We told you last night about Bob Beckel’s cable news f-bomb on the Sean Hannity show last night.

This morning, he tweets an apology to “anyone who heard me on Hannity” (though not to conservative guest Jennifer Stefano, to whom he cursed or to Hannity, whom he blamed for his indiscretion) — and then appears to inadvertently tweet out some not-meant-for-public consumption thoughts about his future in the TV business.




  • Ind711

    What the hell are those first two tweets supposed to say? Good grief.

  • http://twitter.com/ThinkinAmerican Thinkin American

    Your Liberal SOP of attacking the messenger when you don’t like the message has finally caught up with you.

  • Guest

    No problem here. But, if you want to stay on TV, Bob, considere moving to MSNBC or CNN. That way, when you slip up, no one will hear you. (But, can you imagine the outrage if his name was “Rush” Beckel?)

  • alanwillingham

    Oh… I see… Beckel “mistakenly” assaulted a women exercising her freedom to choose to be diverse and having an independent position. Beckel, Maher and other Liberals just go nuts and resort to foul and abusive language when discussing conservative women.

  • Theresa Smith

    Based on Hannity’s comments it seems BB has been warned before about his language on TV.  No sympathy for him at all from me.  Using the example of the first tweets at the top of this page, I think being a lib has fried his brain pan. 

  • Lisa Michelle Goldstein

    Unfortunately, Beckel divulged his true colors. On or off of the air, he’s a bully! The fact that he hasn’t apologized to Stefano is extremely revealing.

  • http://twitter.com/TALM2 Larry Mogenweck

    I always mute what you say :-)

  • otrellus

    Knew Bob had the potential to say what he did just thought he had better control

  • mbmck

    Are things falling apart so quickly for your party that you are losing your cool?  Using that type of language does not set a good example for our children who may look up to you. Your comment is all over the news today so it is not like they will not hear about it. You need to clean up your outbursts.

  • KBurgin

    Not the same account. 😛

  • mbmck

    Are things falling apart so fast for your party that you are losing your cool?  What type of example are you setting for our kids who may look up to you.  Don’t fool yourself by thinking the comment was made when they should have been in bed – it is all over the news today. Your behavior indiciates that it is OK to say anything that comes to mind wheter is it appropriate or not. You need to clean up your mouth and remember that you are on national TV.

    • M_Baker

      Oh please, if the comment is all over the news today it’s the fault of the media for airing it during the day time, and not his. First of all, the Democrat Party is not even close to falling apart, and if any party is falling apart it’s the Republican Party because of the devision between the Tea Party members and the traditional members.  Secondly, he only said one word, and most people here seem to be able to forgive him for it, which happily most people would do.  Third, I bet you don’t like him because he’s a liberal and the only liberal in the show of five.  To be “Fair and Balanced”, the show should at least have another liberal on it and not just one token liberal to represent the other side.  

      Accidentally spouting off one nasty word is no big deal,especially since it’s on cable and not over the airwaves.  Beckel has apologized for it, so just move on and forget about the admitted mistake.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/I3K5BQNSV6AQGBNXIUFBLZ75KM Michael

        Bob Beckel does not need another liberal on The Five to represent the other side. He does an excellent job in proving the axiom that liberalism is a mental disorder.

        I watch or TIVO The Five every day and I actually like Beckel. He seems like a descent guy. Watching him trying to defend the indefensible in general and oBama in particular are a laugh a minute.

        Thinking he was off the air was an easy mistake. He apologized and that’s good enough.

    • http://twitter.com/edp88219927 ed.p

      get a grip

  • cscape

    You know what BOB… i used to curse at my TV whenever you were on it….. now i just hit the MUTE button, and divert my glance!

  • Guest

    No problem here. But, Bob, if you want to stay on TV, move to MSNBC or CNN. That way, when you slip up, no one will hear you. (On the other hand, can you imagine the outrage from the left and the media if his name was “Rush” Beckel?)

  • http://twitter.com/MyLola06 Jorge Aguiar

    I am a true conservative & I love Bob Beckel on The Five. I do not agree with his points of view ever…but I do like the guy. So he dropped an F bomb. Let’s move on!!!!

  • $23089169

    Bob made a mistake. He apologized. His apology was accepted by the Hannity panelist to whom it was directed.

    I think we need to demonstrate forgiveness and move on from here – there’s no benefit in asking for his termination. I would prefer putting my efforts on firing the GSA employees who stole from us, the DOJ employees who do not protect us, and Obama who is determined to destroy our way of life.

    Let’s not be distracted from the real cause which unites us which is preserving the liberty of everyone(including Rush Limbaugh, Bob Beckel and Hilary Rosen) to believe and speak what they beleive.

    • ben kern

      You get my vote . . .

  • ocviewer

    Don’t worry about it, Bob. No biggy. Who the hell doesn’t use the F word?! My God look at Biden saying it to the Prez!!


    Beckel is a lib; that’s all we need to know.  Libs are predictably unpredictable.  Hannity and the FIVE take that chance every day.  I am never enlightened by BB and he is not a necessary component to anything on FOX.  That goes for several libs on FOX–Tamra Holder comes to mind.  Useless viewpoints and wasted airtime.  Get rid of ’em.  

  • BryanB61

    So he let an F Bomb fly. Who hasn’t?  No story here…

  • NixTyranny

    For my money, the story isn’t the expletive itself. Rather, why was it uttered and what happened after? Most Libs like Beckel resort to bombast and bluster in a debate because logic is not on their side. Beckel’s Thesaurus is a little more colorful than his Lib peers (in public only), but no different in spirit. As for the post-expletive, Beckel spent the next several minutes trying to deflect blame from himself for his own mistake. One might say Beckel thinks he “inherited” from Hannity the return from the commercial break and, therefore, it was all Hannity’s fault and not Beckel’s. How typically Democrat to blame their own failures on the Right.

  • ComanderCody

    IF millionaire Rappers are allowed to disregard any standards of decency…it’s only fair that the same privilege be afforded to Mr. Beckel .
    Hopefully Eric Holder’s justice department will have the FCC correct this discrepancy, and allow Bob Beckel to continue carrying Obama’s Kool-Aid.

  • thetroll01

    Come on folks, Bob’s not that bad. I sort of like his self-deprecating humor, even if he is wrong on soooo many things.

    Good point on the outrage if his name was “Rush” Beckel

  • http://twitter.com/edp88219927 ed.p

    bob,stop saying ur sorry,0nce is enough,got 2 stand up,shit happens, ed the right wing radical

  • agroulx

    I am a strong conservative, and I don’t want Beckel fired… People make mistakes, it was just a slip up. We can’t become the hypocrites in times like these. 
    It wasn’t like he called someone a bad name or did something reprehensible…
    Let it go…. Conservatives aren’t perfect either..