As you may have read or heard, former Saturday Night Live comedian Jon Lovitz made fresh headlines when a scathing interview he recorded in January was released as a podcast last week. Lovitz lambasted President Obama for his wealth confiscation and redistribution policies:

In a podcast entitled “The ABC’s of SNL” hosted by Lovitz and filmmaker Kevin Smith, Lovitz took on the president over taxes.
“This whole thing with Obama saying the rich don’t pay their taxes is f**king bullsh**. And I voted for the guy, and I’m a Democrat. What a f**king a**hole. The rich don’t pay their taxes? Let me tell you something, right. First they say to you, you’re dead broke, ‘the United States of America, you can do anything you want, go for it.’ So then you go for it and then you make it, and everyone’s like ‘f**k you.'”

He went on to say, “If I make a dollar and out of every dollar I’m taxed at 50, half, at 50 cents, I have to give, isn’t that like enough? It’s half. HALF!”

This Saturday night, Lovitz went live on Twitter to engage followers in an extended conversation about his political views, his taxes, his income, and the frenzy over his Obama criticism. He took fire from all sides with good grace and humor, and provided a link to newly-uploaded video of his January remarks with director Kevin Smith:!/realjonlovitz/status/196499201142702081!/realjonlovitz/status/196473041994256384!/realjonlovitz/status/196485493792309248!/realjonlovitz/status/196466173183922176!/realjonlovitz/status/196483282236485633!/realjonlovitz/status/196478335927332864!/realjonlovitz/status/196474094034763777!/realjonlovitz/status/196466505125347329!/realjonlovitz/status/196450916596060160!/realjonlovitz/status/196440491494088707!/realjonlovitz/status/196444033898381312

Lovitz retweeted a message in defense of wealthy job creators:!/desjax/status/196456465228234752

And he signed off for the night with a farewell and thanks for a “fun night” and “interesting conversation.”

‘Cuz Twitter’s cool like that:!/realjonlovitz/status/196486963619041282


A very good reading recommendation for Lovitz from fellow Hollywood denizen Adam S. Baldwin:!/adamsbaldwin/statuses/191048878471135234

  • Erick Brockway

    Yeah, he pays over 50% by his own admission. If half your pay isn’t a “fair share” to Obama, nothing else ever will be good enough.

    Besides, it’s about crashing the system to “fundamentally transform” the US. They’ve increased spending to a point that no tax can ever cover it. Soon it’ll reach the point where the entire GDP of every country on planet Earth won’t be enough.

  • Lucid_American

    That is exactly right. These walking morons that call themselves informed citizens are sowing the seeds for the total deduction of public funded services; because when the economy crashes all debts and government benefits will disappear over night, along with jobs, free WiFi (oh no!), free speech, free water, free seed for cross, free transportation, free food stamps, free medical, free public defenders, free emergency services…you get the idea.

    Of course, when I say free, what I am really saying, is tax payer these loved and hated programs are not free at all. Make some necessary (albeit painful) cuts now to save them in some form or prepare to lose it all.

    Life in America as what you remember and what it is today, could very quickly look more like Argentina when their entire system collapsed.

    Do you want to know how horrific that was…GOOGLE it, and think about it. Vote for some more change, like a change in direction to avoid the iceberg ahead!

  • OSweet

    The word liberal doesn’t mean anything anymore, since American big-government progressives decades ago chose it as the new nickname for their team.
    A true liberal would advocate limited/responsible government and minimal taxes.

    • Lucid_American

      Are you then speaking of a LIBERTARIAN?   Those are the only folks that I know of that believe in true freedom of choice, individual accountability, smaller government and self-reliance.   I hear what you are saying and yes, this country would be vastly better if we had 50% LIBERTARIAN, 25% DEMOCRATIC and 25% REPUBLICAN.    Perhaps after the crash, when the resources are no longer plentiful, people will be able to better appreciate the Libertarian platform.     Nice posting OSweet!  

  • thx1138v2

    As for “…if that isn’t enough, how much is?” When the state owns everything you have no income to tax and recieve “benefits” from the government as they see fit. The precursor to that of course is the Form 1040SEZ (Super Easy) – how much did you make? Send it in.

    To see Obama’s plan try the following link and share it, please: The Plan, The Whole Plan, and Nothing But The Plan

    It’s really sad to see so many people really don’t understand where a “liberal” fits on the political scale. Try googling it. The left in this country has moved so far left that the “center” is now between socialism and communism. That makes a “liberal” a right winger and a conservative a far right winger and a libertarian a “fringe” right winger.

