Heh. Good call!

Snicker. Well, those Twitter users had the right idea. As Twitchy reported, actress Lena Dunham hosted “Saturday Night Live” and spewed Planned Parenthood propaganda. Perpetuating lies wasn’t all she did on the show: She also bombed. Brutally.


Dunham tweeted about her stint on SNL.

Oh honey. She may be “in love” with SNL, but viewers were not “in love” with her.

Because she’s awful?



Deadline Hollywood founder Nikkie Finke agrees.


Bingo!But, hey, there’s this:

Kudos, brave souls.

And an exit suggestion for SNL:


‘Wow!’ Did you see the Planned Parenthood propaganda spewed by Lena Dunham on SNL?

  • GlockG22shoots40s

    Who’s Lena Dunham?

    • Fire and Adjust!

      An odd looking eunich who plays a girl on an HBO show called girls, which is really just about whining femi-nazis and how men are bad because women have menstrual cycles……. Well….. In actuality…. I’m not really sure what the show is about because my eyes can’t take the trauma of Mr. Dunham on TV but that is how I imagine it is

      • badbadlibs

        You should be a writer for SNL, they might actually get some laughs.

        • William2010

          badbadlibs, I am with you on this. Fire and Adjust’s comment is funny.

          A humorous skit, or “Sketch” would be created from that comment paragraph, alone.

        • http://1389blog.com/ 1389AD

          I’ve never liked SNL on the few occasions I’ve seen it over the years. Awhile back someone told me that the show was designed to be appreciated under the influence of cannabis. Any act that requires a chemically-enhanced audience isn’t an act.

          • badbadlibs

            I can honestly say I have never watched an episode of SNL, as in never. I’ve only seen snippets here and there and that was enough to tell me it would not be my cup of tea.
            However, as I stated, IF they did a skit based on your post…that would be funny! :-)

          • Claire Garcia

            For decades, musicians have also believed that, under the influence of cannabis, they play music better. Trust me, they don’t.

      • vphilly

        That was funnier than anything SNL has done in the past 30 years.

      • Jack Deth

        “I accept your reality. And reject my own!”

        *With apologies to Adam Savage of “MythBusters.”*

      • thinker

        and she is really bad at acting…but I guess why people think it’s funny.

      • William2010

        Fire and Adjust, thanks for your hilarious, and quite accurate, comment!

    • Informed&Concerned

      It must be a GLOCK thing . . . just returning from Church, headed here to ask same question. (I only have a Glock26 . the baby, but holds10 in mag)

      • Douglas Moose

        There’s a new G-baby in town! The G42 .380 auto is about half the size and weight of the G26, but only holds 6+1. Haven’t taken it out to try yet, but I hear the kick is much less than the 9mm.

        Off topic, but, HEY! It’s rarely inappropriate to talk about a mutual interest!

        • Informed&Concerned

          Especially where 2A is concerned :-)
          Im RightGlockMom on Twitter

        • Ken Alan Draper

          I hate to say it but the smith & wesson shield .40 puts the glocks to shame, it’s pretty much relegated my Glock to the safe. and make no mistake, I love my .40 glocks.

          • Douglas Moose

            Ken – I just paid for a S&W M&P Shield 9mm last week. I can pick it up on the 21st when my pistol permit is ready (2 week wait on ALL pistol transfers in Hawaii). The only thing that wasn’t nice about the feel was the trigger. Seemed like cheap plastic. I know many LE and Mil who carry S&W M&P pistols have nothing but good things to say.

            I’m not a Glock fan boy. I just happen to trust them and really like the simplicity and ease of operation & maintenance. My Sig P226 MK25 is my favorite now, but I have a P227 .45ACP that’s yet to be fired. I’m keeping an open mind! :)

          • Douglas Moose

            Sent a reply, but it was deleted. I guess it was too off-topic. Just bought a S&W M&P Shield 9 last week. Waiting on the permit!

