Yep, the president of the United States took to his Twitter account last night to promote $30 Obamacare t-shirts with the initials “BFD.”

Some wondered:!/Jenwahlberg/status/183354584230670336

It’s a reference, of course, to when Vice President Joe Biden hailed the costly, constitutionally suspect legislation as a “Big F**king Deal.”


Twitter reaction was not altogether positive:!/ReachInc/status/183350006282072064!/tessamariexoxo/status/183355520869072898!/flatbrok/status/183355354606870528!/fieldhousemedia/status/183354940989779969!/LeMelle80/status/183442096630415360!/abshaver/status/183508254482116608

When Internet memes collide! #ilikeobamacare meets #bfd:!/themick1962/status/183441428372926465


  • Fred Rhogart Toney

    Wow… hey @BarackObama, I can get 3 GOOD tees at the price of your crappy propaganda tee! #BFD

  • VoteVictory

    Maybe Obama means “Bad Financial Deal.”  Or “Bad Fiscal Deal.”

  • vermontaigne

    BFD now means Big Financial Disaster? Okay, then.

  • Conrad2010

    BFD=Baad Fu**ing Deal.  

  • thetroll01

    I guess foul language really isn’t such a BF’nD to the POTUS after all!

    After all, didn’t He tell us He was a fan of trash-talking rappers?

  • Patriot Politics

    @BarackObama A Health Care Tweet Response:

  • Mr. Grammar/SpellCkr

    Yes, BFD = Bad Fu**ing Deal.

  • Donna C. Smith

    I just had a conversation with my teenage son about why it is profanity to use WTF and now the President of the United States is putting profanity on a T-shirt and selling it. 

  • Allan Smith

    GTFO?  STFU?  

  • Whitney Pitcher

    In addition the crassness of the language and the embrace of it, he doesn’t even use the right wording for his legislation.It’s health care reform, not health reform. It may just seem like semantics, but they mean two different things. 

    • twolaneflash

      No, he really means HEALTH reform.  You white people been living too long.  Amerikkka needs Death Panels and Rationing of services.
      B-arack’s F-undamental re-Distribution

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    BFD = Big F******
    Well, what does that “D” stand for? A few suggestions:
    Add your own “D” word and let the fun continue!!!

  • robert hebbard

    big fukcing debauckle

  • rippersnort

    Another rip-off from the Pres. $30.00. BFD.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Just another profane example of Oboorish showing respect for the office of the President of the United States–Prezuhdunce in his case.

    • izzy

      And YOU DO show respect for the office of the President of the United States? Hypocrite!!

  • John

    What a classy guy.

  • Wigglesworth

    Why go half way?  They should add an image of Che

  • 100Rifles

    Crimanetley! These profane leftists violate our Constitution, and the dignity of their Offices, and the LSM ignores it. November cannot come soon enough!

  • AJ

    How low will he go?  America is not asleep

  • Tom Benedetto

    It truly is a “BFD”.. Bad For Democrats !

  • locomotivebreath1901

    Maybe these Obama clowns can get that Cee Lo guy to write an eff bomb song to promote it.

  • jsn2

    BFD=Barrack For Dogcatcher

  • DeadBuffalo Blog


  • Corpsvett

    @BarrackObama, did you give a shirt each to your daughters?

  • 20notsoonenough12

    Can’t buy class!

  • John Beam

    The worst president ever, and the competition is stiff in that regard.  Still waiting for the media to vette this moron…

  • Terika

    It IS a BFD!

    Bankrupting Federal Disaster

    Hey – why doesn’t someone start a BFD “contest”?
    How many can everyone come up with???
    Tweet them all to #BFDmeansToMe

    Have fun with it. And don’t forget to send em to UnoHu!

  • George Williams

    He alway plays to his base, so what else could we expect form a snake oil salesman?

  • izzy

    You write WTF on here and most of you use it on your fb too. At least it’s only initials and it was Biden who originally used the phrase. Santorum didn’t use initials when he said that BS word.  And I’m sure Obama didn’t create that shirt – he’s promoting it to raise campaign funds. Republicans have said way more inflammatory things in their campaigns. You all look to your “god” Rush Limbaugh and think it’s okay that he called a college girl, a girl he didn’t even know, who had the audacity to testify in congress, a slut and a prostitute, yet the initials BFD offends you??? Hypocrites!!

  • David Wald

    I would just like to say that the shirt might be considered to say a “big freaking deal”, instead of the other curse word normally attributed to the abbreviations.