Oh yes. That happened. You see, Marc Lamont Hill trotted out a defense for MSNBC’s despicable mockery of the Romneys’ adopted grandson. Racism is sidesplitting! And totally cool because, “hauling out a black person” or something.

The always awesome Katie Pavlich took him to task.

Bingo. And that’s the difference right there. You know what actually is racist? Only seeing the color of one’s skin.

But, hey, Melissa Harris-Perry totally “apologized.” With self-serving hashtag and everything!

Seriously, dude? Come on.

Precisely. The BS is strong with this one.

Pavlich then puts it all in devastating perspective:

Margaret Sanger smiles.


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  • Joshua Embrey

    Parents, you’re paying an exorbitant amount of money so your kids can be indoctrinated, uh, I mean, taught by this ignorant racist.

    • MKFenris

      But then again he teaches hatred of the white devil…er I mean African American Studies.

      • alnga

        one really needs to know where he gained his personal experience with Americans that happened to be black? Has he ever been victimized for being black, or did he ever live in a hood like South Chicago?

        • Lawman561

          Actually, we don’t. MLH is an alleged educator. He can use his experiences, or lack thereof to draw on for lessons learned and as examples, but an educator at their core level is supposed to teach our children to question, and to think independently. To problem solve, not what our system has become which is to force feed children information and then have them unquestioningly recite it verbatim. That doesn’t make a smarter population and create citizens, it creates good government supporting drones. I’m not hammering you btw but Hill who vacillates back and forth on his answers, demonstrating where he is, not where came from.

        • Eddie frOly

          That has absolutely nothing to do with anything. Wow if this was the other way around like say Oprah or Obama adopting a white baby it’d be all about “look at that they are trying to show that the races aren’t that different after all”. This is such hypocritical bs.

          • Dorie N.

            There are fewer white babies being abandoned, as opposed to black babies being abandoned, and or murdered. The white liberals have done a grand job of destroying the black family, integrity and morals. Even those who try to live by their Christian beliefs are ridiculed by the left and treated like they were less. Only if they leach off the government do they get a pass. See Obama’s aunt for how low they go.

          • RudyRight

            Except neither Oprah nor Obama would ever adopt a white baby, because they hate white people.

      • pepjrp

        Yes, amazing that his hate-filled, anti-European-American rhetoric gives a possible future racist college credit?

      • Locutus O. Borg

        By that statement you have no clue about African American studies.

        • Iron Tub

          Neither do the teachers apparently

        • Jack Riley


          • Southern Xposure

            Beats me. What’s the opposite of a white American?

    • A. G. Gomez

      And it’s not just in the American African studies, in those universities either…

  • grais

    If they were making fun of the GOP, why did they use a picture with only 2 members of the GOP and a bunch of children?
    Hill is dumber than a bagga hammers.

    • A-Train

      hill is the type who’s so ‘intelligent’ that he doesn’t notice how his entire system of belief/arguments are always contradictory. he believes if he throws out a word (much like Maddow, Krugman, and others on the left) that’s not regularly used/known by the public, they’ll spend time looking it up, instead of listening to what they’re actually saying, causing the person who’s looking it up just to conclude ‘they’re smarter than I, so I must take what they say as truth’. Same with Rolling Stone articles.
      Throw around some words that are NEVER used, to confuse the reader enough (generally Low-info types, or the mindless leftist drones) to conclude: you must be right, since you are smarter than I…. when, in all reality, they probably just looked up: synonyms for *insert word here*, then throw it into the article.
      It’s how I alwas recieved good English and speech grades in college. I could always convince the majority of my leftist classes that my conservative/libertarian values were correct, without them ever knowing where I was coming from.
      Using there own arguments against them is another lovely approach. example: “Why is it FAIR to require two older gay men, who don’t want children, to cover a hetero couples child care costs?” directly assaults their phony ‘fairness’ mantra.

      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        Nicely played…

        Making them think about the contradictions is funny… you can almost hear the angst as they try and round off the square edges..

      • happyvoter1

        Why can Anjolie Jolie , Sandra Bullock and Madonna do the same thing and hailed for it and Mitt gets demonized. There is such a hypicritical double standard on the left. Is anyone going to point this out or do the people have to see it for themselves?

      • LanaC

        it’s received – i before e except after c

        • bigdaddy

          That’s mostly true but there are exceptions such as “weight”.

        • Andy Trimble

          It’s “It’s” not “it’s. The first letter in a sentence is always capitalized. And all sentences end in a period, exclamation point, or question mark.

          I love correcting spelling Nazis!

          Don’t you?

          • Ave Ashley Victoria E

            It’s what Liberal’s and Conservative’s both do to justify someone’s incompetence to perfectly spell grammatically accurate -24/7 …
            Like somehow being imperfect, makes your position’s or argument’s so much less worthy of being considered, believed or looked at ….

            In general it’s used mostly as a tool to avoid or beat around the bush.
            And it’s also used to create a person intentionally angry by repeating the errors someone make’s throughout the conversation, which turn’s into an argument because of the constant reminder and corrections (like they really help) being repetitiously noted in almost every reply …
            which turn’s into really mockery and annoyance.

            I’m quiet used to hearing that crap, not everyone is perfect with spelling and grammar, like me, it’s not very mature and attractive when people use it to justify the position’s of being superior in their “belief’s, view’s, fact’s etc.” …

            It’s mostly instigation and always “Satire” for the person making the corrections, I hate those that find it “amusing” to correct someone during a conversation with two or more people disagreeing on a legit political or social topic, those that like to include anything else but the man topic or point’s being made usually negate it by your method
            “Andy Trimble” ..

            Which recently from my experience, get’s people angry and doesn’t actually conclude an end, agreement, or answer to the conversation’s main vocal points.

            This is just my opinion based off of recent issues with conversation’s with other’s and opposing view’s of mine,
            I’m in no way intentionally trying to attack your correction’s towards – LanaC – for all I know you could be correcting her out of a “happy spirit” and just good at “English Grammar” .. (which I’m fine with completely), and sharing it with the rest of the world… :)


          • Andy Trimble

            No, I’m just giving out a dose of LanaC’s own medicine, to LanaC, of course.

            My wisenheimer is obviously lost on you.

          • Ave Ashley Victoria E

            You haven’t lost me, if you are not being mean spirited about correcting someone, I don’t care, I was just posting a statement of my views on it to your post …

            Also I have read through all the comments either, I only read the last three between you and LanaC …

          • Iron Tub

            Classic lol

        • Cynthia Rogers

          If you are going to be the grammar police, then you should have also pointed out the “there” used for possessive instead of “their”.

    • peter

      just a disgusting scum of humanity!

    • Susan Lyons

      Hey, even most hammers have a sharp end.

  • FreedomFighter

    Liberals are upset because Romney didnt use all his grandchildren to drive a political agenda.

  • 24fan

    this gal is a spitfire. Congrats

    • conservativechick

      She did a great job filling in for Hannity, too! GO Katie. We must continue to call them out.