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      Some liberal moron who got famous for being a fat girl getting naked on an HBO show. She was touted for her “Bravery.” She’s one of those feminists who whines about women being sexualized on tv, then turns around and drops her clothes on her show “Girls” every chance she gets. And fails to see the irony or hypocrisy.

      Then got more famous when she appeared in a Pro-Obama ad and claimed that voting for Obama was like losing your virginity.

      • Douglas H Lang

        Damn! Plainly she did it wrong!

      • Kay Headley

        because she got raped?

        • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          But by Whoopi Goldberg standards, it wasn’t “RAPE-rape.”

        • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

          Did she get raped? I think that would be something the left would be making her out to be a hero for.

        • Earnest Will

          That was gold…

      • Ken Alan Draper

        well she was right about obama & losing your virginity. even if you didn’t vote for him our butt is sore from the screwing he’s given everyone.

      • thinker

        I think people laugh at her bad acting…

    • Glenn

      And what is SNL?

      • Earnest Will

        A show that used to be funny about 30 years ago.

        • Marky Michaels

          Life used to be funny 30 yrs ago.

        • Lou Bator

          Closer to 40.

    • heynorm48

      In the words of my illustrious father, “She has a face only her mother could love.”

      • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        And as my mother used to say, “And even then, only on payday.”

        • $22639970

          …or a face made for radio.

      • Wrinkly cankles

        As my friends in the south would say, “Bless her little heart”.

      • Ty in TX ✓ᵇᵒⁿᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        More like a face that’d make her mother flinch.

      • Andy Rigo ✓ᵗᵉʳʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        My Father-in-Law used to say, “beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes right to the bone.” I never got to meet the man, but I’m sure we would have gotten along. he had picture of Reagan hanging over his fireplace.

      • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

        And the attempt to distract from it by placing gaudy tattoos on the upper arms is a massive failure.
        All of that could be overlooked if she hadn’t made herself a posterperson for females being empty-headed, ruled by their crotches and too stupid to use birth control. That platform would make any woman appear ugly.

        • heynorm48

          LOL! Those tatts are going to be really ugly in 40 years.
          From personal experience, gravity sucks and I’m not talking just about tattoos. :)

          • http://1389blog.com/ 1389AD

            Even if one doesn’t gain weight, tattoos slowly spread under the skin and become blurred. And everybody who doesn’t die young eventually gets wrinkles.

          • heynorm48

            We all end up looking like Shar-Peis.

          • http://1389blog.com/ 1389AD

            Looks cute on them, mostly because they have built-in fur coats.

            On us, not so much. A tattoo on wrinkled skin just doesn’t work.

      • Carrie1912

        She was so ugly that when she was born, the doctor slapped her mother.

      • Carlos Villar-Gosalvez

        When she was born, the doctor slapped her mother.

      • Jerry Camp

        And a body fit for a 1-900 sex line…

      • http://1389blog.com/ 1389AD

        Most of it is self-inflicted. She seems to want to look ugly. True, she’s no beauty and never will be one, but she could cut the carbs, join a gym, buy a hair comb, have the tats removed, keep her clothes on, and then she’d look like a normal person.

    • cerpas

      My same question…I dont even know who she is…

    • Tman95

      I’m so glad you asked that. I haven’t a clue to who Lena Dunham is……

    • http://macsen573.wix.com/overdrive Macsen Overdrive

      She compared voting for Obama to sex in 2012.

    • Jimbo

      You stole my question. I never heard of her.

    • Clete Torres

      You misspelled “What’s.”

    • bungopony

      I understand it has a TV show.I know it as a can of squished assholes shilling for Obama(spit!)

    • Johnny Right

      He’s that dude from that thing.

    • RayOne

      ComedyCentral is missing a water cooler.

    • Larry Peoples Sr

      She’s at the top of the Most Irrelevant Woman Celebrities list. Followed by Cher, Mia Farrow, Rula Lenska, Pia Zadora, Charo, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Roseanne, Janeane Garafolo and Rosie O’Donnell.

      • Lou Bator

        You forgot Michelle Obamama.

