Bam, indeed. What did Larry the Cable Guy retweet? This cancellation notice from @MyCancellation.

As Twitchy has exhaustively reported, millions of Americans are receiving, and will continue to receive, cancellation notices from their health insurance carriers due to Obamacare. As everyone (except for the bootlickers at the New York Times) now knows, “you can keep your plan” was a blatant lie. Repeated multiple times, pathologically. Period.

Citizens let their voices be heard by tweeting #MyHealthPlanDied to the White House on Monday, in a day of mourning and protest. They also continue to tweet photos of their cancellation notices to @MyCancellation.

But one poor soul continues to spin for the train wreck that is Obamacare:

Oh, honey. Gullible, please meet mirror.

Larry provides some lessons in an epic Teachable Moment ™.

A few. Way more than a million and counting. Some are estimating upward of 16 million Americans will lose the insurance that they like and now cannot keep. A bombshell report also indicated that it will not just be people who buy in the individual market: Obama officials said more than half of employer-sponsored insurance plans will be canceled. To the tune of 93 million. But, whatever. Just a few.

Ding, ding, ding!

Y’all don’t know better. Typical. You silly rubes! You totally didn’t choose that.



Heh. Larry brought it all home with this tweet:

Dead-on. That just says it all.


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  • CainCan

    “They like what they got because they don’t know better” – yeah… the Government ALWAYS knows what’s best for the American people. We’re so lucky to have them, because we can’t think for ourselves, and all… Ugh typical lib. Wait until HE is inconvenienced with a doubled insurance policy… it’s all Cumbayah until someone gets hit in the wallet.

    • ObamaFail

      When the libs yelling “your insurance will be better!!!” get hit with reality, they’ll moronically blame Republicans, to no ones surprise.

    • Red Fred

      Right, like older men for instance don’t know they need prenatal & obstetrics & gyn. care. Duh.

      • JamesMc

        It does come as a big surprise to a 50 yr. old man when he is advised by his doctor to get a pap smear. It’s like a bolt out of the blue. 50 yrs. of his life never even thinking about such a thing, then all of a sudden he’s sittin’ in the stirrups and waiting for doc to go to town.

        • Chris

          There was so much wrong with that post I dont know where to start…. but I like it. It is a little ridiculous to have to be covered for something that is totally impossible.

          • TexSizzle

            When you’re forced to pay for it, insist on getting it when you go to the doctor. Fight absurdity with absurdity.

        • Spiny Norman

          Is it wrong that I’m picturing the creepy Uncle Sam Mask doctor?

          • Chris

            Oh no doubt. Tell your urological doc you want a pap smear, thats hilarious!!

        • monamurray

          I want to see the look on the gynacologist’s face when he pulls up the guy’s johnny.

          • JamesMc

            Indeed. If all goes as expected, the doctor will be a 22 yr. old Indian immigrant who got his diploma via correspondence course. His instructions on the procedure will be gleaned from a crudely drawn pamphlet vaguely detailing the procedure.

            I imagine the look on his face will be a mix of mild consternation with heaping helping of can do attitude. I really don’t want to envision what happens after that point.


    The new democrat lie is that you are getting “better” insurance….I guess that women with cancer who had 1.5 million dollars in medical expanses paid by her insurance company….just was to stupid to realize her insurance sucked, and now she can get the better insurance that covers her for drug addiction.

    • ObamaFail

      The “better insurance” talking point will eventually be exposed as a lie just as everything else they’ve said about Obamacare.

      • 0bamasnought

        You could have just said that everything 0bama say is a lie.
        Hey look, his lips are moving will be accepted as well.

      • Spiny Norman

        Eventually? Anyone who’s had a good policy canceled and has seen what’s being offered at far higher prices knows that’s a bald-faced lie.

    • Henry Rearden

      I can’t wait for the “Driver protection and Affordable Transportation Act” to be passed. Then I’ll have a “better” car! Even if I don’t want or need one! Woo Hoo!

    • drw

      And a prostate exam, don’t forget the prostate exam.

  • Ned Nederlander

    “They like what they got cuz they don’t know better” Jeez you stupid libs, I’m really glad you can’t admit Obama’s a lying toddler and are doubling down on it. “Obama didn’t lie, the public is just stupid.” Keep it up.

