Perpetual campaigner-in-chief Barack Obama made a 10-minute, half-time appearance tonight during the NCAA Tournament. He promoted his “second term” in between small talk about basketball. Sports fans of all political persuasions were not very happy to have politics injected into their sports viewing.!/CarleighFell/status/187005642828029952!/CambusStories/status/187007932880273408!/JHokanson/status/187006009955450880!/TheWeinMachine4/status/187007096942891009!/CBForhan/status/187006765852921856!/clydetombaugh/status/187008590786207744!/BulldogHarris/status/187006485631467520!/alexschuster15/status/187010419993485313!/BrookeB42/status/187010730346815488!/ZakaryDavid44/status/187005812256935936

  • kpm

    Obama is worse than arrogant

    • Goon

       Yep he is very arrogant and he thinks he already been re-elected.

  • Buckeye27

    I wonder if he’s a fan of the soon to be 1%ers in the game that he’s plugging himself in? I’m sure they’ll pay “their” fair share because they’ll join a union.

  • BryanB61

    Typical narcissism from Obama.  Decides to make the big gam all about him. Reminds me more and more of Hugo Chavez…

  • AdiosCapitalism

    He won’t miss the opportunity to take some softball questions about anything other than politics. I half expected the narcissist-in-chief to be singing a little Al Green  on The Voice tonight.   That may be the next stunt.

  • Dave finkell

    Talk about false advertising, second term????? Must be talking to Russia…..

    • Pete Petretich

      Yes, I transmit this message to Vladimir, and Moose, and Squirrel, too…

  • Michael Renzi

    talk about “a day late” this is April 2nd not April 1st

  • Fedup_John_Galt

    Disgusted.  I didn’t watch the 2nd half after this stunt by CBS.

    • CardiLover

      Neither did my hubby!. And he’s a huge BB fan. I could not believe my ears when, from the kitchen, I heard Duh 1’s voice!

  • AKM_in_SoNJ

    Dear Leader probably calls a foul every time that he misses a shot.  This November, let him play “one on one” on a nice concrete court back in Chicago after we finally get rid of him to save the country!

  • PlanetOfThe_Apes

    Obama- If I had a son, he would look like the team that wins.
    Sharpton- I think we much must.

    • DeafRanger

      Why do you use Sharpton’s piocture as your profile, shouldn’t you use one of your self. 😉

  • Teresa Nelson

    I turned off volume at 1/2 time to listen to something on-line, so I missed Obama.  Yea Me !!

  • DeafRanger

    Isn’t this the MOST  arrogant President in history? Am I starting to gag or what? Send him packing – and not for ANOTHER  vacation!

  • Superinfidel

    As with all narcissists, Barry just can’t help himself. He has no common sense. It’s like we elected Eddie Haskell to something more than 9th grade class president.

  • mrtapeguy

     And this is news why?

  • jshanleynyc

    His arrogance is only matched by his incompetence.

  • marine37

    What do you expect from him, after all he did take precious time out from his job to pick North Carolina to win it all!  He is a MORON!

  • jimmillerkim

    His confidence in a second term, comes from his ability to have won the first, through black (pink) panther intimidation at the polls, veterans not getting to vote and ballads thrown out, registered dead voters, buying alcohol for and busing vagrant derelicts and lunatics to the polls….the list goes on. It’s funny how the media told of Russian voting corruptions and intimidation by Putin and then weeks later the “open mic incident” with Obama’s  message to Vladimir Putin, maybe Obama wants to compare notes or get some assistance.

  • Wigglesworth

    I switched off CBS once they announced Obama was coming on. 

  • M