        • Lou Bator

          Oh, and Sara Silberman.

    • Claire Garcia

      I said to myself: “Self? Who the HELL is Lena Dunham?!” ;o)

    • Andrew Curlutu

      A hack comic who’s about as funny as watching some vet tell a kid his pet hamster he loves has leukemia. It could be worse, though. They could have Michelle Obama as a guest host.

  • http://rueuhy.com/ Russthecurious

    Perhaps one of life’s greatest mysteries – Why is SNL still relevant or newsworthy?

    • grais

      The only thing sorta newsworthy about SNL is that it isn’t relevant.
      And even that hasn’t been really newsworthy for about 30 years.

      • http://rueuhy.com/ Russthecurious

        Grew up with Ackroyd, Radner, Belushi, and Curtain group. I also stopped watching a few decades ago. When I watch clips of the current crap now it makes me feel sad.

        • grais

          Back then it was cutting edge mixed w/ a whole lotta silly.
          It’s been trying too hard since then, and it is just sad to watch.

          • Spiny Norman

            I haven’t watched SNL since Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo were on. I agree with Russ, I’ve seen recent clips that were supposed to be funny, but they were just sad.

        • 3seven77

          Land Shark!

          • Earnest Will

            Baseball has been berry berry good to me….

          • Charlotte Wiggs


          • cjleete


    • WhoMeToo

      SNL, Where Comedy goes to die.

      • syvyn11

        Soon, that title will go to ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”.

    • Edward Lozano

      Only because they have the hosts of “The Tonight Show” and “Late Night with Seth Meyers”…

      • syvyn11

        Within a year, those two shows will get the cold slap of reality.

      • Lou Bator

        That Seth Myers thing is awful. The other guy, Fallon, at least has a franchise to work with. He better not screw it up.

    • FranklinWasRight

      I started thinking that when everyone started calling it “SNL.” Any show that began before texting and twitter shouldn’t shorten it’s name to try and remain relevant. I’m looking at you, GMA.

  • brian smith

    Two questions, A. What the hell is a Lena Dunham? And B. Is SNL still a thing?

    • LibertyDwells

      Lena Dunham is a “thing”. SNL is not.

  • CosmicCher

    Lena Who’s she?

  • Jimni27

    bbbbbbut Queen Of Comedy, everyone! Vogue says so!

    • jasonacg

      It’s sad what passes for “comedy” these days.

    • syvyn11

      Give me the days where Philis Diller and Joan Rivers were “Queens of Comedy”.

      • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

        Love me some Phyllis Diller!
        One of a kind.

  • greatunconformity

    Whenever I watch tv, I’m slightly annoyed that every actress (no matter what profession her character has) is extremely hot. I think “why can’t they use normal looking women in some of these roles?”

    Then I see Lena Dunham and think “oh, that’s why.”

    • http://rueuhy.com/ Russthecurious

      Give her a chance – she’ll grow on you. Kinda like moles and warts do.

      • grais

        Some moles become cancerous. It’s best to have them removed.

      • Pendog

        Wendy Davis adores her.

  • Jack Deth

    SNL hasn’t been funny or “cutting edge” since Michael O’Donahue and the rest of the staff of ‘The National Lampoon’ left as writers. And Belushi and Aykroyd left the original cast.

    So I’m not out anything.

    • audieho

      Exactly. The only reason it still exists today is because it was once funny and everyone talked about it and now the media hypes it by making the naive youngsters think that everyone still talks about it. On the other hand, anyone who actually has a life isn’t sitting around watching TV at midnight on Saturday.

      • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        In other words, it’s the Pajama Boy/Lena Dunham demo they’re programming for?

      • Jack Deth

        Oh, for the days of “Bass-O-Matic” and the “Tri~Hard~Die~Cell” Pacemaker batteries tested on senior citizens left over night at the bottom of a hill!