  • peteee363

    larry the packer game was awesome, I speak as a bears fan. but larry you are right, the government has no role in saying I need pediatric dental care, as I am no longer pediatric, and closer to geriatric. and I can never give birth, no matter what the homosexual lobby says, yet now I need to purchase coverage for it. and lastly, larry, not only are you funny, but turns out you are a real conservative, good luck to you!

  • ObamaFail

    The “better insurance” talking point now being pushed by the Dems, the average lib, and the MSM will be exposed as a lie just as every other BS lie that we’ve been told by the Obama admin since they stupidly passed Obamacare without even reading it. That cancer patient had the insurance she liked, the insurance that was helping save her life. Who is the Obama administration to tell her that she has no right to choose her own insurance? And better insurance? We’ll find out how bad that lie is when the first batch of Obamacare patients start reporting problems.

  • Red Pill

    Kurt wants BIG Government to decide what’s “better” for you.

  • DaMello ®

    I am still waiting for a pro ACA wack to prove to me that my cancelled health insurance was junk! It was the best I have had in over 30 years and affordable!

    • Kev_H

      Did it have free contraception?

  • Marcy Cook

    The “you’re getting better insurance” is the new bullsh*t story to cover up the fact that they said you can keep your insurance if you like it. PERIOD. They never said this new law will make sure you get really, really, really good insurance coverage. NEVER SAID THAT. It’s just made up crap to try and make people think they are doing this because they love us and want to take care of us. BLEH

  • nc ✓s & balances

    Why is it these bobble heads are so sure that these cancelled policies are “junk” policies? It’s clear they don’t understand how these things work, so that they need Daddy Bama to tell them what they need. How can they advise anyone else?

    • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

      A “better” policy that you can’t afford is still a policy you can’t afford.

    • Orpheus75

      Becuase Obama says so.

    • Zach Smith

      Most of them are not “junk” policies. Mine certainly wasn’t. They just don’t include things that people don’t want or need, like “free” birth control pills. Many of the mandates are based on politics, rather than health.

      • nc ✓s & balances

        It really fries me that BHO and the Dems don’t give a rip that you and so many more had perfectly good policies cancelled, and for NOTHING!

        I wish you well. I have an awful feeling that it’s just a question of time for all of us.

  • NRPax

    The govt role is to eliminate crap plans, which are being cancelled.

    Show me exactly in the Constitution where it says that or be man enough to admit that you’re wrong.

  • thedumbblonde

    The kool-aid drinkers over at Fark can explain all about Obamacare for you. Mocking a link to a Townhall article…the compassion of the young left is breathtaking.

    • Spiny Norman

      Fark went completely moonbat in 2004. The transformation was impressive.

  • Red Pill

    Let’s see how obama “clarified” his promise on February 25, 2010, after Republican Senator John Kyl shook his head in disagreement when Obama promised you would be able to choose whether or not to keep your current plan if you liked your plan:

    One thing, Jon, you shook your head when I said that people would be able to choose the better plan because the notion was, well, people are mandated. Actually, any insurance that you currently have would be grandfathered in so you could keep it. And so you could decide not to get in the exchange the better plan — I could keep my Acme insurance, just a high-deductible catastrophic plan — I would not be required to get the better one. If I chose to get the better one, it would be 14 to 20 percent cheaper than if I were going into the individual market. I just wanted to clarify that issue.
    (1:12:48 – 1:13:25)

    or use the following link to watch (1:12:48 – 1:13:25) in a loop:

  • Phebelyn

    I would love to know about the 100’s that he knows didn’t have insurance that will now have insurance. Will they really?

    • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

      Probably so. They’ll either be on Medicaid or having a citizen who was cancelled pay their subsidy.

    • Klankity

      I doubt he knows 100 people, much less 100 people who didn’t have insurance and now do. They’re ALL liars!

  • WisconsinPatriot

    Kurtoonist sure has his talking points in order. Is Kurtoonist an OFA operative? I would have to surmise his membership in the cult. Are there any human beings on this planet who can THINK FOR THEMSELVES???

    • texastommy

      I propose a new, one question IQ test.

      Do you like Obamacare?

      If yes, they are classified as an imbecile or moron depending on how long they take to answer.

      If no, then they are considered normal. There will be no genius scores, since all those heretofore named geniuses will say yes.

