Well, if the photo of President Obama on the phone wearing mom jeans wasn’t enough to paralyze Putin with fear, Secretary of State John Kerry made the Sunday show rounds. Terrifying! Or, you know, absolutely absurd. Check out what he said on “Face the Nation”:

Um, what?

Yep. It happened.



Truth. But to be fair, there is this:

Bam! Here is some advice for Kerry from the great beyond:

That smarts.

If only someone … anyone … had sounded a warning.


An exit summation:

Hard and frightening truth.


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CBS political director/Slate correspondent covers for absentee president

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  • DeadlockVictim

    That’s what John Kerry said about the guy who gave him an atomic wedgie and stuffed him in a locker.

    • F. De Moraes

      After hocking a loogie in his mouth and pissing on him!

      • Robert Nicholas

        you sound as stupid as kerry

        • supplyguy

          A little graphic, but hardly as stupid as Kerry. Not sure how you even conflate the two into the same thing.

          • tom smith

            Oooo conflate.. someone has been upping his vocabulary by watching the boob tube.

          • AFL1962

            They have those on boobs? Missed it.

          • tom smith

            Not surprising. It’s not something you can look up and make believe it’s your own thought

          • gregzimmerman007

            tattoos on boobs. yeah. I think I saw one of these on a pair recently – in the cleavage part. No, I’m sorry, that was “inflate” not conflate.

        • plutowars1

          unlikely as stupid as viet-nam kerry

        • F. De Moraes

          I guess you didn’t attend a public school in So. Fla. or pledge a fraternity in the last century?

      • Hugh_Jass

        A wedgie,, stuffed in a locker, loogied and pissed on? What was he at a Kennedy party?

        • $94624096

          Mooch saw him trying to steal one of her Moon Pies!

        • F. De Moraes

          Not quite or else he’d wind up stuck in a car in the bottom of a body of water or raped!

          • Hugh_Jass

            Or with a 5-iron lobotomy…

    • ForCry

      The tweeters hating on Kerry are truly ignorant about conducting foreign policy.

      • Jay Stevens

        Conducting foreign policy normally entails accomplishments. What has Kerry actually accomplished?

        • walterc

          The same thing Obama and Clinton have. . .show the world how weak we are.

          • voice_reason

            I vaguely remember how when Clinton sent troops into Bosnia, in an obvious sign of wekenss, the Republicans could not wait to castigate him. When Obama kept going after Bin Laden, after George Bush, said he was no longer improtant (but still kept us fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan) he showed obvious signs of weakness, especially like conitnuing to use drones to take out targets instead of wasting valuable lives of our soldiers. Grow up and get a life, unless of course you want to volunteer tfor the Ukranian army and go over and “kill some Rooskies”! I am sure that many in Ukraine would weldome you with open arms. Go ahead, make their day and prove what men you really are!

          • Yipicya

            Ummm, that isn’t what Bush said, but please continue your incoherent and obviously non-educated (*important, *for) ramblings, it’s always good to have a sycophantic court jester for the worst Administration ever around, just to remind us how much better things will be once the grown-ups are put back in charge to clean up your mess.

          • plutowars1

            usa came thru the jimmy carter years and I am sure USA will survive ODUMBO years

          • PersimmonKnob

            Hey !!! He got that right off of the Media Maters website.
            I used to enjoy lefty trolls but because they are so damned stupid it’s just no fun anymore

          • gregzimmerman007

            At least Russia is not a Muslim state or Obama would have apologized to Putin too. Putin was an atheist at one point. His father was an atheist, but his mother was an Orthodox Christian, had him baptized and took little boy Vlad to church with her. This while the USSR ridiculed Christians. At one difficult time in his life, Vlad’s mother gave him her chain with a cross which he put around his neck. He visited the promised land and now never takes the chain off.

    • coneil5150

      There is no way that huge empty head would fit in any locker I’ve ever seen!

  • DG


    • Kerry K

      yes, facepalm…I totally agree, but this is what you get when you marry into power and position rather than making it for yourself!!!! Kerry is almost as dumb as ol’ Ted Kennedy was….ok, I’m sorry, at least Teddy boy could blame his ignorance on alcohol [and a MURDER he got away with]…..Kerry just needs some good ol’ liberal retroactive birth-control so we can improve our gene pool!!!!!

      • Jay Stevens

        “Kerry just needs some good ol’ liberal retroactive birth-control so we can improve our gene pool!!!!!”

        Too late. He has already reproduced. But maybe his kids take after their mother. Oh, wait. Their mother also married money. Never mind.

  • rcfrt

    Well…obviously the solution then is to empower Putin. Send him some nuclear warheads or something. . Once he feels strong enough, I’m sure he’ll pull back and say, “Now that I’m strong, I don’t need to invade countries anymore. Thanks John Kerry for showing me the way.”

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      We should probably apologize at the UN too. Maybe Obama can have NASA divert a few of their funding dollars from teaching self-esteem to Muslims, to teaching it to Russians.

    • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

      Or, we could decrease funding for the military . . . oh, wait . . .

      • voice_reason

        if that’s the case, maybe republicans can find some cash to get 900,000 military families and veterans back onto the food stamp program?

        • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

          They could take it from the funding of Obamacare, if the democrats weren’t so recalcitrant.

          • voice_reason

            Actually, I was thinking from EPA Southern States funding. Clearly they don’t need any regulations down South, so what if a little of their drinking water gets polluted. And you’ve got an awfully short attention span if you think it’s only Democrats that are recalcitrant

          • Stephen L. Hall #NonquamTrump

            Okay, I’d be happy with the defunding of the EPA.

    • Jay Stevens

      After all, that worked so well when Chamberlain tried that with Hitler.