      • A-Train

        I prefer Katie to the ‘regular The Five’ female hosts, other than Dana, as I consider both Katie and Dana to be relatively similar.
        Tantaros is good, but misses the big picture in many of her points, and just does well with talking points. Guilfoil (spelling I’m sure), does the same as Andrea, and is quite annoying at points, even when I agree with her.

        • Dorie N.

          I kinda agree. I think the women on the five tend to look at their discussions from a leftist view. They may claim to be conservative, but they sound like they are hanging off the cliff with Obama.

      • PatriotRG

        I watch Hannity because Michelle Malkin and Katie is on – and I watch O Reilly because Laura Ingram is on.

        • Locutus O. Borg

          My condolences.

          • PatriotRG

            The Borg – sort of describes the left to a T. Go f*king assimilate.

          • Josh

            Needs to go assimilate himself.

          • Iron Tub

            too late….. assimilation has already taken place

          • OKCPatriot

            Just who do you prefer, Fat Eddie Schultz?

    • Charie

      I used to love her when she was on pjtv.com

  • NRPax

    Marc, do you need me to rent a dozer to help you dig a deeper hole? My rates are pretty reasonable.

  • Perry

    The fact that he was pushed through school due to Affirmative Action is showing on Hill, has for a long time.

  • Guest

    . . . liberals ranting about using children as props -that’s rich . . .

    • A-Train

      the irony/oxmoronic nature of the past few months has been pure gold…
      Global warming/climate change research vessal researching thinning ice gets stuck in record thick ice, Mr. technology president can’t run a website, the ‘get people covered’ plan leads to more folks without coverage…
      the list goes on forever!

      • RVNMike

        This is what you get when you let emotions run the world. No need for facts. Just alcohol and a few slogans.

        • attm motob

          And pour lots of Kool-Aid for your Zombies (Bob Hope)

  • WhoDat

    The lack of self-awareness is striking.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    “Just because that panel took a picture of an otherwise-‘white’ family, and wanted to get a laugh because they see something that, to them, is incongruous, that’s got zip to do with the kid.”

    Which is the same reasoning as:

    “Just because I said you were a SOB, that doesn’t have anything to do with your mother.”

    • John Perry

      So pointing out a black child in the photo and saying caption please doesn’t involve the child?? Using the fact that the Romney’s are good honest Christians (And yes I think Mormons are Christians.) that love that child without conditions against them is not using the child to poke fun at them?? I have a lot more but I think you get the point.

    • Asillem4

      Only a b*st*rd (*=a) would say that! 😮

      • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


  • Gloves Donahue

    Lamont, you big dummy…

  • DorothyGrissom

    Hey, Marc Lamont Hill: Apparently, the Dunham family was “hauling out this black person” first.

    • $84598387

      The one abortion I could have been forced to accept.

    • Ruth

      Notice how Obama is sitting apart from them. The other three are very close together. He had problems even back then.

  • A-Train

    he’s such an apologist/r-word. he’s the typical ‘educated’ left-winger, who knows EXACTLY what he/they are doing, but will dismiss it afterwards as a ‘joke’ or with ‘no-ill-intent’, when what they were doing was exactly the opposite.
    if Fox or anyone of that matter says ‘debt=slavery’ it’s ‘an outrage’ and you can condone literally crapping in someone’s mouth, yet here, it’s all a misunderstanding… once again. fcking fake tool bag douches. all of them. bunch of yuppy hipster know-nothing entitled cry baby phonies.
    i was never ‘that guys a democrat so I don’t trust him’, until the last few years, especially after seeing how they’ll defend the exact same crap Bush did (when they’d protest in the streets), at a higher level of corruption and malice involved, merely because he’s ‘their guy’. some who see through, like Lemon, I can give the benefit of the doubt too, they’re more ‘inept’ or ‘uninformed’. Hill, and guys of his ilk, are the one’s who want nothing more than a civil war/prison camps for anyone who disagrees.
    Don’t believe it? just watch when they are caught red-handed lying/editing/mainpulating any news story, and how they’ll either A. apologize, B. say they didn’t mean it, or C both of the previous points at the same time. You shouldn’t need to apologize for something you didn’t truely mean, unless you are insincere or completely stupid. Kind of like Obama: he’s either incompetent or has ill-intent at this point. If you defend he and his ilk, you’re stupid or hate America. It’s pretty obvious at this point it’s one or the other… neither a ‘good thing’.

  • rambler

    Without affirmative action dear Marc would not be hauling out his mouth anywhere near a TV camera.

  • 2ifbyT

    Typical leftist BS. Make a comment that clearly means what you meant it to mean, and then when it blows up in your face, claim victimhood.

  • magi52

    Marc Lamont Hill is proof that our education system is failing. He is another one who is completely out of touch with America’s reality. Hill is right in there with the Master-Race-Baiters like Eric Holder, Jesse Jackson Sr., Al Sharpton et al.

  • $84598387

    Hill is teaching our kids!

    • grais

      He teaches my kid all about how Affirmative Action is ruining the potential of blacks.

  • $84598387

    Obama is one abortion I would have approved of!

    • Hot_wings

      We wouldn’t have to be “burdened” with the worst POtuS in history!

    • Dorie N.

      Sorry, I disagree. Abortion is murder, and it doesn’t matter who the person is, no one should be murdered like that. God has a purpose for each of us, even that dick president.

  • therantinggeek

    Ms Pavlich knocks it out of the park. Again. I’m putting her on my fantasy MLB team for next year.

  • Mari Alvarez

    That last tweet was a BOOM! heard ’round the twitter world!

  • Mango

    These people are the perfect reminder to the American public why no one should want to be on the extreme left…no one will take you seriously and you’ll spend the majority of your life defending and apologizing for the elitist hypocritical drivel that comes flowing out of their mouths.

  • AmericanMom

    So where’s her hateful attitude about Sandra Bullock or Angelina Jolie?

    • MeanGranny

      Or Madonna…

      • AmericanMom

        I forgot about Madonna. Yep – when it’s one of them doing it, it’s okay. The wrath of liberals is scorn upon anyone not like them.

  • Barry A. Brewer

    If you subtract the BS from MLH, he no longer exists. He is so far up Obamao’s posterior that he will shoot out Buttcrack’s mouth, were he to suddenly stop short.

    • right_on

      I am glad that he pointed out, what he termed, “black allegiance” when explaining the “black community” vote pattern.

  • right_on

    I wish the PTB at Fox would give either (or both) Katie Pavlich, or Dana Loesch a show of their own. They prove time and again that they can hold their own with the never ending stream of truth-challenged progressives that dominate the political news shows.

    • r_coplin2001

      I agree as they are much better then any of the ladies on either MSNBC or CNN and a lot better looking and far more intelligent

  • PeterP

    Pavlich is such a strong woman Republican men are too afraid to date her.

    • Will B Good
      • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

        I can see why liberal men dislike her so intensely…

    • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

      Really?….. I’m off the market since my wife came into my life.. but why be afraid?… I’d LOVE the intellectual back and forth in a conversation with her,.. one of the reasons I fell in love with my wife after the initial physical attraction, she always made me work to keep pace with her sharp mind..

      Who in God’s name wants a wife who isn’t their equal in most every intellectual way?