  • JD

    It just amazes me how many people need the government to tell them how to live their lives.

  • Marvin Nelson

    Sounds like Kurt is using the new Common Core math, you know, the math that is preferred by the libturds who want to minimize the damage and spin like the wind! Kurt, you are an imbecile.

  • alanstorm

    Kurt needs to cut down on the Kool-aid.

  • Red Pill
  • MNWoman

    Kurt Woodward Reiner @kurtoonist
    @GitRDoneLarry & I love u but personally know 100’s who don’t have insurance but are about to, sorry if it inconveniences a few.

    This is not inconveniencing a few. For some families, the premium increase, no matter how small, is going to be devestating on their financial situations.

    Some people struggle to pay the bills while working very hard to make ends meet. Even a few dollars a month makes a difference to them. For some, their increase is not just a few dollars, but a few hundred dollars. This is the reality of Obamacare.

    People seem to think these raises in premiums are no big deal. WAKE UP!

    • Bathing Suit Area

      There are subsidies for those who are actually struggling.

      • Corey Dennison

        Subsidies=the rest of us being forced to pay for them.

      • Deborah Hallsted

        We are struggling. But Oscam has death panels, and my daughters will be deemed under the “Complete Lives System” to be a waste to pay for. And yes, death panels. My ex is a hospital administrator over 5 departments, and they just had a meeting about it. SO, yeah…thanks for that -kenyan b tard.

        • Bathing Suit Area


          • Deborah Hallsted

            Excuse me? Mayo just had a big conference on them too.

          • Bathing Suit Area


          • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

            blind? drunkZ?.. or just a hapless tard?

            My brother lost his coverage, and he works two jobs and still can’t crack over 25,000.. and his rates tripled under the “better” insurance you dunce…

            My mother in law.. die hard democrat who never even imagined voting R… now wants Obama run out of town on a rail.. she lost her insurance,.. and her rates tripled too..

            and no, they don’t get a “subsidy”..

            Working people are being screwed all around us.. and you blow it off?

            How many times does reality have to gobsmack you fringe nutjobs till it takes… Obamacare is a nightmare.. Medicare.. the Obama CUTS, made my payouts shoot up 300%..

            are you going to pay personally for the food and lodging for the people who now have to decide which is more important you hack?

            It’s a raging disaster, and you own it..

            Even the democrat Senate is starting to run away from it like it was radioactive..

            you cannot be this stupid..

  • TugboatPhil ✓Mate

    Kurt Woodward Reiner
    @GitRDoneLarry But I HAVE to insure that Chevy – that’s fair?

    Here’s how it works with the Chevy:

    You HAVE TO insure the truck.

    You have to insure it for much more than it’s worth.

    You have to insure it for damage to the convertible roof.
    You have to insure it for the electric motors and batteries that it doesn’t have.
    You also have to buy motorcycle, boat, RV, airplane, medical malpractice and burial insurance for the Chevy.

    • MNWoman

      Crazy thing…if he doesn’t want to drive any vehicle, he doesn’t have to. Even better, he won’t have to pay a penalty tax just for being an American citizen.

  • Canadian in USA ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Trust Larry the Cable Guy to show us how to “Git ‘er done!”

  • World B. Free

    I don’t like Kurt’s beard. He doesn’t realize how stupid it looks on him.

    Therefore I’m going to elect politicians who will forcibly tear it off of his face. It’s for his own good, you know.

    That’s about what he is arguing.

  • Ed Sullivan

    Was just told my “crap” plan will be canceled. Paid for two heart surgeries this year. I paid the deductible and the insurance paid the rest. Working on paying off some incidentals not covered but my wife is alive and I am/was happy with my plan.

    • Spiny Norman

      Well, if it was canceled, it was clearly a junk policy. You just don’t know any better.


  • LegalizeShemp

    The Demonrats couldn’t tell the truth, that’s not how you get elected. You get elected by lying and having uninformed low information voters believe you. Now they’re lying about how much lying it takes to retain power in the US or any other country.

  • RblDiver

    I the Government have decided that, with public shootings going on, in order to protect yourself everyone must purchase and carry a gun at all times. And not just any gun, an AR-15 would give an appropriate level of protection.

    And you libs can’t complain, the government knows what’s best for you after all, right? You’ll roll over and accept this deal like you did O-care, right?