      • voice_reason

        so you are ready to enlist yourself? or your son or grandchildren to go fight the good fight and Free The Ukraine!

  • Danny Wheeler

    Methinks the s**t just got real!

    • Dave

      It’s been real all along…. It’s the clowns in this administration who are unreal….

  • The Jackal

    Liveshot Kerry at it again!

  • Jens Johnson

    Hey John Kerry; just a thought…
    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

    — Abraham Lincoln

    • ImTheNana

      Proverbs 17:28

  • deimos19

    Kerry used to sleep in his Lebaron before he married into his second wife’s first husband’s trust fund. That’s weapons grade stupid.

    • supplyguy

      I wouldn’t call that weapons grade stupid. If women can gold dig why can’t men?

      • DixieAngel_76

        Maybe he meant the ‘sleeping in his LeBaron’ part. Sounds like a real loser to me.

        • supplyguy

          I agree w/ weapon’s grade loser, just not stupid.

    • Jay Stevens

      Well, his first wife was worth only $300 million, so Teresa Heinz was a substantial upgrade.

  • Steve__Jacobson

    That’s interesting since everything Kerry’s done since his time in the Navy and after has been geared to strengthening the USSR then Russia and weakening the USA.

  • Perry

    A gay President and Lurch as Secretary of State. Throw in Crazy Joe Biden as VP. Yeah, this’ll work out well.

    • msubobcatpatriot

      Thanks for the bit of confidence Perry. I will surely sleep better now…..But I will bet chuck hagel makes them whimper…..

      • lraivala

        Putin: Chuck who?

    • DixieAngel_76

      Wonder if the idiots who voted him in for a second run will figure it out.

      • PersimmonKnob

        Not so long as that free Obamaphone is still woking

    • fred

      If Biden had a little more hair he could be “Thing” And Hillary as Morticia.
      Lets see, Chris Christie will be Pugsly and and for Wednesday lets have
      Victoria Nuland. That does leave Fester ? got it, John (Bomb bomb Iran) McCain.. What could possibly go wrong here?

    • $94624096

      Come on I saw the three stooge fight Hitler once on TV, that was almost as funny as this is.

    • voice_reason

      so when are you going to volunteer for the “Ukranian Freedom Brigade”?

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Dude, you DIDN’T put the words “freezing” and “face” in the same sentence when talking about our SOS, did you?
    CrimsonTider @CrimsonTider74
    I’m sure Putin is freezing in fear from seeing that buffoon Kerry on face the nation
    7:41 AM – 2 Mar 2014

  • http://nailsonblackboards.blogspot.com/ Bernie Candide Gilbert

    People asking if this is the stupidest thing Kerry’s ever said should be reminded that the day isn’t over yet. Just sayin’…

    • liberalssuck

      +1000 dude I just spit water all over my keyboard, Hey can I get some obozo bucks to pay for a new rig, oh wait I work for a living, lmao..

    • grais

      But he’s right. Putin is acting out of Obama’s weakness.

      • voice_reason

        so where should we be landing our expeditionary forces? and when are you going to enlist to help fight this war fro freedom?

        • grais

          Palin was correct; Romney was correct; Obama dismissed their superior knowledge and then announced Happy Hour.
          Looks as if you’ve been so thoroughly hosed that you imagine I said things I never said, even remotely.
          Bless your heart.

  • gold7406

    “acting out of weakness?”
    you mean like showing strength by “leading from behind.” this sounds more like open mic night at the improv.

    • Billie Slash

      Isn’t the term “leading from behind” synonymous with “flying by the seat of his pants”?? (Or his mom jeans, in this case)

      • gold7406

        “leading from behind” is a fictitious term. created by the media to describe “mbwa” management by wandering around. just like all the weird kids are now called “special or unique.”

        • Billie Slash

          LOL! “mbwa”–priceless.

      • alnga

        many great pilots flew by the seat of their pants before avionics were available to assist them. John Kerry would do poorly flying with or without the assist.

        • yourpaled

          And yet he would make sure he had a chest full of medals.

      • Jimbo

        Excuse me, but at the risk of being pedantic, “Pimpin John” is a back bay boy who doesn’t wear pants. Those are trousers, except on casual Friday when he wears slacks to match his jaw.

  • CableNewsGuy

    Move over Hillary, Kerry is the newest bestest S.O.S.

    • Billie Slash

      “I will not be bested!!”, shrieked the Wicked Witch of Wellesley

  • brock2118

    I guess they are on the other hand strong enough to invade.

  • tankdemon

    Kerry is sitting in as moderator while Putin is taking his Global Test.

  • TJ

    1939: The invasion of Poland by the Nazis is a sign of weakness by Hitler.
    1941: The attack at pearl harbor is a sign of weakness by the emperor of Japan.
    1990: The invasion of Kuwait is a sign of weakness from Saddam Hussein.
    2014: The invasion of Ukraine is a sign of weakness from Vladimir Putin.

    • Phantom

      2001 and 2003: The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq are a sign of weakness by Bush.

      • TJ

        In the Ukraine invasion there are no other counties that are helping Putin. Thus Iraq and Afghanistan analogy does not work like the others. NATO countries lead in Afghanistan not Bush alone. There was the coalition of the willing in Iraq. United Kingdom was beside the US helps in the Invasion and it was not Bush alone no matter what the media says.

    • voice_reason

      so enlist already and show us what it means to be a man; or better yet, volunteer for the Ukranian army or their soon to be formed underground resistance!

  • disappearing moderate

    Ugh. Doubleplus ungood, Lurch.

  • JeffWRidge

    That’s the touchy-feely foreign policy that the deluded left advocates.