    • DanielSFL

      Only the limp-wristed types. If I wasn’t already married and knew she was single (I don’t know if she is), I’d be introducing myself to her. Smart and beautiful woman.

    • LegalizeShemp

      Fail. She’s everything we’ve always dreamed of.

  • William2010

    It has been several years ago when I realized that Mark Lamont Hill, with his PhD and his Professor title demonstrates that a Degree and a Title does not a smart person make.

    Is it not the same with Melissa Harris-Perry? Is she not titled “College Professor?” Does she not also possess a PhD?

    Mark Lamont Hill, Melissa Harris-Perry, and others repeatedly betray their maliciousness, lack of knowledge, ignorance, and over rated “Intelligence,” or low level thereof

    How doe people like Hill and Perry, and others, get jobs as television cable news network personalities? They are vapid, vile, vindictive, hate filled, crude, cruel, sadistic, insensitive, biased, prejudiced, bigoted, racist, misogynist thugs and haters.

    They do serve an appetite for vile pabulum which many crass people enjoy devouring, so, perhaps that is the answer to my question.

    • OpenTheDoor

      Hill and Perry are both educated well beyond their intelligence.

      • William2010


        Re: “Hill and Perry are both educated well beyond their intelligence.”

        Very clever.

        • OpenTheDoor

          Been using that for years. Afraid I don’t suffer educated ignorance well.
          You can steal it.

      • William2010


        The post I contributed earlier is not visible, therefore I will repeat it here …

        Re: “Hill and Perry are both educated well beyond their intelligence.”

        I find your comment quite clever.

  • WisconsinPatriot

    Whomever birthed this young woman has much to be proud of..

  • putthehammerdown

    This guy comes on anything, I change to to something more palatable, like for instance : OWN . At least they’re funny all the time…..
    Where does he get that tooth polish he uses ? They sure are shiny…………

  • Tam

    Go Katie…

  • Republicanvet

    Romney adopted baby=questionable because he’s public and the baby could be a political prop.

    Preezy Omugabe getting political prop dogs = racy, racist RACISM!!11!!!1!!

    • Bustin Cheeto’s Everywhere!

      You are so right….Obama doesn’t like dogs…it was all a prop for a show….

      • r_coplin2001

        That’s not correct as President Obama likes dogs for dinner when he was younger.

  • dev

    You go Katie.Yes, confront when necessary as it seems to be more and more the case with these people who say dumb things.

  • DanielSFL

    Katie needs her own show, pronto.

  • Bustin Cheeto’s Everywhere!

    Great job Katie! Good on you calling out the REAL racists!

  • Courtney Haynes

    “Please explain how making a child part of a loving family is ‘hauling out a black person’?

    This is what is classically defined as a “loaded question”. The question at play here is “IS this a loving family? Or are they using this child for public gain?”

    We really do not know the answer to either of these questions. It more so depends upon how you “feel” about Romney rather than any facts either side could raise.

    • seek456

      it’s not “loaded” except to a racist. Your response made my skin crawl. Hide the child – because, damn because why?

      • Courtney Haynes

        Questions are either loaded or they are not. It cannot be loaded to one person and not to another. It is a matter of mere logic. Furthermore, I routinely see people on here making disgusting assumptions about Obama. Why is it suddenly not OK to make disgusting assumptions about the Romney family’s motivations?

        Personally, I think to just suggest that he had a black grandchild for PR purposes is silly. But someone’s attitude being silly is no reason to suspend the rules of logic.

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      “It more so depends upon how you “feel” about Romney rather than any facts either side could raise.”

      Odd, ’cause it seems to be those who didn’t support Romney who keep bringing up “loaded” comments. That, of course, speaks volumes about them since Romney is the adoptive grandfather in this scenario.

  • $84598387

    Is it just me or is that picture of Ms Pavlich on the home page, magical or what?

  • LegalizeShemp

    Hill should know all about black tokenism since he’s a fine example of just that affirmative action mentality. With his intellect, he should be shining shoes at the airport.

  • Karin_A

    Marc Lamont Hill is as dumb as a bag of hammers. “Question him?” What question? Dumbass.

    • tm11999

      listen, to say marc lamont hill is as dumb as a bag of hammers, kinda allows for some semblence of order…you know…a bag, rather he’s as dumb as a pile of hammers, as are the rest of the progressive left.

  • UnhyphenatedAmericanVet

    funny how Marc can’t out talk and talk over folks on twitter… wrong media for him and his methods!!! LOL

  • cltcat

    The crazy part of the accusation is that it wasnt even Mitt who adopted the kid. He’s a grandchild, so obviously one of his sons adopted. How would that conversation go,” You know son, you should adopt a black kid to make me look good”. MSNBC is trying to challenge Comedy Central, albeit not well in their usual fashion.

    • Dorie N.

      Well, then, going by the left ideology, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are racists as well, who only pull out their black children for attention getting.

  • Dave Suchy

    Hill is an over-educated evil racist piece of shit…and that…is being nice.

  • Gregor Eisenstein

    I actually don’t blame Hill for not seeing the problem…who could see anything clearly with their eyes perpetually crossed?

  • John Ansell

    I have no idea why stations keep putting on Hill. His racism isn’t even hidden.

  • Ms Angel

    “@KatiePavlich I don’t think it is. I just said that I don’t doubt romney’s intentions. Still, ppl have a right to question him. He’s public.”

    So why isn’t 0bama being questioned?

    • David

      His questioning will begin when he meets St. Peter. His BS won’t work there.

  • ELC

    What a sick thing to say…but you have to know what polluted mouth it came out of and not be too surprised. I’m thankful that this cretin hasn’t been on too many Fox News shows anymore…this is what an imbecile looks like. What a sad excuse for a human being he is.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    It’s amazing how much the Left got worked up over one of Romney’s kids adopting a child. Makes you nostalgic for their whining about Phil Robertson, huh?

  • Donny Zunker

    Don’t mess with Katie… Well done… nailed him good… Happy New Year!

  • mountaindoc

    It would be refreshing if the educated left ( as represented by the esteemed Hill and company) would just take ownership of their words and intentions. I mean really, just say “we wanted to score political points at the expense of Romney and the black baby”. They have never had integrity or character so why pretend?

    • $56231069

      It would be refreshing but astonishing. If they could do that, they wouldn’t BE liberals, would they? You won’t find “be honest about your agenda” anywhere in the Rules for Radicals.

  • ashknothole

    Way to get on a roll, Pavlich!
    Feeble Hill got schooled.

  • azjazzlady

    One has to wonder what the MSNBC (Obama network) gang would have said if they were discussing a family photo of the entire Robinson clan. Willie (Phil’s son)and Cory Robinson adopted an infant who happens to be black and is now a teenager.. Yes, that racist, bigoted, Phil Robertson, actually has a black grandson!!!

  • Cherry Walker

    Soooo…RE: the pictures of Obama and his mom and grandparents…is he their “token”?

    • RanierWest


  • Moejoe

    BOOM! Nicely stated Katie Pavlich!

  • William2010

    How does Twitchy work? Where do our comment contributions go after we post them?