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    Comfortably suicidal, these “millennials”.

    Mr. Kurt Woodward Reiner…I think his Obama messiah/ derp progression may actually be recorded in the length of that beard of his.

    Kinda like tree rings.

    Can’t say I weep for ’em.

    After all, somebody’s gotta wipe my a$$ in the nursing home.

  • Right Wired ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Notice how the actors who play dumb end up being the smartest of all?
    And the actors that play smart end up being the dumbest?

    • nc ✓s & balances


  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    AMEN GIT ‘R’ DONE DITTOES, LARRY! Especially about the Packers’ game…And @Kurtoonist, there’s NOTHING WRONG with FREEDOM OF CHOICE! But the Government taking it away (e.g. OBAMASCAM), Now that’s just WRONG!! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • nickdqwk

    When Congress passed the Affordable Care Act, it set a tax on so-called
    Cadillac coverage—high-cost insurance plans that were presumably
    richer in benefits than most health coverage. Under the tax, plans
    that cost above a certain threshold in 2018—$10,200 annually for
    individual plans and $27,500 for family plans, with slightly higher
    cutoffs for retirees and those in high-risk professions like law
    enforcement—will be taxed at 40 percent of their costs that exceed the

    • nickdqwk

      So if your plan is better than the ACA plan, get ready to pay even more.
      They’re not saying take our plan, They’re saying take our plan or else!

      • thedumbblonde

        Oh yes… the other piece of candy in the goody bag. Taxed as income above the threshold at 40%….wait for that one to drop.

    • Spiny Norman

      By 2018, ALL private health insurance plans still in existence will exceed the “threshold”. Hell, they all will a year from now.

      • Bathing Suit Area

        Name your wager.

  • jukin

    Old and busted: Obama misspoke.

    New Hotness: We misheard Obama.

    Old Kurt is confusing better with more expensive.

    Old and busted: 80/20, $3000/yr deductible, $25 co-pay, for $340/month.

    New Hotness: 60/40, $6500/yr deductible, $100 co-pay, for $620/month.

    • Spiny Norman

      Yes, but 50-year-old men will have maternity care and pediatric services!

      • Guest


      • nc ✓s & balances

        Pediatric DENTAL services. Very important.

  • GirlRaisedInTheSouth

    The Dims keep using terms like “junk policies”, scams, etc. I think it was Feinstein who even talked about the insurance world prior to Obamacare being like the Wild West! Who knew that we had never regulated the insurance industry before Obamacare? I wonder what those 50 State Insurance Commissioners and Departments of Insurance have been doing all these years?

    • nc ✓s & balances

      This is all a part of our Through The Looking Glass World.

  • Mark81150 Never/Trump/Hillary

    Kurt’s an idiot..

    Better plans?

    bet he also believes that it’s cheaper too, and millions haven’t been canceled due to his messiah’s personal war on the middle class.

    Talk about a low intelligence tool.. he must obey, we all must obey our democrat overlords.. because they’re smarter than us, and think elderly people need pregnancy coverage..

    Imagine this clowns ire… if someone told him, government knows better than he does, when Bush was in office..

    these sheep are lowering the national IQ every time they speak.

  • cltcat

    I love how Obama supporters have become experts on “good” insurance plans. He said if you have a plan that YOU like than you can keep it, not if you have a plan WE like we’ll allow you to keep it.

  • Jamie Wilson

    To continue the car analogy: I owned a junk car once. It got me from point A to point B. It wasn’t much of a car – it mainlined oil and once caught on fire – but it did what it needed to do, and it was what I could afford. Isn’t that about what these “junk” policies did? And if you know damn well you don’t need maternity care, mental health care, drug rehab, and Viagra – why is a policy that doesn’t provide those things a “junk” policy? It’s no different from a no-frills economy car, leaving out the satellite radio (you can listen to AM) the GPS (you got a map) and the AC (roll the windows down.)

    Government Medicine, like Government Motors, would prefer we get the loaded luxury vehicle, even if we indenture our children to do so. That way, they ensure everyone can afford the luxury vehicle. That’s about right, I think.

    • Bathing Suit Area

      I think the analogy works too, but I consider “Not catching on fire” to be a minimum safety requirement, not some extravagant luxury feature.

      • Corey Dennison

        Funny thing is, millions of people had ‘cars’ that weren’t exploding.

