They just can’t help themselves — the misogynists at MSNBC, that is.

Continuing the radical left network’s war on conservative women, MSNBC host Martin Bashir used the Obama administration’s Secret Service scandal to go after…GOP 2008 vice presidential candidate and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. As we noted the other day, the good-humored Palin took the news of one of the agent’s sexist confessions that he was ogling her while on duty in stride.

Bashir, however, showed typical MSNBC classlessness to accuse her of “bragging.” Pig.!/TheHenry/status/193500118312435712!/cosmotone/status/193505388509937664!/JeffChanceUSA/status/193456906789060608!/Modern_Right/status/193680399803756544

The Examiner writes:

MSNBC host Martin Bashir accused Sarah Palin of “bragging about being checked out” by a Secret Service agent, based on her rebuke of the Secret Service agent who did so.

“Sarah Palin barked up with a comment in regard to the Secret Service issue, where she also bragged about being ‘checked out,’ listen to this,” Bashir said while interviewing President Obama’s campaign press secretary Ben Labolt…

Bashir chose to characterize Palin as “bragging” — with the implication that she hopes more men sexualize her by “really checking her out” — even though the former governor did not even mention her own name commenting on the agent’s Facebook post.

Obama’s campaign spokesman let the dig at Palin pass without comment.

 Bashir says he loves feedback. Give it to him:!/MartinBashir/status/167426855966748674

  • AmericanLass

    I think Martin has a thing for our Sarah. Otherwise why would he constantly use any issue to talk about her.

    • Truckerjim

      I have serious doubts as to his masculinity.

  • Conrad2010

    He’s pissed because he wasn’t the one “checking” her out.

    • Rob Stevely

      He is pissed because he wasnt the one being checked out by another dude.

      • hjole

         I’m betting that’s closer to the truth…does this use fool idiot have a green card?

  • radjahshelduck

    The Big Bang Theory has an Indian character who can’t talk in front of women.  MSNBC has an Indian commentator who it would be best if he couldn’t talk in front of anyone.

  • Conrad2010

    He needs to hump a cow. The kind that goes moo that is.

  • Amusing Bunni

    He’s a creep!  He’s just jealous the SS agent wasn’t checking HIM out.  Bashir, go back to whatever country and rock you crawled out from under.

    •!/dudgeohpolitix Dudge OH Politics

      He’s English.

  • Virginia

    Is Bashir on Bill Mahr’s show?

  • valerie

    Matin Bashir is tweeting from a different acct. No longer using @martinBashir. His new twitter account is @bashirlive. Give him your feedback there! Attn: @twitchyteam!!!

  • Jacob

    Bashir is a typical pakistani shit stain.

    • Fair and Balanced!

      spoken like a true illiterate, uninformed, and ignorant member of the right who doesn’t even realize his comment goes against the Constitution, and its Bill of Rights he claims to support.

      • SDN

         Coming to this country is a privilege, not a right. I’m particular about who I invite in… and who I allow to stay.

  • elcampeador

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  • Fair and Balanced!

    its interesting to see the right project their war on women onto the left as if somehow, no one will notice. 944 pieces of legislation filed by the GOP restricting women’s rights cannot be overcome, or over looked due to a questionable interpretation of one announcers comments. 

    FACT: the GOP is waging a war on women. The proof – legislation, proposed or passed. Comments said by GOP leaders, members of Congress, and of course, FOX News.

    Your Proof – misinterpreting one mans comments, legislation supporting women’s rights, and believing what you’ve been told by FOX. 

    Remember, the first thing a cult does is tell you “everyone else” is lying. Welcome to the cult…the FOX Cult – the alter reality – per a former member of the Bush administration. 

    • Mia

      Speaking like someone who is on Media Matter Payroll…

      • gococksri

        Very intelligent answer, Mia.  

        Having never seen this site before, I’m really impressed with the substantive comments and opinions expressed by the wing-nuts who seem to populate this place. I occasionally visit those alternate realities—how have I missed this one?—wherein personal attacks are considered “substantive.”  

        Actually, “Fair and Balanced” has provided the only argument of substance in this, uh, well, “conversation.”  I mean, really, Mia, instead of offering some glib, meaningless response to him (and, btw, it is Media Matters, with an “s”), why don’t you actually respond to what he says, to the argument he is trying to make?  Try that, instead of engaging in the same nonsensical and even comical banter that confirms the opinion of many that righty wing-nuts, in the absence of either an argument or a broad enough vocabulary to articulate it, simply resort to name-calling and character assassination.

        • Mia

          umm…Fair and Balanced, did you just get an another account as Rusty Inman?

          • gococksri

            Uh, Mia, still providing those solid, substantive comments, I see.  Can you just not imagine that there is more than one person who looks at comments like the ones on this page and wonders if pharmacies nationwide are experiencing a shortage of Thorazine?

            Here is the bad news for the wing-nuts who pitch their tents on sites like these:  There are lots of us out here who can reasonably and articulately argue our moderate and moderating opinions, and we are going to get President Obama re-elected.  

            The name-calling and the comical personal characterizations bother us only in the sense that we might have expected more from fellow Americans who differ from us only in their political opinions.  One of the things that must happen in order for America to become great again is that its citizens refuse to allow differing opinions to justify disrespecting the dignity of their fellows.