    I have posted at least a dozen in the past few days but they don’t appear to be visible, yet they weren’t containing foul language. I am certain they have violated no criteria or guidelines for Twitchy.

    Do our posts remain invisible to ourselves unless someone replies to them?

    • WilliamAmos

      Sometimes when we get a new person on the site it automatically puts their comments into moderation until a few have been approved. I think that is what is happening in your case.

      • William2010


        Thank you for for taking the time to reply to my question-comment.

        I remember your name on either HotAir dot com or Michelle Malkin dot com over the past few years. I joined HotAir around 2006, and Michelle Malkin before that.

        I have been registered on Twitchy for a few months, and I have posted over those months, so I really don’t understand what happened or happens to my posts. I have been posting.

        Nevertheless, I do enjoy reading many of the comments here.

        Happy New Year to you and your family and loved ones, and to all here at Twitchy.

        • WilliamAmos

          Thanks William. Yes I use to be on Hotair and Michelle’s site since 2005. Welcome to Twitchy !

  • RanierWest

    Marc made himself out to look like a weak little pajama boy… That’s what happens when he lies and he knows it… Deny it all he likes.

  • Hussein Hotdawg

    The Romneys adopted a child… but to racist left-wing terrorists, they adopted a BLACK child.

  • Dane Gunderson

    LibRules like @marclamonthill specialize in hauling out black babies in dumpsters

  • rusty50

    Not familiar with Ms Pavlich…. I like her!

    • UnstChem

      She’s a Townhall.com editor and started guest hosting The Five a few months ago.

      • rusty50

        I look forward to seeing and hearing more from her.

  • OpenTheDoor

    “Lamont, you dummy!”- Fred G.

  • Laurie McCabe, PhD

    Although thrilled I no longer have to watch Dr. Hill on O’Reilly; it remains a concern to hear him spewing his ridiculous opinionated unsupported statements that even he can’t support. He never sounds like anyone with a legitimate doctorate.

  • michael s

    Marc needs to stop being nice to this disgusting harpy. Ice T correctly put her in her place,Marc needs to do the same.Katie on the other hand has no problem fighting for a racist child rapist P Robertson.

    • mzk1_1

      What do you think about the Democratic party and MSNBC accepting a murderous racist anti-Semite named Al Sharpton? I think every Democratic politician should be required to explain to us why he is a member of a party that accepts killing Jews and Asians.

    • Mark_Trail

      Please explain the “place” in which Ice T put Katie Pavlich. Was it in the kitchen, making a sammich? Or perhaps “STFU, disgusting harpy.”

      Please explain why Phil Robertson is a racist and child rapist. His marriage to a 15 year old, perhaps? Whatever happened to “If it’s love, who are we to say it’s wrong?” Would he not be a racist if Miss Kay was black (like the Romney baby)? Please explain.

    • MLB

      Notice the growing number of down votes? That’s the sight of a liberal dying.

    • rickg62

      Oh look the idiot’s back.

  • mzk1_1

    I have to give Marc some credit for answering all of the tweets.

  • Its_My_Fault

    If you are White and embrace the Black race then you are a tokenizer. If you shun the Black race then you are a racist. Progressives like it like it like that, folks! They are out of a job if they change their position.

  • Its_My_Fault

    He’s only a “black” child to racist Blacks. To others like the Romneys he is a child who needs a loving family.

  • sjc0116

    why didn’t msnbc mock angelina jolie or madonna when these public figures did the SAME thing?! because msnbc is full of bigots and racists! those people are despicable. just like all lying liberals, they think an ‘apology’ fixes their intolerance. It doesn’t. It magnifies. Anyone with any intelligence knows the apology is a political maneuver not heart felt. People like this need to learn the phrase ‘actions speak louder than words’

  • One Thirsty Bear

    Certainly, most people now recognize that Hussein Obama is a liar, a fraud, and a fool.

  • gold7406

    lamont responding,”let me be clear, what I said is being misrepresented”
    doesn’t everyone within the administration start their press conference the same way.
    “you people don’t understand what I meant.”

  • deimos19

    Mitt Romney didn’t adopt a black grandchild. One of Mitt’s children adopted a child.

  • Tod Thompson

    Wow, great back and forth. She mopped the floor with him, didn’t she?

  • denvy42

    Katie you kick ass!!

  • George Harris

    Good job Katie…

  • http://allynsalley211-2.blogspot.com Tina Seward

    “Shorter @marclamonthill and liberals like him. Adopt a black child out of love: totally legit to question. Abort a black child: silence.”

    Ding! Touche!

  • HoneyTree EvilEye

    He did a damn good job of making a perfectly clear situation incredibly foggy. That’s some Jedi level Liberal crap. I love when people are taken at their word and then say they’re being misrepresented. Who’s misrepresenting you; your teeth or your tongue? Which one is to blame for your words since you aren’t?

  • http://www.jayriley.com Jay Riley

    BOOM. Calling liberal racism for what it is. THIS is why I no longer caucus with the DNC after two decades of doing so!

  • Jeff Chandler

    God bless this girl!!!

  • john

    heaven forbid white folks adopt a black kid . OOO WAIT

  • kindamara

    Excellent Katie … Now why doesn’t MSNBC and all the other liberal progressives call out: Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, etc. Feel free to add more celebrities who have either given a home to or adopted a child of another race/nationality. They are “public” people too, are they not?

  • Hank Devigne

    Break out Sally Struthers or Jimmy Giles’ Mom:: “Did you get the job?” That’ll put the fear of ignorance into ’em.

  • Russ B

    How sick and twisted must these commentators be to think that the adoption of a child is somehow a political ploy. If the Romney adoption WAS a political ploy, wouldn’t that pic have been widely publicized before the 2012 election??? Just shows how far gone MSNBC commentators and ML Hill are in their mindsets.

  • Paul Crittenden

    Spew hatred, backpedal, twist, and revise, rinse and repeat. Sounds like a liberal to me.

  • Paul Crittenden

    It shouldn’t take a backlash to show you how ignorant your comments are!!!

  • Steve Evans

    Haven’t seen Lamont on the Ted Baxter Factor in a while. I hope it’s because Ted has seen the light regarding this big dummy.

  • NotAn0bamaSupporter

    OMG Katie Pavlich owned that! Fantastic call out there woman! Perfectly played, I’m so sick of lefties and their race baiting agenda. They say it; so it must be true SMH. Excellent!

  • Breeze

    Are you taking Lamont Hill’ s seriously…this guy is a ‘pampered idiot who shoots BS about anything..and then..retreats..when someone shows the ‘hole’ in his pretentious logical thinking.

  • Jimmie Robinson

    I don’t ever recall a black family adopting a white baby….I’m sure there probably have, but I can’t recall….hmmmm

  • BakerBabe

    Mitt Romney’s son is not a public figure and he and his wife are the ones that adopted the baby, Now justify targeting the non-public family. These panelist are clearly more racist than the Romney family could ever be.

  • Joninwm

    So why didn’t MSNBC have issues with Madonna, Brad Pitt and Angelina, Sandra Bullock or other Hollywood types when they adopted black children? Not only is MSNBC ignorant, but also hypocritical.