        You are pretty bad at this. Understand: Obamacare=Pinto.

      • LordElrond09

        That’s the problem with you liberals. You don’t get the concept of PERSONAL choice even when it comes to abortions which isn’t a choice. If I CHOOSE a cheap health plan that only covers major medical, that’s MY CHOICE. I’m purchasing that plan because I don’t need anything else. I don’t need the rust inhibitor coating and the airbag filled with Aspen Air. Yet you fascists just continue to force your will on the American Public.

  • AdmiralXizor

    I just noticed a hidden crisis in Larry’s analogies…

    Is the government really planning to take over BREAKFAST CEREAL..!?


    First General Motors, now General Mills.

  • Mack Bonham

    Considering the unending debacle that is the O-Care website (itself just the latest in a long series of debacles) do liberals really want to go with “the government knows better” as their defense? Do they seriously think that’s going to fly?


    “I love u but personally know 100s'”

    BS Nobody knows hundreds of people let alone knows the status of each ones healthcare

  • Sean

    Anyone else read that entire exchange in Larry’s voice? LOL

    • Spiny Norman

      Of course! How could you not?

    • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      It was more of a Mater voice, but yea…

  • Red Pill
  • LegalizeShemp

    Yes we’ve heard for years that people who boast about “not caring about politics” are to be admired, but now as you see, they should be mocked, ridiculed, and even pitied.

  • Orpheus75

    Right, because I wasn’t aware that I needed prenatal care until my caring Governament told me I did.

  • mtshark

    Millions uninsured will now get insurance and only a few will lose theirs but then get better ones. Typical liberal argument. The facts don’t match your belief, just make some up. Or lie like “If you like your plan you can keep it”. It’s a never ending Lie-A-Thon.

  • Orpheus75

    Obama could come and say, “yes I did F you, and it was the best F you’ve ever had”, and the Left would repeat that.

  • SunnyJS

    Larry’s buddy is saying what all the others are thinking but don’t want to be honest about: We don’t care what “rich” people get hurt (read rich, as in you pay your bills and have insurance) so those of us that don’t have insurance pull you down to our level and you buy us better insurance than you will have. There, that’s our idea of fair and justice.

  • Nicole Pinkston

    When the Gov’t gets done fixing the VA Healthcare system, then I’ll believe they know something about healthcare. Until then, I’ll just keep taking my ibuprofen they issue that does nothing.

  • Nicole Pinkston

    This is the same gov’t that had to close Walter Reed Hospital.

    • dagnytaggart

      And cut Saturdays at the Post Office.

  • Kev_H

    Dude doesn’t have to insure his truck. Liberals, led by their king Obama, don’t have a basic grasp of how car insurance works.

  • walterc

    As the old saying goes, “a liberal is just a conservative that hasn’t been mugged yet.” When it’s there insurance that’s cancelled because they don’t know any better, it’ll be a different story.


    One of the few sane comedians left in this world

  • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    There is a shortage of facial hair in this country. I’m sure Kurt above would have no problem if someone came in his house in the middle of night and snipped off his face locks so the hundreds of people without facial hair would finally be able to have some. By the way Kurt, you have to pay a little extra since you no longer have a beard. Deal?

    • Bathing Suit Area

      This is the worst analogy of all time.

      • dagnytaggart

        Here’s one for you. Students will now share grades. The students who study and get good grades will share their As with the students who can’t for one reason or another get good grades. Everyone will now have Cs, and we will pay the school districts extra money for this privilege. The extra taxes will go towards offering classes like women’s studies or self esteem class, which most students won’t want to take and don’t need to graduate or get into college, but they will all be required to take these extra classes.

        • Bathing Suit Area

          That analogy is pretty bad, but I think the beard one wins for sheer absurdity.

      • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Yea….kinda bad. I had an off day. Beard guy would still be mad though.

        • Bathing Suit Area

          Pfft beards are terrible and we’re all better off without them anyway. Maybe there could be an exemption for people with really terrible chins or something.

  • lainer51

    poor guy – another low information voter (idiot) trying to barb with the master….

  • JBDestiny

    The Crap Plan Elimination authority is located just after the penumbra emanation clause in the Constitution.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    What exactly are liberals basing the “your insurance will be better” claim on? The crappy website, the brazen “if you like your plan, you can keep it” lie, the increased premiums, the massive deductibles, that Obamacare’s biggest defenders fight tooth and nail to exempt themselves from it, or some mind-numbing combination of all five idiotic developments?

