In the newest issue of Rolling Stone, Tom Gabel, the lead singer of punk band Against Me!, has announced his plan to live as a woman, and will soon begin the transition process.

The first big-time rockstar to make such a move, Gabel has talked candidly about the change, saying he will take the name Laura Jane Grace, and he’s actually been dealing with gender dysphoria for years. His current wife, Heather, is said to be supporting him and that they will remain married.

This is a big move for many in the world struggling with the same issues, especially after North Carolina chose to rule against gay marriage, and his fans have had plenty of supportive words to say on Twitter:

Even celebrities and other musicians have given credit to Tom Gabel for his bravery, and they also took their Twitters to speak their minds:

  • constitution revolution

    So when is the operation that will serve to officially rationalize and justify his mental illness in the name of political correctness? Will he and his liberal fans be demanding the rest of the country pony up for that as well?

  • douchie

    Narcissistic self delusion leading to voluntary genital mutilation is the epitome of bravery.

  • Mark Gos

    Big-time rockstar??? Never heard of him/her/it or his/her/it’s band. Playing in front of 1500 people is big-time now? ZZZZZZZZZ

  • marine37

    Who the hell is this guy or gal or whatever?