  • gillie724

    IRS figures: top 25% income earners pay  86% of tax revenue.
                      top 50% earners pay 97% of all income taxes.
                      top 1% pay 39%.
    That’s more than fair.

  • Lefty

    If they taxed anything you made over $1,000,000 at 100%, how many people would work once they made $1,000,000?

    No incentive to work any longer than it took to make that $1,000,000.   After that, time to enjoy a rum punch on the beach.

    SO, by taxing people after they make $1,000,000 the government would net zero (0) dollars in tax revenue if the government took everything they made over $1,000,000.

    Thought experiment:
    Suppose instead people were taxed UNTIL they made $1,000,000. That is, once you made $1,000,000 you keep every penny you make above that $1,000,000 threshold.

    What might happen?

  • dukem1

    It seems that what Lovitz is ranting about is the class warfare rhetoric from the president…I suspect he’s on to something the administration should take notice of.

  • Moriah Steiner

    His liberal friends are upset because he isn’t the following party line. He isn’t adhering to ‘group think’. The man’s an individual and says what he thinks, whether he has official permission and approval from the Liberal ‘minders…’

  • aniptofar

    Liberals, they eat their own.

  • Diane Kamer

    I have never understood class envy. My family and I live a modest middle-income lifestyle, and it suits us fine. I do not give a flip how much someone else makes. Why should other people’s good fortune impinge in any way on my happiness? Good grief. Yes, we have a responsibility toward the less fortunate, which is why we give to private charities. But that’s a whole different thing from forced wealth distribution and punishment of “the rich.” Sheesh. Get a life, socialists, and get over class envy. Bravo, Jon Lovitz.

  • skywalkr2

    I’ve always loved Lovitz.  More traditional “liberals” need to wake up and realize they are no longer “liberals”.  They are now progressive=socialists.

  • Wigglesworth

    Sorry Jon, but millions of people do consider him king.  Welcome to the party pal.

  • Brick House

    Jon Lovitz actually misses the opportunity to really lay the wood into these fools.
    He pays a 50% tax rate.  But (roughly) what does that translate to?  At what point has he paid his fair share?  $20k in taxes, $30k?  I think this is where conservatives lose the argument a bit.  It’s not about percentages.  Idiot liberals can’t do math anyway so talking in percentages means nothing to them.  We have to switch the argument to raw dollars.  “I paid $50k in local, state, and federal taxes last year.  How about you?  Oh, only $5k?  Then shut the F up about me paying my fair share.  I paid 10 times what you did.  I’m done.”
    It’s the same as with employer tax withholdings.  People don’t see it, dont’ realize just how much they pay.  Withholding needs to be made illegal so people are forced to write a check on April 15th for their full amount.  There would be a revolt like nothing we’ve seen in our lifetime if we all had to do that.  It would make the Occupooper protests look like tickle me elmo.

  • mnemosyne23

    It appears Mr. Lovitz is encountering the braindead, addlepated leftist definition of “liberal” head on without a helmet.  I wish him well. 

  • IndieDogg

    Let’s take the 50% notion in another direction. 50% (yes, that’s half to those who prefer fractions) of American’s pay NO INCOME TAX at all. Want to deal with that 50% while we deal with the tax rate of “rich” folks?

    BTW, we now have the highest corporate tax rate in the world but you still hear people railing against “corporations” as if they’re not made up of stockholders (i.e., humans).

    John also makes an excellent point with ref: to the frenzy over capital gains taxes (as if it’s some sort of tax dodge, which it is not). Those investments (on which capital gains tax is paid) are made with money that has ALREADY been taxed.

    Why don’t we concentrate on putting the Beast on a diet rather than frantically searching for more taxpayer ass to feed to it?

  • dugbru


    you are wrong in describing what a liberal is, what liberals are …
    people who look at the world, and dream of what a perfect world would
    be. then act as if the world was that perfect world.

    That leads to illogical thoughts and actions.. Like Obama thinking against all evidence to the contrary, that talking to terrorists will solve the problem. Against all evidence and common sense that profiling is stupid. ( see Cambridge cops remark)

    Profiling takes place every day in the USA, in every city. When someone is beaten to death with a baseball bat at 3 am , how many women do they look for?  None, why? cuz it’s men that commit that kind of crime.

    The left also considers any money you make as NOT your money, it’s the governments and they get to descide how much you can have.

  • Sally Lightman

    obama stepped in it this time…small business owners will have to be morons to vote for him come November. Get ready for a Romney landslide hollywood!