  • James Perley

    Kerry’s comment makes sense in the context of “1984.” I hope the people who voted for him and our other clowns feel silly now. its a pretty faint hope.

  • HARP2

    I guess Putin isn’t buying anymore SHAM-WOW from Barry.

  • HARP2

    It looks like Putin is the one…. FIRED UP…READY TO GO.

  • HARP2

    PUTIN……I have invaded 57 states with one more to go.

  • ReubenHood

    I think what John meant to say is that this is all a delayed reaction to the Harry Potter video.


    • History1979

      Doby does look like Putin though. lol

  • HARP2

    Obama….can we look any more pathetic ?

    LIBERALS…….Yes We Can

  • zj sky

    There is weakness afoot – just not on the side of Putin! Kerry and Obama know as much about the ways of the world as my dog knows about quantum physics

    • DeborahPE

      Please don’t insult your dog. Just because he can’t speak English doesn’t mean he isn’t smarter than the empty suit or the Addam’s Family wannabe.

  • http://www.GONINERS.com/ Kristine ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Sounds like he’s talking about Obama, not Putin.

  • CBDenver

    Good grief. This sounds like some well-meaning but naive school psychologist trying to explain school bullying. “Bullys just have low self esteem”. “They feel weak so they bully in order to feel better about themselves.” “If we just reassure them, they will see the error of their ways and stop”.

    • SineWaveII

      That makes sense because that’s pretty much what we have, a school psychologist administration.

      • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

        Additions are:…Commun-ity, agitating, liberation of a multitude of theologies, of race, blacks, have vs have nots, class this vs class that, etc…etc….

    • WisconsinPatriot

      I just couldn’t help myself….


  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    All right, Gigolo Johnny, you opened up this can– tell us how he’s SO weak, he has to try to catch everyone off guard by pulling off a display of strength.

    That makes almost as much sense as saying a man who had only one round in the chamber just fired off a warning shot, and that’s all he had, so we shouldn’t be afraid. But in all this confusion, you’ve got to ask yourself– do you KNOW he only had one, or maybe he has more? Are you feelin’ lucky, punk? Go ahead, make his day…

    • SineWaveII

      “I gots to know”

  • LegalizeShemp

    His wife Teresa said he has a “can-do face”, I think she was on Ambien and meant he had a “candle-face”, such as those seen in the Museum of Wax.

    • Billie Slash

      By “can”-do, she actually meant his face was re-cycled.

  • Steven Sweeney

    Things could be worse..what if Iran unleashes global warming?

  • Angie

    Typical lib “only hurting people hurt” psycho-babble.

  • PatriotRG

    sounds like more hot air from Kerry – pun or putin intended

  • Zefal

    How many Purple Hearts will kerry try wrangle out of this is the only question.

  • Cliff Williams

    Was Putin’s reply, “Mr. Secretary, why the long face?”

    • Deborah Hallsted


  • Comrade Hadenov

    Doesn’t the psychological profession call this projection? I could have sworn he was talking about comrade obama. Had to scroll down a long ways to find out he wasn’t. Go swill some more ketchup, you worthless gigolo.

  • cvr527

    As bad as Hillary was, Kerry is rapidly becoming the most incompetent person to ever hold the position of Secretary Of State

    • WisconsinPatriot

      Warren Christopher…..he has to be up there too.

      • Jay Stevens

        And what did all three have in common?

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Smart power! 😐

  • Rob Walleston

    Better than acting out of “Stupid” like Obama.

  • Richard Nightwood

    Leaning Forward so hard that his forehead smashed on the floor.

  • thedumbblonde

    *clenches jaw*…”Shades of Ghengis Khan”.

    • Ken Alan Draper

      You mean “jeenjhizz khan”? The Mongol warlord Kerry likes to talk about when he isn’t going on about “chazz-Zims”

  • Maryland_Malcontent

    As I hear it, Vietnam is our ally today. If they were really our ally they, and I hate to say this, would have saved us from Kerry decades ago. Instead, they let this imbecile go on to thrive as a Fifth Column in the USA.

    What happened to the Swift Boaters? That every time Kerry opens his mouth he isn’t immediately shouted down by them or their material concerns me that Hillary won’t be beaten down by Benghazi every time she opens her mouth in 2016. :(

    • Ken Alan Draper

      The Vietnamese never had a chance at Kerry, he always led from the rear. His purple heart was for “shrapnel burns” which are easily obtained by applying a lit cigarette to bare skin.

      • Maryland_Malcontent


      • Deborah Hallsted

        And now he’s led by a horses rear.

  • RickH

    Good news. The spirit of Dr. Joyce Brothers lives. Bad news. It’s making foreign policy.

  • Saito Sama

    Ok now he’s really mad. Putin just got a double time out and now we’re not going to your place in the summer so there how does that feel? We really mean it and don’t make him recommend the red line thingy to the Great and Terrible Barack the Bama. And now the world trembles as O’Biden suggests the athletes should return the 10k electro plated Olympic gold medals or just impose a tax on them first.
    That should make the Russians tremble in horror

  • gracepmc

    Says the brave man who went on every Sunday talk show except Fox.

  • Hey, That’s Pretty Good

    Actually, Putin is doing this because he knows the President of the United States is a weak coward whose only real reaction to his invasion of Ukraine is to put his hands on his hips and aggressively frown upon his actions.

    • Spiny Norman

      He won’t even do that. He’ll just “pivot” to some other non-existent domestic crisis.

  • http://www.black-and-right.com/ Ice Cold Troll

    Oh dearest God, isn’t Amateur Hour done YET?!?

    • Spiny Norman

      No, not until January, 2017 – if we’re lucky.