  • BubbaTex

    Lamont stop, Katie is kicking your racist ass.

    • David

      For sure.

  • bullib

    This type of behavior is nothing more that liberals “feeling their oats”. They are so giddy they sometimes forget to stifle their true nature. Gutterworms.

  • brisie

    I don’t know if anyone watched the segment but the entire segment led up to this one photo.

  • Kathy

    I don’t see many black families adopting these black children. If is wasn’t for white families these children would not have a loving family of their own. Does anyone ever see a black family adopt a white child….no.

  • Resist_Tyranny

    Somehow i know this is Bush’s fault.

  • cburney345

    Romney “agenda” or not, if you were racist and hated black people then why the heck would you want one living in your home? That makes no sense at all if you think the Romneys are racist.

  • Dennis Carr

    I have often believed that if you get in a fight with a farmer, remember he can throw way more shit than you can.. I have seen many Americans (they are not colored in my eyes) that have adopted someone that is somewhat different.. As we all are! Children will learn from their parents, if there is only one, they will learn only from that one and people they are around.. Might explain the MOB rule in Malls..

  • Damyn Swanepoel

    based on the assertions of the liberal left, they would think this adopted grandchild should have been funded by planned parenthood. And we know where that would have lead.

  • Jim Loveless

    These people are the worst kind of bigots and haters.Then she said taken out of context?

  • Nerdythings

    I love her!

  • pepjrp

    Lamont Hill…aka hate-filled racist who despises European Americans every where, yet gets his fame and money from the backs of them. Melissa Harris-Perry and Lamont Hill. Black supremacy at their finest!

  • LieutenantSword

    As always, @marclamonthill gets his ass handed to him, while making no sense at all in defending his own racist views. Way to dissect his flimsy argument, @KatiePavlich! #owned

  • BooBots

    Pavlich is a bulldog. She don’t take no stuff. Pavlich 100. Hill nothin’.

  • GarryMoss

    Uhhhh, you expected somehow that “liberals” would be rational, decent, or miss a chance to ridicule a Republican?

  • Hawkeyeted

    I love watching Hill try to backpedal. What a clown.

  • justlisa

    The “left” has to try to disparage…diminish…”conservatives”.

    They, simply, can not let anything go when it contradicts the “evil, racist” picture that they paint.


  • Steven Hedrick

    We need to quit playing into this Democrat Strategy of separation and division. They came up with African American, European American, Asian American, and the like. If you put something in front of American… you no longer remain American. The American brand used to be “The Great American Melting Pot”, but this did not allow for liberals to use hatred to win elections and further their socialist agenda to remake the American Government into a totalitarian State serving their contributors interests. Stand up against the continued divisive tactics and speak up about how America, more than anywhere else in the World, is where all races come together for the common good. And never forget, that if Socialist really wanted equality… they would seek to eliminate all monetary systems. They don’t want equality, they want more for themselves.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/sunsetkid Rick Graham

    That burn…

  • Steven Hedrick

    This is just the Grievance Industry taking care of business to make more money!!!

  • ErinTib Croughwell

    Mark Lamont Hill is a regular on O’Reilly Factor where he has the most wool over his eyes as compared to other liberal pundits. I say this because he has it all, yet is blind because he doesn’t believe in the “American Dream” even though he is living it.
    His anger and denial stems directly from his anger at having to look at the very thing he fear’s most ….. Having to make his own success the norm and very much attainable. It diminishes his own elite uniqueness.

  • robert anthony

    ‘Questions’ on Romney’s black grandson?….but none for the malfeasance and dereliction of a black Commander-in-Chief. Priceless.

  • A. G. Gomez

    What is funny about this crowd of liberals is that they are the same people that advocate same-sex marriage as love between two people regardless of sex BUT that somehow doesn’t apply to race i.e. whites or blacks adopting children because they love the child.

  • robert anthony

    At least they stopped short of calling the baby an Uncle Tom…I guess there’s a limit to, even, liberal insanity.

  • robert anthony

    Come to a battle of wits unarmed…

  • FJoachim

    Katie took Hill to the wood shed. No defense for what they did. Racism par excellence.

  • joesocwork

    Excellent response. I’m still shaking my head how politics and hate gets topsy-turvied over love just because of stereotypes about an adoptive family.

  • lorraine

    Did @msnbs, @marclamonthill, or any other person who is “questioning” this adoption by the Romney family ever question the intentions of Madonna’s adoptions, Angelinia Jolies intentions? They are the racist hypocrites here, not a family who has and continues to do more good in this world than they ever will.

  • kinijane

    The way I read the stories, this child was a “grandson” Romney’s son adopted this child, how did this get to Romney’s adoption.

  • P00dy

    If a white woman had not raised a black baby child we wouldn’t have OUR PRESIDENT?

    • Tony Holmquist

      Astute…and this comment should have 30M upvotes…

  • Disgusted_in_SC

    I wonder why nothing was said when Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron or Angelina Jolie adopted black babies. They were certainly in the public eye!!!

    • jaydee007

      And they, each of them Madonna too, made a big deal of the Adopting as it was happening.

  • jaydee007

    ” You know what actually is racist? Only seeing the color of one’s skin.”
    To Quote Mark Steyn;
    “When Chris Matthews hears Dog Whistles, that’s because He’s the Dog. Only Dogs can hear a Dog Whistle.”

  • jschlue2

    I don’t know if anyone has made this point, and sorry for repeating if they have.

    Paula Deen makes a “racist” comment over 20 years ago, and she gets fired. Phil Robertson offends the gays with his comments and he gets fired. These clowns say what they did and the left doesn’t even bat an eye. Typical.

  • Noelle C Campbell

    The panelists do realize you can’t adopt a GRANDchild, right?

  • beautifuldayifyoubelieve

    I said the same thing. The entire segment was full of racism from the left and black community being represent on that stage. So, now if a person of little color wants to adopt a child of color it will be considered white guilt? I’ve had it with the hate the LEFT BRINGS TO THE TABLE EVERYDAY on these shows. we all know who is spreading HATE in this country, this incident should be full proof of that.

  • Michael R Bardsley

    Sounds JUST like Obama: “Let me be clear…” Maybe if you were the FIRST time, you wouldn’t have to try a second, third, and fourth time? It’s hard to be *clear* with racist, hatefull remarks.

  • Raymond Boettner

    Lamont Hill is one of the 15 MOST racist people I ever heard.

  • Millie678

    I didn’t notice Melissa Harris Perry take the anti-bullying stance and stand up to the laughter, and say how ‘wrong’ the comment was. Instead, she went along with it. True intentions.

  • Okieflyover

    Only thing wrong in her response:

    Abort black child in Lamont Hill’s world = CHEER. Not silence

  • JoeF123

    This is a despicable comment for any black person to say. Do you remember the flack Michael Ohr’s parents got for helping him. He said he is so blessed because no one from the Black community ever tried to help him. Now he is considered an Uncle Tom.

  • Marilyn Agan

    Why did they not mock Sandra Bullocks adoption of a black child. msmbc needs to go away they do not know what real news is. Shame on them!

