Conservative talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh announced on his show this afternoon that he would begin tweeting personally on the microblogging platform. Soon after, he delivered.

His show has an official Twitter account here, but the host had not posted individual tweets. He’s fighting now against the organized, astro-turfed boycott efforts of Soros-funded Media Matters et al. — and using the very social media tactics the Left has used against him. The individual tweet was also reposted at the official show account:!/rushlimbaugh/status/180370202729517056

Listeners confirm that he mentioned both @limbaugh and the verified @RushLimbaugh accounts on his show:!/kdubya65/status/180386075519356928

And both Rush and his Twitter-savvy brother David let followers know that both accounts are official:!/DavidLimbaugh/status/180393623471394817


Twitchy noted earlier this afternoon that advertisers are now voicing their support of Rush in new radio spots.

(As announced last week, Twitchy is proud to be an EIB web advertiser.)

  • BobHTX

    Twitter just won Twitter: @limbaugh now on Twitter!

  • d1comment

    The spotlight should stay on Media Matters and their complicit legacy media…Reform “Journalism” now.

  • ChangeOfPace

    Defund media matters

  • newsecrets

    Great new site!  Fun, informative, and promises to be accurate which is rarely found unless you really know where to look.

  • Carole Siegel

    God Bless Rush…thank you for all you do…proud listener and learner…you are the best…keep up the good work..

  • Jay Severin III

    Hail Rush. We – our entire Movement – are where we are owing Directly to Rush’s courageous, pioneering work. I – and nearly everyone on radio – owe my livelihood to Rush. 

  • PoleGirl

    Love Twitchy bigtime, and Rush is awesome shiz!


    Right on Rushbo!  Keep educating this country along with every other conservative that is doing the same.  And David, finish that book; I want you back on my show!  {:

  • KingShamus

    Rush is right!

    There, I said it.

    Also, screw Carbonite.  You froze Han Solo into a brick and tried to hurt El Rushbo.  You’re dead to me.

  • M_Baker

    Someone has to point out things Media Matters has said that is not the truth, and not just one or two things.  And that means using facts and not just opinions.  FOX makes a big deal out of MM, thus bringing them into the spot light, but so far to my knowledge they’ve never actually countered anything that MM has written using facts to back up their criticisms.  They have made plenty of statements, but their just stating their opinion and not using factual statements to back themselves.  In doing so, they’re not doing themselves any favors, and are just making themselves look as if they are fighting against MM and they’re  trying to protect their creditability.  

  • mariee

    Fight fire with fire!  Twitter, facebook,radio, Foxnews and whatever it takes to get the opposing view out there.  Opposing Obama that is…  If he uses it, so can we.

  • sukietawdry

    I understand he intends to re-tweet hate tweets ala Breitbart. See, we’re all Andrew Breitbart now.