      • Indynana

        Voter I.D!

    • Billie Slash

      Happy Hour begat Amateur Hour.

  • Cabover_Country

    Ol Mashed Potatoes Face just wanted to scribble some red lines too

    • Billie Slash

      He used a ‘Marx-A-Lot’, no doubt.

  • FramersForCruz

    The Coward & Pivot strategy rears its head again.

    • FirstBoot

      Love this!

      • FramersForCruz


  • Billie Slash

    A horse sat down at a bar. The bartender said…………

  • FramersForCruz

    Apparently “Invasion Free Zone” signs don’t work any better

  • Maryland_Malcontent

    Excluding Russia and the effete USA there are ~202 countries in the world. Surely _one of them_ scares Putin?

    • Jay Stevens

      Maybe China.

      • Maryland_Malcontent

        But now China and Russia have come to terms…

  • capisce

    Right out of the liberal playbook: always accuse the opposition of what you, yourself are guilty of.

  • FramersForCruz

    Ukraine look on the bright side, it could be the dreaded WMD “climate change” instead.

  • pdigaudio

    John Kerry couldn’t look any more ridiculous, right?

    • Spiny Norman

      Well, yeah, there was THAT.

      • Lou Bator

        Sure, put a tank commanders helmet on him!

    • Jay Stevens

      He needs bunny ears to complete the look.

  • Timmmmm

    I’m so used to Kerry saying stupid things this has no shock value. It is kind of scary that this clown is Secretary of State under any circumstances.

  • BossBass7o7 .

    Kerry must have been talking about 0bama.

  • copperhead 1930Richard Steffen

    copperhead1930 Richard Steffen

  • liberalssuck

    Thank the liberals for what we have in office now. This is what happens when you let moochers out vote producers.

  • msubobcatpatriot

    I just looked up the word Buffoon in the dictionary…..

    n. noun

    A clown; a jester.

    a court buffoon.

    A person given to clowning and joking.

    A ludicrous or bumbling person; a fool.

    A good match in my opinion…..

    • Jay Stevens

      “I just looked up the word Buffoon in the dictionary…..
      n. noun
      1. A clown; a jester.
      2. a court buffoon.
      3. A person given to clowning and joking.
      4.A ludicrous or bumbling person; a fool.
      5. John Kerry”

      Now, the definition is complete.

  • usaok59

    With leaders like that who needs enemies? Kerry is going to get us all killed!!!!

  • mattigr

    Putin better be careful or Kerry will throw his medals at him!

  • mrspinky85

    And he wonders why he lost to George W.

  • Dave

    Perhaps Kerry should talk to the Germans about how weak the Russians are…… Putin is not going to give up his Black Sea naval base. If these clowns think he is going to fold his tent because we threaten to boycott the G8 planning meeting,…… Well they make Sara Palin seem like a genius.

  • CAPollyAnna

    The choice picks of the Obama administration, and indeed, Obama himself, ensure they just keep stepping in their own MESS; and, making America look like fools. No wonder D’Souza’s on his list – he nailed it.

  • KazualKaz

    Lets see the “Community Organizer” skips a National Security meeting and is updated by Rice. I wonder who provided her with the “talking points”. Then Kerry insinuates Russia is weak. No wonder Hagle is cutting the military budget. It will be interesting to hear Carney’s spin on this.

    I truly believe in another life all these people were comedy writers!!!

  • Edward Lozano

    Dear Mr. Ketchup: Use the millions that your wife made (or inherited, whichever it is) and buy yourself a clue!

    • Jay Stevens

      Inherited from the original Mr. Ketchup

    • $26572429

      She got it the old fashioned way, she married it. John Heinz.

  • uheard

    That’s what the kid said on the playground right before he gets his butt kicked.

  • Nunaya Dambizness

    Hmmm, I could’ve sworn the act of someone acting out of weakness was giving oneself a self-inflicted wound in order to get a Purple Heart and get out of Vietnam service quicker. That, and cowardly throwing your medals (which were so well “earned”) over the White House fence…

    • ldenton

      Actually, I think he threw someone else’s medals, didn’t he?

      • Jay Stevens

        Yes, he did.

        It didn’t matter anyway. You can always buy replacement medals.

  • bdjunker

    Don’t get me wrong, I want no war with Russia. But are Kerry’s words meant to be a challenge to Putin? My impression of Putin is that he is not weak in any way, shape or form. I believe Kerry’s words will just make Putin see “RED”. Pun intended.

  • History1979

    Liberal psychology would be funny if it were not so scary. No one is buying that Kerry. Please stop with middle school reverse psychology on evil dictators. Putin does what he does because he doesn’t think anyone will stand up to him. Hitler was the same and he was right.

    • E Quilibrate

      0’s philosophy as well. No one has yet stood up to him and his outrageous

  • Bern7777777

    How to disarm an adversary; incapacitate him on the ground with laughter.

  • Nunaya Dambizness

    So, how long until Lurch Kerry accuses Putin of acting “in a manner reminiscent of Jen-Jis Khan”?

  • GlarryB

    So what’s Kerry going to do, go over there and bore Putin to death?

  • Lori Blaney

    Husband put Kerry on this am so he could torture me. He thought it was a riot!

  • RJ

    Now leave or I will be forced to taunt you another time

  • sflcat

    Oooooooo … BHO is going to boycott the G8. Putie is shaking in his boots.

  • fuobl

    People of New England please stop breeding with your siblings.

  • ernie76

    How close was this guy to being president again? Frightening then, and now the entire current administration offers the same level of (in)competence.

  • lraivala

    Russia and the rest of the world may love us now more than anytime in our histroy, But Russia seems to love the Ukraine a little bit more and is taking it under there wing. LMFAO.
    I swear being incompetent and ignorant must be a requirement to be appointed to a post in this administration.