    • Tony Holmquist

      Or Madonna or Brad and Ang or…

  • Cordstreet

    And Marc Lamont Hill, it’s your right to make an arse of yourself. Mission accomplished.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    You can’t reason with a liberal, it’s their way or the highway. Not exactly a tolerant view from what’s suppose to be the party of tolerance!

  • Carlos Ana Dasilva

    It’s obvious they saved he best for last.
    All the other presented photographs were answered with silence and um,um, um.

  • Blackstorme

    I got here late so if someone made this point, forgive me, but when are they going to make fun of Angelina Jolie? Or Joely Fisher, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sandra Bullock, Jane Fonda, Tom Cruise, Madonna and about a dozen other Hollywood gentry? It’s right to question their motives cause they’re public figures. They could make a whole segment about it and run it once a week for 4 months. Gold!

    Ah. I see others DID make this point. Good for us.

  • believer

    Unto the pure, all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.
    Titus 1:15 The liberals have seen and live with the guile and corruption of the party. Therefore, they always have to see everyone with alterior motives, unlesd of course it is their favorite liberal.

  • maclll

    Wasn’t Obama adopted by two white Grandparents?

    • Victoria Koseck

      Hmmm, wonder what Marc Lamont think about this, guess he thinks he was brought up the right way, see how he turned up to be the Commie that he is!

  • El Train

    Katie Pavlich’s comments were brilliant. It’s disgusting that MSNBC’s so-called journalists would question the Romneys’ adoption of a black baby or assume it was a political ploy. First off, it’s not Mitt Romney’s adopted child – but a grandchild. Second, I know may white families that have adopted black children because they wanted to share their loving homes with a child who was unable to be cared for by its biological parents. Lastly, the Romneys aren’t the problem. It’s the idiots on MSNBC who are perpetuating hate and racism.

  • Njshack

    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the baby wearing PINK?

  • CAmom760

    What about the left questioning the “public” celebridots who have adopted kids of color? Has anyone “questioned” THEIR motives? This is purely about hate toward Conservatives and self-loathing. Gah. It’s a BABY, you dopes, not a color.

  • http://www.popular-capitalist.org/ Carl Peter Klapper

    Liberals would have none of this nonsense. It is the Democratic Party that is racist to the core.

  • marie speranza

    First you are a human being, then you are black or white or other.
    First you are a human being, then you are a politician or one contemplating political office or acclaim
    Those who act inhuman, are that before anything else….b/c they are inhuman and nothing else.
    Interacial marriages, rleationships, and adoptingoutside our color is caring to promote and share love…Some never did, and others never cared.

  • Keninmo

    Somewhat off the subject, but why is it that every Progressive female “celebrity” looks like they were beat with the ugly stick, while Conservatives have Michelle Malkin and Katie Pavlich? Seriously. Conservatives definitely have the better lineup!

  • Faye Farlow

    Marc Lamont Hill you can not wiggle out of this it is what was said!!!!I salute them for adopting a child whatever color that needed a loving home!

  • MW

    Stuff like this happens because they are not held accountable for what they say. Eventually they go way overboard and have no defense for their actions (like this case). Then comes the apology, not because they know it’s wrong, but because you and I heard it, and they want it to go away. After the apology comes the race card, if we don’t accept the apology. Happens over and over again. Thankfully only 2 people watch MSNBC.

  • Janet Clark Leone

    Interesting – If you are a liberal celebrity – AKA – Madonna or Angelina – you are a great person for adopting a child of a different race but if you are from the family of a conservative politician – you are suspect? A child in need is a child in need and god bless those that chose to make a difference – no matter what their political views

  • JoeCasepack

    Open racism by blacks continues with many of them, like this Lamont Hill person, believing they are incapable of racism simply because of their skin color.

    It would be hilarious if it weren’t such a dangerous trend.

  • 1911HeadBanger

    How many Black Children are actually being adopted by Black Families? Answer: very few. Most Black Families do not adopt at all. In fact, most black orphans or those given up at adoption, are adopted by white families, because those kids are not being adopted by families of their own race. Those are the facts. The Romney’s adopted a child. He happened to be black. Liberals hate that. They think they are the only ones “qualified” to show compassion, inclusion and care of a minority. In fact, if anyone is guilty of parading black children, it’s the liberals. Black babies have become the latest “fashion accessory” in Hollywood. Check out Madonna and J-Lo.

  • Victoria Koseck

    Liberals always will lose an argument with a Conservative! Liberals sees everything through the prism of race, gender, socio economic class, religion. They are the Great divider of this nation and they claim to be all inclusive. They are seriously mentally deranged!!!

  • Ben Smull

    Kaite Pavlich, You’re my hero!

  • $3838536

    Angelina & Brad Pitt haul boutique black kids through international airports for photo-ops. Where’s the outrage?

  • Locutus O. Borg

    The adoption of that child was political move and you know it. Quit acting so fucking stupid.

    • ohspareme

      You are as ignorant as your profanity laced comment! Flagged.

      • Locutus O. Borg

        Thanks for proving my point.

    • BO_stinks

      false accusations are a sin. Proof? you have zero.

  • Parsley

    Wow, Katie Pavlich did not let @marclamonthill out of this one. Yay! Way to go!

  • Shirley Capes

    This is all too much,many child, any color is a gift from God, those who choose them for a loving home are the best people there are, no child who has no real home should be made the butt of jokes they should be praised for having given them the best gift of all, some one to love ,take care of for the rest of their lives, I’m so happy for the sweet little one,he will grow up to be a much better person than those who mock him,Shame on MSNBC, for having such witless people on their station,
    No wonder no one watches them,

  • Dennis Crabtree

    I think a racist point of the mhp segment that everyone is missing, is that all of the left and the msnbc crowd can’t accept a black person who is conservative. They all believe that any black person at a conservative function is a token and is too stupid to realize they are a token. It is up to mlh and mhp to point that out and rescue the poor niggy from the exploitative massers. There is no way that a black person could make a choice other than the one they approve of.

  • The silent one

    From a biblical stand point since I’m studying theology; A tree is known by its fruit..
    Luke 6:43-45 “For a good tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. 44 For every tree is known by its own fruit. For men do not gather figs from thorns, nor do they gather grapes from a bramble bush. 45 A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart[a] brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.

    so Marc showed us his true self

  • Greg Palin

    This guy is one of the dumbest, most partisan, insincere, ignorant, racist, vicious commentators on the scene today. He has lots of competition but he rises above when he starts the justifications and denials of what we just read, heard and saw with our own eyes and ears. Sounds similar to a certain tinpot president of the US. Can only imagine what this clown’s classroom is like.

  • krmike

    agree with Katie !! I saw the picture numerous times on face book and
    never noticed there was a black child in it !! I finally noticed when I
    started to see post by the “black” racial bigots trying to make a racial
    issue out of it ! It’s time that they quit blaming their inequities on
    the white man !! Things will never change in America until they finally
    realize that they are the cause of racism and not the victims of it !!
    Time to quit calling the kettle black !!!

