The Right Scoop has the video of Fox “The Five” host Bob Beckel blowing his top — and dropping an f-bomb — over the Head Start program. He was apparently ticked off by conservative panelists Jennifer Stefano and Neal Boortz (@talkmaster on Twitter).

Classiest moment: Beckel blaming Hannity for his vulgarity:!/TheRightScoop/status/192072306871369730




Beckel apologizes, tweets he “may not be cut out” for TV, “future not clear”

  • Music is my Passion

    I really wasn’t offended by what Bob said but again shouldn’t have said it. But I have heard worse outside on the streets so really not offended by Bob saying the ” F ” word. hey were only human and sometimes we say bad words in a heated moment. 

  • David Hicks

    It was not his fault… it was the Bush he was thinking of when he started shouting about F*****

  • DeafRanger

    I saw this. Beckle needs to learn to watch his language at ALL TIMES, NOT JUST WHEN THE CAMERAS ROLL. But I think let him learn. he adds a lot to shows when he is on and he is willing to take the heat from being out numbered on the Fox News panels – he is a hoot. Who do you want to replace him? Colms (sp) or Mahr? Keep Bveckle with a warning. get him to some place to help him with anger management…and letting him get some help with his foul mouth!

    • Rick Bulow

      I say replace Beckel with Tamara Holder.

  • Todd Wiggins

    That was f*ing hilarious, but even funnier him actiing like he didn’t know they were live and then blaming Hannity!  Classic TVR moment!

  • Erik Rush

    I’m not a liberal, but… I’ll take his gig… 

  • gracepmc

    I didn’t see it live, but heard Beckel thought he was off air.  He should know better.  I was more offended by his refusal to  apologize than his use of the “F” word. That said, he holds his own on The Five and brings a lot to the table. And he knows the way the government and campaigns work.  His insight while annoying is useful and generally good natured.

  • Goodluck222

    Fire whom, Mr. Bekel, no humiliation, oh okay! I’m humbled, fire him.  

  • S H

    It’s Beckel’s job and he has been warned many, many times. 

    Hannity noted at the beginning of the panel segment that Beckel was not to say BS, and they had signs around the studio to help him remember to watch his language.

    Beckel will probably not be fired, but he will be reprimanded.


  • Goodluck222

    Fire Mr. Bekel, oops I’m humiliated! No I’m humbled!, no! I’m playin ya the finger again!  Fire him!

  • Goodluck222

    Fire Mr. Bekel. I’m humiliated! opps, no I’m humbled. No I’m playin ya the finger again! Fired?  Hanity said ” If he were a conservative he would have been fired”  Rightious?

  • Goodluck222

    I’m wondering, cannot the producers find someone whom might make a more intelligent argument? Argument is the health, the heartbeat of our democracy, however, Bigotry, Miriam “angrily attaching those with whom you disagree”, is the poison which will slowly kill the voices and the civiliazation of free men and women. Some responsibility to qwell the anger! Maybe?

    • Goodluck222

      This is brilliant, well stated!

    • V.L.

      Liberal “intelligent argument” is an oxymoron

  • Guest

    Obviously we all make mistakes, but I think he knew he was on the air. He also did the typical liberal sidestep-apology, in which an obligatory apology is extended, followed by the nullification of said apology with an “… intent is still there” type of modifier; thus nullifying the apology while dismissing any culpability of wrong doing.

  • Johnathan Knight

     It’s worth noting that old Bob dropped the F word while yelling at Jennifer Stefano, not Boortz. Just another example of the liberal war on women.As far as him blaming Hannity, how typically liberal. He blamed Hannity for not letting him know they were back on air — that’s a great example of a lack of personal responsibility. Of course it’s someone else’s fault that he screwed up.

  • Charles G. Kerns

    Bob needs to clean up his language and illusions or get another line of work!

  • jags1984

    In the end leftists have no class..Just a fact. Lowlifes, even the so called loveable beckel…lol. Low life.

  • ccr24

    I was really struck by his refusing to apologize until he realized you were on the air.  What I saw was a real mean and hateful disregard for a woman on the right who voiced an opposing opinion.  And that glimpse behind the curtain was really telling.

  • Mike St James

    Jabba The Butt is fine to have around as a resident leftist assclown. Lets us see how the other half live. But don’t try to sell this disgusting bastard to me as a “great guy”, OK? These leftist turds are ALL destructive to America and they are ALL our sworn enemies. Buddy up to them at your own risk. Not me.

  • dow daytrader

    will any liberals ever say nice things about conservatives when they mess up on tv??   NO ! No excuse EVER for dropping any x-bomb in any TV studio, ever! 

  • radjahshelduck

    I never understood why all of these programs that are strictly news analysis aren’t recorded instead of live.  O’Reilly is recorded; he’s long since left the building when his program airs, but Hannity is actually live there in the studio at 9pm.  But why?  What need is there for that?  They could record his program hours earlier and have plenty of time to edit out Beckel cursing, or equally probable, audibly farting.

  • bill

    funny how Rush apologized and liberals would not accept it,imagine if a conservative said this on MSNBC

  • Linda http://omega57.wordpress

    An unfortunate incident on a 9PM EST show. Bob should clean up his language but give the guy a break…he’s a crusty character with lots of good to contribute to the discussion. The Five would not be what it is without him. Yo fire him would be an overreaction and  loss to FOX and its viewers.

  • bigsun24

    screw defending an arse like commie beckel.  FIRE beckel NOW!!!   The FACT that he would say that on air or OFF air to a woman in his presence is the reason he should be fired.  Tell commie beckel to take his greatness to the bill maher show.

  • DorothyGrissom

    REALLY? Bob Beckel’s behavior gets worse and worse and he expects us to just “forgive” him, because he’s says, “Sorry?” Perhaps Fox News keeps Bob on air to show what Liberals are really like? Either way, his behavior is and has been unacceptable. It’s time for him to go. 

  • ed

    he’s one of the liberals i can stand =/

  • SharpestJim

    Lighten up, folks. Bob is good for comic relief. Be careful what you wish for. You might end up with Jehmu Greene on The Five! Oh, f***!

  • twolaneflash

    Boortz and anyone else defending this boorish nattering nabob of negativism washes their hands in the toilet of liberal filth.  The Socialists have all the alphabet networks, and FOX has developed a sickening view of what “fair and balanced” is; it is not Beckel.

  • Sandra Caulfield

    Fire Bob.  He showed no class by blaming Hannity.  I’m from the old school.  You don’t cuss at a lady.

  • Eye on Politics

    I was not offended, but the look on his face when he finally realized it had been live was PRICELESS!