  • NC1861

    When he gets over there and actually meets the Russians, will he say “I was for the invasion before I was against it”?

  • stan25

    The farce is strong with this guy.

  • Jim Bailey

    Now he is sounding as delusional as Nancy Pelosi. I guess it’s true. Democrates that flock together, become stupid together.

  • Conchytonker

    Someone has to put a muzzle on the empty suit pretending to be a Sec of State….

  • Serrecko

    If John F. Kerry goes to Kiev, and cuts his face shaving, does he get another Purple Heart?

    • Lou Bator

      Next question: Would he toss it over the White House fence after he got it?

      • Serrecko

        He would probably hire an illegal alien to do it for him. Then talk about how we need immigration reform.

  • http://commentspammersmustdie.blogspot.com/ Kakarot

    At least this time they aren’t blaming the problems on a uToob video no one’s seen.


    • Lou Bator

      Could still happen. Has anyone else noticed the near media blackout of the murder of 33 people at a train station in China by moslem terrorists? Many “news outlets” don’t have it anywhere, re: yabboo news.

    • Jens Johnson

      Why not, they have already tied Pres. Bush into this. A childish petty shot, by a group that said they were going to re-set foreign policy.

  • studio_walters

    Why should we get involved? Does Russia pose any direct threat to us with their past and possible future actions? And no, I’m not a liberal. I’d like to know what the reasoning is here.

  • Jim Ingram

    kerry is even stupider than hagel, hilary, polopsi, reid and oblamer

  • topperj

    Kerry was approved for this job unanimously by his BFFs in the Senate. I don’t want to hear any of the Republicans complaining about his performance. Asshol*s!!

  • notenoughtime

    Just when you think it cannot get any worse or there cannot possibly be another O administration official who will make an idiotic statement, it happens!

  • LegalizeShemp

    Yes, “strong” people cave in to the lastest fads and ideas of progressives, while “weak” people invade and take over a country. Wonder what kind of mold spores are in this guy’s ketchup.

  • Jerry Barnes

    A sign of weakness? That is almost as dumb as saying that “Global Warming is the world’s largest weapon of mass destruction”. Lurch is a pompous assclown!!!

  • louisiana_mom

    The administration is panicking… the Race Card doesn’t work on Putin as well as it does the RINOs in Congress… now, they think if they call Putin “weak” Putin will back off…… while Putin is laughing at the stupidity that is leading America…

  • LegalizeShemp

    The twisted mind of the liberal defines a “strong person” as one who supports high taxes, big government and long soup lines. A “weak person” is one who doesn’t want to pay higher taxes to support lazy slugs. These people are warped, you just have to use logic to dissect them like the insects they are.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    Kerry was sure that Put in would give up as soon as the ketchup embargo was announced.

  • John Tublewicz

    kerrys remark is from weak idiot and not from a strong smart person

  • Michael Belba

    John needs to threaten them with his new WMD – global warming… that will fix them. He is an utter dimwit……it’s hard to say, but he is even worse than the hag that just left…

    • tedlv

      You insult true hags everywhere.

  • Mark_Melrose

    And it is America’s weakness that has peoples in the Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, the Baltics, Balkins a bit worried.

    • tedlv

      I guess their “worriement” (my own (sic)) doesn’t make any difference after all.

  • Indiana James

    and the dumb get dumber… doh

  • http://www.heritage.org OK-OK-OK

    This is our top diplomat.

    • Lindakl

      Scary huh?

      • tedlv

        Was Hillary “what difference does it make” Clinton less scary??

  • WAK Anamjem


    • tedlv

      I am very much anti-Kerry, but your post, WAK, is gibberish. Please learn English, lose the ALL CAPS stupidity, and try again.

  • Daddy-Government Knows Best

    This is coming from the new backwards Obama world where up is down, and down is up, and good is bad, and bad is good, and being in a job is bad, and being free from a job is good, and your good healthcare coverage is bad, and this new bad healthcare coverage is good, and Obama is looking strong, and Putin is looking weak… News flash! We can’t liberally interpret our way out of the reality that is.

    • Yeah Buddy

      But the talking points say…

    • tedlv

      Big Brother will help you, Daddy. He is waiting in the wings.

  • desselle0010

    No a real act of weakness is a soldier going in front of congress and lying about other soldiers raping and killing innocent people. Like this sorry P.O.S said about our troops in Vietnam.

  • NoMoreCRs

    Kerry needs to stop looking in the mirror. Or was it a TelUHprompter malfunction?
    Seriously, no mention of the Budapest Memorandum? Though the Senate never approved it, it’s non-binding on the USA despite President Clinton’s signature. Still, it would be nice for President Obama to demand a 1:1 session with President Putin and discuss honoring this treaty or else the USA may just consider other “treaties” with former USSR or Russia, null and void such as nuclear missiles. We just may convince neighboring countries to base some Anti-missile batteries… Then again, that’s too daXm much to expect from this Administration which is hell-bent on making America just as weak as the next nation. Remember, we are going to be a nation of equals amongst other nations per Obama.

    • tedlv

      Kerry does have a pretty nice head of hair, right? I can’t see any other qualification, but, observing from my point of view as a bald guy, that seems to be his only qualification for his position. There is nothing he has ever done or said that qualifies. Dang. I had to prove I was competent when I got hired.

  • desselle0010

    Obama and Kerry are America’s version of Chamberlain!

  • Ken Alan Draper

    A horse walks into a bar, the bartender says “your usual Mr. Secretary?”

    John Kerry walks into a bar, accuses the bar of being weak..