            I have no idea who “Fair and Balanced” is, but I know that he is still, two hours after my first post, the only person on this site who has offered a credible opinion as opposed, again, to really rather disgusting name-calling and character-assassination.

          • SDN

             I’m not interested in debating you; you are the mouse I play with until I get tired and bite its’ head off.

          • Mia

            Well said SDN:-)

          • richreilly

             Point to a specific or shut yer trap.

          • Botzilla

            Obama will lose and badly, this will set the progressive agenda of destroying the country back a few generations, the mask is off, we know who you are now, you’re not fooling anyone any more.

        • ed

          she shouldn’t do what you’re doing? has to be a liberal, with that kind of double standard and hypocrisy.

        • Botzilla

          So you just did what you accused Mia of yourself its just that you were rambling and boring…something taught to you by your handlers?

    • weRbroke

      It’s really sad to know that you probably believe the tripe you just spewed.

    • westside_resident

      Let’s have your “facts”. F&B.

    • ed

       i’m sure you’re the jagoff responsible for the “compassion” in conservatism. or as some like to put it “where conservatives went wrong” the stepping stone to the mess were in. “former bush admin” f-off, like your opines mean anything.

    • Carl Beckman

      “944 pieces of legislation filed by the GOP restricting women’s rights”?  Hmm, any chance of getting a list of these “Resrictions”  I’m waiting but won’t hold my breath.

    • hjole

       where’s your facts and figures, all you offer is opinion…opinions are facts only in the mind of liberals, we on the right expect nothing of substance from the left and don’t every get it..

    • cvmoonshadow

      The only war on women is in liberals minds. I don’t see any disrespect except the left accusing the right of what they are doing themselves. We are awake and paying attention and we will not sit down and shut up and we know your tactis and they won’t work.  Just like they were for the war before they were against the war before they were for the war again when they got total power and didn’t do anything but go against what We the People wanted. Reform and honesty. 2010 was only the start of what is to come. If we are still allowed to have honest elections in the popular vote but as those of us who know it is the electorate college that decides.

    • richreilly

       “The proof – legislation, proposed or passed. Comments said by GOP leaders, members of Congress, and of course, FOX News.”

      That is so crushingly specific. Hard. To. Take. W.O.W!!!

    • Tony

      If you can’t win the argument on the merits, make all kinds of ludicrous crap up. wow…. you psycho. pot meet kettle. you have every single thing backwards. But then.. it’s obvious you work for MMFA!! You dipshits get hits on buzzwords on blogs and such.. and come running!! Does it pay well to make up lies??

    • Bildad1976

      Ooh, you forgot the GOP war on puppies!

    • Botzilla

      The war on woman does not exist, it was fabricated in order to distract the voters away from Obamas dismal record on just about everything, but you keep peddling your leftist propaganda fed to you by your DNC handlers.

  • rivers

    Just another pig. Good men disdain the likes of Martin “plankton” Bashir, women in general just laugh at what a sorry excuse for a man that he is.

  • JenniferL

    As a general rule, people like Obama and Bashir who eat adorable puppies and destroy the economy are humorless.

  • JenniferL

    IowaHawk has an on-going series starring a sexy, chatty Sarah Palin torturing homunculous that lives inside the head of liberals.

    Bashir the Kazakhstan Soviet Announcer has one in his demented brain.

    • Lil

      Anybody ever mentioned that your thought processes, as put out under the moniker “JenniferL” are really difficult, if not  impossible, to follow?An American citizen is an American citizen regardless if his/her ancestors came over in the 1600’s or they are first generation.  Liberals have one homunculous that resides in the one head liberal’s have????  Sexy Sarah Palin??  I don’t think so.  Simply because we and many other cultures consider dogs as pets, there are others that regard them as we do cattle: food.  So?   None of this has anything to do with silly name calling and attributing stupid things to some one in an effort to make them small.

      • JenniferL

        Nah, I just don’t like democrat party
        degenerate scum who eat beautiful little puppies.

  • Larry Baron

    What an ass-wipe

  • Libertyship46

    Has anybody told the idiots like Bashir that this isn’t 2008 anymore and that Palin isn’t running for anything? Maybe if the rabid far left stay stuck in 2008, they won’t notice a Romney victory in 2012? Stay stuck in the past you liberal freaks. It’s the best thing you could do for a Romney victory this fall.

  • Copswife1950

    Who? Is anyone really going to admit watching his “Show”?  Pitiful excuse for a Real Host, but that’s what BSNBC Loves about him!

  • Palinpower

    This guy is the worst there is in shady faux journalism.  Where is Comcast in all this? When do they start cleaning house?

  • jb7511

    Martin is a scum bag and qualifies for the …C…word

    • SurlyTexan

      In defense of Martin Short….. Who?  What? Ohhhh….. Nevermind….. Emily Littella

  • ed

    manhood complexes make a person do say mean things to womens.

  • richreilly

    to borrow a Bashir-ism, it’s distuuuuurbing.

  • richreilly

    “We love your feedback! ”
    Bashir is a hit slut. Do not feed the beast.

  • Steven Palmer

    In the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. the zombies are all moaning ‘Bashir’, don’t believe me?,, play the game, and listen to the zombies…

  • Schinus Molle

    Who is Martin Bashir?

  • freeinaz

    Martin Bashir, you have got to be one of the lowest. Notice that I said one of them as your in competition with Spittle boy Matthews, racist Sharpton, and the unemployable Olbermann. But your right there with them jacka$$