 points.” After a tweeter hits -5 demerits, they are automatically suspended by Twitter. If they are reinstated and continue to re-offend, ban them for life.

    Right now there seems to be no consequence to this type of concerted and coordinated abuse of the SPAM reporting system. If a user, liberal or conservative, is caught often enough gaming the system and has to pay a price, perhaps they will think twice.

    • BeeKaaay

      This assumes that leftists accounts are not automatically reinstated because Twitter loves leftists.

  •!/GRHammersmith Alaskan

    I think we should use the hash tag #currahee from the Band of Brothers meaning “we stand alone together” to share information and protest these attacks.  It is appropriate because as conservatives we are surrounded
    and constantly under attack by the liberals.

  • Jason L. West Sr

    It’s good to see more conservatives standing up against the abuse and evil of the liberal social media filth. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  • Alyssa Petrovna ❌⭕❌⭕

    Please add @jennyruskie to your list!  She was e-lynched as well by the twitter hate mob!! #freejennyruskie

  • Stuff Nick Says

    My account, @stuffnicksays17, was one of the first to get the axe in all of this nonsense. @subculturestuff also called my job to try to get me fired.