    John Kerry walks into a bar, as he cries in pain Vladimir Putin says “watchb out for that bar imbecile”.

    • tedlv

      A priest, a rabbi, and a preacher walk into a bar. The bartender says, “what, is this a joke”? *** Just trying to lighten things up a little…

  • alnga

    John Kerry had less than adequate IQ at Yale. He comes from an activist family but he inherited none of the brain power. he is just pathetic in his position, The effect is “Biden” like.

  • Folly67

    That’s it, Kerry. Poke the bear with the stick.

    • tedlv

      That idiot wouldn’t know a stick if someone hit him with one. Wow. The level of stupidity that is supposed to be the norm with Demhorroids is appalling.

  • Lindakl

    Crisis averted, Kerry on his way to Kiev…..we are screwed!

  • Tina Martin

    omg…is right. If I am correct I believe Kerry got out of the Military by shooting himself… Since it seems we cannot investigate.. prosecute…impeach any of these people for the crimes they have committed….we all Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, Independents will have to agree we will not agree 100% on everything but we all agree these Liberals/Communist need to go…we have to vote them out and get our Country back…..if it’s not too late.

  • viking628

    Obama and Kerry to use the ultimate threat next….Removal of Putin from White House Christmas Card List

    • tedlv

      OMG NO! You can’t be serious! Poopin would cry like a baby!

      • tedlv

        Did I spell that right?

  • PJ Eck

    I wish we had Cruz and mike lee in there.

    • kwren

      Sorry, but if obama is allowed to finish his tearm America will be destroyed beyond repair, if America even still exists at all…

      • tedlv

        I am not convinced that has not already happened, unfortunately. He kept one (and only one) promise, to “Fundamentally transform America”. He is the most successful president we have ever had, unfortunately.

  • EdinColorado

    Where did this guy get so smart..?? Must have been talking with Barry, The average I.Q. Drops by 42 points when Barry walks into a room….

    • tedlv

      When that room is mostly filled with MSM reporters, you are talking negative averages. Before Obama, I would have thought that to be impossible. I believe, EdinColorado, I believe.

  • Gstephens

    United States State Department official statement: “What difference at this time does it really make?”

  • jukin

    The sad but true fact that comes out of this is that the republicans are just terrible. Putin routinely gives Obama a crotch punch and Obama says “Thank you can I have another.”

    Republicans pee their pants when Obama bluffs. It is sad. I don’t know what side to be more upset with.

    • Yeah Buddy

      It would be nice if somebody could step up and be the grownup, huh?

  • icy69hot

    Kerry’s track record from Vietnam follows him into this new job for his Communist master Obama, acting the traitorous idiot once again.

    • tedlv

      [Section 3.] Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War
      against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.
      No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two
      Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

      The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no
      attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

  • Fhalkyn Phoenix

    Not sure what planet Kerry is on, but it’s certainly not this one.

  • tedlv

    The idiocracy is here and turning on the juice.

  • pGfwabf2013

    Putin: “Sticks and stones can’t hurt my bones, and words can’t either, especially Kerry’s and Obama’s”. People will die because of the incompetence of our Administration. Pure and simple. This is not going to end well.

  • kenneth Hadley

    Why all the concern, we have the whole joint covered with our strong missile system. Right? He did what! Why would our strong Congress allow that?

  • Yeah Buddy

    Sad fact: At least half of America will vote to elect another administration just like this one in 2016.

  • jag11

    The poser puts the douche in douchebag.

    • Arkuy The Great

      I was going to settle for just the “ouch”. Fits the situation a bit better, I think.

    • tedlv

      Dude, I like douchebags. They make the important things in life smell better.

  • jyearsley

    Kerry is a patrician putz with all of the credibility of Neville Chamberlain. On the other hand he is a good fit for the pajama boy, reset button, redline president he works for.

  • CoastalMaineBird

    You know what? I haven’t heard from Clueless Joe Biden on the Ukraine situation.
    We need to stand HIM up and aim him at Putin.
    That’ll get him!

  • Estella Bunny Howe

    Would it not be better if Kerry just shout his “saggy big chin yap” instead of opening it and proving what we all know———-that he is just as stupid and inept as his illustrious leader?? Wonder why we have problems? Wonder why respect for this Country has disappeared? Putin wouldn’t have pulled this crap with GW in office. Why? Because they both have respect, both are leaders and knew enough not to engage in this BS.

  • Burly Bergeron

    People seem to forget that Kerry and Putin were on the same side in Viet Nam

    • Deborah Hallsted

      And that the Communists built a statue to him, in Hanoi.

  • $3838536

    Ketchup Kerry will wear all his war medals when he visits Kiev…oh, wait; he threw them all away.

  • Sandee L.H.

    What a bafoon…

  • Lucian

    These Democrats are just completely laughable. Worthless. Useless. Inept. Buffoons. Lunatics. it is unreal. A person that votes for these people seriously needs a psychiatric evaluation.

  • descolada9

    Sadly, most Obama supporters do not see what the problem is.

  • Patriot

    Kerry is the Ignorant Coward. I am so embarrassed that loser represents this great country.

  • Driveby Quipper

    They are emboldened by all of the divisive, subversive, hateful insidious rhetoric that you spew out. They perceive the system as weak, not Obama.

  • http://www.rottenchestnuts.com cluebattingcage

    Deal is, they really believe that tripe.

  • trubolt

    “That is not the act of somebody who is strong. That is the act of somebody who is acting out of weakness.”

    these are the same people who say global warming causes polar vortex

  • akansan

    God help us all. This whole administration is inept. They need to ask for help but they won’t because they are way too arrogant. While Kerry is talking about sovereignty he might want to protect US citizens and our southern border.