        • Chaitealover

          No Coke…Pepsi

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    I missed it with bells on! (Flipping #ID4 and #KillBillVolumeOne)… That bad, huh? I haven’t watched SNL regularly since the original “Not Ready for Prime Time Players” moved on… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • http://www.thepiratescove.us/ William_Teach

    I long for the days when Buck Henry seemed to be hosting 1 out of 5 SNLs

    • Lou Bator

      He was funny. Samurai Delicatessen.

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    So has SNL lost the funding to get A-listers?

  • Prospector

    I’m sorry, but who is Lena Dunham?

    • GulfPundit

      She’s a self indulgent actress of marginal talent the left has elevated because they think it’s novel for an ugly chick to constantly take her clothes off.

      • Douglas H Lang

        She takes her clothes off? So she’s not all bad then? That’s a relief as she showed nothing redeeming on snl!

        • Pendog

          If you are planning to view her show to see her ample, doughy nakedness, I recommend keeping a sharp stick handy to gouge your eyes out once you realize that what has been seen, cannot be unseen.

          • Spiny Norman

            After the “voting for Obama is like losing your virginity” kerfuffle, I watched an episode of her HBO show. It was not “edgy”, it was painful, and painfully boring.

          • jasonacg

            I would not advise gouging your eyes out after seeing Lena Dunham. After all, is that what you would want your last visual memory to be?

          • Pendog

            Too late!

          • Brenda Hellwig

            As someone with ample, doughy nakedness, I resemble that remark.

        • 22044

          The common adage that people who want to get naked shouldn’t, definitely applies.

        • vphilly

          No man, no. You don’t want to see her naked.

      • plumberskid

        Although I agree with the “self-indulgent” part, calling her “marginally talented” or even referring to her as an “actress” is being far too generous in my book.

    • ohspareme

      Consider yourself lucky! :)

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Ask yourself, do you think someone at NBC and SNL thought it was a good idea at the time to specifically invite Lena Dunham? Or, as I suspect, is it more a matter of, they were strapped for someone to host the show, and someone said, “I know! Let’s get Lena Dunham! Sure, she sucks, but hey, she’ll probably be so grateful we even asked her, that she can hardly turn us down!”

    • plumberskid

      I’m guessing she contacted them, demanded to be made a host, and threatened to have them boycotted if they refused.

    • Pendog

      That’s what the team she dated in High School said.

      • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Or, as Steve Carell would say– well, y’know…

  • tjp77

    Justin Timberlake is the only consistently good host of SNL. I don’t even watch the show but I make it a point to catch his skits online afterward.

    • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

      That’s why I miss Andy Samberg being on the show. He and Timberlake were funny together.

      • Lou Bator

        Samberg? Eh!

  • PistolPeterson

    who is she?

    • Jeff Callaway

      That’s exactly what I was going to say. SNL must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel if they can’t even get an actor or actress that I have even heard of.

  • sK


  • FWelch

    Ummm, who is she? Never heard of her. Something tells me I’m smarter for not knowing.

  • thetawake

    If it wasn’t for the blurb about her spouting some clinically insane pre-election Obama nonsense, I’d still have no idea who she is. Also, it’s been too long to remember since I felt compelled to tune in SNL.

  • heymoe55 .

    What is with this unattractive, talent less “woman” and why would she NEED birth control? I pity this nations youth, what used to be our treasure has become costume jewelry. I hear she is naked often on Girls, WHY? and who benefits from seeing her?

  • Melody Canterberry

    Isn’t her 15 minutes up yet? Seriously, she’s an eyesore and an embarrassment. Just go away already.

  • Conservative Pitbull

    In regards to Planned Parenthood, who would do her. Seriously.

    • Jeff Callaway

      I think I’d rather do a cactus.

      • Lou Bator

        I live in Arizona and have a beautiful cactus garden. Please, don’t insult cactus.

  • Marvin Nelson

    NBC continues to demonstrate that it is a left-wing network run by a bunch of hacks. Dunham is a typical example of their propagandist agenda. I don’t even have any of their shows set up on my DVR. They are pathetic.

  • http://www.sportsmansdaily.com/ Ang V.

