Oh yes, it is. President Obama met Pope Francis Thursday morning.

And then this happened:

The zinger has been retweeted nearly 400 times and counting.

And this Twitter user brings it all home with a guess at the pope’s response:

Oh Twitter. Everything is better with you.

  • http://deadrepublicanparty.wordpress.com/ rmnixondeceased

    Penance: 1 Hail Mary per citizen. Also, a person must promise to stop the sin to receive absolution …

    • Eric D. Mertz #NeverTrump

      Not a Hail Mary, rather the Act of Contrition

      • http://deadrepublicanparty.wordpress.com/ rmnixondeceased

        The former predicates the latter …

        • Eric D. Mertz #NeverTrump

          Fair point

          • http://deadrepublicanparty.wordpress.com/ rmnixondeceased

            :) Ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Forgive Me Father For I have Stolen, Lied and Spied. ~ BHO

    P.S. Forgive me Father, moving forward as I will continue to Steal, Lie and Spy on the American Citizens ~ BHO

  • weirdralph

    Should follow it up with “Forgive me, Founding Fathers, for I spend!”

  • peteee363

    are you kidding, Obama would never say that. he would say, holy father, the republicans are evil people who would spy on you, can you ex-communicate them for me?

    • http://www.almarquardt.com/ almarquardt

      Considering Obama’s narcissism, he would excommunicate them himself and merely inform the Pope he did so.

      • https://twitter.com/davidjkramer DavidKramer

        Chicago Jesus has already condemned them to hell so excommunication is like easy peezy.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      The word “forgive” doesn’t seem to be in BHO’s vocabulary.

      • peteee363

        nor does “work”.

  • Carolyn#OYSD

    “Forgive me Father for I have spied”…and lied…and cheated…and lied…and…Do I have a time limit cause this might take a while.

    • http://twitter.com/THE_DAILY_BLEAT VACUOUS CIPHER

      Bearing false witness came home tuh roost in #FL13.

      I suspect that’ll continue for the Democrats indefinitely, thanks to their lying Golden Calf messiah.

      • Fairfax51

        Oh, I think it is not just Obama…the Dims willingly knelt before the calf and then ate up the offering. It’s gonna make them all sick…every last one.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Great lines, but, as-if Obumuh could or would ever identify anything he’s done as anything but perfect and right–or admit it.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      That’s ironic…In front of Pope Francis, he’s all contrite, but in front of the American people he STILL LIES, SPIES, and ACTS LIKE AN IMPERIAL DIC(K)TATOR! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • ReubenHood

    “Forgive me Father but could we do the confession out here? For some reason it burns when I step over the threshold.”

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Frankie “Rome”: “While you are here, my son, would you care to buy a few indulgences?”
    Barry: “Sounds tempting, so to speak, Holy Father– Michelle never lets me indulge myself back home! ‘Have some celery and raw carrots, dear!’ I’m beginning to wonder if maybe you guys don’t have it better, y’know, not being married ‘n’ all…”

    • Fairfax51

      Perhaps the total domination of Mochelle over Barack (ie no cigs, no sugar, milk, eggs, no hambgr or fries, only lettuce) has made ol’ Pres a very angry, bitter, deprived man and he is taking it out on all of us. Maybe it really isn’t his socialist, commie agenda but his effort to not rebel and kill mochelle. Or maybe it is just bad times two.

  • Perry

    I wonder, at this point in time, if those two aren’t on the same team.

    • Fairfax51

      Yea, ol’ Pontiff has a pooh of the mouth problem that left spins into Pope is pro abortion, pro gay marriage….pro any sin in Old or New Testament. Spends to much time “clarifying his remarks. Maybe needs a teleprompter with remarks written by a Cardinal until he gets the hand of it.

  • JD

    More likely BHO statement to the Pope: “Shouldn’t you be kissing my ring right about now?”

  • Richard Nightwood

    “Nice to meet you, Pope, I’m Nicolae Carpathia….I mean Barack Obama.”

  • Hotlanta Mike

    Forgive me Father, for I have deceived…

    Must See TV: New Criminal Evidence About To Be Released; Sheriff Joe Arpaio


  • twotowner

    I hear Obama was confused when told Pope Francis was not there to talk to the Messiah.

  • Maxx

    I can think of a lot of fathers he should be asking forgiveness from.

  • Obama my Nigga

    Great, so now the pope can say if he had a son he would look like princess Obama.

  • GaryTheBrave

    Barry actually said, “Forgive me Allah for I have spied.”

    • SonofLiberty

      Forgive me Allah for I got caught spying on the infidels.

      • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

        Would he exclude Putin as one of the infidels?

  • CHHR

    As funny as this is… somehow I get the feeling Obama went thinking he was GIVING not getting absolution. #Phonygod

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    I hope Pope Francis @Pontifex goes all “Soup Nazi” on KING FINK 0BAMA…. “NO ABSOLUTION FOR YOU!!” Jawamax 8<{D}

    • Eric D. Mertz #NeverTrump

      Per the Catechism, one may not be absolved of one’s sins in the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation unless one is truly repentant. Given POTUS’ actions and words, I rather doubt he is…

    • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

      I don’t think Barack Obama is a Catholic…..

  • Doc Farmer ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    “Okay, your Pope-ness, I have arrived. So, what do you want me to bless?”

  • The_Questman

    Wouldn’t it be funny if during Obama’s visit with the Pope the Vatican was struck by lightning?