  • BO_stinks

    funny thing is those selfish, me thinking journalists would never adopt a kid

  • susie1patriot

    MSNBC IS and always will be a pathetic station you don’t even report anymore you tell lies and don’t check out the truth you are a oneway news at best your planel of hurtful morrans belittled The Romney Family in a way that was demeaning they are arrogant mean people that should never be in front of a camera and reporter they are not I wouldn’t even consider them a talk show either a group of biggots this action is what is wrong with this country people like this not and once of love are caring for their fellow man and to bring a BABY into their Rhetoric just pathetic..Shameful shame on you when you stand before God Almighty and he ask you why you would deliberately hurt someone because they did a good think to adopt a baby and give it a good up bringing what are you going to say??????

  • sanirab

    rHill is not a professor. He is a hate indoctrinator

  • Iceman00767

    What a stinging retort by Katie! I would’ve loved to have seen Hill’s face when that twitter feed hit! SOOOO TRUE!! Abort countless black babies and the left’s response? cricket cricket cricket……ADOPT a black baby and the big mouths ROAR!!!

  • Matthew

    When was it made possible to adopt grand kids???

  • Jacob Unamuno

    all I can say is…you go girl

  • Eric

    Hill is nothing but a racist hate filled knegro!

  • Guest

    There are black people and then their are ni99ers….as Robert Byrd said…white ones and black ones….Lamont and Harris Perry just happen to be black ones…

  • Mort McSnerd

    MLH is a racist bigot. I stopped watching Oreilly because he kept bringing him on to spew his racist nonsense.

  • shaunadee

    I could just hear him Umnnn Hawing, before every response. He didn’t know what hit him. What a numbskulll!!!!

  • skyway1234

    It is intense, isn’t it? I’m glad Kelly called Marc up on his B.S., because her points are spot on. I would never have even noticed the baby was black in the photo – I would only have noticed that the baby was adorable – but that’s because I’m not a racist. Racists see everything through a prism of Race, so when the racists at MSNBC saw this photo, they immediately flashed on the opportunity they perceived in the photo – they noticed the black baby. Because they are racists, it was irresistible to them and they absolutely had to denigrate Mitt Romney at the expense of a) Romney’s entire family, b) an innocent, sweet, little baby, and c) the chance they would show themselves to be racists. Marc Lamont Hill and MSNBC can sit and stew in their own mess. Enjoy it! You created it!

  • RVNMike

    Katie wins hands down. The ignorant and racist staff and “news” people of MSNBC should all be forced to leave. They are nothing more than hateful racist. They need to go away to their own little world. Maybe California.

  • where is reagan

    I can only imagine the angst if he had ommited the child.

  • Opaque Blinders

    Maybe more successful families should adopt more and teach about caring, loving and giving back. Don’t for a minute bash Romney on this because everything you say can be applied twofold to who is in office now. Romney has given back more to society then the entire staff of our current President. So go ahead…..attack……

  • Jay Jay

    it’s so sad how people believe they have the right to hate. No one has the right to hate. They have received the inheritance of their elders (hate) I will not pass such a thing to my children. Nor will I let them create in my children that which their parents bred in them. Because where hate is, love is not. And since I believe in God and I believe God is love I want them to always be full of love. Mr. Lamont Hill sadly doesn’t even realize how full of hate he is. He can see the hateful attacks of the MSNBC panel and defend it. He very far gone.

  • Ricky T

    No draws or ties here. Katie tied this racist jerk’s butt in a knot. Right is right, wrong is wrong, and MSNBC crossed the line — again. Go Katie! Let’s all keep jerking their masks off, and eventually, intelligent people will figure it out. Libertarians, Democrats and Republicans ruled by blind party loyalty, and useful idiots like New York City’s “progressives” are too heavily invested in their ignorance and will walk off a dark, steep cliff. MSNBC apologize? That requires a soul — and a conscience, neither of which is on display there. Instead, crush them by not being a viewer and reflect it in the TV ratings so that their advertising dries up.

  • PokeyBug

    What I think a whole lot of people are missing in this so-called story is this. Mitt Romney did not ask his son to adopt a black baby. His son and his son’s wife wanted another child. They looked into adoption, and they were offered the chance to adopt a child, so they took it. The child happened to be from a different race, but that obviously wasn’t of any concern for them, so they adopted him.

    Mitt Romney is the grandfather of far too many for me to count, and he posed for a Christmas picture with all his grandkids, holding two of the youngest in his lap. He chose to share the joy he feels with his many grandchildren with others at Christmas-time, and he chose to include them all. Why wouldn’t he?

  • uhohChongo

    I’ve never heard of her, but I better get used to hearing a lot about her through this gaffe.

  • carolyn

    I had seen the clip on tv..Totally disgusting to say the least!!The only racist I saw was on the show itself..So what if Romney is a public figure, that means you can pick out a black grandson and call Romney a racist??Mark Hill you are a clueless and classless as I suspected!! Hey Mark if two public white gays had adopted that baby you would not have said a word…But that is a typical racist and typical liberal..There is is no and’s if or buts about it, you showed your true colors here..So did the racist people on the tv show!!We all need to pray for people like you, racist and liberal!!

  • happyscrapper

    She is an up and coming new star on FOX News. I am VERY impressed with her! She has subbed on The Five and is very well spoken. A beautiful, articulate conservative young woman. We have many reasons to hope for our side!!

  • carolyn

    Liberal is the reason we are in this mess of a world!! If we could just get them to read a little!!!

  • http://standingforhim.wordpress.com/ Jason Lovelace

    If this stuff weren’t REALLY happening in the US of A today, this “defense” by Mr. Hill would be almost comical.

  • Bob Thompson

    White families adopting black kids is old news. It’s been openly going on since at least the days of “D’fferent Strokes”. Why do people still make an issue of it?

  • Peace Love Bunny

    This chick is Teh Awesome.

  • NWaff

    Lamont Hill – you can’t misrepresent you being a jerk

  • http://www.meetup.com/Vino-Friends Gene Siegel

    The whole point of the MSNBC segment is that liberals see the black color – thats why they brought it up….No one on the right had said anything……

  • John Bagdasarian

    We adopted African American children, two, and that is a big insult against them and every decent person on this planet. I bet if you had a bunch of people together listening to that for the first time, they would be incensed to criticize the speaker and the network. Boycott MSNBC and NBC. Everyone needs to do it to stop this horrible reporting or shall I say lack of respect for people. It really is an attack on everyone whatever the color.

  • John Bagdasarian

    Voter IDs are easy to get even for people without transportation. By the way, if they can’t get the ID how are they going to get to the voting booth. There is no racism and that was the point of the exchange below. There is plenty of voter fraud. Dozens of cases of voter fraud and that is only the tipping point. It is rampant in democratic states but not in republican states. Voter fraud is very old in the country. We need to get things straight before the next election and getting rid of Holder is the start. It won’t happen because the Senate will not impeach. That would implicate the democrats in his crimes, called conspiring after the fact. A crime equally as wrong as the crimes committed by Holder.