    Lena who? Is she a janitor at my kid’s school?

  • stellatruman

    I thought young people liked her…guess not. That gives me a glimmer of hope

  • Ben Smull

    I miss the Carol Burnett show. it was way more funnier than SNL.

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/1619427478/ Tony Mareshie

    I did think the Neeson bit was funny.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    Skipped it because of who was hosting…glad I did. Not that funny most nights anyways.

  • Liberals have no morals

    It’s just liberalism on full display.

  • Rex

    SNL: Just because your team won the Superbowl a couple of times in the 1970/80’s/90’s with some star players, doesn’t mean they are still the same team.

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Actually, for many of those years they struggled just to make the playoffs, if the truth were known.

  • Bob Young

    I have no idea who this chic is. I always thought that famous successful people were asked to host SNL. They must be hurting to start asking nobody’s host their show.

  • JonInVa

    Perhaps Dunham and SNL, being “in love” will result in a bastardized baby resembling a repeatedly stupid, unfunny, overrated Will Farrell/Seth Meyers cross? That is if she doesn’t abort it first.

  • daveachicagoareajamerican

    Hasn’t been funny since the second year of the first term of the Reagan administration.

  • Jake Bradford

    This woman is the picture in the dictionary under “overrated”

  • fed-up

    Never heard of her. Guess I’m getting old. SNL was great back in the day of John Belushi, Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Jane Curtin, Gilda Radner, Laraine Newman… and frequent spots with Steve Martin

    • jasonacg

      They had another spark of semi-greatness in the early 90’s. Sandler, Nealon, Carvey, Hartman, Farley, and others. But still no match for the original cast.

    • Debbie Butler

      Could not have said it better myself. I loved the 1st 5 years of SNL & The Eddie Murphy years>

      • Lou Bator

        Sorry, but Eddie Murphy was useless.

    • Lou Bator

      Buck Henry.

      • fed-up

        Buck was also one of the writers. I do remember him getting sliced in the head by John Belushi as the Samuri.

        • Lou Bator

          Yep, he hosted the first show, I believe, with Paul Simon as musical guest. I was 15 and came on the show by accident, while switching channels (called channel surfing today). Discussed the show the next day with my friends, some had seen it, some had not. By the next weekend, everyone was watching it. It was life changing. Nothing like it since. A person like this Lena Dunham would never have gotten near that or any TV program back then.

    • Lou Bator

      You forgot Chevy Chase and Garrett Morris.

  • daveachicagoareajamerican

    I’m surprised they didn’t do a skit about her moral outrage over the phony racist stunt pulled at Oberlin. She ranted, raved, and ranted some more before it was determined to be a prank.

  • MovingToNevada

    I never understood the hype around this chick. She seriously can’t act, or do anything.

    • jasonacg

      These days, all you have to do is swoon over Obama on TV. That elevates you to the rank of Hollywood elite, no experience necessary.

      • no_limit_neckbeard

        That also describes Oblamer: “No experience necessary”.

  • steve Howell

    lena dunham is about the biggest liberal, ignorant, dumbass on tv these days. SNL could not have picked anyone who would have bombed more than this skank.

    • Carrie1912

      Don’t hold back, tell us how you REALLY feel.

  • Debbie Butler

    Her TV show is stupid & Vulgar

  • Alyssa Petrovna ❌⭕❌⭕

    Ew. THAT girl.

  • Mackie

    She might be more appropriately referred to as Lena Dumbham.

  • Blightness

    Who the hell is Lena Dunham?

    • Ms. Abigail van Beagle

      I think she’s supposed to be some kind of hero of the “keep your laws off my body” crowd, who are constantly demanding laws to provide them with birth control they don’t know how to use and abortions for the babies they make.

      • Blightness

        Thanks. I seriously had no idea who she was.

  • ripper58 ✓Stupified

    who the fuck is “lena dumbman”….did I spell that right?

  • tankdemon

    Anybody who actually watches Saturday Night Live does not deserve to be entertained.