    • DevilDog Ding

      No. Next question.

  • LinTaylor ✓vitrified

    Obama: “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.”

    Pope: “*chuckle* Well, I don’t normally handle confessions, but everyone needs a sympathetic ear. What troubles you, my son?”

    Obama: *pulls out 50-foot roll of paper* “Do you need to go to the bathroom now, or are we going to have to take a break?”

  • LegalizeShemp

    I wonder if the Pope can feed the multitudes of the Obama family by miraculously turning 2 dogs into thousands?

  • agentm0m

    He should say, Obama: Forgive me Father, for I have LIED. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.

  • DANEgerus

    Forgive me Father for I have Spied…
    You do not look remorseful my son.

  • WhoDat


    So, this is what the right believes is funny?

    • LegalizeShemp

      *Eggroll*…..yes it’s funny AND hypocritical. You Demonrats go around talking about Catholics and Christians as though they’re public enemy Number One, and now your pathetic incompetent President is trying to score popularity points by meeting with the Pope! Hilarious !!

    • DevilDog Ding

      No, what we really think is funny are the obedient subjects of the realm like you.

    • Mango

      We don’t believe it’s funny…it just is funny…funny and true. But if it were some Dem who said it in reference to a Republican it would be the most hilariously clever and witty thing ever to grace social media right? Yes, of course.

  • https://twitter.com/davidjkramer DavidKramer

    I will put money that you will not see Obama bowing or giving deference to the Pope, can’t have his real religion get all teste about it and call for heads.

  • Exodus2011


    NICE ——————> ^5!


    This joke is funny, but the RIGHTS TRAMPLING issue undergirding it, is NOT

  • DevilDog Ding

    Why would the Pope would shake hands with a cult leader who is worshiped by millions of pagan followers?

  • san rafael blue

    I’m not Roman, but I am a Catholic, and I thought it was funny. Rand got the syntax and the rhythm down just right. Actually, I had hoped the Pope would be a no show, and leave the President standing in church only to learn after a three hour wait, “Pardon, Seignor Presidente, His Holiness is,,,,,,is washing his hair, Si, the Pontiff is having his hair tended and cannot possibily attend this meeting. His Royal Silken Robes are at the Dry Cleaners of Italy. You were not informed? The Pontiff sends his sincere regrets, Oh, and a Scapula necklace with His Portraits on them. Here is a photo of the Pope Happy, now sad, now in prayer. Fastinating, no?

  • bobbyt1964

    Don’t forget last Fall’s bombshell (conveniently swept under the MSM’s “transparent” rug) that this administration was spying on the VATICAN’S phone calls too!!!

  • san rafael blue

    Your Pennace, My Son, #1. Self Flagellation for each of the 57 fictitious states you have ‘visited’. #2. One lash for each purposeful lie you have knowingly told the American People since your first inaugeration #3. Apologize to Mitt Romney on the air for all your falsehoods during the campaign, including voting fraud.#4. Apologize and invite for an UNpoisoned dinner, a Mr. George Zimmerman, who may have a few things to speak to you about.#5, Resign your position, effective immediately, install Mitt Romney in your place. #5. Apply for night supervisor position at the nearest White Castle or Waffle House. Then sin no more, my Son!!

  • Jared Small

    I said fly Air Force One on Vacation not to the Vatican.

  • http://twitter.com/starwarsfan107 Hayekguy

    Ha ha ha ha!!! So clever!

  • simonzee1

    You think that this is funny then have a look at this awkward Obama speech below. Click on the link.

    If I was the pope I would have met Obama in a general audiance like he did with Russell Crowe.

    I appreciate the contribution that The Guardian is making to free speech. If you go onto The Wire…CNN and most American sites they are heavily censored. They tend to leave the posts on that stereotype those that are not ideologically aligned rather than posting genuine debating points.

    Let’s keep some sense of humour when debating as well.

    Have you seen our new Governor General in our great land Australia. What a breath of fresh air this impartial person will be. Yes and good for both sides of politics. We need blokes like this on the international stage with a good B.S meter. Rudd was our worst offering. Beazley and Cosgrove are good decent men.

    I like metaphors and narratives…Christ’s parables were great…They were a source of inspiration for Dickens as we know. Not many people know but Dickens was so impressed with the themes and insights in the gospels that he rewrote them for his children.

    And this goes to other analogies…stories and other insightful metaphors. They stimulate that left part of the brain from the right. Before you watch the awkward Obama speech in the link below listen to this story.

    Have you heard the story of the Tall Turkey Tale….It’s great in terms of examining concepts of leaders representing…or as is currently the current case not representing freedom of speech…..internet freedoms…healthy foreign relations where stunningly diplomats are saying “F@#@# you” to each other and where there is “NO” trust.

    I think people across the globe are realising that that the Western media…Obama and the E.U are always telling us Tall Turkey Tales in which they consistently let go of the truth while grasping at lies with both hands.

    The Tall Turkey Tale goes like this towards the end…”Tommy let go of one of the birds. Now one turkey had to lift him all by himself. Soon the bird grew tired with all of Tommy’s weight hanging onto him. Slowly, the turkey circled down and landed on the ground, too tired to fly any more.Tommy walked home with his turkey and his family got not only a large turkey dinner that year but a TALL TALE as well. Do you think Tommy’s family believed his story? Do you?


  • Haley Schmitterbach

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