As of March 29, 2012, midnight Eastern time (UPDATE: as of 8:11am Eastern 3/29), a vile Twitter account named “@killzimmerman” was still active on the social networking site. It has been active for at least four days, despite numerous complaints from Twitter users. Why has it taken so long to address this glaring violation of Twitter’s terms of service?

Some of the vile tweets from the account (including disturbing support from other Twitter followers):!/KillZimmerman/status/185106834225508353!/KillZimmerman/status/185116076932202496!/KillZimmerman/status/185112816167030784!/KillZimmerman/status/185063343940321280!/KillZimmerman/status/185052463265619968!/KillZimmerman/status/185021383976288256!/KillZimmerman/status/185046854982041600!/KillZimmerman/status/183990222135107585!/KillZimmerman/status/183559880462966784

See our “Related Tweets” sidebar on the right for a flood of complaints to Twitter about the account.

A sample:!/Erin_Brown/status/185204672678723584

Paging Twitter support and safety…

  • Weaver

    Guess that should tell us where Twitter’s priorities lie.

  • westernred

    @twitter is probably one of Obama’s big donors. Didn’t Hussein say the hoodie was like him?

  • spot_the_dog

    Into Day 5, and it still exists.

    Sometimes with accounts like this, it’s interesting to see who the first 10 followers were:
    In this case, a Justin Bieber fan from London…?

  • Kathy Prewitt

    This is all about starting a race war to distract from the dollar dying and all our civil liberties being stripped away while the sheep get race baited and Obummer is going to try to save the day with some BS law to take away our guns. People better wake the bleep up before it is too late. Yes, dimwit with gun should be punished for pulling the trigger.

    • Love_the_USA_Citizen

      This issue needs to be resolved by simply removing the post.
      We have enormous concerns as a society that needs to be aware of all the civil liberties we are losing due to present administration.  Keep looking and searching.  No party is perfect, but we should be informed – nothing is free.  You can’t even society by taking from one and giving to another.  You can’t take away initiative and expect grand results.  Fellow man needs to take care of fellow man because it is the right thing to do; NOT because it is government directed.

    • 4joachim

       Right On!
      ..may I quote you?

    • 1idvet

      Punished for pulling the trigger? What if it was self defense?

  • spot_the_dog

    Hey @Twitter? This still exists: @killzimmerman  I’ve seen how quickly you’ll suspend #TCOT accounts, so…?

  • sinh gao

    Can we all just get along?

  • JohnFLob

    The difference between Twitter and radical Imams is?

  • NoMoreGrapeKoolAid

    all about the distractions…..getting spanked (again) by the Supreme court? fabricate a Race war and war on Women from sluts who use 20 condoms a day…

    Alinsky lives!

  • inmurryzshadow

    Received this email this morning after complaining to Twitter.

    cbellarun, Mar 29 11:42 am (PDT):Hello,
    We understand that everyone has different levels of sensitivity towards content, and that you may feel uncomfortable with the posted content. However, Twitter provides a communication platform, and users may use our service to discuss controversial subject matter.
    If a specific user is posting content that you disagree with or otherwise find offensive, we have provided you with the ability to block the user. For more information on blocking users, see:
    Twitter believes strongly in the importance of free speech and works to ensure that such speech is maximized. Limiting speech on Twitter (and other social communication tools) could result in the highly undesirable outcome of speech that is allowed offline being restricted online. We are strongly opposed to this, as this could cause issues with the practical expression of information.
    If you believe the content or behavior you are reporting is prohibited in your local jurisdiction, please contact your local authorities so they can accurately assess the content or behavior for possible violations of local law. If Twitter is contacted directly by law enforcement, we can work with them and provide assistance for their investigation as well as guidance around possible approaches. You can point local law enforcement to our Law Enforcement Guidelines here:
    Thank you,
    @cbellarun:disqus Twitter Trust and Safety

    My response:
    Are you KIDDING ME?!? Do you think I’m “uncomfortable” participating on a site that allows an account that ADVOCATES the killing of a specific person?
    This is a Twitter account that ADVOCATES killing another person. What on Earth is wrong with you people!?!?! So does that mean I can open an account called @killcbellarun? How about if someone finds out your real name and advocates killing you? Would you then be so quick to defend this excrement? I find this incredibly unsettling and really diminishes Twitter in my eyes.

    I can see I made a colossal mistake incorporating Twitter into my business model. Rest assured, Twitter will not fare very well if the offensive account is allowed to continue. How dare you equate the call for killing a person, who at this moment is presumed innocent, with the sanctity of free speech. How dare you! Continue to do your President’s bidding, Twitter, and intelligent people will find other means to communicate.

    Twitter Trust and Safety? Laughable.

  • carti

    I hope they don’t delete him until after Nov 6.  When someone offers to do your job for you, you step out of the way.  ABO.

  • kimberlyn

    Anyone else find it extremely fishy that the @KillZimmerman twitter account managed to make its way to the top headline on the Drudge Report despite having less than 400 followers and all of them look like spammers? This account seems blatantly manufactured by those who support Zimmerman. And where is the police security video on this site?

  • gracepmc

    In light of Twitter’s refusal to remove this and wanting to do something I took a look at Twitter’s BOD.  I found a Director who is also CEO of a company that I frequent.  I unsubscribed with a brief explanation that I did so regretfully but would remain absent until #killzimmerman is removed.  That is my personal stand.  Not a recommendation for others. I do not support economic boycotts or efforts to eliminate freedom of speech.  But Twitter refuses to make the distinction between free speech and incite to violence and one of the many responsibilities of accepting a position as a member of a BOD is to advise in the company’s best interest, including social responsibility.  This applies to all Twitter execs, BOD members, and investors.