No, it’s even worse.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this clip is the response from the audience as the Occupy rapper, with convicted cop-killer Mumia abu Jamal’s massive face smiling down on them all, exhorts activists to commit murder as a more effective alternative to protesting.

The response:

They laughed.

Video and transcript Lefty Report:

“I feel a certain type of way about marches and rallies and I question the effectiveness of it. I do a lot of political work in Washington D.C. and as you all know this type of work is dangerous work to be doing.

I would just ask – If I ever got locked-up, incarcerated – please don’t march for me. Please don’t do no rallies for me. I want ya’ll to start killing

Mother F–kers.


You see, it’s funny, but that’s the only thing our government will listen to.

The protest took place on Mumia’s birthday outside the see no Occupy evil-hear no Occupy evil-speak no Occupy evil Department of Justice.

Not that silence on left-wing lynch mobs is anything new…


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  • Shaner5000

    Meanwhile, the DOJ is investigating firefighting exams. 

    • Buckeye27

      They did nothing about the New Black Panther Party overt death threat. Eric Holder is more interested in maintaining his power than the rule of law. How does he still have a job? And why isn’t the call for his job LOUDER?

  • AkronGolfMan

    Ha ha! Freak show! Time to start swinging the clubs, police!

  • jimforbes

    The day will arrive when Twitter rues the day they didn’t put a stop to all this hate and violence promoting tweets.
    They seem to enforce their rules VERY selectively !

  • weRbroke

    My granny always said “Speak softly…and carry a bigger stick, for one day, you might need it.”

    I predict the “color of change” will be a lot of black-on-blue, and flowing red.  Like bullies in a playground, talk is TOUGH.

  • massjim

    All this is happening while the department of homeland security is raiding flea markets in New Jersey. This government gets mare and more dysfunctional every single day. Amazing, simply amazing. 

    • NoelArmourson

       So, since the War on Terror is over, copyright enforcement is now the high priority?

  • Constitution First

    Did voting for “Change” imply a call for race riots & murder? Because it’s certainly turning out that way. Where is the DOJ? 
    Yeah, Holder, now we know what you meant by “a nation of cowards”, at the time, we just didn’t realize you were talking about yourself.

  • orbicularioculi

    Mummia is a despicable murderer.  He should have been executed.  I’m sick of these leftist bas**rds.   Maybe someone should start killing them.  Just a thought and repeating what the idiot said.

  • rbeccah

    This is why business is booming for gun manufacturers.  These nutjobs advocate murder on a public street in broad daylight, and the DoJ sits behind closed doors, seeing and hearing nothing.  The ordinary citizens know they’re going to have to depend on themselves for protection.

    • StandProudNow

       Don’t want to get on your carse, rbeccah about “the DOJ sits behind closed doors, seeing and hearing nothing” because I know you don’t mean it that way, but the reality is that they DO hear. They DO get it.

      The DOJ just chooses to be justice for SOME people!.

  • Kelly

    I think I need a gun for protection.  I have no idea where to begin.

    • Diggs

      Kelly, you need a gun.  Contact a local gun dealer, gun club, or range, and ask them when the next gun safety course is being held.  

  • Diggs

    If Obama doesn’t actually call for race riots when he is defeated this November, he certainly won’t do anything to try to stop them.  His defeat will be so spectacular, Carteresque, that those who cannot see him as anything other than a messiah will have to believe that the election was somehow stolen, and they need to act.  Unfortunately for them, the Democrats have passed very stringent gun control laws in the blue states, and the red states have gun laws based on the Constitution. 

  • LouGots

     Bring it on.

    We have more bullets than they have “activists.”

    We have the bullets, and we write the laws to recognize our right to use those bullets in lawful self-defense.  RTC, SYG, Katrina laws.  Bring it on, and we’ll stack ’em like the dervishes at Omdurman.

  • catkeepr

    I find that the loudest talkers are seldom the doers. It’s the nitwits in the crowed to beware of…