  • SanDiegoSteve

    I am so glad that I don’t know who Lena Dunham is. She sounds like a real idiot.

  • jabberwocky

    She totally grosses me out

  • JR48

    I stopped watching SNL so long ago that I can’t remember when it was. It stopped being funny decades ago.

  • Emily B

    Why is she famous? I don’t understand….

    • Jake Bradford

      A show on HBO nobody watches & her loud public declarations of support (worship) of Barack Obama & Planned Parenthood.

    • $28125632

      Because left wing Hollywood tells you how great she is. Take that for what it is worth.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Brian Rismiller @RisBrian
    Does Lena Dunham not know how to Clap? Or does she just clap really really BIG? … And Awkwardly… #SNL
    Dude. Please don’t put the words “Lena Dunham” and “Clap” in the same sentence. Just sayin’.

  • no_limit_neckbeard

    That makes sense. Most libtards who try comedy flop. Most libs have no sense of humor themselves, so they have no clue what other people would find funny.

    • yestradamous

      Sure. In the most amazing coincidence in the history of the universe, everyone who was born without a sense of humor was born into a Dem household, and everyone who does have one grew up Republican.
      Another amazing coincidence, all racists were born south of the Mason-Dixon Line, and all enlightened people nor’ of it. Here’s another: All people who like weak coffee were born in the U.S. and all people who like strong coffee were born in Europe!
      The universe just never ceases to amaze me!

  • Etickets

    Her show is great and I enjoyed watching her on SNL.

  • twinx

    Lena: A done ham.

  • Thomas Dunlop

    Is Leana one of Jeff Dunhams dummys or is she related to Obamas mother the other Dunham dummy?

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Silence! I kill you!

  • Edward Lozano

    You know how overrated some of these “stars” that appear on SNL, when you have to read the whole article just to figure out who they are and if they have had ANY accomplishment whatsoever…

  • Brashatina

    You’d think she could afford a stylist

  • kboughey

    Who is Lena Dunham?

  • Conrad2010

    Just looking at a pic of Dunham will cause the eyes to bleed.

  • southernlights

    I’m really showing my age here about SNL, but does anyone else miss…….cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger?

    • Darth Venomous✓unmedicated

      No fries, cheeps.

    • H50 ✓RAT

      No coke, Pepsi.

  • Greg Clark

    SNL hasn’t been worth my time in years. They are obviously desperate for hosts. Alec Baldwin and Shia what’s-his-name are available…

  • Gwamma

    Ummm who is Lena Dunham?
    The only reason why loons watch SNL is for the news

  • stuckinIL4now

    Just read that SNL hit its second lowest ratings of the season last night. Dunham’s threats of doing nudity, promo-ed on NBC talk shows during the week, must’ve scared away viewers.

  • Clete Torres

    SNL: We’re funny. Except when we’re not.

  • lilwren

    Sign of the times. Look at the acephalous suits in charge. Gives new meaning to the ol’ Headless Horseman ~ Headless Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Some pun fun son.

  • tjf tyac

    Honestly. Who is Lena Dunham.

  • Mike Gable

    Lena Dunham is soooo angry and unpleasant, she can’t possibly be funny or entertaining ever. I would never associate the words fun or attractive with her.

  • $28125632

    Dunham is nauseating.

  • stellatruman

    The remarks on NBC Facebook page were no less complimentary to her than they were on Twitter

  • Chew Bacca

    In soviet union man does not criticize woman, politburo criticize woman!

  • syvyn11

    Okay, we’re done with the pseudo-funny people. how about really thinking out of the box for SNL hosts? I nominate Mariska Hargitay.

    Back in the day, the funniest hosts were the ones you’d never think could do comedy.

    • Elizabeth Fisher

      I quit watching SNL years ago. However, when Justin Timberlake hosted (either earlier this season or last season), everyone said it was one of the best SNL shows in years.

  • Stesta Rawks

    Never heard of Lena Dunham and SNL died with Phil Hartman.

  • Jimmy Mac

    Who’s life is boring enough that you are sitting at home on a Saturday to watch SNL… you need to get a fucking life…..

