The glamboy actor got himself arrested during a protest outside the Sudanese embassy this morning, along with several Democrat politicians and activists:

Movie star George Clooney was led away in handcuffs after storming the Sudanese Embassy protesting the actions of the country’s president Omar Al-Bashir, an alleged war criminal.

Clooney made the rounds in Washington this week, hoping his superstar wattage will help shine a light on the situation in Sudan. The actor testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and held private meetings with the Secretary of State and President Obama about the African nation’s dire humanitarian situation and the Obama administration’s policy. He led a protest today outside of Sudan’s embassy calling on Omar Al-Bashir, an alleged war-criminal, to stop the violence and allow humanitarian aid into the country.

Also among those arrested were Clooney’s Father Nick Clooney, President of United to End Genocide and former Congressman Tom Andrews, Congressmen Jim McGovern, D-MA, Al Green, D-TX), Jim Moran, D-VA., and John Olver D-MA, Martin Luther King III, NAACP President Ben Jealous, and Enough Project Co-Founder John Prendergast, according to a police statement.

An epidemic of related hashtags erupted as word spread around the world.

Most popular: #freeclooney. Twitter users were expecting the Kabuki arrested hours before it happened. Mixed response — and of course, an ample dash of Twitter snark:!/Legal_Chicanery/status/180682006240309248!/MerTakoz/status/180687331089592320

  • howcanwefoolyoutoday

    Does Cloon the Lune have a movie coming up or is he really trying to have US troops sent to Sudan ?

  • Italia


  • quietwolf

    The cops should have let them cross the picket line and march into the embassy. Then they would be in on Sudanese  soil and dealt with “appropriately”. Clooney & Justice, get what they want and we lose two headaches. WIN WIN!

  • Terika

    Someone remind Looney  that Freedom isn’t free.  Why don’t you stay in Calif and fight for OUR rights to free speech.  For people other than Maher.

  • gracepmc

    Fully recognizing the horrible plight of the Southern Sudan for which Mr. Clooney is fighting I reviewed the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission (praised by the UN and the USA) which oversaw the southern Sudanese referendum to secede.

     And it appears that even in those dire times and with such a mobile and differentiated base, all voters had to present identification in order to prevent voter fraud and protect the integrity of the process.  “In order to prevent multiple and fraudulent registration the Commission shall put
     in place safeguards such as indelible finger ink for voters and Registration Card with unique serial number.”

    One can hope that Mr. Clooney will advocate for the same fairness and integrity of the voting process in his own country to whom he is appealing for help.  And,  one can only hope that he further advocates for voting place integrity to his friends in the White House.

     Of course, it would be ridiculous to require a national Registration Card with a unique serial number — this is America after all.  Something along the lines of a picture id accepted at all airports,pharmacies, libraries, rental car agencies would surely suffice

  • CrypticSound

    Stunt, his movie is coming out soon. He’d be better served using his wealth to build hospitals and schools over there.

  • Sylvia Gammill

    Clooney should concentrate on his own country right now.  His cause is worthy but none of us will be able to do a thing for the rest of the world if we lose our freedoms.

  • spot_the_dog


  • aqua1957

    george clooney= YAWN. He thinks he’s Cary Grant