  • Mike Gable

    If you like your Obamaspeak you can keep your Obamaspeak….is everyone in the WH totally insane?

    • Deborah Hallsted

      Yes. Criminally.

  • supplyguy

    So all of Mohamed Ali’s knockout fights really showed what a weakling he was. Who knew?

  • Kevin Martin

    In High School, Kerry was once beat up, had his girlfriend and wallet stolen…..and claimed it was done out of weakness!

    • Deborah Hallsted

      That’s what his mommy told him.

  • scott206

    Never does a single member of the “media” ever call these guys out. Are they just as dumb, or complicit?

    • Tom Winegar

      Thanks to FOX and internet they can’t hide anything they say so let them do it. Liberal’s are their own worst enemy and finally Democrats are beginning to worry their own indoctrinated masses.

  • turnoutjim

    How much longer do we have to put up with these blithering dolts?????

  • SYG

    The DEMOCRATIC BAFOON LIST grows, and grows, and grows. So B Obama, E Holder, H Clinton, J Biden, and now we can add J Kerry. Is stupidity contagious through close proximity, or do they actually have to swap spit.

  • bitter49er

    I am still thinking that Kerry winning the 2004 nomination to run against a weak incumbent GW Bush was one of the best GOP dirty tricks ever.

  • GiveTheWookieACookie

    I remember when Kerry was such a good actor. Those days on The Addam’s Family as Lurch was his golden years. Now, he’s been reduced to a saggy tit.

  • GitOffMahLawn

    Believe it’s time we swap out our Secretary of State, get someone more effective in place- someone like, say, Cousin Itt.

    • http://commentspammersmustdie.blogspot.com/ Kakarot

      Jethro, from the old Beverly Hillbillies might be a good choice, as well.

  • Greg Jadwin

    Oh. My. God!

  • Steven

    I’d hate to see what Kerry would say if Putin was acting out of a position of strength…

  • Richard Magnuson

    This guy is dumber than a box of rocks.

  • Jimwolf

    This entire administration is the worlds biggest F N joke.. A Chicago street hustler against real men.. No match here.. America can only go downhill from here..

  • Jer

    Um, Hil, where did you put that reset button?

  • Hype


    The cold war is about to get hot….

  • https://sites.google.com/site/serenitysolarcanoe/ [email protected]

    When Obama decide to surround himself with self made idiots Kerry definitely mad Obama’s short list.

  • soontoleave

    Putin isn’t the only one laughing at the helplessness of the Obama Administration. The entire world is. Except of course the countries that are dumb enough to believe our security promises to them. Like Japan, Israel, S. Korea. They must be scared stiff from wondering how on earth they came to believe the worthless promises of this administration.

  • Guest

    For sale, never used….needs some adjustment

  • Tom Winegar

    Just one more thing to add to Obama and his fellow Liberals long list of failures, Ukrainian’s
    can blame him for not leading and I wonder how the rest of Eastern
    Europe is seeing this. The day after 9/11 I was making my rounds at the
    Post Office and elsewhere and the sense of disaster in the air was
    palpable but does anyone realize how dangerous things are getting now.
    Do people realize how Eastern Europe could erupt with NATO on one side
    and Russia on the other. Weakening our military presence in Iraq and
    Afghanistan and allowing Iran to get away with having nukes even after
    threatening to launch on Israel just encourages a rogue state like that
    to do something stupid. With treaties and alliances being what they are
    one launch by Iran could drag the entire world into a very dangerous
    situation and all it would take is a single mistake. The world got lucky
    with the Cuban Missile Crisis and I doubt we will be that lucky next time. Again do the average people on the street see the potential for a holocaust?

  • Karl Hand

    Remember when Hillary threatened Putin with the possibility of Putin facing the same demise as Libya’s Ghadaffi ?

  • http://www.abicana.com/shop2.htm Knut Holt

    Obama is dressing and behaving to look cool and thus he hides his real personality, while Putin braggs about his personality.

  • Mike Warner

    Krazy Kerry is way too old..his “oldtimers has kicked in and he thinks this is the 60s again.

  • $94624096

    Lurch is using a little reverse psychology on old Putin. Watch for it, by Mid afternoon on Sunday Lurch should have heard from Putin.
    Oh wait! Lurch is still waiting, never mind.

  • dilligaf421

    just another sign of the lack of ANY real leadership in this country now that the liberal idiots have put “spanky and the gang” in office. Time for a real revolution…I’d love to watch these morons swinging from the nearest streetlamps.

    • John

      Leadership like Nixon? Bush? Failed war in Vietnam, Iraq, Afganistan, but at least we won the war with Granada. Yeah Reagan!! You’re the one who sounds moronic. The Russians have real nuclear weapons not the pop guns the Iranians want to build. Wait to sober up before you post.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    Well why anyone would listen to John Kerry is beyond my understanding. Him and Obama is the reason why we are in this mess to begin with.

  • Michael Anderson (WB)

    Well he’s technically correct: invading Russia is not demonstrating strength here. This is how a school yard bully acts. But Bush at his worst could not have stated it as awkwardly as Kerry did here.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    I still say he looks like one of the Rolling Stones,,,and has as many Gray matter cells left too.

  • John

    Failed war in Afganistan, failed war in Iraq, failed war in Viet Nam, failed war on drugs, please don’t tell me we need to go to war with the Russians over Crimea. You all just sound silly. You’re all probably gun shop owners or stock holders in military supply and weapons companies trying to whip up the stupid to push for a war with Russia. You obviously know nothing of what you’re suggesting.

  • fed-up

    This is the same mentality they use on bullies. Bullies aren’t strong they’re weak and act out on that weakness to feel superior. What a vessel of excrement.