  • robert anthony

    Caught a glimpse of her show ‘Girls’ when my sister was watching it….unless a girls’ having to pee at a train station is rip-roaringly funny, I don’t get it.

  • http://www.algoreisabidfatidiot.com/ “Rev Jim Jones”

    Best SNL lines:



    “Base’a ball been berry berry good to me”

    Can’t think of anything significant since.

    • http://commentspammersmustdie.blogspot.com/ Kakarot

      Then “Never Mind”

      • http://www.algoreisabidfatidiot.com/ “Rev Jim Jones”


    • gekkobear

      The game show “Common Knowledge”:

      Steve Martin era SNL, so not sure it’s really “since” but my all-time favorite.

      “Questions for our show are show are selected by educators from Princeton University to express a broad range of common knowledge that every American should possess. Answers for “Common Knowledge” are determined by a nationwide survey of 17-year-old high school seniors.”

    • Elizabeth Fisher

      “Schwetty Balls”

  • notenoughtime

    Remember was SNL was actually funny. Guess it’s easier for Dunham to take her clothes off for no apparent reason than to actually be able to read lines and entertain.

  • http://alankhenderson.blogspot.com/ alanhenderson

    Note that the title of Dunham’s HBO series is “Girls” and not “Women”…

  • Art Dunham

    My distant cousin embarrasses me!

    • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      And so does Lena, I suppose… 😉

  • immykal

    Even Liberals recognize if Lena Dunham were really EVE – there would have never been a human race .. no man would breed with that “Thing”….she should have been cast as the serpent ..

  • Guest

    Saturday Night Long BeenDead

  • Chip
  • sanfordandsons

    Who is Lena Dunham?

    • Lindakl

      An Obomabot.

  • William2010

    I know little of Lena Dunham. What I do know I find repulsive, and offensive. I would not choose her as a friend or confidant.

    I am happy to have other activities and interests which have resulted in me not wasting time being bored, and offended, viewing Saturday Night Live for, possibly, decades.

    Why would I waste time with an ugly, mean, vindictive, offensive person like Dunham, when I can enjoy the company of my beautiful wife and children, and our activities?

    No contest.

  • drock10

    Who is Lena Dunham? No seriously. Who is she?

  • Kreegah Bundolo

    Never heard of her and haven’t watched SNL in years. They stopped being funny many years ago.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Reading those tweets was more entertaining than SNL has been in years.

  • JA Knarr

    Who’s Lena Dunham. No really… who is she?

    • CoastalMaineBird

      Jeff Dunham’s new dummy?

      On a steek.

  • Guest


    • CoastalMaineBird

      Oh crap – nobody told me there would be a test today – I didn’t study!

  • LAPhil

    That is one ugly-ass tattoo on her arm.

  • Wishsong

    I haven’t watched SNL since the Chris Farley/Adam sandler days. Looks like I’ll be keeping it that way.

  • spaceycakes

    it speaks volumes to snl’s taste, competence and agenda to have her on as a guest host.

  • Ricky Spanish

    I haven’t watched SNL since the early 90’s

    • Lou Bator

      It sucked then. Look up the skits from the mid-70’s, when it started, was topical, and relevant. It can never be close to what it was.

  • Conservative-Veteran

    I have never seen any of the shows when LD has been sans clothing, but I would speculate she doesn’t need birth control. She is ugly from the peeling to the core! The last time I watched SNL John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd where the stars.

    • Guest

      That’s the last time I really watched SNL. That stint in the 80’s chased me away and I haven’t been back since. I was young when I watched the first SNL cast. I’d sneak it. The ‘Chee-burger’ and the Samurai skits were awesome. I moved on to SCTV after that.

  • Lindakl

    Sounds like the show was a late late term abortion.

    • BRM-373

      Too bad Dunham wasn’t one

  • Pedro

    1st Corinthians 11:13
    When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things.
    To paraphrase in modern language. When I was a child I watched SNL. But when I grew up, I spent my time on FoxNews.