    • dagnytaggart

      And, as an added bonus, don’t forget that when the govt death panel denies you that treatment you need to live, YOU CAN’T SUE THE GOVERNMENT!!!

      • Bathing Suit Area

        Exactly where, in your imagined scenario do the death panels fit in? You get sick, put in a claim with your insurance company, and they’d just love to pay for your treatment but the government forces them not to? Is that the story you’re telling?

    • LordElrond09

      That’s the latest liberal meme in this whole pack of lies. “We are elminating ‘substandard’ plans”, “Your new insurance will be better” Every time a crisis of this magnitude hits, the White House war room goes into action to figure out how they can spin this and since this is such an own goal disaster for Obama, this was the best they can come up with. It’s a fetid, feeble argument but you know liberals. If they aren’t saying SOMEthing, they’re dead in the water

  • Bathing Suit Area

    I love how you guys all keep jumping to that car analogy. Can you imagine the outrage that would occur if the government tried to regulate what sorts of cars you could drive! Oh wait, they already do, it’s saving heaps of lives, and even the car companies who complained about it at the time have gotten over it.

    But you guys just want to keep screeching for your right to a Pinto that explodes on impact. Genius.

    • usmccp

      The government doesn’t force you to buy a car at all.

    • usmccp

      And keeping a plan that you are satisfied with is hardly analogous to a car that explodes on impact.

    • Corey Dennison

      Actually, the government is forcing people to give up their ‘Mustangs’ (which they liked) and forced to buy ‘Pintos’–which they are paying more for and don’t want.

      You tried, at least. You failed, but at least you tried.

    • Acethepug

      And another swing and a miss from Bathing Suit Area.

      Does the government force you to buy a car, or fine you if you do not?

      Did the government, at least at state levels, ALREADY regulate insurance? Sure did, serial liar and drama queen Sebelius was involved in just that as part of her job prior to becoming greivance-monger supreme of HHS.

      I know you desperately want to handwave away President Boyfriend’s repeated lies, but you cannot.

      Do you really expect people to believe that their policies before were junk? And if they were, why was then-Senator Obama silent on this? Why were the Dems in general silent on this? Were they HAPPY that people had (according to our pathological liar of a President) substandard plans?

      Or is it far more likely that all President Boyfriend and the Dems just want more power over people, and this “substandard” claim is just another spin attempt? Oh, and that they lied. Constantly. And are still lying, while Useful Idiots like you defend them.

      Again, does the government force you to buy a car, and outright punish you if you do not? No. So keep spinning that lying Leftist narrative, Bathing Suit Area, facts be damned!

  • Ronald Green

    A flaming liberal socialist is taken seriously. The Republic is doomed.

  • Deborah Hallsted

    So a $5 increase in your co-pay makes it a crap plan?

  • Apostic

    Old comfort: “He’s in a better place now.” New hawtness: “He’ll get better insurance now.”

  • CrustyB

    You don’t just “live your life” in a socialism. You are the property of the government and you live your life according to the State. Freedom is a thing of the past in this goddamned country.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    So sick of all this bull$hit. Can we just have a civil war and get it over with?

    • Bathing Suit Area

      Dude, just get on a plane and leave.

      • Mary

        You first.

        • Bathing Suit Area

          I’m not the one calling for a civil war.

          (I’m also not actually in the US at the moment, but the point stands.)

  • Ron Krandle

    “Better insurance.” Giving people things they don’t want or need. That’s like me telling some young just out of college girl her new policy is 249% higher but now has things like prostate screening. Then when she complains she doesn’t have a prostate, I tell her she’s still getting much better coverage. “But I don’t HAVE a prostate!!” “But…’re getting better coverage. Why can’t you just be happy about that??” It’s enough to make you bang your head against the wall. Some young guy shouldn’t be forced to have maternity coverage because someday he might need it. You shouldn’t have anything forced on you that you don’t want. At a much higher price.

  • sb36695

    Stop the BETTER insurance lie. Paying for things I don’t need does not make it better!! Check out Dr. Ben Carson’s reform ideas. He gives the individual control, but Obama can’t have that!