  • Tim Davis

    We should fight fire with fire. Tell Russia that if they do not retreat from the Ukraine, we will send over our top economic advisers and cripple their country!

  • Roto ✓Intentionally Left Blank

    Jon Carrie, drawing on his vast military experience from fighting all those great naval battles with the north vietnamese navy….

  • Hokey Sloan

    John Kerry must have been referring to Obama’s actions.

  • Guest

    Putin’s plan has been obvious for quite some time. If he had leadership in the USA it would have been stopped. Why do you think he had the games in Sochi, why do you think he had that many troops in Sochi…DOH DOH DOH

  • Hokey Sloan

    “This comment is awaiting moderation?” What ever happened to free speech?

  • Don Turco

    Putin’s plan has been obvious for quite some time. If we had leadership in the USA it would have been stopped. Why do you think he had the games in Sochi, why do you think he had that many troops in Sochi…DOH DOH DOH

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Same old Traitor John, same old BS.

  • Jay Stevens

    Well, Kerry would know. He was just having a Viet Nam flashback from when his excursion to Cambodia was seared, seared into his memory.

  • j p✓ʳᵉᶠʳᶦᵉᵈ

    What’s next? “Sticks and stones…..”?

  • Gordon Lincoln

    If think Kerry sounded stupid there, you should have heard him back circa 1970 or so, when he was a former soldier protesting the war in Vietnam, standing along side Jane Fonda.

  • voice_reason

    So according to this board, kerry should have said somethign like “hot damn, another wasr to fight, and an opporuntity to spends trillions of dollars and kill of another 7-10,000 US soldiers!” Maybe we shoud listen to our esteemed Republcann Senate blowhards about another land war, this time in Europe. They can’t find enough money to provide foodstamps for 900,000 military families and veterans, but they sure can fund a war!

  • Adam Cooper

    Is he sure Russia isn’t doing this because of global warming? I heard that’s the most terrible wmd.

  • modesto

    Interesting, Republicans are on the side of Putin. I wish they’d get off his nuts.

  • Rik Isaac

    Felt a bit of inspiration today. For you younger folks, See Youtube,


    ENJOY !!

    ‘MR. PUTIN’

    AND HERE’S TO YOU, Mr. Putin,

    JESUS LOVES you more than you will know.


    GOD bless you, please Mr. Putin,

    HEAVEN holds a place for those who PRAY,


    WE’D like to know a little bit about your for our files

    We’d like to help you learn to help yourself.

    Look around you all you see are UNsympathetic eyes,

    Stroll around The UKRAINE ,until you feel at home.

    AND here’s to you, Mr. Putin,

    JESUS LOVES you more than you will know.


    GOD bless you, please, Mr. Putin,

    HEAVEN holds a place for those who pray,


    HIDE in the CRIMEA PENINSULA where no one ever goes.

    Put it in your MILITARY with your WARHEADS.

    It’s a little secret just the RUSSIAN’S AFFAIR.

    Most of all you’ve got to hide it from THE USA.

    COO-COO-CA-CHOO, Mr. Putin,

    JESUS LOVES you more than you will know.


    GOD bless you, please, Mr. Putin,

    HEAVEN holds a place for those who pray,


    SITTING in the WHITE HOUSE on a Sunday afternoon.


    Laugh about it, shout about it

    When OBAMA’S got to choose

    Ev’ry way you lQQk at this, WE LOSE.

    WHERE have you gone, JOHN F. KENNEDY,

    Our nation turns it’s lonely eyes to YOU.

    What’s that you say, MR. PUTIN

    ‘JFK’ has left and gone away,


  • Ironside

    At least he didn’t threaten to draw a red line if Putin unleashed climate change as a weapon of mass destruction.

  • AFL1962

    That’s what Kerrys job is, saying stupid things. Approved by Crazy Joe Biden. Put in your heads by executive power signed by Obummer.

  • BeauDCrab

    Weakness is strength, ignorance is knowledge, wealth is poverty …

  • observing57

    Absolute administration Smag! Same children, same story. Will they ever talk about, and show action, on a positive building scheme of anything. Tired of just seeing the lying faces always spewing negativity, no common sense and making old issues worse than they are to look busy. Take their crayons away! Not creative people.

  • Elle’s Island

    Selecting one’s government, through democratic processes or otherwise, is by no means a guarantee of liberty.

  • porgiefirefighter

    Thank God that guy who just beat the crap out me was acting out of weakness.

  • porgiefirefighter

    Kerry says: “That is not the act of somebody who is strong. That is the act of somebody who is acting out of weakness.”

    Putin smiles, sighs, and clutches his chest as tears well up: “At long last, someone who understands me.”

  • jimsl

    He said that in French! Then through away his medals.

  • plutowars1

    USA sending a billion to the ukraine – DUMB-ASSES -our tax money will not solve the worlds problems —

  • Nannette McGowan

    John Kerry is like Peter Sellers character in the movie “Being There”. Chauncey Gardners is a simpleton but the elite read between the lines of everything he says and mistakenly think he’s a profound genius.

    John Kerry rambles off a whole bunch of meaningless phrases and hope something sticks and can be deemed profound. He’s a moron. At a time when Africa and the Middle East are in chaos, Romney’s predictions of Russia as our most dangerous geopolitical foe are coming true, we have simpleton John Kerry and inexperienced Obama in charge. What are these guys going to do? Save the world with empty rhetoric?

    Maybe it is a time when it would be the best thing for the U.S. become isolationist until we replace these bufoons with some real leaders.

  • Norman Douglas

    is this supposed to be journalism?

  • Conservative Pitbull

    Hand picked by Obama. nuff said.