    • lgeubank

      SNL is like Stephen Colbert — its brief period of usefulness or interest is over, over, SO over.

  • Valuhrie


  • dwsmokin

    When all is said and done-she just isn’t funny.

  • dciscool

    I think the rise of Lena Dunham is entirely about feminists in the media desperately wanting a very unattractive woman to rise to the top. The media is trying to make her, which is why her show has few viewers and no one wanted to watch her on SNL. It’s an illusion that there is high demand for her in the public. I mean, come on, what else can possibly explain why Anna Wintour put her on the cover of Vogue? What a joke.

  • billeeblue

    SNL has devolved since the last of the great comedians left the show and that was back in the late 70’s. I guess some of the humor fits the current genre, and I’m not forced to watch it. Movin’ on…

  • lgeubank

    SNL?? Are they still beating that dead horse?


    One of the dumbest episodes of SNL ever. SNL has been sinking for quite some time, but they actually began to air comedic routines about Obama. Then this show and one of the dumbest skits featuring Obama as a “tough guy,” indicating they’re returning to pandering to Libtards.

  • Kenneth James Abbott

    SNL has long since given up on being funny. Now they remind me most of 8-year-olds in a tree-house, whispering curse-words and giggling at their own audacity.

  • TheCommonDominator

    as Liberal and annoying Alec Baldwin is, he is still one of the best and funniest hosts on the show ever…..Lena Dunham is just another joke that no one is laughing at from HBO….see Bill Maher

  • Lou Bator

    I watched SNL when it started in 1975 and I was in high school. Needless to say, I was spoiled. I gave up on the show in the 80’s with the “Eddie Murphy era” and that ilk. I never bothered after that, especially with Will Ferrell and those. The only time I hear about it now is when people complain about it. It is apparently no longer relevant.

  • Carlos Villar-Gosalvez

    The SNL spoof on “Girls” was extremely funny. I tried to watch “Girls” at a friends house and felt like I was having my teeth drilled.

  • RayOne

    Again, Why was she there?

    • Lou Bator

      Apparently, she works for Obamama.

  • American-By-Choice

    Never heard of her… and I can see why after reading this. She seems to be famous for SUCKING at what she does. Only in “What’s Left of America… “.

  • Scooter Tramp

    Who’s Lena Dunham? Saturday Night is STILL on the air?

  • Jerry Camp

    I was waiting for the re-enactment of the final scene from the early-80s slasher ‘Sleepaway Camp’ with Dunham in the role of Angela.

  • wyatt81

    SNL continues its pathetic tumble with the likes of misshapen Lena Dunham.

  • Charles Christian

    The only humor I get from Lena Dunham… is that it reminds me of Jeff Dunham.

  • donzap

    One poster asked “is there anybody less talented with more accolades than Lena Dunham?”

    The answer is yes. His name is Obama.

  • RayOne

    I was expecting modern dance.

  • Hutch King – HK

    While a majority’s opinion may tell us what some people desire on a particular occasion, it cannot tell us what those very same people would choose if they were more educated.

  • Conservative-Veteran

    She looks like a beaver in the picture.

  • kentercat

    What is doubly ironic is that the funniest rip on that miserable show “Girls” was an SNL parody where they added an Albanian woman to the show. Despite being about as out of place as a female Borat, she basically is the only one who has a sliver of sanity or maturity. We’ve gone in less than a decade from Borat-characterizations being clueless primitives to being gurus of common sense. Or at least, New York City has.
    I showed that skit to someone, and she was heartbroken that it wasn’t the real show. She wanted to see the Albanian woman beating the crap out of all the oversexed toddlers whining in their onesies.

  • Saltporkdoc

    What’s SNL?

  • docfjs

    NEWS FLASH SNL jumps the shark. Is this the end for Rico?

  • Joe FireTruck

    What is a Lena dunham? Never mind I could NOT care less.

  • lgeubank

    SNL is still on the air? And now they’re beating that dead horse with a live sow.