  • montgomeryjhm

    This one black child that was wanted. one black child that won’t be on welfare. One black child will have silver spoon. What’s complaint? Child may grow up to be conservative. Obama has had many chances to make a new life for someone. he doesn’t take care of his own family. I think Hill is queer bait

  • Henry Yip

    Typical Lib Professor so damn smart that there logic only makes sense to them, he probably believes he’s a gift to all of us lower level citizens…SCHMUCK!!!

  • Daffy2009

    lol, Even O’Reilly never came close to crushing Lamont Hill like this

  • Jimbo

    If I reading this correctly, Mitt Romney had little to do with it. You can’t adopt a grandson. Your child has to adopt, then you are automatically a Grampa. If I’m wrong, would some one point out how.

    • Worship Dancer

      agreed and MITT is the public figure NOT his child.

    • Rae Shue

      That’s logic. Something a lot of liberals can’t figure out.

  • Dan Walter

    We missed a great opportunity of having someone who knows what he’s doing from being in the White House. Instead, we have some kid.

  • Worship Dancer

    i also call BS on this. first MITT romney did NOT adopt a baby PERIOD. his SON and daughter-in-law did. MITT is the public person NOT his son and daughter-in-law. so yea they WERE being racist in mocking the SON AND DAUGHTER-IN-LAW for adopting a baby – ONLY BECAUSE THE BABY IS BLACK.

  • Nanaof3kids

    I wonder if he teaches them that 70% of abortions are black women? They are killing their own race.

  • Carrieann1

    Love it Katie! Thank you! Lamont Hill is as racist as they come. Where was he when Angelina and Brad, Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan and Madonna adopted children of color — they’re all “public” people.

    • felicityva

      Excellent point.

  • Ave Ashley Victoria E

    LOVE IT !!!!

    Total Logic from Michelle Malkin’s page, and PURE Intelligence from “Katie Pavlich” ..
    Love the very last comment …. totally true, watched it done before .. 😀

  • Callawyn

    Hill is a RACIST just like all the rest of the RACISTS on MSNBC.

    He’s made a career out of it.

    Virtually all the vile stupidity that falls out of his mouth every time he opens it is the very definition of bigotry.

    Its long past time we started calling a spade a spade here. This isn’t “reverse racism” its not “racialism” it is RACISM, period.

  • BadKarma

    Why aren’t Jesse and Al responding to this racist attack on a black baby??

    • Ave Ashley Victoria E

      Good Question and I know their’s a logical Answer to that.. hehe

      Not saying it though … :)

  • Larry Beck

    Would the Romney’s have suffered this attack if they had omitted their grand child from the picture? Well, certainly, only more so for trying to “hide” the fact of a black grandchild in the family.

  • American-By-Choice

    For the record, having a right to question, is NOT a right to advance invalid, false reasoning and demand that such is valid and true. (You’d think a Harvard man would KNOW THAT!)

  • Nino Colarossi

    It is unfortunate, but people like Dr. Hill and Al Sharpton do not want any “race issues” do get better. That is how they make their fortunes. They are the racists, always have always will be. We have to rise above it and call out what it is just like Katie did!

  • kateorjane

    How often does the new mayor of NYC “trot out” his bi-racial children? There must be some good yucks about his family unit. /s

  • G21

    Even if some people fail to see liberty’s benefits and others actively attack it in the name of illusions such as “man-made global warming” and “social justice”, liberty remains desirable.

  • Dale Zeller

    So ….the Clintons adopt a black child….bet Lamont would drool over the adulation.

  • C.L Edwards

    Bingo! A white family adopting a child…a sin! “Abort” a black child, the majority of abortions are performed on unborn black Americans .. a right! #Romans1

  • Mary Camfield

    Abortion of a black child is accepted; adoption is not…crickets from the black community….it would ruin their spin to have a child grow up with opportunity and wealth; they would not be able to scream “RACISM!!”

  • TruDat


  • https://www.denverprophit.us/ Denver Prophit Jr.

    Time to boycott the entire NBC network don’t you think?

  • forGodsoloved

    some if not most if not all of these liberal people are crazy!! I think their whole agenda comes from another kingdom. you know, the one that calls good, evil, and evil, good. it’s going to happen more and more as time marches on….and time is marching on, man, we’ve got to pray for this country. go on, keep kicking God out of everything. He is a gentleman, and He will leave if you ask Him to.

  • https://www.denverprophit.us/ Denver Prophit Jr.

    Microsoft bought the news channel right? Don’t buy any PC with Win8! Get a mac or a linux box.

    • dwstick

      And that’s the thing to do here! Don’t buy ANYTHING made by Microsoft; hardware and/or software! For that matter, don’t buy ANYTHING made by ANY COMPANY that buys advertising time on BSNBC or the parent company NBC! Most network news departments operate at a loss to begin with, so boycotting JUST the advertisers on BSNBC will have minimal results.
      And be sure and write/call/e-mail the CEOs of those networks and sponsors to tell them why you’re taking this action. Cite examples. Name names.
      We can win this thing, guys!

    • https://www.denverprophit.us/ Denver Prophit Jr.

      How about a new hash? #boycottnbc

  • Mammaw7

    Marc Lamont Hill do you really think what you have to say matters. All you do is show America how mean and hateful the liberal media and the liberal left has become. Please continue to be your selves you are helping the other side tremendously.

  • Get Real

    The uberliberal instructor pool in academia is badly polluted…

  • Jim Ross

    Mitt Romney is suppose to be a smart man, What the Liberals were to remain silent on a white man adopting black child. When you see black people helped in Africa, what do you see ? White People..Black people are all mouth.

  • BarfromLV

    Just curious — How many Dem politicians’ families have adopted a child of another race or mixed race child? I don’t think they should just jump on the bandwagon, but I’ll bet there are none. It’s ironic that one of the poster-child celebrities, Angelina Jolie, has adopted a passle of children which she trots around to show how tolerant she is. No Dems make a sound about her choices.

  • AFL1962

    I think that Marc Hill is a Jesse Jackson wannabe. And nothing he says, has a bit of thought about fixing the problem. Other then his type is the problem. He’s just unwilling to admit that Thomas Jefferson is his Great Grand Daddy’s. Daddy.

  • Tree Feathers

    This native American woman spent most of her childhood being passed around to misc white families, some good, some not so good, I think that black child hit the lottery, jackpot, megabucks whatever you want to call it. I would have loved being adopted by a loving, (rich) family! So shut up you stupid black people.

  • RightStuff

    Liberals are becoming cesspool sludge. Not even pond scum now.

  • Travis Simpson

    I think it’s fair to say that Katie Pavlich just “owned” Marc Lamont Hill in that Twitter exchange! Oh wait that could be construed to be a racist statement….my apologies…I mean she made Marc Lamont Hill out to be the “Party Line” race baiter that he is!

  • politicsisdirty

    Love you Katie…..

    The more Marc explains himself the more he buries himself….pathetic.

  • http://empiricalmeta.blogspot.com/ Sam Daniels

    Watch any interview with MLH — *pressured* word salad personified. The man is obsessed with race, and is unable to put a cogent sentence together, b/c he is so focused on being a victim, or speaking for “victims”. Kudos to Katie….