• Fredddd


    If Michelle’s last name was Obama, Charles Sweet would be in custody right now. (well, unless he’s looks like Obama’s son or is one of Eric Holder’s ‘people’)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PMG6WIMAEWYJSQBMUKITVLL27E hjole

    I have to wonder does Charles’ mommy know his abusing her pc in that dark basement?

  • Zorro

    Typical democrats

  • http://profiles.google.com/dminnich6062 David Minnich

    Three things all of these hate tweets share: a combination of poor grammar and spelling, profanity, and stupidity. Bratty 8th graders in braces come to mind.

  • westside_resident

    Sweet Chuck was born in 1989 so he’s 22 or 23 which makes him a college sophomore by today’s standards. His lack of writing skill combined with no basic courtesy is a great example of where our fine institutions of “learning” are taking our youth today.

  • jsn2

     If Obama had a son he would look like Charles Sweet.

  • Taggart Snyder

    Charles Sweet. Ironic. He probably doesn’t know what ironic means. I’m not too worried about some piece of crap with a hundred followers.

  • Guest

    Genetics are a funny thing, if Obama had a son, he might very well look like Larry Sinclair.